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As social media branding has evolved to the point of necessity, you're only hurting your business and your brand if you aren't taking advantage of it. Social media is an opportunity to humanize your brand and give customers a glimpse into your company's personality.

Do Personalized Ads on Social Media Actually Work? | Salsify


You might feel like your social media accounts are stalking you. Ecommerce Personalization


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10 Must-Use Social Media Marketing Strategies for eCommerce Marketers

Ecommerce Guru

In the evolution of online shopping, social media marketing strategies for eCommerce plays a very important role today. The post 10 Must-Use Social Media Marketing Strategies for eCommerce Marketers appeared first on Ecommerce Guru.

SEO and Social Media: How to Make Them Work Together

Digital Doughnut

Business owners new to digital marketing often think that social media and SEO are distinct entities and operate with different goals. Advertising, Search Marketing, Social Media

Are Counterfeiters Aggressively Targeting Social Media Platforms?

Retail TouchPoints

However, with scammers continually on the lookout for bigger audiences to sell to, the rapid year-on-year growth of social media users has offered a unique opportunity for them to further expand their operations. However, whilst these developments offer new revenue streams for brands, could social media platforms’ move to direct-to-consumer shopping further exacerbate the platforms’ counterfeit problem? Daniel Shapiro Red Points social media counterfeiting

New & Rising Social Media Platforms: TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, & More

ROI Revolution

Social media app usage has soared throughout the pandemic as consumers become more digital-centric. That means a slew of rising social media platforms like TikTok, LinkedIn, and more have been emerging and growing in previously unpredicted ways. US Social Media Usage 2021.

The Future of Social Media Marketing: Influencer Marketing Trends, Augmented Reality, & More

ROI Revolution

The social media advertising landscape has experienced major transformations during its lifetime – especially since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. With a variety of noteworthy social media trends swirling around in the ecosystem, finding your footing can be a challenge.

Social Media Marketing Consulting

Neil Patel

Hiring a social media marketing consultant could be a game-changer for your business. Social media consultants have the knowledge and skills to turn your lagging social media campaigns around. Consider a social media marketing consultant your business’s Yoda.

Social Media Marketing Tools: Our Recommendations


Having a strong social media presence is a core component to a successful inbound marketing strategy. Put your business at an advantage by leveraging social media marketing tools to drive more traffic, engage more users and increase conversions. eCommerce Social Media

How Can Marketers Master B2B Marketing on Social Media?

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Do you know how to do B2B marketing on social media? All social media marketers should know about this who want to achieve reach and traffic. In this article, you will discover how you can become proficient in marketing on social media.

Social Media Branding Tips from the Experts


Social Media has become one of the most influential marketing tools used today. Some believe social media branding is as easy as posting photos every once in a while. Social Media Branding Basics. What Is Social Media Branding?

Best Social Media WordPress Plugins

Neil Patel

Social media plays a crucial role in the success of any brand or business. By integrating your website with social media platforms, it helps expand your reach and drive engagement. You can even use these plugins to get more followers on social media.

Social Media Marketing: Drive Your Business With Creativity in 2022

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Social media needs both plans and creativity to flourish as a platform. If you want to excel in your business with social media marketing, here's what you need to focus on. Advertising, Social Media, Strategy & Operations

How to Do Social Media Customer Service the Right Way


Before the internet, a telephone call was the fastest and most effective method customers used to seek help from companies.… … Customer Loyalty

The 6 Most Effective Types of Social Media Advertising in 2017


Social media advertising. With social media advertising, you can have consistent sales coming in from the first day your website is live. This is why global social ad spending doubled from $16 billion in 2014 to $31 billion in 2016 and is projected to increase another 26% in 2017. In this guide, we’re going to explore how YOU can drive consistent sales for your website through social media advertising. Get a Free Social Advertising Evaluation.

10 Social Media Tips for Restaurant Marketing

Neil Patel

If you own a restaurant and aren’t leveraging social media, you are missing out. Most social media platforms are free, and if you use effective marketing strategies , promotions and advertising can be free (or cheap) as well. on social media?

What It Takes To Provide Epic Social Media Customer Care

Retail TouchPoints

By Andrew Kokes, HGS In a time when Millennials and Gen Z turn to social media more than ever , these digitally native consumers expect brands to provide a quick and seamless online experience. Social media platforms are constantly evolving, and brands have to evolve along with them in order to stay relevant to today’s consumer. Brands today need to prioritize a detailed and thorough social media handbook. 6 Steps To Epic Social Customer Care 1.

377: Social Media Strategy For New Ecommerce Store Owners With Alex Rossman

My Wife Quit Her Job

Alex is the founder of Rossman Media, which is a social media agency that helps improve the sales and site traffic for ecommerce businesses. In this episode, Alex teaches us how to formulate a social media strategy for an ecommerce business.

The Majority Of Chinese Social Media Users Are Social Savants

Forrester Digital Transformation

Have you thought about whether your audiences use social media to interact with your brand, and in which part of the customer lifecycle they use in social media? Our recent survey found that Chinese social users are super active and show greater acceptance of social media.

Independent retailers urged to get back onto social media


Independent retailers are being urged to get back onto social media and re-engage with local customers after new data revealed the extent of the drop-off since lockdown ended. Industry News consumer research convenience stores coronavirus Maybe* Social media

398: I Doubled My Social Media Following in 6 Months With This Strategy. Here’s How With JK Molina

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But today, Twitter is one of the social media platforms that I value the most. The post 398: I Doubled My Social Media Following in 6 Months With This Strategy. But today, Twitter is one of the social media platforms that I value the most.

