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8 Things Beauty Brands Should Consider When Selecting a Warehouse and Shipping Provider


In addition, having local distribution ensures that the online catalogue matches available inventory and accounts for any market-specific ingredient or packaging regulations. There are many advantages to shipping inventory in-country including cost-effective and fast delivery times to customers.

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The Case for Extreme Personalization


Point of sale systems in-store are not connected to online catalogues or carts. The challenge is that to get to extreme personalization, marketers must have what they need to reach out directly to a real individual, rather than a general marketing persona. Today, most commerce systems remain siloed.


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Mobile (POS) Payments: the Future of Retail


Having mobile devices in-store means more than simply having a tablet available for your consumers to conduct price checks and browse the online catalogue. So it comes as no surprise that mobile is one of the most vital trends for bricks and mortar stores to get on board with. Mobile Devices In-store.

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60 Amazing Online Clothing Stores and Their UX Tricks You Should Steal

Ecommerce Platforms

The website has an online catalogue with a twist. Coupon codes and discount coupons make the process of building a large subscriber list quite simple. The chic theme of the entire website is lovely. These are handpicked by users. The users can create stories using the products in the store with the ‘Scrapbook' feature.

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How Retail Companies Can Cut Cookies and Boost Engagement

Retail TouchPoints

In 2019, IKEA launched a fall campaign to increase excitement and drive digital engagement with its online catalogue in a high-impact way. One successful example of conversational media at work comes from IKEA. views across key consumer apps such as iMessage, Facebook Messenger and What’s App via Kika.

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