The Impact of Augmented Reality Could be Even Bigger this Year

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Augmented reality (AR) is not a new trend in retail, as it has been in the developmental stages for many years now. However, the level of progress in AR-based retail technology seen in 2020 alone was more impressive than anything that had come before. Critical Issues Internet Retailing

Top 10 Technology Trends in Retail

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While technology has continued to have a dramatic impact on the retail industry, the spread of COVID-19 has created new technology trends and accelerated current tech best practices significantly. AI spending in retail has continued to trend upward.


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10 Consumer Trends Shaping the Future of Retail

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Seismic shifts in consumer trends accelerated by the pandemic will have long-lasting implications for the retail industry at large. ” The report divided the trends into three main categories: Consumer, Culture and Modernity: Consumer Trends. ” Culture Trends.

How Technology Affects Communication

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For better or worse, technology affects communication because it is a part of our everyday lives. You might see the average elementary-aged child with their head buried in a smartphone and tempted to take a gloomy outlook on what technology has done to us.

4 Trending Color Palettes for 2021

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In 2021, color and design trends will help create retail environments that aid in customers’ confidence in the stores they shop in and their overall experience. General color forecast colormix 2021 design:retail News design:retail perspectives sherwin-williams trending color palettes

The Future of Retail: BOPIS 2.0 and RFID Technology

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is one of the most significant retail technology upgrades. technology aids the ability to repopulate these emptied pipelines and supply chains. By taking advantage of item-level RFID technology and its drastic improvement in inventory accuracy for BOPIS 2.0,

Creating A Frictionless Shopping Experience With Technology And Data

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With technology that creates a seamless shopping experience and insights from your data. Technology That Transforms The right application of cutting-edge technology not only improves the shopping experience — it helps drive revenue and build trust with your customers. Thanks to its innovative use of technology, Rebecca Minkoff has taken many aspects consumers enjoy about the online experiencing and applied them in-store.

2021 Technology Predictions for Retail Industry

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Here are our predictions on the tech trends that will shape retail in 2021. Cloud-Based POS The hottest trend in POS technology currently is the cloud-based POS. The post 2021 Technology Predictions for Retail Industry appeared first on iVend Retail.

Mobile eCommerce Trends & Strategies for 2021


To help, we've outlined four mobile eCommerce trends to watch and included considerations for a successful mobile strategy. Mobile eCommerce Trends To Look Out For. Staying on trend will keep your mobile site run smoothly and create an enjoyable experience for customers.

The Top 7 Fashion Ecommerce Trends (and How to Enable Them)


Experiment with some of today’s fashion ecommerce trends. Others aren’t merely trends, but new approaches that will endure. 7 Fashion Ecommerce Trends to Consider in 2021. Dixxon Flannel is among the best fashion ecommerce sites nailing this trend. Trends come and go.

Innovation 101: How To Set Up A Technology Trend Radar And How To Use It

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These innovation leaders, among other things, embrace emerging technologies and leverage them for business model innovation. In order to embrace technologies, you first need to understand which technologies are out there, how mature they are, what you can use them for, […].

5 Future Ecommerce Trends of 2019

Ecommerce Platforms

Prepare for the exciting future of ecommerce by implementing the emerging trends of 2019. Expect more brands to follow suit as personalization technology becomes easier to integrate into ecommerce sites. B2B companies are leveraging upcoming ecommerce trends, too. Online reviews and influencer trends aren’t enough. The post 5 Future Ecommerce Trends of 2019 appeared first on Ecommerce Platforms. Is your business joining the ecommerce revolution?

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IGD unveils five retail trends for 2021


Driving online profitability, creating safe shopping spaces, and bringing the out-of-home experience in-home are among the key trends expected to shape retail in 2021, research organisation IGD predicts.

Fashion Meets Technology – Choose Well, Be Well!

