Pandemic Shifts Shine a Light on Importance of Modern Point of Sale

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Did you know that point of sale systems date back to 1879 when the first one was invented by American shopkeeper James Ritty. But this only taps the surface of POS, barely shedding light on all that POS can offer retailers both large and small.

Asda partners with packaging firm to develop more sustainable point of sale


Asda is working with packaging company DS Smith to eliminate non-recyclable elements from in-store point of sale. Industry News asda convenience stores DS Smith point of sale sustainability


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Engaging Customers Beyond the Point of Sale with Mobile Marketing

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Perhaps you’ve heard of the experience economy. There are lots of ways brands can create experiences for their customers, and one of the best ways is to mold that experience to a shopper’s busy, on-the-go life.

How To Set Up A Point Of Sale (POS) System On Your WooCommerce Store?


Does your organization utilize both a WooCommerce Store and a Point-of-Sale (POS) System in-store individually? The post How To Set Up A Point Of Sale (POS) System On Your WooCommerce Store?

How Does a POS System Work? 5 Common Point of Sale Questions


A point of sale system used to be a cash register that simply took account of the sales of the day and organized the bills into sections. The current main function of point of sale systems remains the same. Components of a POS.

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Store Needs a Complete POS System


A complete point of sale system is one of your biggest assets in the retail industry. You need a point of sale system that helps you manage your business successfully in today’s highly competitive retail industry.

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Keeping Customers Safe: How Spacepole Can Keep Customers & Staff Safe At The Point Of Sale

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Security and well-being at the point of sale is not optional, customers are already shifting to using online & digital solutions as well as reduced contact channels to purchase the goods and services customers are seeking. Blog Point of Sale Solutions

The Best POS (Point of Sale) Systems for 2019: The Ultimate Guide

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In other words, leveraging an efficient point of sale system software should help you streamline all your in-store operations. Today’s commerce environment has a wide range of solutions for brick-and-mortar stores, most of which are essentially multifaceted point of sale systems. We’ve extensively analyzed a wide range of POS system software to prepare a comprehensively detailed collection of the best solutions today.

Mastercard pilot turns smartphones into a point-of-sale device


Expansion into the contactless tech space has accelerated due to the pandemic and is expected to continue

6 Reasons to Deploy Mobile Point of Sale


Mobile point of sale is relatively new technology, but it is quickly becoming essential or retailers who want to remain competitive in an ever-increasing rapidly evolving retail environment. For starters, your sales staff won’t have to walk to the front of the store every time a customer asks about a product. Retain more customers – With mobile point of sale, your customers won’t have to wait in line to check out.

5 Practical Use Cases for Mobile Point of Sale


million mobile point-of-sale (POS) devices in the U.S. Of course, that doesn’t mean that all of them will be retail-centric. Below are five practical use cases for retail-based mobile point-of-sale. Perhaps your retail chain could employ the technology in one of these ways. Roaming in-store POS allows your employees to ring up sales on the spot from anywhere in the store.

Guide to Using Point-of-Sale Data for Intelligent Retail Execution


One of the most basic tools CPG brands use to understand their position in the market is point-of-sale data.

Shopify POS vs Square POS: Which is Best?

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Shopify and Square stand among some of the better-known all-in-one merchant solutions for business leaders today. Both Shopify and Square have a lot of amazing features to offer to help you sell. At a glance, Shopify POS and Square POS have a lit of similarities.

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The Ultimate Guide to AirPOS Point of Sale System (ePOS) – Complete Review

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As a matter of fact, I need a system which is quick on the uptake. For that reason, I might want to do a comprehensive appraisal of AirPOS. Think of it as a bold step to enhance a secure checkout for your business. The focal point here is whether AirPOS is as good as it appears on paper. Unless I'm using some sort of OS from planet Mars. To request a demo, I only have to contact the sales team via their official phone number(+353 1437 0087).

