7 Biggest PPC Nightmares Sinking Your ROI


PPC advertising should be straightforward. You spend a little dough per click, and voila – you’re a marketing genius. The trouble is that tracking PPC conversions in Google AdWords isn’t quite the same. Did they actually convert from your PPC ad the very first time?

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Conversion 101: Creating an SEM Legend for Improved PPC Campaigns

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In fact, Amazon was so successful in their SEM campaigns that Google had to create PLAs just to claw back some market share. What about reviews and recommendations? Vendors to start with… If I should start shopping, who do you recommend?

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PPC Strategies & Optimizations for 542% ROAS on Google and Facebook


PPC advertising is equal parts art and science. To help you optimize your PPC advertising campaigns from day one, I sat down with two analysts from CPC Strategy — Lewis Brannon and Jason Bell — who work with Fortune 500 brands to optimize their campaigns on a daily basis.

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eCommerce PPC Consultant: When to Hire a Freelancer, Agency, or Employee

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Most eCommerce founders and management teams aren’t PPC experts. As a result, eCommerce PPC management often gets delegated to a 3rd party. The question is, who should that 3rd party eCommerce PPC consultant be? When to Hire an eCommerce PPC Consultant.

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Our Winning PPC Strategy for eCommerce: How We Increased Google Ads ROAS by 76%

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When setting up their PPC advertising strategy, many of these eCommerce stores assume that setting up their feed and launching one Shopping campaign containing all of their products is all that it takes to create a profit. The eCommerce PPC Strategies We Implemented for a 9.89x ROAS.

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How to Set Up Amazon PPC: A 2018 Guide


One of the easiest ways to highlight your items is Amazon PPC. Amazon pay-per-click (PPC) advertising allows sellers to promote their items directly on the marketplace. In 2016, sellers using Amazon PPC doubled globally, and PPC clicks grew over 150%. A Quick Intro to PPC.

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10 PPC Strategies That Drive Ecommerce Growth

ROI Revolution

With online shopping changing dramatically these past two years, we’ve seen PPC strategies diverging strongly between Google and the Yahoo/Bing Network. If you want to learn more, take a look at how the ROI Revolution team manages paid search and PPC strategies.

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10 Ways To Market Your Ecommerce Site


The same is true in ecommerce marketing. It takes persistence and a variety of marketing strategies to reach your audience and increase sales. The alternative of slamming customers with aggressive marketing at once overwhelms buyers or, even worse, irritates them.

PPC Holiday Advertising Tips & How to Profit in Q1


PPC advertisers are focusing more on the long-term promotion rather than just running specials on those specific two days (Cyber Monday and Black Friday). . PPC Holiday Tips for Q4 2017 & Q1 2018 . Retail News advertising holiday strategy PPC

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Google’s Doubling Down on Ads. Here’s How to Optimize Your Google Shopping Ads Now.


This is important for retailers and advertisers to follow so they can understand how they should divide up their marketing dollars. We’re on a mission to provide businesses like yours marketing and sales tips, tricks and industry leading knowledge to build the next house-hold name brand.

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38 Ecommerce Terms Every Marketer Needs to Know


Yes, there are a million moving parts to juggle, not to mention the stamina and creative aplomb it takes to pull off successful B2C marketing campaigns and grow your online business. Email service provider (ESP) – Software used by companies to manage their email marketing efforts.

4 inbound marketing hacks to boost engagement and conversions


When it comes to navigating the digital noise in today’s competitive ecommerce landscape, many businesses are finding frustrations with their current digital marketing tactics to convert prospects. Improve social media marketing strategies.

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Google Shopping: How to Set Up, Optimize, and Execute Your Campaigns

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However, if you are doing the work of optimizing your data feed frequently , this can work in your favor as you are showing up for only the most relevant searches at a fraction of the cost of PPC search ads. We recommend updating your negative keyword list at least once a week.

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5 Takeaways & 2 Book Recommendations from Inbound 2017

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This past week, 20,999 other professionals and I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing & Sales conference in Boston, MA. Larry Kim’s Crazy Unicorn Marketing Theory. The future of content marketing is winner take all.”.

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Google Shopping Product Feed Optimization: How to Optimize Your Data Feed for Better Ad Performance

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We recommend you follow the structure/breadcrumbs on your website. Because there are over 6,000 default categories, we recommend you get as granular as possible. They’ll let you know if you are not including specific attributes, and give you a warning or a recommendation.

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Guide to Using Facebook Business Manager

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Facebook recommends the primary admin be in charge of setting up the Business Manager. For smaller companies, this may be the CEO, and for larger companies, this may be the CMO, Marketing Director or Social Media Manager. Facebook recommends adding work email address.

9 eCommerce Marketing Tools You Can't Live Without


To help, we've outlined our favorite tried-and-true eCommerce marketing tools to help businesses achieve their goals. Whether you're looking for SEO tools or a marketing automation platform, we've got you covered. eCommerce Marketing Tools. Google Marketing Platform.

Inbound Call Conversion Tracking for eCommerce: A Guide to Getting Started

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Then you’ll want to apply the actionable tips here to your marketing campaigns. The challenge for eCommerce stores is figuring out how to track ROAS accurately without knowing what ads or other marketing sources their calls are attributed to. Our Recommended Call Tracking Tool.

