SafeCharge launches Marketplace Manager, a one-stop shop solution for marketplaces to outsource payments

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SafeCharge, the payments services partner for demanding businesses, has launched Marketplace Manager

TradeGecko partners with Stripe to launch Payments for wholesale merchants


TradeGecko, a 5-year-old Singapore-based startup, launches payments in a bid to dominate the inventory and order management systems (OMS) market for the SME wholesale industry. TradeGecko TradeGecko Payments

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ACI Worldwide brings Alipay to Africa via Peach Payments

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ACI Worldwide, the global provider of real-time electronic payment and banking solutions, and Alipay, is launching Alipay in South Africa, via regional payment service provider (PSP) Peach Payments

Building better customer relationships through easy payment processes


Did you know that merchants who use TradeGecko Payments get paid faster? Before TradeGecko Payments, merchants would take around 1 week to get half of their invoices paid. Now, with TradeGecko Payments, merchants can get paid for half of their sales orders within a single business day. Customer Management TradeGecko Payments

The SMARTest Terminals Around: 5 Ways EMV Payments are Superior


Global Payments Forum shows merchant acceptance of chip cards is on the rise—and if you know a thing or two about EMV payment terminals, it’s easy to see why. Payment ProcessingThe most recent report from the U.S. EMV terminals are nothing like their magstripe predecessors ; they’re S-M-A-R-T!

The Top 3 Mistakes in Mobile Payment Systems


As more and more consumers use their mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) to shop, it has become increasingly important for savvy companies to invest in mobile payment systems. Mobile

Streamline your operations with TradeGecko Payments


TradeGecko TradeGecko PaymentsIn the face of rising costs and lower revenue, 35.6% of wholesalers are planning to increase revenue by improving their eCommerce capabilities. Through selling online, wholesalers can start selling more by offering existing customers a better shopping experience to encourage brand loyalty, while saving time on managing their operations.

Company Spotlight: Payoneer and the Rise of Digital Payments


In 1999, SaaS rose to prominence through Salesforce, which is commonly considered to be the first true SaaS company. Around the world, small developers and huge enterprises took notice of Salesforce’s success, and SaaS quickly became a major part of ecommerce. It’s expected to grow at least another 22% by 2020. e-Commerce Trends

7 Benefits of Having a Modern Payment System in Your Corner


Directly integrating to your point of sale, a modern payment system delivers a robust payment experience for both merchant and customer. From merchant services, to hardware procurement, to remote terminal solutions and everything in between, a modern payment system connects merchants to a total payment ecosystem.

Beyond Language & Payments: Website Localization Must-Haves For Global eCommerce

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Long gone are the days in which eCommerce site localization means just translating language and accepting localized payment methods. In a high stakes environment, where a global roll out of direct localized sites can mean millions of dollars of investment, eBusiness professionals responsible for managing international customer-facing websites must localize effectively or risk damaging the reputation of their brands and stifling growth.

Ecommerce Checkout Page Optimization: 6 Actionable Steps to Win You More Sales, More Emails and More Trust


Generally, I’d recommend swapping the header for important links (such as delivery information, which should open within a lightbox / modal) and trust signals (such as secure payment gateway, merchant reviews etc, etc). In addition, the payment options altered based on IP address using Adyen.

Mobile (POS) Payments: the Future of Retail


Pilot studies have shown that mobile point of sale (POS) terminals can cut the average time for a cash transaction in half, while also processing card payments up to five times faster. Rather than having checkouts, sales associates are able to take payments via iPad.

5 Ways Mobile Payments Can Improve Your Wireless Store


And now consumers also use their smartphones to make payments. The rise of digital wallets and other mobile payment options has changed the retail environment dramatically—and it's in retailers' best interest to learn how to incorporate these payment options into their stores.


