DAM Or Web CMS? Find Out Which Digital Experience Technology You Need

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We get a lot of questions from clients about the differences between digital asset management (DAM) and web content management systems (web CMSes). In this two-part series, Mark Grannan and I break down the technologies into four categories: users, assets, workflow, and delivery.

Your People Problem With Emerging Technology And Innovation

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chief information officer (CIO) emerging technology Innovation innovation management business strategy digital strategy employee experience innovationNearly half of the firms we survey are prioritizing innovation as key to their business strategy.

Forrester Online Survey: Organize To Deliver And Manage Application Transformation

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age of the customer application development & delivery artificial intelligence (AI) business models cloud management machine learning mobile software & platforms online retail retail technology

Keep Experimenting To Apply The Best Digital Technology For Your Store Environment

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Retailers are slowly moving beyond omnichannel fulfillment capabilities in stores to invest in digital store technologies that empower store associates, improve customers’ engagement, and enhance store operations.

Discover How Managed Services Can Streamline In-Store Technology Deployment

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By Klaudia Tirico, Features Editor While it may not be as glamorous as launching a new mobile app or introducing virtual reality, having a streamlined process in place for in-store technology deployments is critical to controlling costs and avoiding customer service headaches.

DAM or Web CMS Part 2: Find Out Which DX Technology You Need For Workflow, Delivery

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In the second part of our series we take a look at workflow and delivery and where digital asset management and web content management systems excel.

7 Must-Haves for International Order Management Technology


7 Must-Haves for International Order Management Technology. When thinking about international order management think about: 1. Scalability of an DOM (distributed order management system) is important. Are you an international retail chain?

Is Retail Order Management Technology Like eCommerce Middleware?


Is Retail Order Management Technology Like eCommerce Middleware? A competitor in Europe recently published a blog post discussing how retail order management technology can be likened to an effective ecommerce middleware layer. Distributed Order Management.

Use Text Analytics Technologies To Handle Mountains Of Unstructured Data

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Luckily there are mature technologies out there that can help. Enterprises are sitting on mountains of unstructured data – 61% have more than 100 Tb and 12% have more than 5 Pb! First, enterprise information architects should consider general purpose text analytics platforms. These are capable of handling most if not all text analytics use […].

What Brought Me Back To Forrester: Our Market-Leading Engagement Around Emerging Technologies

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It is such a pleasure to be back at Forrester, especially now when our firm is actively embracing and helping you, our customers, leverage new technologies to innovate and differentiate your business. After three years leading technology strategy and market development for Microsoft Azure and Equinix, what brought me back were three things: The value […].

Digital Store Technologies Take the Stage For Both Customer and Associate Experience

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It’s the combination of original retail theater – entertainment, novelty, and engagement – with digital technologies and services to create the next level of in-store experience.

Beacon Technology: Shining A Light On Customer Experience

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To capitalize on this growing trend, more and more retailers are beginning to leverage beacon technology. Beacons are small and typically unseen devices that use Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) wireless and geofencing technology. Why is beacon technology beneficial?

Why Does Retail Need Distributed Order Management (DOM)?


Why Does Retail Need Distributed Order Management (DOM)? Distributed Order Management (DOM) is simply cloud-based order management running in a multi-tenant environment. Traditional Order Management Systems (OMS) can be on-premise technologies.

The Data Digest: Understand Emotion To Drive Technology Engagement

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But this era of innovation has also seen its fair share of flops: From Pokémon Go to Google Glass, technologies that looked like promising disrupters stalled quickly or generated more […].

Customer Service Operations Rest On Mature Technologies, But Emerging Ones Add Differentiation

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We just finished assessing 20 of the most important technologies in the customer service in terms of their maturity and business value. case management customer experience customer relationship management (CRM) customer service solutionsGreat customer service helps control costs as companies squeeze out operational efficiencies. It also fuels sustainable top-line revenue growth by providing differentiated experiences that keep customers loyal to your brand.

Making It Real: Disruptive Technology To Elevate the Customer Experience

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Retailers are delivering differentiated customer experiences through investment in store technology, people and process. Specifically, technology development and execution pose the most complex challenges and the greatest area of risk.

Exploring Retail Revolution: The Correlation Between Technological Advancements In Financial Services And Online Retail Success

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By Carter Hunt, Western Union Technological advancements in the financial services industry are evolving through complex tools like AI-powered analytics and voice-activated capabilities, offering added levels of insight and convenience.

Crisis On The Highway: The Impact Of Technology On The Driver Shortage

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While there are myriad reasons for their demise, the severe driver shortage is wreaking havoc on traditional supply chain tactics and transportation costs, forcing the industry to adopt new practices — including the application of technology to help reduce the impact of the problem.

