Stripe Moving into Point of Sale Transaction Processing

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Stripe, one of the leading payment providers for online and platform businesses announced today “Stripe Terminal” to tackle the merchant challenges around in-person payments. Stripe’s solution combines several of the technology components that go into in-person payments and works to abstract the complexity away for merchants and developers.

The Ultimate Guide to AirPOS Point of Sale System (ePOS) – Complete Review

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As a matter of fact, I need a system which is quick on the uptake. For that reason, I might want to do a comprehensive appraisal of AirPOS. Think of it as a bold step to enhance a secure checkout for your business. Unless I'm using some sort of OS from planet Mars.

Why Marketing and Your POS Have More in Common Than You Think

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With the advances in technology and addition of smart phones, customers can now access a brand anywhere, at any time, from almost any device. This brings up the question: Why would a retailer only make their marketing efforts omnichannel and not the selling of their product as well?

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Teamwork Retail works with FAO Schwarz to “Return to Wonder” in NYC with Apple devices

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FAO Schwarz was founded 150 years ago to create a magical place where kids of all ages can go to explore and dream. Michael Mauerer, CEO of Teamwork Retail said “Apple provides the quintessential mobile platform for Teamwork to achieve its mission of frictionless commerce.

Feature Partner: Socket Mobile

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One of our featured partners who will be joining us at NRF 2018 this year, in our booth #723. Socket Mobile has 25 years of a sound status in mobile scanning, and is continuously pushing for improvement.

Washington Nationals team up with Teamwork and Fortress for Innovative POS Technology and Fan Engagement Solution

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The Washington Nationals have selected Teamwork for their new point-of-sale technology to be featured at Nationals Park for the 2019 Major League Baseball Season. Fortress has driven the adoption of digital ticketing, by use of RFID/NFC technology.

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4 Reasons You Might Need New a Point of Sale System


As retailers grow, they often need more advanced functionality from their point of sale system (POS) to meet customer expectations, innovate, outrun competitors and keep pace with evolving industry trends. 2: Growing Online Sales.

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Milano Diamond Gallery Selects Retail and Point of Sale (POS) Solution from Cegid


We value Cegid’s retail expertise and strong track record of experience with jewelry retailing ,” said Rahul Kheskwani, Vice President, Milano Diamond Gallery. This capability will give Milano Diamond Gallery plenty of room to grow while running its operations from a single database.

Four Ways To Think “Store First” With Mobile


eCommerce mPOS RTI Mobile Commerce mobile investments mobile point of saleTo no one’s surprise, mobile is merchants’ top priority for 2017 — reflecting […]. The post Four Ways To Think “Store First” With Mobile appeared first on The Omni Channel.

4 Reasons You Need Client Book

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It has the capability to see the status of all stored values, just like POS (LRP, Rewards Cards, Coupons, etc.). While Client Book covers most of the basic client features that POS supports, it really goes above and beyond with additional features that are specific only to Client Book. Display the date of a customer’s last activity or sale. Instantly view basic statistics, such as the total number of transactions, broken down by lifetime and month-by-month.

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Get Your Head in the Cloud: Why You Should Ditch Your Locally-Hosted POS


The point-of-sale system has long been the heart of a retail store as the system on which everything else depends. So, it’s understandable when retailers hesitate to replace this workhorse with something new.

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3 POS Trends Driving Profits for Retailers

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Modernized point of sale systems , in particular, are leveling the playing field for independent retailers to compete on a global stage. Business of Retail POS softwareModern retail technology is defining the way retailers establish their brands.

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Breaking It Off With Your Legacy System


It can seem too good to be true when you find a point-of-sale software that is a perfect match for you. Retail Operations

Leveling The Retail Analytics Playing Field

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By Anna Arwidi, Axis Data is increasingly at the heart of every business. The ability to collect, analyze and derive actionable insights from multiple sources of data in real time can be the difference between winning a customer or seeing them captured by the competition.

Square Payments Reviews What’s All the Fuss About?

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A vast array of features. An affordable price point (no square recurring payments). It's safe to say this company revolutionized the field by simplifying the process of accepting credit card payments. On the whole, Square offers entrepreneurs two ‘general' sets of tools.

How In-Store Data Drives Digital Marketing Success


If you have a loyalty program as part of your store experience, you’ll at least be able to get an overview of what they’ve bought before and when through your point of sale (POS). This will help drive the effectiveness of your campaigns and increase their ROI.

The Data Scientist Inside the Marketing Assistant


At the same time, your customers are providing a veritable treasure trove of interesting data. This volume of riches is taxing, though. Making your way through this ever-expanding pool of data is fraught with inefficiency and can have you chasing shadows.

