The Personalization Playbook: 2024 Strategies

The Personalization Playbook: 2024 Strategies

Did you know—74% of IT leaders are looking to improve their tech stack to offer better personalization? It’s impossible to ignore the importance of personalization, but it comes with challenges. How do you do it with a tight budget? What about customer privacy and the use of data?

The Personalization Playbook is packed with research and insights from Orium, Talon.One, and Bloomreach and gives IT leaders answers to these tough questions, helping them shape 2024 strategies for personalization.

Highlights from the playbook include how to:

  • Score your brand’s personalization against others
  • Use AI to boost personalization
  • Unify your customer data
  • Achieve a curated, scalable tech stack
  • Get internal teams to collaborate on cross-channel experiences

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