Mobile Commerce Accounts for More Than 31% of Total Sales [2017 Data]


Well, Brandon did a few things: He used digital wallets intelligently, allowing customers to use one-click payment options like Apple Pay , Amazon Pay and PayPal One-Touch on mobile devices. Payments Success Stories mobile mobile commerce mobile wallets

How to Use Digital Wallets and Mobile Site Optimization Tactics to Stamp Out Cart Abandonment


Think of it like Amazon’s one-click purchase feature, made available on your other favorite sites, or like the contactless card payments you’re used to in-store. How about a 3X in mobile cart conversion for those sites which encourage payments through digital wallets?

Wirecard provides IKEA Southeast Asia with payment eco-system for its new online business

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The global technology group Wirecard provides a regionally managed payment gateway solution for online IKEA shops in Southeast Asia

'Europe risks becoming a walled garden of commerce,' warn payment risk experts

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The Chargeback Company has warned of the threat of eCommerce isolationism brought on by new legislation in Europe: the Digital Single Market, the Revised Payment Services Directive, and the General Data Protection Regulation

The New W3C Payments Request API Standard Means Better Web Checkout Experiences

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All major browser makers are implementing a new World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Payment Request API standard, which means faster, more secure web checkouts are right around the corner as early as mid-2018. mobile web Uncategorized Payment Request API

3 ways to evaluate your wholesale customers


However, if you’re planning to accept payments online through a payment gateway like TradeGecko Payments , you need to be careful before you accept payment by credit card, especially if you’re dealing with someone new. TradeGecko PaymentsSelling online is a great opportunity to grow your business, especially if you’re a wholesaler looking to expand your customer base.

Klarna Payments expands eCommerce footprint with ACI Worldwide

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ACI Worldwide, the global provider of real-time electronic payment and banking solutions, has announced an extended partnership with Klarna, leveraging ACI's UP eCommerce Payments solution

Effortlessly manage your business’s B2B and B2C sales online


If you are and you’re using the same payment platform to handle your B2B and B2C transactions, you may have realized that reconciling your books can be a complicated affair. TradeGecko PaymentsAre you selling both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C)? After all, without separating your different sales channels, it’s hard to tell which market is contributing more to your business.

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Which Side Should Retailers Take In The ‘War On Cash’?

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The credit card company has even gone so far as to offer some merchants $10,000 to upgrade their POS equipment in exchange for refusing cash payments. Moriarty cited the plight of the unbanked and those with poor credit, who lack access to higher-tech payment options.

POS 21

Building a Foundation for New Payment Models


Building a Foundation for New Payment Models. The rise in new payment models is one of the most promising and exciting parts of being a retailer today. And now these new payment models are bringing additional complexity into the mix.

Mobile Self-Checkout Success Depends On Bridging The Loss Prevention Gap

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retail digital retail in-store checkout PaymentsMobile self-checkout technology promises to not only streamline the physical checkout experience, but more importantly, to bring an augmented digital shopping experience to the physical store. When mobile self-checkout shoppers scan items to put in their physical baskets, digital business leaders will have real-time digital basket data to drive more relevant up-sell, cross-sell, and contextual […].

4 Myths About International Payments


The truth behind four myths regarding international payments that may hinder some ecommerce sellers from selling internationally. The post 4 Myths About International Payments appeared first on ecomdash.

4 Top Wireless Payment Trends for 2018


Wireless payments are quickly rising in popularity, and since you probably have a mobile phone within reach right now, it's easy to see why. Now that smartphones integrate so many smart features into the fabric of everyday life, it's only natural to expect them to handle wireless payments as well. Mobile payments are helping to simply the retail experience by making the buyer journey as seamless and easy as possible. Payments

Embrace the world of payment technology


Since we now live in a world where most shopping is conducted on laptops, mobiles, and apps, it is vital for eCommerce and wholesale businesses to not only embrace the world of new technology but the world of payment technology. Business Growth eCommerce TradeGecko PaymentsNo matter what industry you are in, all businesses can agree that getting paid by their customers and getting paid quickly is very important.

