A Vend POS Review: Everything You Need to Know

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If so, Vend POS might be the perfect solution for you. Who's Vend? Almost two decades ago, Vend first launched in 2010- back then it was nothing short of groundbreaking. Since then, Vend's continued to offer top-notch service to its users. How Does Vend POS Work?

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Does The Controversial ‘Bodega’ Brand Pose A Threat To Convenience Stores?

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That said, these businesses need to be aware of the different ways technology and overzealous entrepreneurs can attack their businesses. bodega controversy pantry boxes vending machines convenience stores Editor Q&A

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Beyond Technology: How Commerce Will Change in 20 Years

Blue Acorn

We already know that ecommerce is typically fueled by technology and how much of the market adopts it–hello mobile revolution–but what about the trends we see now? So what’s likely to change beyond the technology? How Ecommerce Technology is Changing.

Omni-channel OMS – A Requirement for Consumer Satisfaction


This new norm is requiring retailers across the globe to consider new technologies and processes as they seek to better serve modern consumers. Our last post, Fulfillment Technologies Changing the Game , addresses technology trends within distribution centers resulting from this new reality.

Being an Early Adopter: What Does it Mean for Ecommerce?

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But this also doesn’t mean that brands will quickly jump onto the bandwagon either as life altering technology follows an adoption curve before fully being integrated into our lives. Let’s break it down by technology adoption and software adoption. Technology Adoption.

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Leveraging microservices for your business, Part 2: The good and the bad?


Self-Contained Technology Choices: Developers find this aspect of microservices the most appealing because they have the freedom to make the “right” choice for a service given its requirements. How do these consumers discover the relevant services that vend a needed capability?

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Retailers’ pointless pursuit of the promiscuous shopper

Steve Dennis

By promiscuous shopper I don’t simply mean those folks that are value conscious or use technology to be sure they aren’t getting ripped off. I was honored and humbled to move up to #5 on Vend’s 2019 Top Retail Influencer List and to be recently named a Top Retail Tech Influencer to follow on Twitter. I’m not sure who said it first, but it’s certainly true that great brands don’t chase customers , they attract customers to them.

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NRF’s Big Show: Addressing the knowing-doing gap

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” It’s always a great opportunity to connect with the industry’s movers and shakers, see the latest in retail technology, hear from established and up-and-coming brand leaders and put one’s claustrophobia to the test. I was honored and humbled to move up to #5 on Vend’s 2019 Top Retail Influencer List and to be recently named a Top Retail Tech Influencer to follow on Twitter.

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NRF 2019 Observations


Intel JD.com Automated Vending. The retailer plans to add the technology to 800 stores by the end of the first quarter. Cucinelli blends the traditions of Italian design with innovative technologies. Purpose led business solutions powered by technology will rule the day in 2019.

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The Ultimate Guide To Square Fees for 2019

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This is the kind of cutting-edge technology you won't find in most competitors. Point of sale- We have apps like Vend, TouchBistro, and Lavu on board. The most probable answer to why you might be a little curious about Square's fees is the need to use a safe mobile payment method.

News Cart for April 24th


Requires a garage door that uses myQ technology. Additional technology includes: 1,500 floor-cleaning robots. 900 new pickup towers, which are like giant vending machines where online orders can be picked up in-store. Hi everyone!

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7 Hot Takes On The Death Of Traditional Physical Retail

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How to prepare America’s retail workers for technological change. The Economist asserts that policymakers need to step-up in order to help ease the the transition of millions of retail workers, and recognize the impact of technology on jobs.

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