The 6 Best Mobile POS Systems For 2022

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Mobile POS systems aren’t new, but they have grown in popularity considerably in the past couple of years. A mobile POS system is one of the best investments that you can make for your business this year. Upgrading to a mobile point of sale system offers various advantages.

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The Ultimate MYR POS Review (Oct 2021)

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Whether you are a large or small business you require a POS (point-of-sale) system to help you in processing orders and managing your brand. And reinvent the way certain businesses use a point-of-sale system. So you don't get them out of the box.

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WWD: Sephora CEO Leaving After Less Than Two Years

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Martin Brok, CEO and President of Sephora , is reportedly leaving the company at the end of June after a tenure of less than two years. According to an internal release obtained by WWD , Brok’s departure is “due to a divergence of views.”.

Hudson Expands Global Loyalty Program to North America

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The loyalty we have with our travelers has always been a critical part of who Hudson is, and so we are thrilled to provide them with even more value, choice and ways to engage with us,” said Jordi Martin-Consuegra, CEO of Hudson in a statement.

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Hugo Boss to Roll Out RFID Solution Chainwide

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The premium apparel retailer operates in 128 countries at approximately 6,800 points of sale as well as online in 59 countries. Knowing what items are in-stock at its stores in real time will help improve the efficiency of ship-from-store and BOPIS operations at Hugo Boss.

Circle K Parent to Roll Out Self-Checkout Tech to 7,000 Stores

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parent company of the Circle K convenience store chain, will purchase more than 10,000 touchless self-checkout systems, with plans to deploy them in more than 7,000 Circle K and Couche-Tard stores in the U.S., Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc.

How to Design Your Retail Space With Security in Mind

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A successful retail space uses the art of design to provide a clean, aesthetically pleasing and accessible storefront and property. Retail stores located in malls may have more robust security outside of the store, but security inside should still be strong.

How POS Powers Modern Commerce Through Endless Aisle and Split Fulfillment


Today’s modern consumer expects the in-store experience to provide the same convenience and flexibility of the online shopping experience. Nowadays, retailers miss out on an estimated $1 trillion in in-store sales because they don’t have the products customers are interested in.

Health crisis: what impact on supply management in points of sale?

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The health crisis is accelerating the transformation of physical points of sale. With the development of e-commerce, consumers can buy anything, anywhere, anytime. E-commerce pure players can offer hundreds of products in a single product category.

Toshiba Self Checkout System 7 Supports Low-Touch Checkout Experiences

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Solution Spotlight Point-Of-Sale (POS) point of sale toshiba self checkout self checkout system 7Toshiba offers the existing Self Checkout System 7 , a solution designed to help retailers deliver fast, convenient and personalized checkout experiences.

Dollar General to Trial 100% Self-Checkout Stores at 200 Locations

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Dollar General already has self-checkout kiosks in 8,000 of its 18,000 stores and plans to increase that number to 11,000 by the end of this year. DSW , Circle K and Bed Bath & Beyond are just a few of the many retailers planning deployments of self-checkout solutions.

Holiday Oil Company Introduces Cashierless Checkout Lanes

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Express Lane offers a wide range of payment options including contactless, cards and cash to ensure every customer can check out conveniently. Self-checkout solves challenges on both sides of the front counter,” said Jay Cahoon, Director of Fuel Systems at Holiday Oil Company in a statement.

H&M to Test Smart Mirrors and Enhanced Checkout Tech at COS Stores in the U.S.

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H&M Group is rolling out a pilot of several new tech-enabled in-store shopping solutions at COS stores in the U.S., COS (which stands for Collection of Style) is owned by H&M and currently operates 13 locations across the U.S.

Best POS System for iPad Users in 2022

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Intended for the modern and flexible world of commerce, a Point of Sale for your iPad can save you a lot of stress and money as a business owner. Ease of use. Ease of use. You can transform the system with a range of integrations and apps.

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Top 10 Trends Driving Retail Growth

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There are a lot of people making a good living forecasting what’s going to happen in retail. None of these is true, but it doesn’t stop people from predicting them, and others from believing. As Target CEO Brian Cornell said, “Our stores are at the very center of our strategy.”

