Mobile eCommerce Trends & Strategies for 2021


Add in the number of sales made exclusively on mobile devices and the importance of mobile optimization becomes unavoidable. The challenge for many businesses, however, is developing a mobile eCommerce strategy that makes sense for them. Mobile eCommerce Trends To Look Out For.

6 Mobile Ecommerce Trends to Drive Sales


With mobile sales estimated to reach $3.56 trillion by 2021 , with so many more users to reach, we put together a list of six of the biggest mobile trends in ecommerce that are driving sales at the moment, to show you how to bridge those gaps and drive your sales into the future. Leveraging this particular trend is as easy as directly addressing those concerns about which customers have been vocal. Retail Trends & Data


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Trends Analysis: The State of Mobile Payment


Electronic and mobile payment solutions are proliferating. Are mobile payment apps the future of online and in-store payments, or are they a bubble waiting to burst? What Are the Leading Mobile Payment Providers? Apple Pay is the leading mobile payment method in the U.S.

Mobile eCommerce Trends & Strategies for 2019


Add in the number of sales made exclusively on mobile devices and the importance of mobile optimization becomes unavoidable. The challenge for many businesses, however, is developing a mobile strategy that makes sense for them. To help, we've outlined three mobile eCommerce trends to watch, as well as included considerations for a successful mobile strategy. Mobile eCommerce Trends. Offer Native Mobile eCommerce Checkouts.

5 Hot Mobile Marketing Trends To Watch In 2018


Mobile devices have transformed how we consume content, making it essential that businesses that want to reach their target audience optimize their websites to respond to this trend. What that also means is that marketing methods have to change to account for the shift to mobile use. adult on a mobile device has more than doubled. More than 50 percent of all Americans who access the Internet do so on a mobile device, and the trend is expected to grow.

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Mobile Retail Technology – Too Fast, Too Furious?

Retail TouchPoints

The second lane is where mobile technology lives, and it couldn’t be more of a contrast. Unfortunately, the mobile spend capacity and business requirements are not as dynamic as these trends, so creating a mobility program for those needs is no small feat. How does one stay current to deliver a modern and satisfactory user experience while also getting the most out of their investments in mobile technology? Ross Homans Stratix mobile mobility as a service

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With 1 in 4 Online Dollars Spent on Mobile, Ecommerce Mobile SEO is More Important [& Intricate] Than Ever


By the time you read this, everything we’ve learned about mobile SEO could be wrong. This is because the existing paradigm is based on a desktop-first world, and Google is about to catapult us into a mobile-first world with a major update on how they crawl, render and rank the web. Even the “Mobilegeddon” update of 2015, which promoted “mobile friendly” sites in the search results, did not approach the importance of what’s about to happen. Google’s Mobile-First Index.

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Cyber Week 2018 Trends Report: Pre-Thanksgiving Sales Grow, Mobile Drives Majority of Revenue


Cyber Week is officially over. Black Friday and Cyber Monday – the two largest online selling days of the year… Ecommerce Research Holiday Ideas & Strategies

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3 Keys For A Killer Mobile Experience

Retail TouchPoints

After years of small yet steady growth, mobile commerce has officially reached a tipping point. For the first time, shoppers went to their mobile device more than their laptops to browse and buy, according to Rob Garf, VP of Industry Strategy and Insights at Salesforce. Rob shared that best-in-class brands are now “designing mobile-first and moving outward,” to ensure the experience is easy for shoppers as they tap and swipe. By Alicia Esposito, Content Strategist.

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5 Mobile eCommerce Examples


With technological advancements, we've seen an explosion in mobile eCommerce. In fact, mobile eCommerce trends show that shoppers are using mobile devices in new ways to interact with brands and purchase their products. 5 Mobile eCommerce Examples.

Mobile eCommerce Best Practices


According to BigCommerce, mobile eCommerce sales are expected to account for 54% of total eCommerce sales by 2021. If your eCommerce website is not optimized for mobile, you could be missing out on valuable revenue. Mobile eCommerce Best Practices.

How Can Retailers Inspire ‘Thumb-Stopping’ Mobile Shopping?

