Blockchain Fever: The Potential And Challenges Of Blockchain Technology 

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In last week’s episode of Forrester’s What It Means podcast, Principal Analyst Martha Bennett disentangles the hype from the reality of blockchain technology — and provides a passionate perspective on blockchain’s potential as an economic engine. blockchain business technology (BT) chief information officer (CIO) financial services networking podcast security & risk technology

Technology Scholarship


Tech leaders bear the burden of bettering technology while avoiding common pitfalls like misinformation. the tech leaders of tomorrow and learn how you think technology. in their quest to shape and refine the role of technology. Guidance Tech Leaders Scholarship 2017.

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How to Enhance Your Platform By Choosing a Technology Partner!

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However, it’s important to keep in mind the critical role that technology partners play as well. What is a Technology Partner? Technology partners are product companies that provide niche solutions to commonly required features and functionality.

Personalization Technology: The Build vs. Buy Decision

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A framework to help marketers decide whether to build or buy personalization technology, based on years of working with top engineers around the world. The post Personalization Technology: The Build vs. Buy Decision appeared first on Dynamic Yield.

A Proven Process for Onboarding Marketing Technology

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The post A Proven Process for Onboarding Marketing Technology appeared first on Dynamic Yield. Web Personalization marketing technology Onboarding Personalization Hackathon

Ecommerce Technology: Augmenting Reality Augments the Bottomline


Augmented reality is an ecommerce technology changing the way people buy online. E-commerce technology helps people choose products virtually We’ve seen how technologies are bringing to life strategies that help people choose products without experiencing them in person.

Selecting an Emerging Technology? Let Forrester Help You With Our New Technology Portfolio

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A new crop of emerging technology stands poised to unleash another cycle of raised consumer expectations, changing behaviors, and disruption. application development & delivery architecture & technology strategy business technology (BT) low-code platforms vendor selectionThe stakes for business leaders are high — a wrong investment could put your firm out of business; make the right move and you’ll vault over your competitors. Which tech should you bet on?


The Data Digest: Understand Emotion To Drive Technology Engagement

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But this era of innovation has also seen its fair share of flops: From Pokémon Go to Google Glass, technologies that looked like promising disrupters stalled quickly or generated more […].

How retailers can use technology to become data driven in a multi-channel world

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By Peter Ruffley, Chairman at Zizo. The retail market has changed; Amazon et al have transformed customer expectations; digital native millennials have a very different outlook to previous generations; and the influence of external factors such as social media can be both good and bad

Future of Ecommerce: How Technology Will Change in 5 Years

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In the past 5 years, a great deal of new technology has emerged, but how much of that will truly be adopted by the industry through 2022? For an industry to adopt new technology, does the consumer or the organizations make the biggest push?

Future of Ecommerce: How Technology Will Change in 20 Years

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Only time will truly tell us what technology will be in play in the year 2037, but until then it doesn’t hurt to get a little imaginative about some of the possibilities. While virtual reality and augmented reality are budding technologies now, will they become a vital component in the future?

Top retailers’ magic trick revealed: Digital technology

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Clarke once said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” The post Top retailers’ magic trick revealed: Digital technology appeared first on Bamboo Rose. As sci-fi writer Arthur C. For retailers that are behind the times when it comes to tech solutions, it might seem like nothing short of supply chain wizardry will relieve the pressures that old, tired tools put on sourcing. In an environment that […].

Twiggle unveils search technology ‘that allows any online retail company to take on e-commerce giants’

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Twiggle has announced the debut of its Semantic API, which instantly gives retailers the ability to add a semantic layer to their existing search engines and interact with their online customers in a more personal and natural way

Future of Ecommerce: How Technology Will Change in 10 Years

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Potentially, but in 10 years time the earth will be a very different place, and technology will only be further refined from the budding possibilities that we are seeing now. However, what happens when we begin to have the technology to actually touch and interact with these virtual items?

New technologies revolutionising the omni-channel experience

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A strong omni-channel B2B customer strategy is vital for many manufacturers these days, but it must go beyond simply ensuring the online experience matches the offline experience, to fully support the buyer throughout the entire, often complex sales process – however they choose to buy, says Michiel Schipperus, CEO, Sana Commerce

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Technology & Electronics Ecommerce Site Design


Selling technology is hard. This means that technology sellers online must carry a wide swath of items at various price points, and be able to negotiate for the bigger deals. Here is how 4 various technology sites optimize for price, products and profitability.

Older Consumers Embrace Technology During Their Purchase Journey, Too!

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Recent reports that focus exclusively on how Millennials use new technologies have misled eBusiness execs into believing that they must focus primarily on Millennial dollars. [i] Millennials: We can't seem to get enough information about them.

Are Microservices The Answer To Retailers’ Technology Woes?

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By Steven Berkovitz, OrderDynamics When presented with a need for a new technology capability, retailers are often faced with the decision of whether to ignore the need, or to rip-and-replace an existing system and purchase a whole new solution suite.