A Customer-Led Approach is Fundamental to The Integration of Worldpay and Vantiv

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Vantiv has the largest payments industry acquisition of 2017 ($10.4B) under its belt — now what? B2C ecommerce business & IT alignment online retail retail PaymentsIntegration is the trickiest part of any acquisition and comes after the dust settles and the deal is done. This crucial phase begins in earnest this week for Vantiv and Worldpay. To accelerate its business and achieve the full […].

TradeGecko Payments helps SME wholesalers get paid 3x faster


In May 2017, TradeGecko launched TradeGecko Payments , a built-in payment platform that helps wholesale merchants get paid on orders faster and have greater visibility and control over their cash flow. Today, the TradeGecko Payment platform is available in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Canada and New Zealand. TradeGecko Payments Press Release

The checkout is least satisfying part of the omnichannel shopping experience

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Poor payments experience at the checkout is the weak link in connected customers' omnichannel shopping experiences, causing retailers lost conversions and customer loyalty, a new report from KPS, a transformation agency, reveals

Happy Second Anniversary, EMV Liability Shift: The State of EMV in U.S. Retail


Payment Processing Wireless Sales Liability Shift EMVThe 2015 EMV liability shift was implemented nearly two years ago, and a lot has changed in the world of retail since then. With all of these industry updates now taking hold, it's the perfect time to review the current state of EMV in the U.S. market.

Everything You Need to Know About Bitcoin and Blockchain in Ecommerce

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When it comes to payment processors in ecommerce sites, the talk used to be about credit cards, PayPal, COD (cash on delivery), et al. Local currencies couldn’t be converted to bitcoin easily and, as a result, no retailer would even think of accepting bitcoins as payment.

1 in 20 online stores has been breached by hackers, new research shows

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One in 20 online shopping sites has been infiltrated by hackers who are actively stealing customers' payment card details, according to new research by cyber security experts Foregenix

Different types of payment gateways: A comparative guide


A payment gateway is an eCommerce service that’s used to authorize and process credit card and debit payments for online businesses and brick-and-mortar stores. Business Growth eCommerce

Webinar: How to get paid 3x faster with TradeGecko Payments


One way to achieve these goals is to embrace the world of payment technology. There are two common goals all businesses can agree upon: getting paid by your customers and getting paid quickly. With that said, we recently hosted webinar entitled, How to get paid 3x faster. Business Growth Buying Products How to

15 Ecommerce Trust Drivers You Can Setup Right Now to Make People Buy


Trust badges, trust seals, logos of your payment providers, the little secure “lock” icon on the browser – all of these add to the final “trust” factor and can nudge up your customer trust and get them to buy. The part where your customers have to put in their payment information?

4 Secrets To Boosting Retail Revenue By Catering To Foreign Tourists

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Payments Are Not Just Cash Or Card Anymore Many tourists rely heavily on cash when they come to the U.S. Meanwhile, mobile payment mechanisms are extremely popular and mainstream in countries like China and India. foreign tourists Amitaabh Malhotra Omnyway payments pickup

Even Your Shopping Cart isn’t Sacred

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If you have all your inventory on shelves and the customers have to go to the inventory (instead of vice versa) and if those same customers then have to bring their stuff to a set location for you to process their payments, then you need carts and checkout counters. Birth of the Shopping Cart.

Every Tool And Plugin I Use To Run My 7 Figure Blog, Podcast And Online Course Membership Site

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In fact, most plugins that I use can be purchased in a single lump sum payment. In a previous article, I compiled a comprehensive list of must have tools that I use to run my ecommerce store.

Why Cross Border Ecommerce is the Future of Ecommerce

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Thus picking a good payment service that is aware of local customer behavior is critical. The growth is hampered by security concerns over payment. It needs investment ( payment processing , staff and logistics) and should be done in a staged manner for maximum impact.