17 Charts That Show Where Social Media is Heading


You already know it’s harder to get traffic from the social web unless you spend money ads. There’s nothing new with that fact… just look at the graph above: It breaks down how the average number of social shares per blog post has been dying year over year.

Word of Mouth Marketing: How to Create a Strategy for Social Media Buzz & Skyrocket Referral Sales


Word of mouth marketing (WOMM), also called word of mouth advertising, is the social media era’s version of simple word of mouth. Nick Hajili wrote: “Trust, encouraged by social media, significantly affects intention to buy. Activate Social Influencers.

Shopify Social Selling: Using Social Media to Drive More Sales


You might try to drive traffic through targeted paid ads, or perhaps you’ll use SEO to help people find the products they need directly from search engines. Finally, you could consider setting up a Shopify social selling strategy to find. E-Commerce Strategy shopify social selling

How to Successfully Drive Traffic to Amazon with Social Media Advertising


The days of simple SEO optimization is no longer enough to keep with the massive number of sellers – and that number is growing every day. One area that has become increasing popular with sellers is social media advertising.

The Top 5 Mistakes People Make with Social Media Marketing


Then you saw the returns, brand loyalty and customer engagement your competitors that invested in social media were getting. You did your homework and saw how social media can complement great brick-and-mortar , SEO and paid search programs and turn your company into a regular multichannel marketing behemoth. Social media isn’t what it used to be. But not all social media campaigns are only to get conversions.

How Google’s New Layout Predicts the Future of SEO


When you think about SEO and what’s changed over the last 5 years, what comes to your mind? Well, if you ask most SEOs, they’ll say it’s because Google has created a much more complex algorithm. The reason SEO has gotten harder is only partially related to Google’s algorithm changes.

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Thin & Duplicate Content: eCommerce SEO

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For eCommerce SEO professionals, issues surrounding duplicate content , and also thin/low-quality content, can spell disaster in the search engine rankings. Inflow’s Cruft Finder SEO Tool. – affiliate tracking, social media source tracking, etc.)

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An SEO’s Perspective: How to Scale Quality Content Production

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In this guide, we want to lay out an operational plan to scale content production while maintaining high-quality content, so you can reap the most SEO benefits possible. Make sure you don’t forget your SEO, social media & email channel owners as stakeholders.

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How To Do SEO For An Ecommerce Store And Rank In Search – The Definitive Guide

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Unlike social media and referral traffic, search engine traffic is consistent and predictable. Unfortunately, doing SEO is a long term process and you won’t see results overnight. The Basics Of On Site SEO – How to setup your ecommerce store to make. Establishing Your Website Featured How to Build an Online Store google online store search engines seo yahooThe eventual success of your online store will depend on several factors.

The Ultimate Guide to Ecommerce SEO: How to Attain Page 1 Ranking + Organic Traffic Domination


This is the most complete guide to ecommerce SEO on the web – period. Despite the fact that SEO has the highest ROI of any ecommerce marketing campaign, most online shops are put together with little to no consideration of search engines. Part 4: On-Page SEO. SEO tools.

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17 Hidden Facebook Marketing Tools That Will Increase Your Engagement by 154%


In the world of SEO, it’s not that hard. No matter how appealing your content upgrade, asking for someone’s email address is tantamount to asking for their social security number. Social MediaFacebook engagement is easier and more valuable than you ever imagined.

How to Build a B2B SEO Strategy That Will Put You Ahead of the Competition


Joel Gross, CEO of Coalition Technologies , an ecommerce design + marketing agency that has worked to increase the organic visibility of multi-million dollar brands including Spinning.com and Pink Lily, walks you through how to build the B2B SEO strategy your company deserves, without the confusion.

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Research: How Much Does It Cost to Hire an eCommerce SEO or SEM Professional?

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If you want to improve SEO or SEM results for your eCommerce site, should you hire a marketing agency to help you? Or should you add an in-house SEO or SEM employee to your staff? SEO marketers who understand eCommerce SEO are more expensive than an average SEO marketer.