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Upon implementing a complete redesign of its logo and color scheme , Zulily revealed that it had made the switch due to what’s becoming an increasingly practical reason: the new logo is optimized for mobile shoppers. As many as 72% of Zulily orders are placed from mobile devices, giving more credibility to the idea that online retailers should primarily cater to these devices. The RTP editors discuss the steps retailers will need take to become truly mobile-optimized.

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How Do Retailers Jumpstart A Mobile Makeover?

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In his new book: Makeover: How Mobile Flipped The Shopping Cart (And What To Do About It!) , NewStore Founder and CEO Stephan Schambach shares how the proliferation of mobile is changing retail as we know it — and how retailers must build a road map for mobile success via technology, data, loyalty programs and the brand itself. ” Retailers are attaining this “love” in large part through advances in mobile technology.

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Webinar: mobile device trends and consumer behavior, insights from Google


That’s the number of times an average person touches their mobile devices each day. Along with all those touches comes new trends the way people do things: how they consume information and also, how they buy things. Is your business ready to take advantage of this trend in consumer behavior? Mobile Webinar2,400 times.

How to Prep for Mobile Commerce in 2018


But in recent years, buyers are getting even more flexibility and accessibility with online shopping—thanks to the rise of mobile shopping. Mobile commerce is growing in popularity as technology improves. Businesses that are able to adapt to this demand and provide the most user-friendly mobile commerce experiences will stand out to buyers in 2018 and have a clear competitive advantage over less savvy sellers. Mobile Commerce is Taking Over Ecommerce.

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5 Holiday Trends to Watch Include Rise of ‘Couch Commerce,’ Curbside Pickup

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His insights are validated by other research reports that analyzed the holiday weekend, and collectively they spotlight five trends that will drive the remainder of the season. Mobile continued strong on Cyber Monday, accounting for 37% of that day’s sales.

How Coronavirus Changes Mobile Commerce for Retail Brands This Holiday

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Brands that want to be part of that mobile growth need to start working on their m-commerce strategies now. . The quarantine period showcased a growing trend of consumers’ aversion to brand loyalty. Executive ViewPoints Mobile Commerce mobile Tiffany Ou Nativex

Has eCommerce got serious competition? mCommerce is becoming an unstoppable trend


Buying or selling goods and services via mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets), better known as mCommerce, currently accounts for nearly. mCommerce is becoming an unstoppable trend appeared first on ECOMMERCE GROWTH Blog.

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2020 Paid Search Trends & Insights

ROI Revolution

We can largely attribute this to mobile domination, evidenced by a 35% growth in mobile clicks and 54% increase in overall mobile ad revenue. Mobile vs. Desktop: The Battle Rages On. Mobile revenue also surpassed desktop. Published February 28, 2020.

Leveraging 2020 Ecommerce Trends to Improve Strategies


Leveraging ecommerce trends to optimize your site is more vital than ever. In this blog post, we look to the future by examining five major ecommerce trends that are predicted to drive our industry forward in 2020 and beyond. Ecommerce Site Optimization Ecommerce 2020 ecommerce trends

Embracing mobile commerce: 6 ways to optimize


It’s projected that by 2021, mobile will account for 54% of total ecommerce sales. Mobile commerce has enhanced the shopping experience for consumers worldwide by making online transactions quick, convenient and smooth. Why optimize for mobile commerce? With many shoppers starting and ending their shopping journey on mobile , it is imperative that businesses optimize for mobile commerce. 6 ways to optimize mobile commerce: 1. Mobile Commerce

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Ecommerce Design Trends: 5 Tips For Conversions


The post Ecommerce Design Trends: 5 Tips For Conversions appeared first on Zmags. Ecommerce Best Practices Shoppable Content customer experience ecommerce website design mobile retail marketingAccording to the Forrester report, The State of Retailing Online 2016, ecommerce industry conversion rates have stopped climbing at their previous (and expected) levels.

Ecommerce Mobile Apps: Are They Right for You?


Is an ecommerce mobile app right for your retail business? The post Ecommerce Mobile Apps: Are They Right for You? Ecommerce Technology Trending TopicsWe review the pros and cons of ecommerce apps and who should use them, including how much they cost.

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The E-Commerce Trends to Watch in 2020


And so, as we head into yet another decade of change, it’s time to consider the key e-commerce trends that have the potential to impact the industry in 2020. And with Checkout on Instagram , Facebook is now letting consumers purchase products right within its mobile app. .

