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How to Re-Engage Your At-Risk Customers


Are your customers at-risk? You may not think so, but if a group of buyers hasn’t engaged with your brand at all in more than 30 days, they may be. If a customer ignores all your emails, hasn’t visited your site, and hasn’t made another purchase, it’s clearly time to intervene.

Is it a Smart Retail Strategy to Accept Amazon Returns?


Is It A Smart Retail Strategy To Accept Amazon Returns? Kohl’s has sent shock waves through the retail industry by doing the unthinkable – teaming up with the most notorious and aggressive competitor in retail, Amazon.

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Find the Perfect Black Friday Email Flow


If you’re like most B2C marketers, you’re probably already planning out the perfect email marketing strategy for Black Friday. It has to be fun, engaging, surprising, and — most of all — effective at driving new and repeat purchases.

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7 Tactical Ways Every Business Can Use Local Marketing to Sell More


Location-based marketing is part of our daily lives as consumers. Even when we’re not searching specifically for a service provider near us or for a product at the local Macy’s, search engines will still share relevant, local results with us anyway.

Analog Vs. Digital: Room For Both?

Retail TouchPoints

By Ryan James Dee, Interactions The world is flat…screened. According to the International Telecommunication Union, 81% of the developed world is online. And Global Digital reports more than half of the world’s web traffic comes from mobile devices.

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How to Infuse Product Life Cycle Planning into Your Pricing Strategy


Pricing and product life cycle go hand in hand. New, trendy products can garner the highest relative price, while older models often need to be discounted over time.

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For the Love of Transactional Email: Q&A with PayPerks’ Jessica Sirizzotti


Order received. Reset your password. Your monthly balance summary. These are just a few of the transactional email types that we all know, love and more importantly, expect. Whether you’re a rabid online shopper or someone who just uses online banking, transactional emails are important. They’re tailored for you, based on information you should have. So why is it that transactional email is often the least talked-about, most undervalued email tool in a marketer’s arsenal?

8 Ways Ecommerce Brands Prepare for the Holidays

Blue Acorn

November is nearing, kids are working on their holiday wish list, and retailers and ecommerce brands are primed and ready for the busiest time of the year.

21+ eCommerce Conferences in 2018 for Online Retailers

eCommerce Training Academy

Last year, we brought you a list of all eCommerce Conferences in 2017. This year, we have a bigger list. If your event is missing from our list, contact us. In 2018, there are many eCommerce events happening all over the world from Canada, USA to Australia.

New Data: How CX Improvements Drive Business Growth For 17 Industries

Forrester eCommerce

If you want to make the case for CX, check out the new data we just published in the report “Drive Business Growth With Great Customer Experience, 2017” (paywall). In our analysis, we modeled the effect of changes in CX on loyalty and business growth for 17 industries. We included four new industries per popular demand: Health […]. customer experience customer experience index (CX Index

How to Win with In-Store Competitive Intelligence


This is a guest article by Devon Kelly, Sr. Director of Operations at Wiser. We’ve all heard about how the rise of eCommerce is killing the traditional brick-and-mortar store.

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Are mass store closings the start of an inevitable downward spiral?

Steve Dennis

At the recent inaugural ShopTalk Europe event in Copenhagen, Hudson’s Bay Company CEO Gerald Storch posited that retailers risk hastening their demise by taking an axe to their store counts. Clearly there are many factors that contribute to a brand’s march to the retail graveyard, yet there is mounting evidence that Storch’s observation is on the money.

The Dangerous Data Accuracy Mistake That Could Put Your Brands at Risk Online


In 1935, a market researcher named Arthur Nielsen invented what would become an industry changing concept: market share. For the first time, brands had a way to measure their sales relative to competitors and relative to their category’s overall growth.

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Boosting Rewards Program Engagement with Email Marketing

Expert's Guide to Boosting Program Engagement. A successful program is best measured by how many members are engaged and participating. Boost your numbers with our expert advice. GET THE FREE GUIDE. Reward Program Strategy

Artificial Intelligence Needs Real Empathy To Succeed In CX

Forrester eCommerce

What’s the future of CX? How will Artificial Intelligence (AI) help break through the customer experience ceiling? How must CX professionals like you evolve their skills? We found a surprising – and not so surprising – answer when the Boston CXPA team celebrated CX Day. Forrester hosted the celebration with CX and UX practitioners in […]. artificial intelligence (AI) customer experience

Rand Fishkin on why we can’t do SEO without CRO


Shifts in Google’s rankings and searcher behavior have changed how SEO’s must apply CRO.

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Partner Spotlight: It’s Good to Be LeROI

Dynamic Yield

An interview with Marc Presuche, data nerd extraordinaire, about the makeup of an ideal optimization team, using data to make smarter decisions and the looming tower of Amazon's entry into the media world. The post Partner Spotlight: It’s Good to Be LeROI appeared first on Dynamic Yield.


