How FOMO Can Create Customer Loyalty


FOMO is an appealing way to push your customers to click “Buy” again and again. Unfortunately, your customers may have realized that same sale offers come up again and again and stopped responding. . With FOMO on your side, you can cultivate truly loyal customers.

How to Boost Ecommerce Revenue With Customer Loyalty Programs

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Think about how you set up your Amazon store and the way you interact with your customers after a sale. Well, for one thing, Amazon branding is all over the packages sent out, the email exchanges, and of course, the Amazon Prime loyalty program they have had so much success with.

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Essential Customer Loyalty Statistics 2017

If you’re painstakingly trying to prove the value of customer loyalty, you can relax now — we’ve done the work for you. Seriously, close all those tabs. Reward Program Strategy

Top 10 Customer Loyalty Programs of 2017

Some of the biggest brands in the world, including Macy’s, Office Depot, and Air Canada, are ditching their clunky loyalty efforts for more holistic programs. If 2016 was the year of rewards blunders and program refreshes, 2017 is all about wiping the slate clean. Program Case Studies

7 Post-Purchase Actions You Need to Take to Build Customer Loyalty


Savvy business owners know that customer retention is worth its weight in gold. That’s why you need to develop post-purchase strategies: in order to enhance customer loyalty and drive revenue. Have you enrolled customers who just made a purchase in your brand’s loyalty program?

How 5 Brands Grew Their Customer Lifetime Value 2X in Less Than 1 Year with Loyalty Programs


Retaining customers isn’t easy, but it’s important to do for businesses of every size. After all, the sure fire sign of a healthy brand is a growing number of repeat purchases from already existing customers. You can clearly see the number of new vs. returning customers.

The Commerce Marketer Podcast: Driving Customer Loyalty Through Segmentation and Sock Puppets


Custora's Brett Robbins offers his insights on creating a unique, differentiated customer experience. The post The Commerce Marketer Podcast: Driving Customer Loyalty Through Segmentation and Sock Puppets appeared first on Bronto Blog.

Why Should You Care About Ecommerce Lifecycle Automation?


The customer lifecycle is a beautiful thing. In an ideal world, it ends with a meaningful relationship: a new loyal customer. As your customers move through their unique lifecycle stages, your ecommerce brand should engage with them at each step of the way. Loyal customer.

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Create the Perfect Customer Loyalty Program for eCommerce: An Interview with


Ecommerce merchants need several technology tools to put all the pieces of the marketing plan together. As a full-service ecommerce agency, we have formed partnerships with the best technology companies in the industry, and we're sharing the brains behind these businesses in our partner interview series. eCommerce

The Metrics You Need to Measure Customer Loyalty Online

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in June 18, 2015 and was updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness on September 29, 2017. Reward Program Strategy

Who's a Good Fit for a Customer Loyalty Program? An Interview with


Ecommerce merchants need several technology tools to put all the pieces of the marketing plan together. As a full-service ecommerce agency, we have formed partnerships with the best technology companies in the industry, and we're sharing the brains behind these businesses in our partner interview series

How Contextual Commerce Improves Customer Loyalty


But before you run off, let me tell you about an ecommerce trend that will actually help you better sell to customers and ensure their (undying) loyalty. If your customers notice any friction as they switch between channels while engaging with your brand, then you’re in trouble. In April 2017, Mastercard launched an AI-powered chatbot on Facebook Messenger that allows a customer to shop directly from within the Facebook app — even paying via Masterpass.

The Technology Behind Customer Loyalty Programs: An Interview with


Ecommerce merchants need several technology tools to put all the pieces of the marketing plan together. As a full-service ecommerce agency, we have formed partnerships with the best technology companies in the industry, and we're sharing the brains behind these businesses in our partner interview series

5 Tips For Post-Second Purchase Loyalty Campaigns


Research from Adobe has shown that a customer who purchases from a brand even one additional time can spend up to 3 times as much money on their second order as they did on their first. Experiment with delivery timing based on each customer.

Segmenting Your Shoppers For Higher-Value Customer Acquisition


The article discussed how today’s top retailers are able to deliver more personalized messaging and gain an edge over their competitors in terms of how they acquire, communicate with, and retain customers.

A Secret Customer Retention Strategy

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We talk a lot about omni-channel in this industry and often we focus on the front-end experiences our customers have since these are the most visual and tactile for us. What About Using Shipping For Customer Retention What about the back-end of every order?

Who Exactly is Your Ideal Ecommerce Customer?


Is your ideal customer: A. A 20-year-old college student who loves football and wants a custom-printed t-shirt with their team’s fight song? You have to specifically target your ideal customers, and to do that, you must really understand your top buyers.

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How to Increase Your Web Push Opt-In Rate


Web push messaging is one of the best ways to engage with your customers in “real real-time,” and is especially great for announcing flash sales, reminding shoppers of expiring discounts, and driving urgency in cart abandonment – more specifically, when your call-to-action is time-sensitive.

Control Your Destiny: Own All Customer Communications


So why are you letting anyone else handle communications with your ecommerce customers? You should carefully consider every message you send out to your customers because it informs their opinion of your brand, your products, and much more. The Importance of Customer Communications.

Why a Holistic SEM Approach Makes for Guaranteed Growth!

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Your ultimate goal should be to find your customers and identify the channels where they can be found, then set up campaigns to reach these customers in their journey. Develop a single customer view (SCV) using your abundance of data. Focus on Your BEST Customers.