How Blockchain Technology is Shaping Ecommerce


Blockchain technology is becoming the driving force for global financial transactions. With worldwide ecommerce revenue set to hit the $135 billion mark by 2023 , the adoption of blockchain technology isn’t just a passing idea anymore. What is Blockchain Technology?

The Insurance Industry Is A Prime Target For AI Technologies And Solutions

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In their quest to become digital insurers, insurance carriers have a revolutionary opportunity to improve their businesses with new and emerging artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. artificial intelligence (AI) customer experience Insurance risk managementIt is certainly a balancing act to find that perfect peanut butter-and-jelly combination of operational efficiency and customer engagement, however I believe many insurance carriers to be up to the […].

Retail Technology Integration: How Important is it?


Retail Technology Integration: How Important Is It? This based on how deep the retail technology integration was between several products – compared against the retailers/brands short term and long-term needs. Retail Technology Integration is Only One Part of the Puzzle.

The Technology Driving The Growth Of IoT Retail Applications

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Retailers are ramping up the use of new IoT technology and a growing number of connected devices to keep up with consumer demands, better interact with customers, conduct transactions securely and improve the efficiency of their operations. Remote Management.

RevTech Event Spotlights Retail Innovation: Which Technologies Will Win Out?

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RevTech , a venture accelerator focused on developing early-stage retail technology companies, is hosting its 11 th semi-annual Tech Trends in Retail event in the flagship Neiman Marcus store in Dallas on April 5.

Events 195

ATM and Your Omnichannel Retail Technology


ATM and Your Omnichannel Retail Technology. Been reading a new book, not at all associated with omnichannel retail technology. Or, is it also a concern for the store, area and district managers? Connection to Omnichannel Retail Technology?

These Aren’t The Droids You’re Looking For: B2C Marketers And CDPs

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The timing was right; CDPs were driving attention towards a historically sleepy corner of the martech universe centered around data management, gaining traction among vendors, and racking up mentions in the marketing trade press.

B2C 244

Research Announcement: The Forrester Wave™: Managed Security Service Providers In Asia Pacific, Q1 2019

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Research Announcement: My first Forrester Wave™: Managed Security Service Providers In Asia Pacific, Q1 2019. This has invited many vendors to enter the managed [… Gather round!!

Why You Want Out-of-the-Box Retail Technology


Why You Want Out-of-the-Box Retail Technology. This means you need an order management system (OMS) as the backbone system. Out-of-the-box retail technology reduces this burden. Advanced Order Management: What is it Truly?

From Back-Office Management to Pricing Optimization: 6 Must-Have Technologies for Magento E-Commerce Success


In this blog post, we gathered 6 major e-commerce operation areas and 6 must-have Magento extensions/tools/partners that are working on technologies that help their customers to reach that target as they work on these strategically vital areas.

Blockchain And GDPR: Not Mutually Exclusive But Can Be A Toxic Blend

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Depending on who you listen to, the combination of GDPR and distributed ledger technology (DLT, AKA blockchain) is either a poisonous cocktail or a magic potion. blockchain emerging technology GDPR risk management

Order From Chaos: Technology’s Role In The Modern Retail Co-Op

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Navigating the nuances of the brand/retailer relationship may still be an art, but technology can supply the science and structure needed to execute a modern digital retail co-op. This is why technology plays a bigger role in co-op marketing than ever before.

Cyber Resilience, Retail And The Role Of Technology

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In order to reduce the risk of systems failing as a part of the patch process and make the task manageable, production engineering methods, automation and rollback must be at the heart of any viable current solution.

The Challenges With Unified Commerce Retail Technology


The Challenges With Unified Commerce Retail Technology. Truth be told, it isn’t that unified commerce retail technology is a challenge. Retail’s converged commerce is a performance based, unified commerce retail system built with best-in-class technology.

How to mix technology and the human touch for a winning retail strategy


According to Dan Hodges, CEO and Founder of Retail Store Tours , the top trends for 2019 include “employee training, retail environment, use of technology, business model, store design, customer management, brand story, unique concept, the human touch and change.”.

Fulfillment Technologies Changing the Game


Fulfillment Technologies & Innovations Changing the Game. Beyond a strong foundation – those ever-important, dependable order management and warehouse management technologies – what can we do to be proactive in today’s world of instant-fulfillment shopper expectations?

Restoring Consumer Trust In Retailers’ Data Management: Can DMS Help?

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Looking at the course of information management’s evolution over the past 20 years, retailers now predominantly store information digitally, yet un-securely, while using paper documents, too. Jesse Wood is the CEO of eFileCabinet , a Lehi, Utah-based document management software company.