9 Influencer Marketing Examples & 14 GSD Tactics to Boost Conversion


The answer lies in influencer marketing. In 2016, 86% of marketers used influencer marketing , and 94% of them found it to be effective. According to a study by Tomoson , influencer marketing yields a $6.50 That is, having an influencer marketing strategy.

Map Your Ecommerce Marketing to the Customer Lifecycle


This is the customer lifecycle, and understanding the ins and outs of this ever-changing process is the key to effective B2C marketing. If your customer lifecycle today only has two steps — not-a-customer and customer— you’re thinking about your ecommerce marketing far too simply.

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Email Marketing Inspiration from 100 Top Email Marketing Campaigns


For marketers everywhere, keeping customers engaged and interested through email is an ongoing task. In fact, in a recent survey, 58% of marketers said it was their number one goal. Enter Campaign Monitor’s Top 100 Email Marketing Campaigns.

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REPORT: Omnichannel Marketing is All Hype, No Execution


The experts all agree: omnichannel marketing is key to success in ecommerce. That’s why it’s so surprising that the majority of B2C marketers have yet to achieve a true omnichannel ecommerce experience. For other marketers, the real challenge is accessing the customer data.

7 Tactical Ways Every Business Can Use Local Marketing to Sell More


Location-based marketing is part of our daily lives as consumers. What is Local Marketing? This type of marketing specifically targets potential customers in a physical store’s community. Why has this type of marketing taken off recently?

49 Tips & Strategies for Successful Holiday Marketing Campaigns


For most, the answer is a resounding “not yet,” which means there is no better time than now to start thinking about your holiday marketing campaigns. Bill Widmer, Ecommerce SEO & Content Marketing Consultant. Starting early can help marketers avoid rushing later.

The Global Digital Marketing Gap

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advertising agencies artificial intelligence (AI) B2C marketing brand experience consumer mobility digital marketing globalization & localizationOver the past few years, I was lucky enough to travel to many different places: in most European countries, in the US, in Brazil, in the Middle East, in India, in Indonesia or very recently in Japan and Thailand. The digital revolution is happening all over the place and it is fascinating to see how […].

Blogging Vs Affiliate Marketing Vs Ecommerce – A Comparison Of 3 Online Business Models

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For example last year, my blog made over a million dollars from advertising, affiliate marketing and digital product sales. Building Wealth How to Build an Online Store affiliate marketing blogging business model ecommerce niche affiliate site online store

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Interruptions To The Advertising Market

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advertising brand experience chief marketing officer (CMO) customer experience virtual agentsThe advertising headwinds have been gathering. The $7.4B lost to bad ads. The chronic underperformance. Major firms pulling millions from media budgets. Consumers actively avoiding ads. And yet the interruptions continue. There are bright spots: great storytelling from some brands, better channel orchestration, and the pragmatic application of programmatic.

Retail Content Marketing Tools: By The Numbers


It’s a known fact that rich content is a digital marketer’s greatest asset; and this goes doubly for the retail marketer. The post Retail Content Marketing Tools: By The Numbers appeared first on Zmags.

The Power of YouTube Influencer Marketing: 2X Brand Awareness Plus Customer Trust & Sales — What’s Not To Love?


There’s a variety of influencer marketing tactics out there –– and many of them are highly effective. After all, influencer marketing is word-of-mouth marketing at scale. Influencer marketing vs. YouTube influencer marketing. Ecommerce Marketing

How to Align Markdowns with Psychological Pricing and Marketing 


Instead of consumers waiting around to purchase certain items during their respective sale, they will begin to purchase them when they need them or when a targeted marketing campaign sparks their interest. . The post How to Align Markdowns with Psychological Pricing and Marketing appeared first on Quad Analytix. Blog Marketing PricingH ave you ever looked around a store and noticed that most prices end in nine?

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71 Digital Marketing Resources on Growth, Retention, Optimization and Analytics

Dynamic Yield

Here's the ultimate list of useful and inspiring digital marketing resources on optimization, growth, analytics, retention, SEO and online advertising. The post 71 Digital Marketing Resources on Growth, Retention, Optimization and Analytics appeared first on Dynamic Yield.