Commerce Marketing Spotlight Series: Top Technology Picks for Retailers


The post Commerce Marketing Spotlight Series: Top Technology Picks for Retailers appeared first on Bronto Blog. Our all-new Commerce Marketing Spotlight tour is right around the corner. See what a few of our speakers had to say about the best tools for retailers today. Events Marketing Strategy

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Move Big Data To The Public Cloud With An Insight PaaS

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Cloud Is The Hottest Market For Big Data Technology The shift to the cloud for big data is on. advanced analytics application development & delivery architecture & technology strategy big data platform-as-a-service (PaaS) public cloud PaaS

Why The Convergence Of Adtech And Martech Matters

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As we covered in our recent webinar, the convergence of advertising technology and marketing technology is inevitable — and that’s a good thing for marketers. advertising advertising agencies contextual marketing marketing technology

Store of the Future: Technology Reshaping Retail

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Technology is a driving force escalating the pace of change. In this three part blog series, we'll look at the technology that is driving retail change, examine what the future of retail stores might look like, and lastly compile ideas on how retailer's today can prepare. Retail Technology Retail InsightWe've been shopping differently for quite a while now. That once linear path that today seems so simple is gone.

Beyond Technology: How Commerce Will Change in 20 Years

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We already know that ecommerce is typically fueled by technology and how much of the market adopts it–hello mobile revolution–but what about the trends we see now? So what’s likely to change beyond the technology? How Ecommerce Technology is Changing.

Progress At The White House: A TBM In Every Pot

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Industry-leading private sector CIOs discussed and shared their technology business management (TBM) best practices, approaches, and ideas with CIOs and technology leaders of federal agencies. I was fortunate to participate in a historic morning gathering last week at the White House! The White House leader for strategic initiatives kicked off the morning by setting expectations […].

6 Tips to Support Sales Associates When Introducing New Technologies


Today’s customers have high expectations of digitally enabled sales associates. According to a Forrester Report , when shopping in store: 60% of customers expect mobile equipped sales associates to be able to look up product information.

How Far We’ve Come: 3 Ways Technology Has Shaped Interactive Wireless Retail


Shopping used to be one-dimensional. You would either go to the store, or buy something out of a catalog, and that was it. Today, there are so many different ways to shop that not only can the experience be more fun, it can also feel limitless. After all, you can also buy almost anything from anywhere and have it arrive at your door within days. Trends Interactive Retail

The Technology Behind Customer Loyalty Programs: An Interview with


Ecommerce merchants need several technology tools to put all the pieces of the marketing plan together. As a full-service ecommerce agency, we have formed partnerships with the best technology companies in the industry, and we're sharing the brains behind these businesses in our partner interview series

How Digital Technologies Have Changed The Retail Store

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We're at the beginning of a retail transformation: The growing percentage of retail revenues driven by eCommerce and the influence of digital technologies on consumer behavior and expectations alike means that retailers are being forced to reevaluate the value proposition of the store. Today, a mix of technologies are coming together to marry the online and offline experiences to revolutionize in-store shopping and the role of the physical store.

Retail Content Marketing Tools: By The Numbers


Ecommerce Best Practices ecommerce conversion rates ecommerce marketing technology ecommerce website designIt’s a known fact that rich content is a digital marketer’s greatest asset; and this goes doubly for the retail marketer.

Creating A Frictionless Shopping Experience With Technology And Data

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With technology that creates a seamless shopping experience and insights from your data. Technology That Transforms The right application of cutting-edge technology not only improves the shopping experience — it helps drive revenue and build trust with your customers.

Do You Know About These Emerging Retail Trends?


It shouldn’t matter whether you’re actually able to take advantage of these new processes and technologies at this stage. To that end, lets explore three major technology retail trends that can shake the foundations of shopping. Do You Know About These Emerging Retail Trends?

3 Ways Retailers Use Digital Technology to Improve the In-Store Experience


Beacons are a technology standard that allow mobile apps (on both iOS and Android devices) to listen for signals from “beacons” in the physical world and react accordingly, using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) personal area network technology.

Madtech Convergence Is Ongoing – With Or Without You

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There are positive signs with the marketing technology ecosystem rapidly consolidating — and millions of dollars […]. advertising B2B marketing B2C marketing digital marketing marketing automation marketing technology online marketing technology

Discover Creator by Zmags in BigCommerce Stores


But as technology providers, we don’t always showcase the many specific steps in a journey that, for some, can be a. Shoppable Content Zmags News content & commerce ecommerce marketing technology tradeshows



Two key ingredients: Technology and data. The problem is that many retailers are saddled with highly fragmented, antiquated technology that is more Frankenstein than Harry Potter. With the right technology in place, the brand perfected click and expect. Immediacy.

5 Predictions About the Ecommerce Landscape in the Next Decade

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VR technology may have seemingly stalled out in the last year or two, but there’s way too much capability in that pair of cardboard goggles to stay down forever. Google Trends may paint a grizzly view of “virtual reality” if you search for it these days, but the technology continues advancing.

A learning curve: What the retail industry has taught me

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Back-end retail is outdated I always imagined the retail supply chain being modern and technologically advanced, but behind the slick […]. Retail News collaboration retail retail technology supply chainIt’s an exciting time to be in the retail industry.

Being an Early Adopter: What Does it Mean for Ecommerce?

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But this also doesn’t mean that brands will quickly jump onto the bandwagon either as life altering technology follows an adoption curve before fully being integrated into our lives. Let’s break it down by technology adoption and software adoption. Technology Adoption.

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Black Hat Buzzword Bingo 2017

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artificial intelligence (AI) business technology (BT) digital disruption industry event information security machine learning security & risk word of mouth marketing & viral marketing Black Hat 2017 buzzword hype Security & Risk

How to Increase Conversions By 267% Using Exit Popups

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eCommerce Optimization Web Personalization Customer Experiences Exit Intent Technology Shopping Cart AbandonmentWinning strategies to maximize conversions and minimize abandonments (Bonus: Free Cheat Sheet!).