Treat or Treat? How to Win Search This Halloween


According to NRF ’s annual Halloween survey, more than 179 million Americans are planning to take part in Halloween festivities – up from 171 million last year. Spending is expected to reach a record high of $9.1

Redefining Your Loyalty Strategy with the Golden Rule of Rewards

Is A Rewards Program Right For You? Still not sure if a rewards program is really necessary for your business? Our quick and easy quiz will help you make the right decision. GET THE FREE GUIDE. Reward Program Strategy


Insights-Driven Businesses Have Different DNA

Forrester eCommerce

Like many digital native startups, data analytics underpinned peer-to-peer eCommerce site Etsy’s operations since the company was founded in 2005.

7 B2B Ecommerce Trends + 13 B2B Brands Changing How Businesses Buy


B2B ecommerce will reach $1.2 trillion and account for 13.1% of all B2B sales in the U.S. by 2021. Just by the end of 2017, Forrester expects B2B ecommerce to reach $889 billion and represent 11% of total B2B sales in the U.S.

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Shop with Your Steering Wheel: 3 Opportunities in Connected Car Commerce


We are entering the age of connected car commerce. Buckle your seatbelts. Gartner predicts that by 2020, 80% of vehicles (roughly 250 million cars) will be connected to the Internet of Things.

At the WhiteBoard Video: The Messy State of Product Syndication


Ever wish there was an easy button to get product content to every retailer you work with? Who doesn’t? Unfortunately, you can’t simply send one version of product content to every retailer. And those retailer requests for differentiated content are by design, as Salsify co-founder Rob Gonzalez explains in a short video about the complex, messy state of product syndication


Why A Robust POS Ecosystem Can Enhance Your Omnichannel Experience


By integrating back-end and front-end processes into a centralized commerce platform, retailers are able to deliver a consistent customer experience. What it really comes down to is automation and consistency. Omnichannel Retail

CDOs Drive Change, Build Trust, And Foster Insights-Driven Organizations

Forrester eCommerce

Organization are slow to change but technology changes quickly. If you leave the organization as is many won’t catch up with the change, and the technology maturity gap will widen between them over time. I saw this described in breakout panel at Strata Data in New York a few weeks ago.

The Art of Upselling and How You Can Use It to Boost Revenues Using SendOwl

Ecommerce Platforms

Our previous generation didn’t have it so easy. Now almost anyone can become an entrepreneur without breaking their bank balance to generate capital.

What Exactly Is An Out-Of-The-Box Retail DOM?


What Exactly Is An Out-Of-The-Box Retail DOM? There are two philosophies in the world of order management systems (OMS). One is that distributed order management (DOM) systems should simply be a platform that lets a retailer code and fully customize their own system.

YouTube Remarketing: A Golden Opportunity for Your Ecommerce Business

ROI Revolution

YouTube remarketing isn’t some flash in the pan marketing opportunity. There are over 1.3 billion monthly active users worldwide on YouTube. That’s more than Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat combined.

Time Saving E-Commerce Tools


Running an e-commerce company seems cool but is not easy. Think about that, you are always bombarded with customer demands and complaints, growth ideas, marketing pressure and fierce competition in the market.

The US Banking Customer Experience Index, 2017

Forrester eCommerce

In this year’s Customer Experience Index, Forrester ranked and measured CX quality of 28 US direct and traditional retail banks brands. The research is based on Forrester’s CX Index methodology, which measures how well a brand’s CX strengthens the loyalty of its customers.

Low Sales? Here’s How to Read Minds to Close More Deals


People either do what you want. Or they don’t. And there’s not a whole lot you can do about it. Except react. Except follow-up based on a new set of rules. That doesn’t mean you can’t predict it, though. That doesn’t mean you can’t manipulate it.


Retail Technology Integration: How Important is it?


Retail Technology Integration: How Important Is It? The past few months the OD team and I have spoken to several retailers and brands. A common topic we have been hearing is “We have been promised a lot and it never came. You would not believe the negative impact that has had on business”.

Everything you need to know about a browse abandonment email


In a perfect world, every person who lands on your site would find a product that they couldn’t live without, add it to their cart, then check out. You’d see 100% conversion rates and it would be raining cats and dogs. Of course, we don’t live in the perfect world.

How To Run a Successful Bonus Points Event

If you’re looking to provide your customers with more ways to earn points, drive participation in your rewards program , or simply increase your average order value, a bonus points event may be right for your business! However, while bonus points events can be a fantastic tool to keep your rewards program top of mind, it’s important that they are launched strategically. Reward Program Strategy