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Run a Business Like Jeff Bezos an interview with Digital Marketer

Bryan Eisenberg

I hope I get to see some of you at Digital Marketer’s Content and Commerce Summit in LA on September 18-20th. The post Run a Business Like Jeff Bezos an interview with Digital Marketer appeared first on Bryan & Jeffrey Eisenberg.

5 Marketing Personalization Books Every Marketer Must Read

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The post 5 Marketing Personalization Books Every Marketer Must Read appeared first on Dynamic Yield. Web Personalization Anthony Garcia Bryan Eisenberg David Wilkes eCommerce Optimization Jason Thibeau Jeffrey Eisenberg John McKean Kirby Wadsworth Marketing Books Noah Fleming

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Commerce Marketing Spotlight Series: Let’s Get Personal!


The post Commerce Marketing Spotlight Series: Let’s Get Personal! Email Marketing Events Marketing Strategy Personalization SegmentationThe first event is just days away! See what a few of our insightful speakers had to say about creating the most personalized experience for their customers. appeared first on Bronto Blog.

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The Future of Marketing: Google Marketing Next 2017


At Google’s highly-anticipated annual conference , now called Google Marketing Next , Google announced several exciting new innovations for digital marketers. All of the announcements centered around the themes of digital marketers being smarter with data leveraging machine learning. Audience Innovations: In-Market Audiences for Search and Shopping — In-Market Audiences has been available for the Display Network and YouTube campaigns since 2013.

Holiday Email Marketing Unpacked: 15 Examples, 9 Tools and a Checklist to Make 2017 Your Biggest Success Yet


As an ecommerce business owner, you know that your holiday email marketing strategy is important. Most brands start planning their holiday email marketing campaigns in September, meaning you may already be behind. They market to them instead. Ecommerce Marketing email marketing

Why Most Marketers Fail at Web Analytics

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The post Why Most Marketers Fail at Web Analytics appeared first on Dynamic Yield. Web Analytics Audience Segmentation Behavioral Targeting Google Analytics marketing optimization Statistical SignificanceYou can easily misinterpret web analytics data.

What Facebook Watch Will Mean for Marketers


What is Facebook Watch, and what does it mean for you your marketing strategy? Social viewing is not going away, so how can marketers take advantage of it? What Facebook Watch means for marketers. Here are four ways Facebook Watch will change the game for marketers.

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The Results Of My Influencer Marketing Experiment With Real Data From My Shop

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And over the past few years, he’s grown his satin lined cap business to over 7 figures by going all in on influencer marketing. A while back I interviewed my friend Emmanuel Eleyae, who managed to make over $65,000 in 4 months without Amazon by leveraging You Tube influencers.

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Getting Started with Automated Email Marketing


Email marketing is one of those pivotal, game-changing facets of online marketing that nearly every serious marketer needs to not only know how to do — but do successfully. Let’s take a closer look: What Is Automated Email Marketing? Marketing

Unified Marketing Platform vs. Point Solutions: The Ultimate Verdict

Dynamic Yield

Dynamic Yield CEO Liad Agmon explains the advantages of using an integrated marketing platform instead of several point solutions for personalization. The post Unified Marketing Platform vs. Point Solutions: The Ultimate Verdict appeared first on Dynamic Yield. Break free of data silos!

Behavioral Marketing: A Closer Look at What Gets Consumers Clicking


In the past, marketing to consumers based on things like how many pages they visited on a site were rudimentary at best. Behavioral marketing has changed all of that. What is Behavioral Marketing? Examples of Behavioral Marketing. Behavioral Email Marketing.

162: How To Leverage Influencer Marketing To Grow Your Brand With Jessica Thorpe Of Gen.Video

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Now if you’ve been selling anything online, you know that influencer marketing is huge. Anyway, Jessica’s company Gen.video is at the forefront of influencer marketing and we’re going to pick her brain today about the best ways to leverage influencers to promote your business.

