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How To Find Things To Sell Online – 5 Essential Principles For Long Term Success

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After running my online store course for the past several years, I’ve discovered that helping students pick the right products to sell online is one of the most challenging aspects of running my class. Here’s the catch-22 with niche selection. If you pick the wrong niche or the wrong set of products, you could be shooting yourself in the foot before you even begin. But at the same time, you can’t really start the fun stuff until you know what you want to sell.

How to Turn Your Industry Expertise Into More Sales on Reddit and Quora


By and large, ecommerce marketers are well aware that sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest can be used to generate leads. But what about community sites like Reddit and Quora?

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How 5 Online Businesses Already Increased Revenue Up to 96.44% – Just By Selling on eBay


For online brands looking to expand into new markets, eBay is often overlooked in favor of Amazon or selling on Facebook. And that’s leaving massive amounts of revenue on the table for those businesses who do look to eBay for expansion.

Personalization Technology: The Build vs. Buy Decision

Dynamic Yield

A framework to help marketers decide whether to build or buy personalization technology, based on years of working with top engineers around the world. The post Personalization Technology: The Build vs. Buy Decision appeared first on Dynamic Yield.

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The Economics of eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization

Dynamic Yield

A study in how deploying real-time personalization on your website is as an essential element of optimizing eCommerce customer acquisition. The post The Economics of eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization appeared first on Dynamic Yield.

Amazon product content: a new space race?

Forrester eCommerce

The Whole Foods acquisition by Amazon weeks ago was only the latest milepost in the latter's inexorable march to the top of retail. The company sold $136 billion worth of products in 2016 - more than any other online retailer (and just over a third of what Wal-Mart did).

Santa Comes Early: How to Get Ahead in Your Holiday Marketing


Tackle these tasks now to attract early-bird shoppers and keep your holiday marketing plan feeling festive and bright throughout the rest of the year. The post Santa Comes Early: How to Get Ahead in Your Holiday Marketing appeared first on Bronto Blog. Email Marketing Holiday Marketing

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What brand suppliers need to know about Walmart’s ecommerce strategy


In the wake of Amazon Prime Day’s stellar results , it’s important not to forget about retail’s other giant. With 92 million unique visitors per month to its online marketplace, Walmart is edging closer to Amazon’s 183 million monthly visitors. Most suppliers agree that Amazon and Walmart are the top two retailers on their list to sell through

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Beyond Technology: How Commerce Will Change in 20 Years

Blue Acorn

One thing is constant, and that is change. We already know that ecommerce is typically fueled by technology and how much of the market adopts it–hello mobile revolution–but what about the trends we see now?

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Introducing: Enhanced Experience Reports

Dynamic Yield

Our new and enhanced Experience Reports ensure businesses have all of the reporting and data necessary to manage their personalization campaigns with the utmost confidence. The post Introducing: Enhanced Experience Reports appeared first on Dynamic Yield.

An Interview: Lily Varon And The E-commerce Brasil Org On – you guessed it – eCommerce In Brazil

Forrester eCommerce

An interview I did with E-commerce Brasil published online today in Portuguese. I’ve been getting requests for it in English so I thought I’d post it here. Happy reading! The State of Retail eCommerce in Brazil” series gave us an intereting look at eCommerce in Brazil during a difficult economic situation in the country. […]. ecommerce Latin America

The Commerce Marketer Podcast: The Future of Omnichannel


Blue Acorn’s Chris Guerra discusses the future of omnichannel, the most important types of personalization and how to deal with the behemoth that is Amazon. The post The Commerce Marketer Podcast: The Future of Omnichannel appeared first on Bronto Blog.

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nopCommerce Review: An Intuitive Opensource eCommerce Solution for All

Ecommerce Platforms

When I think about opensource ecommerce, WooCommerce and Magento come to mind. That said, quite a few other opensource solutions exist, and they don't always get their due. Take nopCommerce for example. It's a free, intuitive, clean option with less confusing elements as Magento.

Back-to-School 2017: Your Digital Marketing Study Guide


School’s recently released their students and faculty after a long year of learning, and summer fun has finally gotten into full swing — yet we’re already talking about back-to-school shopping. The sunburns haven’t even healed yet and we’re planning for the new school year. Don’t let the summer crowds at the beach fool you; moms and dads are already getting their back-to-school lists and looking for the best deals before the new school year starts.


Learn to Speak eCommerce (Free Glossary)

Dynamic Yield

A collection of glossary terms sourced from eCommerce practitioners, Dynamic Yield’s Knowledge Base, and quantitative research of industry materials. The post Learn to Speak eCommerce (Free Glossary) appeared first on Dynamic Yield. eCommerce Web Personalization

An Interview: Lily Varon And The E-commerce Brasil Org On - you guessed it - eCommerce In Brazil

Forrester eCommerce

An interview I did with E-commerce Brasil published online today in Portuguese. I've been getting requests for it in English so I thought I'd post it here. Happy reading! The State of Retail eCommerce in Brazil" series gave us an intereting look at eCommerce in Brazil during a difficult economic situation in the country. What are your insights about Brazilian retailers in this study? Online business leaders are feeling the pain of the recession.