How Loyalty Programs Boost Your Conversion Rates


This could be anything from how often a customer shops at your store to how they engage with your social media channels. Many people will tell you to improve your customer flows or to make your shopping cart more visible, but I’m here to tell you there’s a better way.

The checkout is least satisfying part of the omnichannel shopping experience

Retail Technology Review

Poor payments experience at the checkout is the weak link in connected customers' omnichannel shopping experiences, causing retailers lost conversions and customer loyalty, a new report from KPS, a transformation agency, reveals

Driving Repeat Purchases With a Post-Purchase Thank You


But your job isn’t done – quite the opposite, since a customer’s interest in your brand is at a peak immediately after they’ve made their first purchase. to customers who shop with your brand goes much farther than it might seem.

5 Secondary Benefits of Customer Loyalty

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on February 22, 2013 and was updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness on August 25, 2017. When a professional sports team drafts an athlete, many things are taken into consideration. Stats like the number of goals the player has scored or the number of points they have amassed are all closely scrutinized to determine if the player should be chosen or not. Commerce Tips Reward Program Strategy

Why Tiered Programs Are Great for Customer Loyalty

Editor’s Note: this post was originally published on November 19, 2014 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness as of August 17, 2017. Reward Program Strategy

How to Increase the Loyalty of Holiday Customers!

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Why settle for a few busy months when you can aim to have a consistent flow of customers all year long? When your marketing channels are set up for success, you’re able to reach customers on multiple different platforms, making customer retention that much easier.

Beat the Holiday Hangover! Convert More Holiday Shoppers with Personalization

Dynamic Yield

eCommerce Customer Loyalty eCommerce Optimization holiday shoppingAdvice on how to convert the new wave of holiday shoppers into frequent visitors, repeat purchasers, and brand advocates even after the season has ended. The post Beat the Holiday Hangover!

Retail is rewiring the brain: A recap of STARS 2017

Bamboo Rose

Digital technology, millennials and gen Z and customer loyalty were three themes that came out of the Bamboo Rose STARS event last week.

Keep Your Eye on the Customer Engagement


Are your customers truly engaged, or are they just coasting? Unless you’re keeping a close eye on customer interactions with your B2C brand, it’s impossible to know for sure. As a B2C marketer, it’s your job to keep loyal customers happy and engaged with your brand.

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How is Coca-Cola is thinking about CPG in e-commerce


This strategy should serve as a blueprint for every brand interested in growing market share and customer loyalty in a time when whole categories are under attack from low-priced, undifferentiated competitors.

Getting to Know Experiential Rewards

If you’ve been keeping up with retention marketing trends, you’ve probably noticed that the new hot topic in the customer loyalty world is “experiential rewards”. No matter what industry you’re interested in, everyone seems to be talking about this somewhat elusive way of rewarding your best customers. Reward Program Strategy

What You Can Learn From 5 Outstanding Personalized Shopping Experiences

What was once simply a customer’s name in an email has now become a powerful tool for boosting customer loyalty and engagement. Personalization has come a long way. In fact, it is so powerful that 40% of consumers purchase more from retailers with personalization across all channels. Commerce Tips

How Retailers can Increase Retention and Loyalty After the Holidays Have Ended

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Consumers are demanding exceptional experiences, throughout the customer journey at all times of the year. You’ll want to focus on increasing the value of current customers, and keeping all your new customers. A 5% increase in loyalty can drive the avg.

How Used Zaius to Double Their Repeat Purchase Rate


Most ecommerce marketers know that on average, 80% of your sales will come from 20% of your customers. Manillo believes in “better shopping,” and places emphasis on lightning-fast delivery, low prices, and superior customer service (they have an average rating of 5 stars!).

Stop Slashing Prices, Start Connecting With Your Customers


As brands fight to keep up with competitor discounts, profits and customer loyalty are harder to earn. The post Stop Slashing Prices, Start Connecting With Your Customers appeared first on Bronto Blog.

5 Tips For More Effective Replenishment Campaigns


Replenishment campaigns are a great way to encourage regular repeat purchases of an item, in a way that’s personalized and that’s perceived by the customer as helpful. They’re also incredibly effective at driving more predictable revenue and profit from your existing customers.

Survey Results: The State of Exclusive Promotions and Programs


It’s no secret that customer loyalty isn’t what it used. Blog Posts Marketing SheerID customer loyalty Jake Weatherly surveyThe post Survey Results: The State of Exclusive Promotions and Programs appeared first on SheerID.

Map Your Ecommerce Marketing to the Customer Lifecycle


First, an anonymous user browses your site, then makes a purchase, then another, and slowly but surely becomes a loyal customer. This is the customer lifecycle, and understanding the ins and outs of this ever-changing process is the key to effective B2C marketing.

Dynamic Customer Segmentation is a Creative Marketer’s Best Friend


But segmentation can be much more than just static email lists of your customers. Dynamic customer segmentation can significantly outperform a traditional email segment. By ingesting the right customer data, dynamic segments grow and shrink as your customers move in and out of the segments — automatically triggering the right campaigns at the right time. What is dynamic customer segmentation? Dynamic segmentation is nothing without the right customer data.

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3 Ways to Get Buyers to Opt In Without a Discount


By immediately offering a discount to new customers, you devalue your products, hurt your margins, and condition buyers to expect a discount every time they buy. Luckily, it’s not the only way to get your customers to opt in. Ecommerce buyers are smart.