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Benefits of SEO

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With over 16billion monthly web searches, 1million social media mentions, the potential of online presence for a business cannot be overemphasized. Search Engine optimization or SEO has even taken the advantages further for any forward-looking small business. 11 benefits of SEO and how it can impact your business: 1. High ROI: SEO is the only marketing method where the return on investment is high. Only SEO can get you that. That is the power of SEO.

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Everything I Taught You About SEO Was Wrong


Before I get into why everything I taught you about SEO was wrong, let me first give you some context on how I (and many marketers) became SEOs. I had no choice but to learn SEO and get good at it if I ever wanted my site to generate traffic and hopefully make money.

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The Best SEO Resources to Learn SEO in 2019

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SEO can be tricky, hard and take a long time before you see results. In my year of experience as an SEO Specialist, I have come across countless articles. So what is the solutions for newbies who are interested in learning the basis of SEO and who do not have time time to shift through countless posts like I have done. This post curates all the SEO resources I have personally used over the years to get to where I am today. 1: Introduction to SEO. 2: Mobile SEO.

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How to Write Meta Descriptions To Boost Your SEO


Writing good meta descriptions that help SEO is the tougher part — but it can get easier with help and a little practice. See the below example of search results for “simple SEO guide.”. They also appear when people share content on websites and social media channels.

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10 Ways To Market Your Ecommerce Site


1) Spread the word on social media. Social media marketing is all about consistency — posting regularly at times that fit with your customers’ schedules allows you to frequently reach and engage buyers. Social media advertising also utilizes PPC models.

Online Store SEO: How to Rank In Search


Organic search and online store SEO fall under the owned portion of this acronym and offer long-term benefits for both new and legacy stores. Online Store SEO Tips. Page optimization and keyword research are arguably some of the strongest SEO tactics available.

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5 Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Shopify Store


Blog Ecommerce Tips ecommerce seller tips SEO shopify small business social mediaShopify is a great platform that can take your ecommerce business to the next level. Increase Shopify traffic with the following tips and tricks. Read more.

The Best eCommerce SEO Tools of 2019


That’s why knowing the best tools should be an essential component of your eCommerce SEO Strategy. From legacy eCommerce SEO tools to industry disruptors, we’ve outlined some of our favorites for keyword research, backlink information and more. eCommerce SEO Tools We Recommend.

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SEO for Dummies : The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Getting Traffic from Google

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SEO can be a beast. Granted you need SEO to drive traffic to your site but keeping up with all the different aspects like Google algorithm changes, building links and measuring your effort can be challenging. That’s is why we have created this SEO for dummies post.

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Is YouTube Worth It? 7.6 Million Views Later, Here’s What I Learned


Let’s dive into my search traffic: As you can see, I rank for terms like SEO, digital marketing, social media marketing, etc. Engage with your audience – YouTube is a social website. Social MediaEveryone’s saying it… video is the future of content marketing!

We Analyzed 5,860,631,392 Articles From 64 Countries. Here’s What Facebook Loves!


And because I’ve been building the ultimate SEO tool , I’ve been gathering social sharing data on over 9 billion URLs. When I say “social shares”, that includes reactions, comments, and shares from Facebook. But what if you want social shares over time? Social Media

How Much Does SEO Cost

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One of the most crucial decisions you will have to make as you begin to promote your business online is to determine how much of your marketing funds you should invest in search engine optimization and then the first question is “how much will my SEO cost”? How SEO Costing is done.

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The Critical Element Missing from Many eCommerce PPC and SEO Campaigns

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I was the agency’s first Strategic Marketing Manager, and my job was to reach out to our top clients to sell them on a more complete marketing strategy, as opposed to the individual SEO and paid search programs that they were already paying for.

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How to cut down your SEO Cost

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What if you could just follow some simple tips and reduce your SEO cost? Therefore you sign up with a mailing provider for your email campaigns, Pay per Click campaign whenever possible and start out on social media platform like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

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Move Over SEO: How Developers Can Generate You More Traffic


But what if I told you that developers can generate you more traffic than an SEO or any other type of marketer? But that’s not what I am talking about when I say developers can drive you more traffic with SEO. I’m a marketer.