Importing Products from China in 2017


New post from eCommerceFuel : With several Hong Kong exhibitions coming up, it’s important to make the most out of the opportunity to meet with factories and directly source products.

The Best WordPress Plugins for Selling Tickets to Events

Ecommerce Platforms

WordPress is an exceptional option for ecommerce professionals looking for more control over their online stores.

5 Things ChannelAdvisor Support Wishes Sellers Knew About


There are a lot of moving parts to a marketplace, so it’s only natural that an error message comes up a time or two. Today, we’re taking a look at and going over some common questions and a few best practices, tips and tricks to make your life a little bit easier. 1: Error messages can come from our system or from Jet. Errors from Jet have “From Jet Marketplace” at the beginning of the message, while pre-validation errors, generated by our system, will not.

How I did it: Emser Tile makes sales efficiency easy


Manager of Sales Support, Reich Grovier, noticed that Emser Tile’s methods for locating product information caused the sales support team to lose valuable time on other important projects. Emser Tile, known for their diverse selection of interior and exterior products, is a leader in designing, marketing, and production of fine tile and natural stone.

Introducing Forrester’s New Brand Energy Framework – Emotions Fuel Your Brand’s Energy

Forrester eCommerce

To most marketers, this is an age-old axiom: emotions drive brands. And emotional motivators, like pixie dust, are sprinkled by the likes of Apple, Harley, Lego, and Patagonia to create a frenzied devotion that, on a good day, can give the Star Trek fandom a run for its money. But how does one create pixie […]. B2B marketing B2C marketing brand experience branding chief marketing officer (CMO

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Tiffany seeks to execute the ‘customer trapeze’

Steve Dennis

Last week the Wall St. Journal featured a story on Tiffany & Co’s “midlife crisis.” ” The piece highlighted the jewelry brand’s struggle to regain its “cool” and improve recently tepid sales and profits. A few days later they announced the hiring of a new CEO. Yet Tiffany is hardly alone in dealing with what I have coined the “customer trapeze “, particularly as Millennials become an increasingly important demographic.

171: How To Run Profitable Amazon Marketing Services(AMS) Ads With Brian Johnson

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Today I’m thrilled to have Brian Johnson on the show. Brian is the founder of PPC Scope, a PPC measurement and optimization tool for Amazon Sellers. In addition, he runs a course called Sponsored Products Academy which teaches Amazon sellers the ins and outs of Amazon PPC ads.


An Introduction to Amazon Headline Search Ads for 3P Sellers


Third-party Amazon sellers, rejoice! The highly-effective Headline Search Ads which historically have only been available for first-party sellers might soon be available through Seller Central. What are Amazon Headline Search Ads?

How Can Retail Mergers Survive Culture Clashes?

Retail TouchPoints

Retail mergers and acquisitions are happening at a fast pace in 2017 and predictions indicate that pace will not slow down. Many of the acquisitions include large companies swallowing up smaller, more innovative organizations, such as Walmart acquiring Modcloth , Moosejaw and

Defining Operations

Forrester eCommerce

So, my formal area of coverage at Forrester is “digital operations.” ” But what does this mean? We think of “operations” in terms of NASA mission control: trained professionals intently scrutinizing monitors, looking for signals of interest. Or we think of the stereotypical shop floor assembly line. Business schools offer degrees in operations, and businesses hire Chief […]. digital transformation infrastructure & operations

Podcast Q&A: How Alcohol Brands Can Tap the eCommerce Opportunity


Keith Anderson, Profitero Danny Brager, SVP, Nielsen. eCommerce is making an impact on just about every industry imaginable, and alcohol looks set to be the next sector to be disrupted by the continued shift to digital.

The 4 Forces

Rishi Rawat

If you’re a marketer you need to tattoo this in your mind. The diagram below is used to understand the forces that are at play when a consumer is considering purchasing a new product or service: The 4 forces are: – The Push of the Current Situation. – The Pull of the New Solution.

Lasting peach

Steve Dennis

The Trump administration’s issues with spelling are “unpresidented.” ” Here’s a brief history , which doesn’t even include yesterday’s announcement of “John” Huntsman as the new ambassador to Russia. To be sure, Trump’s problems with spelling and diction are hardly the scariest things about his Presidency. But any important relationship is built on trust. And sometimes it’s the little things that give us away.

Why The 2018 Retail Innovation Conference Should Be On Your Calendar Now

Retail TouchPoints

By Debbie Hauss, Editor-in-Chief The third annual Retail Innovation Conference (RIC18) is now confirmed for Tuesday-Wednesday, May 1-2, 2018 at Convene in New York City.

IBM Jumps Into RPA Market With Automation Anywhere — Perhaps A Turn To More Practical Challenges

Forrester eCommerce

IBM and Automation Anywhere (AA’s) today announced a collaboration (note-not a formal partnership yet) to integrate (AA’s) Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform, used to create software bots to handle repetitive, task-based work, with IBM’s portfolio of digital process automation software, that includes IBM Business Process Manager and Operational Decision Manager. For AA, the partnership is a validation of […].