2021 Paid Search Trends + Stats for Ecommerce Brands

ROI Revolution

Download our 2021 Ecommerce Tech + Trends Report to uncover strategies & insights that will propel your brand forward in 2021. That number was even more drastic for mobile revenue in particular, which surged 93% since Q2 2020. Mobile vs. Desktop: The Battle Continues.

Forrester Reviews And Scores US Mobile Banking Apps: What We Learned

Forrester's Customer Insights

For over a decade, Forrester has conducted an annual review of banks’ mobile apps. My colleague Gina Bhawalkar and I recently published our most recent research, in which we evaluated and scored the mobile banking experiences on more than a dozen banking brands’ apps across the US and Canada.

Explore PPC Trends and Best Practices for 2020


The post Explore PPC Trends and Best Practices for 2020 appeared first on ECOMMERCE GROWTH Blog. Guest Posts digital marketing budget google bidding landing page optimization mobile customization video optimization

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9 Great Mobile App Analytics Tools

Neil Patel

On average, consumers spend $120B in the app store and $190B on mobile ad spend. You can check traffic and user metrics on mobile app analytics to make your app as successful as possible. Mobile App Analytics. Why Analytics Are Crucial for Your Mobile App.

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5 Emerging e-commerce trends in 2020 ( Must Known)

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Current e-commerce statistics state that 40% of the worldwide internet users have bought products online through smartphones, desktop, mobile devices, and other devices. Usability of mobile phones and internet across the globe is the essential.

Top 10 Technology Trends in Retail

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While technology has continued to have a dramatic impact on the retail industry, the spread of COVID-19 has created new technology trends and accelerated current tech best practices significantly. AI spending in retail has continued to trend upward.

22 Digital Marketing Trends Shaping the Ecommerce Landscape in 2020

Ecommerce Platforms

Key Takeaways: Ecommerce Digital Marketing Trends in 2020. Ecommerce Consumer Demand Trends. Ecommerce Traffic Trends. Mobile traffic makes up 70 percent of all eCommerce traffic. Ecommerce Ad Trends. Post-Pandemic Ecommerce Digital Marketing Trends.

Ecommerce Trends: 147 Stats Revealing How Modern Customers Shop in 2017


Below, you’ll find ecommerce trends, data and statistics reporting on exactly how Americans shop online, why customers convert, why they don’t and who your business should be targeting on the various online channels in order to optimize for ROI. Ecommerce trends by generation. Ecommerce trends by parental status. Ecommerce trends by gender. Ecommerce trends by city-size. Marketplace shopper characteristics and trends.

Mobile Commerce: More Than Responsive Design


Mobile Commerce: More Than Responsive Design. It is no surprise that mobile commerce is an important trend in retail. In fact, eMarketer predicts that by 2021, the mobile commerce market will represent 72.9% Just go into any store and watch how many shoppers check their mobile phone at some point. They might use their mobile device to do some quick research, do some price shopping, or check something completely unrelated. Mobile Commerce in Retail.

Retail Insights 2021: 10 Predictions and Trends to Watch

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While physical stores have spent much of the year closed, the pandemic period has driven innovation and fueled a huge acceleration in what were just emerging trends at the start of last year. Across the board, 2020 was a momentous year for us all.

Optimize for ‘People Also Ask’: 15 Ecommerce and Digital Marketing Trends

Ecommerce Platforms

Before we go any further, let’s talk about our People Also Ask key findings and extensive trends that can influence your digital marketing efforts. PAA Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Trends . Albeit, Google prioritizes mobile search as the frequency on mobile is more than 50%.

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Is Your eCommerce Business Ready for Future Growth: 9 Trends to Watch


The post Is Your eCommerce Business Ready for Future Growth: 9 Trends to Watch appeared first on ECOMMERCE GROWTH Blog. Guest Posts artificial intelligence content marketing customer experience ecommerce growth ecommerce strategy mobile ecommerce voice searchDid you know that U.S.

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5 Mobile eCommerce Design Tips To Improve UX


According to BigCommerce, mobile sales are expected to account for 54% of total eCommerce sales by next year. That being said, websites designed for mobile devices are bound to engage more customers and drive more revenue than those designed only for desktop.