How To Rank First On Google With Voice Search SEO


Because Voice Search is revolutionizing our searching process and of course, it’s gonna be the dawn for tomorrow’s digital world. The post How To Rank First On Google With Voice Search SEO appeared first on MakeWebBetter.

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Local SEO: Complete Checklist for Success

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What Is Local SEO? Local SEO focuses on using various strategies and tactics to increase rankings in local search results. A local search can involve the use of a local keyword (e.g. What Problem Does Local SEO Solve for Businesses? The Local SEO Checklist.

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6 Trends that will Define Paid Search Marketing in 2018: Part 2

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In Part One of this topic , we covered three key trends in paid search marketing: mobile, attribution, and AI/Machine Learning. The Meteoric Rise of Voice Search. In 2017, 20% of all search occurred via voice search rather than a typed query.

SEO Mistakes: 6 Weird Errors That Can Hurt eCommerce Store Rankings and Traffic

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eCommerce marketers know that when search engine optimization (SEO) errors occur, search volume goes down. Most content about SEO mistakes references the same commonly made errors: Common SEO Mistakes. There are other ways apps can break SEO.

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Episode 80 – Building Long Term Growth and Profitability with SEO for eCommerce with Brandi Johnston of OMG Commerce

eCommerce Evolution

As some of you may know, my very first foray into online marketing was in the crazy world of SEO. After creating some wins for an online print shop I was hooked on SEO. In the early days of OMG Commerce, SEO was our bread and butter. But…ignoring SEO is a mistake.

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40 Step On-Page SEO Checklist

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The following 40-step on-page SEO checklist should help you conduct a thorough site audit, making sure your on-page SEO strategy is heading towards success. The post 40 Step On-Page SEO Checklist appeared first on Dynamic Yield.

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5 SEO Keyword Mistakes That You Should Avoid

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SEO can be a game changer. When done well, Search Marketing has the ability to bring sales, leads, and awareness for your business. Yet only a very few businesses are seeing the kind of result they want from their SEO efforts. People search online for different reasons.

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The (Real) Impact of A/B Testing and Conversion Optimization on SEO

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Read about Google's official SEO advice on A/B or multivariate testing, and how to minimize the possible impact of A/B testing on SEO. The post The (Real) Impact of A/B Testing and Conversion Optimization on SEO appeared first on Dynamic Yield.

SEO Isn’t the Only Way to Drive Traffic. Here Are 6 Alternative Strategies.


As marketers, we invest a lot of our time and energy into SEO. Considering that Google receives over 66,000 searches every second , we’d be stupid not to. Others use an alternative search engine like YouTube or even Facebook. billion searches per day.

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ROI Revolution Summit 2018 Speaker Spotlight: Part 3

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The ROI Revolution Ecommerce Marketing Summit has put together a stellar lineup this year! She is responsible for each brand’s paid search, display, shopping data feeds, remarketing, SEO efforts, affiliate programs, as well as retail and wholesale marketplace expansion.

Google Ads Retires Average Position: Meet The New Metrics

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Search engine result pages ( SERPs ) have changed drastically since Google Ads introduced average position over 15 years ago. Google Ads designed the new metrics to give a more accurate representation of where an ad is appearing on the search results page.

ROI Revolution Summit 2018 Speaker Spotlight: Part 2

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ROI: Your 2015 Summit session on marketing automation was a crowd favorite. Ever since we adopted this branding model, our sales have increased, branded searches have increased, order volume has increased, all of these point to branding.

ROI Revolution Summit 2018 Speaker Spotlight: Part 1

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Fueling Ecommerce Growth and Culture with Sylvane Marketing Director, Ryan Dobrin. Over the years he has built up his expertise in digital marketing, and has since taken on the role of Marketing Director for Sylvane.

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Balancing the Needs of Performance Marketing and Branding

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Six ways to get more value from digital marketing by balancing between branding and performance marketing. The post Balancing the Needs of Performance Marketing and Branding appeared first on Dynamic Yield.

Use Search To Convert In-Market Customers This Holiday Season

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Search marketing – both paid search ads and search engine optimization (SEO) – are tried and true performance marketing tactics to convert customers. age of the customer digital marketing holiday retail

The 3 Big Google SEM Updates You Need to Know About

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The algorithms alone are enough to make anyone’s head spin, and yet, marketers still need to keep up-to-date on even the smallest changes. Marketers should take the time to double check their current AdWords ads and read up on the extensions at the Google support site.

71 Digital Marketing Resources on Growth, Retention, Optimization and Analytics

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Here's the ultimate list of useful and inspiring digital marketing resources on optimization, growth, analytics, retention, SEO and online advertising. The post 71 Digital Marketing Resources on Growth, Retention, Optimization and Analytics appeared first on Dynamic Yield.

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16 AdWords (Google Ads) eCommerce Strategies to Maximize ROAS

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We’ll be covering a total of 16 different strategies that apply for Google Shopping ads and Smart Shopping Campaigns, Dynamic Remarketing, Search Ads, In-Market Audiences and finally Dynamic Search Ads. Part 2: Google Search ads.

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18+ Digital Marketing Conferences in 2020 for eCommerce

eCommerce Training Academy

Every year, I create my list of eCommerce events you should consider attending but this year, I also decided to create a new list of conferences for digital marketing professionals in eCommerce. This list of events is perfect for: Digital Marketing Directors/VPsv. Content Marketers.

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Alexa, How Do I Optimize My eCommerce Store for Voice Search?


Voice search holds a great deal of promise for the future of eCommerce. In an already-rapidly evolving industry, voice search technology has added yet another development for eCommerce leaders to get excited about — or be confounded by. The Rapid Growth of Voice Search.

78 Link Building Resources (2018 Update)


Link building is the cornerstone of SEO. Any good online marketer or SEO needs to know how to build links to their site if they want to rank well in Google. My goal in this post is to create something that all marketers with all skill-sets can use. Online marketing

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72% of Sites Fail Ecommerce Site Search Expectations: 3 Steps + a Checklist to Ensure Yours Isn’t One of Them


It’s official: mobile ecommerce on-site search experiences are abysmal. In fact, according to a recent Baymard Institute Mobile Ecommerce Usability study, most of us use on-site search when on mobile (and over other mobile search experiences). Go to search.

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5 Data-Backed Ideas to Test for Your eCommerce SEM Strategy


From software companies to online versions of brick-and-mortar stores, when it comes to marketing, everyone is headed towards one goal: make sure the channels they are using drive maximal conversion. Google is trying to make the search landscape more diverse every year.

A Blog Isn’t a Blog, It’s a Business


The post was called, “Winning the Search Engine Marketing War.”. Marketing has moved to an omnichannel approach – there are currently 1,766,926,408 websites on the web. As more sites have come online, SEO has become more competitive. Content Marketing

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How To Find An Ecommerce Niche You Can Dominate

eCommerce CEO

This article gives a step by step guide on how to find a niche market. Marketing potential. Don’t get caught in an over-saturated niche/market. Research keyword search volume. Tip 2: Find A Balance Between Search Volume And Competition. Search volume.

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GDPR for Ecommerce


Most things in your marketing technology stack will likely fall into the role of a data processor. This is perhaps the most impactful area of the regulation, because more likely than not it’s going to force you to rethink some of your marketing practices. What is GDPR.