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By Geetanjali Sarna and Amit Prabhakar Gaitonde , Wipro Despite the growing use of technology in all facets of life, fashion retail has continued to play it safe when it comes to utilizing technology to further innovation and the customer experience. While traditional views still dominate the industry, technology innovations, if applied correctly, can really help elevate the creative process.

RevTech Event Spotlights Retail Innovation: Which Technologies Will Win Out?

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RevTech , a venture accelerator focused on developing early-stage retail technology companies, is hosting its 11 th semi-annual Tech Trends in Retail event in the flagship Neiman Marcus store in Dallas on April 5. This event showcases new retail strategies and the technologies that power them, and includes presentations from several RevTech “graduates,” including: Neighborhood Goods ; Envizzo ; Xenio Systems ; Bottlefly ; Roopa ; Cherry Pick AI ; and.

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Latest Trends in Wholesale Distribution 2020


With the constant advancements in B2B technologies and capabilities, we are predicting 2020 is going to be a big year for wholesale distribution. With this said, we have identified 5 key trends for wholesale distribution in 2020.

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Leveraging 2020 Ecommerce Trends to Improve Strategies


Leveraging ecommerce trends to optimize your site is more vital than ever. In this blog post, we look to the future by examining five major ecommerce trends that are predicted to drive our industry forward in 2020 and beyond. Ecommerce Site Optimization Ecommerce 2020 ecommerce trends

Top Tech Trends Shaping Retail in 2020

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We live in a rapidly advancing technological world, where technology is disrupting the way every industry does business. The retail industry in the United States has become heavily dependent on technology and tech-oriented marketing, and the future is digital.

Surfacing Trends and Predictive Insights with Advanced Analytics

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Trend/trend/noun. Trends are strong indicators of long-term market influence, customer adoption and retention rates and overall sentiment. Trends have long lifespans and are sustainable as a guiding force to future revenue potential on a product.

6 Mobile Ecommerce Trends to Drive Sales


trillion by 2021 , with so many more users to reach, we put together a list of six of the biggest mobile trends in ecommerce that are driving sales at the moment, to show you how to bridge those gaps and drive your sales into the future. Leveraging this particular trend is as easy as directly addressing those concerns about which customers have been vocal. The post 6 Mobile Ecommerce Trends to Drive Sales appeared first on Sellbrite. Retail Trends & Data

Beacon Technology: Shining A Light On Customer Experience

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To capitalize on this growing trend, more and more retailers are beginning to leverage beacon technology. Beacons are small and typically unseen devices that use Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) wireless and geofencing technology. Why is beacon technology beneficial? There are many reasons why marketers and customer experience professionals are finding great use cases for beacon technology. Beacon technology clearly has its benefits.

Intelligent Retail Technology Investment.It’s All About People

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By Garry Church, Inmar Retailer buying decisions on technology are all too often influenced by the latest trends and reflect the “flavor of the month.” The customers who spend their hard-earned income with them should be a retailer’s North Star when assessing retail technology options. Some major retailers like Lowe’s have, in the past, struggled with connectivity and other technology issues.

2020 Marketing Trends to Empower Your Brand in the New Decade

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Staying ahead of emerging technology and 2020 marketing trends within digital marketing will be mandatory for successful brands. As one of the key 2020 marketing trends, mobile already drives 65% of paid search clicks on Google! Want to learn more about 2020 marketing trends?

What Will Be The Top E-Commerce Trends In 2019?

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Industry experts believe retailers will need to deepen their understanding and develop their capabilities in six key areas within e-Commerce: AI/Machine Learning , Personalization and Customer Engagement , Next-Generation Technologies , Global Commerce , Omnichannel and the Last Mile. The RTP editors share their thoughts on the trends and insights revealed by the 16 experts cited in the E-Commerce Innovations Special Report.

The Marketer’s 5 Step Guide to Beacon Technology

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Beacon technology has completely revolutionized both business and marketing. As one article put it, with “Retail going digital and digital media coming to retail,” this technology is completely changing the marketing game. Step 2: Understand The Basics of Beacon Technology.