A Proven Process for Onboarding Marketing Technology

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The post A Proven Process for Onboarding Marketing Technology appeared first on Dynamic Yield. Web Personalization marketing technology Onboarding Personalization Hackathon

Top H1 2017 B2B Marketing Blogs — Opening A Window Into Your World

Forrester eCommerce

And at Forrester, the B2B marketing team is heads down, finalizing a lineup of amazing speakers and reviewing draft content for the (your) B2B Marketing 2017 forum coming up the first week of October […]. B2B marketing

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151: How Mike Stelzner Created A Multi Million Dollar Social Media Marketing Site And Conference

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Mike also runs the largest social media conference in the world called Social Media Marketing World which is happening from March 22-24. Mike also runs the largest social media conference in the world called Social Media Marketing World which is happening from March 22-24.

Voice Search Will Eventually Revolutionize Search Marketing

Forrester eCommerce

Any conference, webinar, or article around the future of search marketing will talk about voice search. Let’s face it: voice search is incredibly over-hyped today. Many are predicting voice search will account for 50% of all searches by 2020. And kids are even using intelligent agents (IAs) like Google Assistant to help them do their […

A Simple Ecommerce Marketing Plan Worth $118,000+

A Better Lemonade Stand

All it takes is a simple ecommerce marketing plan. The post A Simple Ecommerce Marketing Plan Worth $118,000+ appeared first on A Better Lemonade Stand. You there. Would you write one article a week if I said you could make $118,000 in your first year? Getting Traffic Strategy & Analytics

New UK returns service 'to revolutionise market'

Retail Technology Review

International returns platform ReBOUND, used by hundreds of leading fashion brands, has brought its returns services to the UK market to give online retailers a truly global multi-carrier returns solution, and their customers more freedom of choice and convenience

The Commerce Marketer Podcast: The Visual Side of Marketing


The post The Commerce Marketer Podcast: The Visual Side of Marketing appeared first on Bronto Blog. Now that consumers are socially connected at every second, it’s more important than ever to tie such social behavior into your ecommerce efforts.

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Forrester’s B2B Marketing Forum Reinforces The Concept Of “Customer As Compass” (And Covers What To Do About It)

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I hope that nobody in your organization needs convincing that you should join us at the B2B Marketing Forum in Austin, Texas, this year (October 5 and 6, 2017). What’s unique is that we’ve designed the agenda to help B2B marketing leaders succeed at […].

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Why Unscalable Marketing Activities are Best for B2B Companies


They might work on the mass market paying $0.00 The lazy answer to this quandary is “account-based marketing.” Which is really just a euphemism for “not terrible marketing.”. Example: “Content marketing.”. Viral’ marketing might work for B2C. Marketing

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Boosting Rewards Program Engagement with Email Marketing


Expert's Guide to Boosting Program Engagement. A successful program is best measured by how many members are engaged and participating. Boost your numbers with our expert advice. GET THE FREE GUIDE. Reward Program Strategy

How to Create a Seamless Relationship Between Marketing and Merchandising


The 4 P’s; product, placement, price, and promotions are basic components of a marketing plan. In a retail setting, marketing and merchandising teams decide on the 4 P’s. Marketing typically owns all aspects of customer acquisition, such as driving brand awareness, customer loyalty and retention, and increasing traffic. Optimizing product assortment to meet customer demands with the perfect product mix will maximize market share and profits.

The Commerce Marketer Podcast: The Power of Mobile


The post The Commerce Marketer Podcast: The Power of Mobile appeared first on Bronto Blog. Marketing Strategy Mobile Partners Podcasts

It’s Time B2B Marketing Hits The Restart On Social Media

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But, instead — during an age of increasingly revenue-obsessed marketers – social media became regarded as [… After a promising start a decade ago, social media has long been stuck in a rut of diminished expectations and attention.

How To Prevent Email Bot Signup Spam And Why You Are Overpaying For Email Marketing

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What if I told you that you are currently overpaying your email marketing provider by up to 30%? What if I also told you that hundreds or even thousands of email addresses in your database are spam? Unfortunately, it’s a reality.

Marketers In Asia Pacific: What Are Your Top Martech Challenges?

Forrester eCommerce

Forrester’s 2017 Asia Pacific Martech Challenges Survey is open, and we’re looking for B2C marketers in the region to provide their perspective. If you’re a marketing leader who is involved in marketing technology (martech) decisions and implementations, please take a moment to complete the survey. Marketers in Asia Pacific are increasing their spending on martech. […

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