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The Marketer’s Guide to Instagram Stories: Building Your Brand and Generating Sales


Out of all of the different facets of digital marketing, social media tends to change with the most immediate and drastic results. With growth like that, it’s a no-brainer for marketers to implement Instagram into their social strategies. Social Media

ROI Revolution Summit 2018 Speaker Spotlight: Part 3

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She is responsible for each brand’s paid search, display, shopping data feeds, remarketing, SEO efforts, affiliate programs, as well as retail and wholesale marketplace expansion.

SEO 2018: Will This be the Year of the Story Brand?


Without getting into specifics about “hyper-local” and “geo-social” (hot new buzzwords for 2018), my research and discussions centered on common themes around the Story Brand: Create a story around your brand, and stay consistent with that. It has also shaped what SEO is today.

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LinkedIn Pulse: A Complete Guide (+ Examples)


If you want to build a good reputation online, increase your credibility, and reach a larger audience, publishing content on social media can help you do that. LinkedIn Pulse takes social media content a step further with an online news aggregation feed. Social Media

How to Optimize Images for the Web (and more sales): A Guide to Image SEO, ROAS & Conversion


On your social accounts. Providing extra SEO information and optimizing your images to provide the best browsing experience will help increase the amount of organic traffic to your site and improve the amount of time shoppers spend once they’re there.

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The Many Digital Touchpoints of a Modern-Day Consumer


These rich media features allow customers to see all sides of a product, which reduces doubt and answers questions about a product’s appearance. Digital Touchpoint #5: Social Media. Social media is often your best best for connecting with consumers, especially if they’ve already interacted with your brand. Whether you like it or not, when you create a social media profile, you’re effectively adding another service channel.

The Right SEO Strategy to Boost Your Shopify Sales

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Simple answer, search engine optimization, or SEO for short. SEO is a cost-effective marketing strategy designed to help you improve web traffic to your store and build awareness for your business. Not only that, but SEO also helps you boost online presence, visibility and credibility for your e-commerce store. That being said, here’s how the right SEO strategy can boost your Shopify sales. Keywords are an integral part of any SEO strategy. Technical SEO.

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ROI Revolution Summit 2018 Speaker Spotlight: Part 2

ROI Revolution

Company CRO Digital Marketing Featured Blog Industry News Marketplaces Online Shopping Paid Search Marketing Paid Social Media Advertising SEO Summit + Tradeshows Technology Website OptimizationThe Evolution of “Brand” in the Digital Age with CEO of JAM Paper, Andrew Jacobs. >

ROI Revolution Summit 2018 Speaker Spotlight: Part 1

ROI Revolution

Company CRO Digital Marketing Featured Blog Industry News Marketplaces Online Shopping Paid Search Marketing Paid Social Media Advertising SEO Summit + Tradeshows Technology Website OptimizationFueling Ecommerce Growth and Culture with Sylvane Marketing Director, Ryan Dobrin.

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SEO Isn’t the Only Way to Drive Traffic. Here Are 6 Alternative Strategies.


As marketers, we invest a lot of our time and energy into SEO. This site, which has a reputation for sharing feel-good viral videos, gets almost 43% of their traffic from social and less than 19% from search. Some like to get their content from friends or influencers on social.

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10 SEO Tips for Driving More Traffic to Your Ecommerce Website


Three letters are crucial to your site’s success: SEO. Want to learn how you can improve your SEO presence? Here are ten smart ecommerce SEO strategies that you can start implementing today: Tip #1: Use natural, well-written text. Tip #3: Create SEO-friendly internal links. Creating a blog and updating it frequently can have a tremendous impact on your SEO efforts and the organic traffic to your ecommerce site.

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71 Digital Marketing Resources on Growth, Retention, Optimization and Analytics

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Here's the ultimate list of useful and inspiring digital marketing resources on optimization, growth, analytics, retention, SEO and online advertising. Optimization Search Marketing Web Analytics content marketing email marketing growth hacks marketing resources social media marketing

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