Smaller Spaces, Bigger Tech and Optimized CX

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The chatter of the store “being dead” is evolving from belief that the physical store is fading amid the shift to digital, to seeing that it’s the role of the store that is changing — and a vital one at that. And that’s true whether the actual sale happens in-store or continues online.

FTD Deploys New Online Tools in Bid to Expand Adoption by SMB Florist Network

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After nearly a decade of underinvestment in its tech stack, FTD began making significant solution investments in early 2020 centered on its upgraded Mercury HQ (MHQ) solution.

Apple ‘Tap to Pay’ Expands Retailers’ Contactless Payment Options

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Stripe will be the first payment platform to offer the service to business customers, including the Shopify Point of Sale app this spring. Beginning later this year, U.S.

Self-Checkout Solution Provider Raises $62.5 Million

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The global pandemic accelerated the adoption of touchless technologies, but consumer behavior has turned them into the baseline expectation,” said Mukul Dhankar, CTO and Co-founder of Mashgin in a statement.

How to Turn a Rough Stone into a VVS1 Jewelry Business?


Managing a jewelry store or a fast-growing retail operation is already a daunting task when you don’t have a smart Jewelry business software system to tame the day to day operations; let alone coping with the changing dynamics of consumer trends and markets in the disruptive times.

The Complete QuickBooks POS Review 2021

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In this article, we will determine if the QuickBooks Point of Sale system is the best choice for your business. QuickBooks POS is a feature-packed Point of Sale system created by Intuit. And what are the features or highlights of this Point of Sale system?

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Top 10 Contactless Trends to Watch in 2022

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As it did with many other aspects of retail, COVID-19 gave a major boost to touchless technology applications — and enthusiasm for these solutions will continue even after the pandemic has waned, according to Greg Buzek, Founder and President of IHL Group.

Thinking Outside the Mall: Using Exterior Spaces to Draw Shoppers In

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For those not familiar, it’s an enormous structure, and like most auto-centric suburban shopping centers, it’s surrounded by acres of parking spaces. It’s also an outgrowth of the fact that many malls already had large spaces sitting empty because the traditional anchor stores had left.

Vitamin Shoppe CEO Sharon Leite Went Undercover in Her Stores. Here’s What She Learned.

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Over the course of her 30-year career, The Vitamin Shoppe CEO has held leadership roles at Godiva , Sally Beauty , Pier 1 , Bath & Body Works , Gap and The Disney Store. As Leite shares at the end of the episode, she plans to triple the company’s revenue over the next five years.

Upselling & Cross-selling in retail and how a retail management solution can help

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Which is why the twin strategies of cross sell up sell continue to be an essential element of a thriving retail business. The notion of upselling and cross-selling is as old as retail itself, but today’s retailers have the advantage of technology to help them.

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Bed Bath & Beyond to Roll Out Self-Checkout Solution

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After a successful pilot of stationary self-checkout technology at its recently renovated NYC flagship store, Bed Bath & Beyond will deploy solutions from NCR at select locations nationwide. “As

Shopify vs Lightspeed (Jan 2021): Which is The Better Ecommerce and POS Provider?

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The right store building solution is essential for securing your first few sales, keeping customers retained and happy, and enjoying a healthy bottom line. There are 150+ templates for you to choose from, their all-important POS (point of sale) app, and a well-populated app store.

Jisp partners with Marin’s Quad UK

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Jisp is partnering with Marin’s Quad UK for a digitised point-of-sales marketing and compliance solution for the convenience sector. Industry News App jisp Marin's Quad point of sale promotions

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Royal Farms Adds Self-Checkout at More Than 250 Stores

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Convenience store retailer Royal Farms will implement NCR Corporation ’s self-checkout solutions in all of its more than 250 locations. Market research firm RBR expects the uptake of self-checkout to reach 1.2 News Briefs Point-Of-Sale (POS) NCR Corporation royal farms self-checkout