Advertising On Social Media: The Benefits


There are a variety of marketing strategies out there for businesses to utilize, but there’s one in particular that consumers encounter each and every day: advertising on social media. In fact, social media marketing spending is expected to skyrocket in the United States alone, with Statista predicting spending to exceed 56 billion dollars in 2022 (that’s almost a 10 billion dollar increase from 2020!) Benefits of Advertising on Social Media.

Q1 2021 Social Media Water Cooler

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This media buy is an ideal campaign for launches, brand events, or even ongoing pushes. In a year where user trust with social media is diminishing, they reported that 8 out of 10 Pinners say the platform makes them feel positive. Company Paid Social Media Advertising

6 Best Practices for Selling Products Through Social Media

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Whether you’re trying to make a quick sale in real estate or you’re launching a new business venture with an entirely new line of items, social media can assist you in many different ways. Ecommerce, Social Media

15 Best Social Media Management Tools [Free Versions Included]

eCommerce CEO

With ecommerce, fortunately nowadays it’s relatively simple to get your products listed on social media sites through a variety of the best social media management. Ecommerce Business Social Media

December 2020 Social Media Water Cooler

ROI Revolution

This offering would be unique to the social media space, as no other platform has created this functionality. We hope you enjoyed the December 2020 Social Media Water Cooler! The post December 2020 Social Media Water Cooler appeared first on ROI Revolution.

November 2020 Social Media Water Cooler

ROI Revolution

We hope you enjoyed the November 2020 Social Media Water Cooler! The post November 2020 Social Media Water Cooler appeared first on ROI Revolution. Company Digital Marketing Industry News Online Shopping Paid Social Media Advertising

How to Get Verified on Social Media

Neil Patel

Getting verified on social media is one of the first steps to building a successful social media marketing strategy. ’ A verified social media account provides instant social proof and credibility when anyone looks up to you or your company online.

Social Media Plays A Bigger Role In Commerce Than Just Buying

Forrester Digital Transformation

In 2021, US-based social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and even Twitter piled on user shopping features, paving the way for 61% of US online adults under 25 years old saying that they’ve completed a purchase on a social network without leaving the website or app.

The 10 Elements of a Successful Social Media Profile

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Having good social media profiles can get you more exposure online, help you connect with your fans or customers, and improve your online reputation. Start thinking of each social media profile you create as a landing page for your personal brand. Social Media km-import

October 2020 Social Media Water Cooler

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Instagram continues to blur the lines between social media and commerce. We hope you enjoyed the October 2020 Social Media Water Cooler! The post October 2020 Social Media Water Cooler appeared first on ROI Revolution. Published October 13, 2020.

Social media are like windows inside your company’s walls…

Bryan Eisenberg

The post Social media are like windows inside your company’s walls… appeared first on Bryan & Jeffrey Eisenberg. Social Media

How to Change Your Username on Social Media

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The username you use on social media sites can either help or hurt your brand. It’s also important that your username is available across all social media platforms. What Should You Consider When Changing Your Username on Social Media? Social Media

10 Link in Bio Services to Try For Social Media

Neil Patel

If you’ve spent any time on social media, especially Instagram, you’ve likely seen your favorite influencers post “link in bio” or even use the hashtag #linkinbio. That made it hard to drive social media users from Instagram to your website.

How to Integrate Social Media into Your Email Campaigns


This is where social media comes in. Where email has more of a one-on-one feel, social media is a very public space. The transparency of social media combined with the intimacy of email can help you create a profound sense of trust with your customers.

Branded Content 101: Developing Your Social Media Strategy

ROI Revolution

Branded content appears across the digital ecosystem but most obviously on social media like Facebook and Instagram posts, Instagram Stories and Reels, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, blogs – anywhere your customers consume and engage with content. Published June 18, 2021.

The Definitive Guide To Leveraging Social Media for Online Sales


71% of Internet users in the United States actively use social media networks. That means (almost) three out of four people can potentially be reached, interacted with, and persuaded through social media. Marketers everywhere are trying to harness social media to improve customer experience, boost brand awareness, and increase sales. Online retailers are also using social media to drive revenue. Social Media

Representation, ‘Nanocommunities’ and Convenience: How Retailers Can Build Real Relationships on Social Media

Retail Touch

Retailers can build their audience by understanding what shoppers want and shaping their social media efforts to match these needs. Combine social good with diverse creators and you’ve got a campaign that will resonate with new folks in new ways.

10 Technology and Social Media Documentaries For Marketers

Neil Patel

Watching a social media or marketing documentary gives you insights you never get in a class and spells out the pros and cons better than any course ever could. The Social Dilemma. There are some great takeaways from the social media documentary everyone can learn from.

Top 10 Social Media Sites and Apps For 2022 and Beyond

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Here’s a list of the best social media websites and mobile apps you must consider prior to your plan for social media application development or forming your marketing strategy. Mobile, Social Media

Social Media AI Is Your Best Tool And Worst Enemy When It Comes To CX

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Or, she can simply open her favorite social media app, search for your company name, and send her question directly to you within minutes…or less. Their customers prefer to receive service on social media, and fast. On the timeline of marketing and marketing automation, social media is one of the newest business tools for retailers to utilize. That’s why a strategy that implements both bots and human interactions is the best practice for social care.

Snickers supports football sponsorship with social media campaign

Talking Retail

The “Bothlands” campaign features a short film running across social media throughout June. This story continues at Snickers supports football sponsorship with social media campaign.

7 Tips To Improve Your Store Sales Via Your Website And Social Media

Retail Doc

I remember when a local business group asked me to present for half a day and the focus became social media. Marketing Social Media webdesign facebook Retail Marketing Strategy