Wicked Quick: retail trends from Stratix


Disclaimer: As a native of New England I enjoy sharing my region’s slang with the world. The centerpiece of this evolution of shopping is the newly frictionless payment model that makes it so effortless for shoppers.

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How Ecommerce Made in North America is Set to Shake Up Lifestyle Fashion in Asia Pacific


Steady economic growth has led to huge populations with more money to spend – and clothing and accessories are at the top of their shopping lists. They represent 45% of the region’s population, and 60% of the world’s total millennial population.

The State of APIs: A Cheat-Sheet Infographic


recognized API-based commerce platforms as the next-gen category of commerce evolution. Hypermedia API allows companies to surface commerce interactions at any touchpoint, enabling a new level of business agility. Leading industry research firm, Gartner Inc.,

The State of APIs: a cheat-sheet infographic


recognized API-based commerce platforms as the next-gen category of commerce evolution. Hypermedia API allows companies to surface commerce interactions at any touchpoint, enabling a new level of business agility. Leading industry research firm, Gartner Inc.,

5 Steps to Choosing the Right Retail POS Technology for Your Store!

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Choosing a point of sale solution for your company can be overwhelming. There are so many options on the market today that it’s hard to know where to begin. You might even have the impulse to put it off for another year and make do with the old system you have.

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3 Vital Retail Data Sets to Collect in Your Store

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Data has become a major priority for retail businesses of all sizes. The internet of things and artificial intelligence are two critical tools for companies when it comes to data collection and analysis.

Using POS Data to Understand and Improve Profitability


According to an IBM survey , 62% of retailers say that big data and analytics give them a competitive advantage in their field. In order for companies to succeed, they need to leverage the analytics that today's best point-of-sale (POS) systems can provide. Retail Operations

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The Ultimate Guide To Square Fees for 2019

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What develops from consistency is a high level of trust by users. In this article, we promise not to leave out any single bit of Square ‘s features but most important, it's fees. Think of it as a system which lets me accept card payments from customers. Yes of course.

Creating A Frictionless Shopping Experience With Technology And Data

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Like an intrepid explorer, they want to be masters of their destiny, to plot their own journey. But they also expect a helping hand guiding them along the sales path. Some of the industry’s most innovative brands are already doing this.

How Businesses Can Prepare For The Evolving Commerce Landscape

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By Brad Brodigan, PayPal Imagine: You are driving home from work and pass by one of your favorite clothing stores. This may sound futuristic, but this scenario is possible today largely because of the power and growing ubiquity of mobile.

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An Advanced Approach To Fraud Protection

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While wider adoption of the EMV chip and PIN standard has reduced fraud at the point of sale, it has triggered an increase in fraud in other channels — including online and mobile — as criminals look for alternative ways to cheat the system.

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4 steps to create a unified ecommerce strategy


Multichannel commerce is presenting marketers with a whole new raft of challenges. Ensuring consistent messaging across many channels is one thing, but doing so while dynamically pricing, generating contextual bundles and creating promotions personalized to a segment of one is quite another.

The ROI of Equipping Your In-Store Staff with Comprehensive POS


Choosing a point of sale (POS) system is kind of like getting married—you want to know what you’re getting into before you tie the knot and commit. Can it fit the needs of your business as you scale?

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7 Benefits of Having a Modern Payment System in Your Corner


Directly integrating to your point of sale, a modern payment system delivers a robust payment experience for both merchant and customer. From merchant services, to hardware procurement, to remote terminal solutions and everything in between, a modern payment system connects merchants to a total payment ecosystem. Retail Operations POS

Five Breakthrough Data-Driven Strategies To Win Retail Customers For Life

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By Deesean Wilson, DXC Technology Digital technology has had a profound effect on the retail industry, an effect demonstrated by the importance and utility of data. The journey can begin and end at any of these points, allowing retailers to optimize the experience for each consumer.

Omnichannel Technology (And How Companies Are Using It)


This trend will only accelerate as voice command, smart cars, and mobile integration further expand the bandwidth of channels available. One more thing, you cannot afford to create friction at any point in the customer’s journey as this would have a negative impact on conversion.

Digital Commerce and the Threat of Card-not-present Fraud


Digital commerce continues to be top of mind for online retailers. Consumers shop more and more across a variety of devices and channels. Retailers continually optimize their sales channels to deliver more seamless consumer experiences. The State of CNP Fraud.

Virtual Reality Fully Opens Window Into Consumer Behavior In-Store

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By Alex Hunt, System1 Research Many manufacturers spend more than half of all their marketing dollars on in-store POS and promotional activity. And there’s now a much greater desire to understand the psychology of the shopper.