Retail Insights 2021: 10 Predictions and Trends to Watch

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While physical stores have spent much of the year closed, the pandemic period has driven innovation and fueled a huge acceleration in what were just emerging trends at the start of last year. Across the board, 2020 was a momentous year for us all.

2020 Marketing Trends for Brands

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As 2020 draws nearer and nearer, it’s a good idea to take a look at the trends that will shape how ecommerce brands will navigate the digital future. Facebook Attribution, Google Smart Shopping, and Amazon DSP are three of these major 2020 marketing trends. Published November 22, 2019.

eCommerce Fraud Trends Every Online Store Owner Should Know


Fraudsters are leveraging the same technology that merchants are using, making it increasingly easy for criminals to scale their operations. It’s like a constant cat-and-mouse game, and you need to stay on top of all the trends if you want to prevent fraud in your eCommerce store. .

The Top 6 2019 Digital Marketing Trends for Growing Brands

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With all that’s gone on in the marketing world, what are the most important trends to pay attention to and what’s just noise? Let’s take a look at the major 2019 digital marketing trends we’ve seen so far this year that we should be paying attention to – and that we can expect to keep growing. For an in-depth look at even more trends that have redefined digital marketing over the last two years, check out our two-part series.

Retail Trends in 2021 — Overcoming 2020’s Challenges

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At the close of every calendar year it’s customary to pen a post about trends and predictions for the upcoming year. This year, like most, catalyzed some nascent trends and kicked a few in the teeth. In no particular order, let’s examine what we believe to be some key trends in retail.

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Four Customer Experience and Commerce Trends That Will Define 2021

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Commerce trends that were on the horizon were suddenly adopted at a brisk pace, including online food ordering, curbside pickup and BOPIS (buy online, pick up in-store). So what are the customer experience and commerce trends that will continue, or become more fully realized, in 2021?

2020 Vision: Retail Trends for the New Decade


Retail has experienced many ups and downs, from the entrance into a digital age and advancement of retail technology, to experiencing a retail apocalypse causing many store locations to close their doors. The post 2020 Vision: Retail Trends for the New Decade appeared first on.

Get to Know Your Audience and Keep Them Interested with Digital Commerce Strategies


Digital commerce, as it is commonly called, is essential for everything related… Ecommerce Technology ecommerce trendsMarketing for the digital era is among us.

Predictions 2021: Technology And Customer Obsession Help Firms Emerge From Crisis Mode

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Heading into 2021, technology — both new and existing — will help firms achieve these aims and emerge from the crisis on sound footing. Age of the Customer CIO insights CMO Trends Cybersecurity Trends pandemic prediction Zero Trust Model promoted

Three Online Retail Trends And Predictions For 2019

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Based on what I observed, there a few key trends and predictions to watch for in digital retail in 2019: #1. Continued adoption of devices like the Amazon Echo is a trend to watch in 2019 and beyond, too. use the technology to track order information or research products. While a sagging cryptocurrency market made many skeptical of the technology this past year, 2019 may bring on a renewed interest in blockchain platforms.

Trending The Rules: Top Retail Trends Are Trending At An Unprecedented Rate

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Earlier this year, we released a report, titled “The Best Vision is Insight,” outlining our predictions for the top retail trends of 2020. Now, the newfound immediacy of the trends has, if anything, made them more insightful. For every trend, there is after all a countertrend.

2020 eCommerce Trends


Innovations in technology have helped improve fulfillment efficiency, which has led to a corresponding effect on consumer expectations. 5) With a variety of retailers (from lifestyle and beauty to food and beverage) infusing CBD within their products, this is a trend to keep top of mind in the year ahead. While the future of eCommerce can yield many uncertainties, one trend stands out. The post 2020 eCommerce Trends appeared first on PFS Blog.