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What Is Affiliate Marketing?

eCommerce Guider

What Is Affiliate Marketing: A Step-by-Step Guide To Making Passive Income. Ever wondered what is affiliate marketing? Today we are going to answer this question for you and show you why we think affiliate marketing is an income stream worth mastering. The Marketer.

How We Helped Skreened Achieve a 360% ROAS in One Month on Their Google Shopping Campaign

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Todd Barrs, Skreened’s Vice President of Ecommerce and Marketing, told us “Paid search is a beast. The site allows users to upload their designs, as well as set up marketing accounts to sell their designs to others on Skreened.com.

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The Ultimate SEMrush Review – All in One Marketing?

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In 2008, the web-based solution was established as a comprehensive web marketing suite. Although SEMrush is popularly known for its SEO capabilities, it extends to cover other prominent internet marketing channels. SEMrush also goes social by integrating social media marketing.

Top Online Marketing Resources to Read

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Digital marketing is complicated. Analytics Conversion Optimization SEO Paid Marketing Growth Marketing List of blogs to read for awesome digital marketing insight Tools. What is Digital Marketing? Digital marketing is not too different from traditional marketing.

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How to Manage Marketing Campaigns like a Financial Currency Trader


Juggling multiple marketing campaigns is stressful. Here’s the problem with digital marketing. PPC might be amazing for your friend’s business. But that doesn’t mean investing in PPC is instantly going to turn you into the next Zuckerberg. Be Cautious in a Bull Market.

Why Content Quality Matters for Your eCommerce Website

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In past posts, we’ve outlined: How to develop a content marketing strategy for eCommerce websites. Note: We specialize in helping eCommerce businesses to automate more of their sales through SEO, PPC, and CRO. We know that eCommerce content marketing can be a large task.

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7 Reasons Why Ecommerce Sites Need Affiliate Marketing


Marketing your ecommerce business involves testing, optimizing, and ensuring your brand message attracts customers to act, all while being ROI-positive. If only there was a marketing tactic that allowed you to pay for marketing dollars, after the sale occurred.

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Measure Twice, Cut Once: The Reason Why All Those Marketing Tactics Keep Failing


There’s a reason behind it : “People treat the New Marketing like a kid with a twenty-dollar bill at an ice cream parlor. Organizations don’t fail because the Web and the New Marketing don’t work. Again — the underlying issue was the market, the people, the life stage.

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eCommerce Metric Benchmarks: How to Analyze Your Online Store’s KPIs

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Identifying your key “marketing levers” is an approach every eCommerce business can pursue. In this post, we share our philosophy for identifying the best marketing metrics to focus on without getting bogged down in unnecessary details. Pay-per-click (PPC). eCommerce PPC Metrics.

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5 Ecommerce Trends that will Dominate 2018

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Are you interested in learning more about mobile marketing? Maybe not from their recommendation alone, but you’d probably be far more inclined to look into it. Far more likely than if the recommendation came from a random company you didn’t know or trust.

The 8 Most Important Digital Marketing Channels for eCommerce

eCommerce Training Academy

One of the best ways of growing an eCommerce business is to invest in digital marketing. The question is: which digital marketing channels should you focus on to get more website traffic ? In this post, I want to share with you the 8 most important digital marketing channels.

Driving eCommerce Revenue, Part 2: Focus on Strategic Marketing


Now, let’s explore the ways you can drive more traffic to that optimized site, and how you build loyalty and retain customers through sophisticated marketing tactics. If you’re reading this post, you most likely already have the basics of marketing down.

18 eCommerce Marketing Resources to Help You Have the Best Holiday Sales Ever

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So, if you haven’t already, now is the time to really start kicking off your holiday marketing efforts. Make sure your marketing is visually compelling for those shopping with intent or with curiosity. Does your holiday marketing plan set you up for success?

How to Know If Your Content Marketing Just Isn’t Working


And content marketing in 2018 remains a brilliant and cost-effective method for engaging with leads and customers, spreading brand awareness, and getting around the increasing use of ad-blockers. You can quickly and easily pick up the how, why, when, what, and where of content marketing.

Maximizing Sales Using Amazon 1P Multichannel Marketing


Approved vendors have exclusive access to numerous marketing tools to help them build momentum— but it takes time and effort to build concerted campaigns. . In this post, we’ll look at the advertising options available — and offer some recommendations for ways to get ahead with first-party (1P) marketing. Amazon Marketing Services. Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) is an advertising service available for suppliers on Vendor Central and Vendor Express.

Maximizing Sales Using Amazon 1P Multichannel Marketing


Approved vendors have exclusive access to numerous marketing tools to help them build momentum— but it takes time and effort to build concerted campaigns. . In this post, we’ll look at the advertising options available — and offer some recommendations for ways to get ahead with first-party (1P) marketing. Amazon Marketing Services. Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) is an advertising service available for suppliers on Vendor Central and Vendor Express.

The Content Strategy to Triple Ecommerce Traffic (And Exactly How to Do It)


Let’s talk about ecommerce content marketing and it’s importance. So many online store owners and marketers ignore the power of content marketing. What is Content Marketing? Social Media Marketing: How Should You Share Your Content? Do market related studies.

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