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Top 5 ABM Planning And Execution Pitfalls To Avoid

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Extra, extra! Read all about it! TOPO declares that“86% of account-based organizations report improved close rates and 80% say it is driving increased customer lifetime value!”

10 Tips On Importing Alibaba Wholesale Products From China

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If you are looking to import Alibaba wholesale products from Asia, then this post will teach you how to use Alibaba the right way so you don’t get ripped off. But before you begin searching for Chinese suppliers, you need to be prepared.

Marketing Unboxed: shopDisney Struggles to Inspire Marketing Magic


When you wish upon a star, your marketing dreams come true. At least, that’s the attitude we had going into this episode of Marketing Unboxed. After all, we were reviewing one of the pillars of American culture, shopDisney. The magic! The fireworks! The iconic stories and characters!

Do You Need Both Amazon Sponsored Ads And Google Shopping Actions?

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By Zach Morrison, Elite SEM Long gone are the days of pay-per-click ads living only on Google and other search engines. The battle for your ad spend has come to Amazon, too. Up to 27% of Google Ad spend in the past year was for Google Shopping Ads, according to a study by Marin Software.

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What’s The Best Relationship On Valentine’s Day?


Answer: it’s your partner relationship! First and foremost, Happy Valentine’s Day. With so much love going around today, let’s not forget to […]. The post What’s The Best Relationship On Valentine’s Day? appeared first on Zmags.

Join The Progressive Web App Movement

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Are Your Buyers Fast or Slow Decision-Makers?


When a customer visits your online store, they’re on a mission. A mission to browse, a mission to explore, a mission to kill time. Even if it’s not always the mission you want them to be on (“hurry up and buy already!”), you can be sure they’re visiting your site with some kind of intent.

How Can Retailers Inspire ‘Thumb-Stopping’ Mobile Shopping?

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Upon implementing a complete redesign of its logo and color scheme , Zulily revealed that it had made the switch due to what’s becoming an increasingly practical reason: the new logo is optimized for mobile shoppers.

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How to Build Backlinks in Less Than 1 Hour


I have a question for you…. How do you build links? If I had to bet, chances are you spend little to no time on link building. Because it’s hard. But why should link building be hard? Most parts of SEO are much simpler and cost-effective.

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, And Mixed Reality Do Bring Value To Industry

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Back in August of last year, I asked for good examples of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality, and mixed reality (MR), all together known as extended reality.

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Scaling Google Shopping To Multiple Countries

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In theory, it’s pretty easy to scale your Google Shopping campaigns to multiple countries. All you need to do is provide the feed, specify where you want to advertise and Google does the rest. Unfortunately, it’s not always that easy.

The Empowered Marketer: Griffin Thall of Pura Vida Bracelets


How does a business shift and grow along with the ever-changing ecommerce market? It’s not easy! Consumers can be fickle. But if you build a powerful, loyal community of buyers, it can sustain your brand for years to come. That’s exactly what Griffin Thall has done.

The Quick-To-Ditch Consumer Mindset And How Retailers Can Cope

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By Mitch Doust, Cover Genius It’s no secret that consumer power is on the rise. With instant access to information, today’s shopper has become smarter, better prepared for purchases and more informed than ever before. A hyper-personalized experience is no longer seen as a benefit, but an expectation.

Getting Started Selling on Walmart in 2019: An Insider’s Guide To Success


Walmart describes itself as the largest multi-channel retailer and provides sellers with an opportunity to get their products in front… Multi-Channel Ecommerce

Pragmatism Rules Finovate Europe 2019

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Finovate Europe is back in full swing, so we wanted to share our impressions of day one. Here are Benjamin’s thoughts: And some further reflections by Aurélie and myself. financial services

244: Tim Schmoyer On How To Create A Successful YouTube Channel

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Today, I’m really happy to have Tim Schmoyer on the show. Tim is someone who came highly recommended to me by Colin Jones who will be a future guest on this podcast. He is a veteran when it comes to audience growth on YouTube. And he specializes in helping YouTube creators spread their message to reach people online. His channel has over 400K subscribers and this interview comes at an opportune time because I’m actively trying to grow my new show, The 5 Minute Pitch.

Leveraging microservices for your business, Part 2: The good and the bad?


In this article, senior architect Matt Bishop reviews the benefits and difficulties with a microservice architecture. While avoiding the “anti-patterns” and horror stories that are prevalent while sticking to the architecture qualities themselves. Quick recap on considering microservices.

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Considering Salesforce Commerce Cloud? Here’s Everything You Know

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Have you heard of Salesforce Commerce Cloud ? If you have, you might be considering whether this software is the right fit for your business. If you can relate, never fear, because you're in the right place.

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Taking Your Business Online: Find Your B2B Ecommerce Platform Match


The B2B landscape is quickly shifting away from the more traditional offline territory, with more and more companies hopping on… B2B Ecommerce

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Customer Experience: France Is Lagging Behind

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After New York City, San Francisco, Sydney, Singapore, and London, Forrester hosted its first event dedicated to customer experience in Paris, France. It was a great pleasure for me to host about 150 leaders in a unique venue, the Parc des Princes (PSG’s football stadium!!),

Sears lives to die another day

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Against the odds—and over the objections of most creditors—Eddie Lampert has “saved” Sears, with a federal bankruptcy court judge approving the sale of the once-storied retailer to the billionaire hedge fund king.

Why January is chargebacks nightmare for retailers?


What looks like booming business in November and December often turns into a mountain of returns a few weeks later, challenging balance sheets and threatening profits. January has traditionally accounted for 51% of a retailer’s returns. In 2018, there was a “first wave” of returns, with over 1.3

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SEMrush Pricing Plans: Pro, Guru, Business, Enterprise – Which One is Best for You?

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If you're looking for tools to help you run an e-commerce store, there's a good chance you've come across SEMrush. As you trawl through their website, it'll make you wonder which (if any) of the SEMrush pricing plans are for you? If this is a question you need answers to, you're in the right place.

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2019 Bigcommerce VS Shopify Comparison – Let’s Break Them Down

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I’m having a feeling you got to this page by possibly searching or hunting for terms like: Shopify VS Bigcommerce For 2019 Bigcommerce VS Shopify Bigcommerce Or Shopify Trust Me: You by far aren’t alone at all.

In The Era Of Shutdowns, Federal Agencies Can Reinvent Citizen (And Employee) Experience

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Never let a serious crisis go to waste! Senior government executives would be wise to listen to Winston Churchill’s wisdom! We’re living in the era of shutdowns, when funding disruption is the norm.

Why are some retailers only now realizing they have way too many stores?

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Last month, Chico’s announced it plans to close 250 stores. Recently, H&M decided to shutter 160 locations. Last week, Charlotte Russe said it will close nearly 100. Of course, this is hardly a new phenomenon. In recent years, dozens of chains have concluded that a meaningful percentage of their stores are suddenly superfluous.

Why January is chargebacks nightmare for retailers?


What looks like booming business in November and December often turns into a mountain of returns a few weeks later, challenging balance sheets and threatening profits. January has traditionally accounted for 51% of a retailer’s returns. In 2018, there was a “first wave” of returns, with over 1.3

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The Commerce Marketer Podcast: Super Bowl Commercial Recap Roundtable


Host: Greg Zakowicz, Senior Commerce Marketing Analyst, Oracle Bronto Guests: Erika Simms (Vice-President, Dealer Authority), Matt Sutor (Director of Marketing, Durham Bulls Baseball Club) More than 100 million people watch.

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Why Does Retail Need Distributed Order Management (DOM)?


Why Does Retail Need Distributed Order Management (DOM)? Distributed Order Management (DOM) is simply cloud-based order management running in a multi-tenant environment. Traditional Order Management Systems (OMS) can be on-premise technologies.

Get Ready To Tackle CCPA

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California is taking the lead in the US on privacy regulation with the adoption of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Security and privacy professionals whose companies have consumers in California must get their implementation plans together now.