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Seeking Magic Moments – Why It’s Time to Tune Up Your Digital Experience Stack

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The legendary R&B singer and songwriter Ben E. King got it so right in the Drifters 1960 recording of “This Magic Moment.” The song is timeless because it tells a classic tale of a first kiss. And also captures a moment in time in words and song that reminds us of the power of storytelling, […].

7 Fast and Furious Ways to Rev-up Automotive Customer Conversions


According to Forbes Communication Council, ecommerce trends show that by 2020, 40% of the automotive industry will consist of millennials. With their […]. The post 7 Fast and Furious Ways to Rev-up Automotive Customer Conversions appeared first on Zmags.

If You Aren’t Selling Your Products on Amazon, Someone Else Is


Between Amazon Retail and third-party Marketplace sellers, Amazon made about $120 billion in sales in the U.S. last year. The vast majority of those sales occurred through third-party sellers. If you’re a brand executive, the idea of putting your products on Amazon is probably a little scary.

Why Google And Facebook Ads Fail Small Businesses

Retail TouchPoints

By Elery Pfeffer, Nift There’s little question that effective advertising is memorable. When it works, it feels like a subconscious trigger in our brain helping us choose a product that we already know we’ll love.

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Coupon or No Coupon: What Should Your Ecommerce Discount Strategy Be?


We’ve all had that moment of jubilation when a coupon code magically appears while we’re browsing items on an ecommerce site. Often, all it takes is an impromptu pop-up to convince us to move from passive browsers to active buyers. .

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If Amazon Couldn’t Prepare For Prime Day’s Traffic Overload, Can Anyone?

Retail TouchPoints

Amazon went viral on Prime Day for the wrong reasons; the e-Commerce giant experienced site outages within an hour after deals started at 3 pm EST. The glitches revealed that Prime Day promotions may have worked a little too well.

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217: The Future Of Ecommerce With Scott Voelker, Greg Mercer, Mike Jackness And Steve Chou

My Wife Quit Her Job

In this episode, Scott Voelker of The Amazing Seller, Greg Mercer of Jungle Scout, Mike Jackness of EcomCrew and I get together to discuss the future of ecommerce. I’m also happy to announce that the 4 of us have decided to launch a brand new show together called The 5 Minute Pitch.

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Not All Innovation Is Created Equally

Forrester eCommerce

I talk to clients about their plans to innovate with technology all the time; especially technologies that are emerging, like the ones I blogged about here from our report the Top Emerging Technologies to Watch 2018.

The Empowered Marketer: What B2C Brands Can Learn from B2B Marketing


What’s your favorite ecommerce blog right now? Shopify? BigCommerce? Maybe Zaius? If you’re looking to learn about trends in the industry, new marketing tactics, and the newest ideas to drive results, that’s likely where you turn. But why is that content so interesting to you? The very best blogs catch and keep our attention because they’re great storytellers and offer something truly useful to readers.

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The Other AI: How Aesthetic Intelligence Can Transform Your Brand


When you see or hear the term AI, I’m guessing you think it stands for artificial intelligence. It does, of course. But artificial intelligence isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when I think about AI. For me, AI also refers to aesthetic intelligence. I call aesthetic intelligence the other AI.

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Helping Retailers Stay Ahead By Gauging Sentiment

Retail TouchPoints

By Guy Yehiav, Profitect Online brand and product reviews today are an important part of the retailer-shopper relationship.

Lifetime Warranty

Rishi Rawat

Most companies explain warranties in a boring way. Not Red Oxx. Their warranty message is inspiring: Red Oxx “No Bull” Warranty. As time rolls a ceaseless course, only the genuine guarantee remains.

Content Marketing in 3 pictures

Forrester eCommerce

We’ve officially retired our ‘Content Marketing Playbook’ We’re still doing research on content and content strategy, but – as we said about two years ago – the utility of talking about ‘content marketing’ just isn’t there anymore.

How First-Party Data Can Power Your Marketing


You’ve got data. A lot of it. Whether you know it or not, you’re collecting a ton of information from your customers and potential customers. You know what products they’ve bought, when they bought, when they last opened your email newsletter, the last page they browsed on your ecommerce site, their favorite social channel, and so on. As a marketer, you understand why you’re collecting the data, but what are you doing with it? Probably not enough.

How to Build Growing Brands with Staying Power: Lessons from GoPro, Sonicare & The George Foreman Grill


When I graduated college with a biology degree, I had no idea that in a few short years I’d be building a brand that went from zero to $75 million in sales in just four years. The path there was a winding one. After graduating from college, I knew I didn’t want to go on to dental school.

Doofinder Review – Search Engine for Web & Ecommerce Sites

Ecommerce Platforms

This Doofinder review takes a critical assessment of the search tool. All the fundamental features and functionalities that you would consider important to your online store’s strategy. It’s now official.

Anti Scent Trail

Rishi Rawat

Scent Trail trail is used to help the shopper know they’re on the right path. If they search for “dry erase board” on Google search, click your ad and see the word “Dry-erase Boards” on your landing page it’s a visual cue they’re at the right place.

Not All Innovation Is Created Equally

Forrester eCommerce

I talk to clients about their innovation plans and technology all the time, especially their plans with technologies that are emerging, like the ones I blogged about here from our report, “The Top Emerging Technologies To Watch 2018.”

Why Sellers Should Rejoice For Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping


There is a massive opportunity for sellers right now, and it’s one that very few know, or are even talking about, yet… Walmart fast shipping tags.

Manufacturers: BOPIS is for You, Too


Manufacturers are increasingly taking advantage of their online presence to establish direct connections […]. The post Manufacturers: BOPIS is for You, Too appeared first on The Omni Channel. Distributed Order Management BOPIS Customer Experience eCommerce

A Detailed Skrill Review: Is Skrill the Right Payment Platform For You?

Ecommerce Platforms

Skrill has an interesting history. I've had some merchants ask me whether or not it's a scam. Let's be clear–I can be certain it's a legitimate payment processor. However, it does have some problems with transparency–especially in the United States.

Retailers Need Ecommerce and Dynamic Inventory Visibility


Retailers Need Ecommerce and Dynamic Inventory Visibility. A great example of ecommerce and dynamic inventory visibility working well together came from a discussion with a partner: Episerver.

Digital Risk Protection In 2018: New Vendors, New Leaders, New Wave

Forrester eCommerce

Digital Risk Protection In 2018: New Vendors, New Leaders, New Wave Our “The Forrester New Wave™: Digital Risk Protection, Q3 2018” report is out! Take a look at how 14 DRP vendors stack up in this emerging market.

How to Use Facebook Retargeting to Drive Ecommerce Sales


Not every customer who lands on your site will end up buying something. They search, they land on your site, they look around, and they leave. It happens. That used to be the end of the story — but Facebook retargeting has flipped the script.

It’s a Match! Tinder Profiles for Email and Programmatic


Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson aren’t the only couple making headlines this year. The news is abuzz – at least in the marketing world– with talk of another star-crossed pair: email newsletters and programmatic advertising. That’s right.

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AliDropship Review: Custom Dropshipping Sites with a WooCommerce Plugin

Ecommerce Platforms

Dropshipping advertisements often promise futures of success and financial wealth without putting in much work. However, if you've been in the dropshipping space before, you know there's nothing easy about it.

How to Write Unique Meta Descriptions for Product Listings


Meta descriptions are a short but powerful group of words that may make or break a customer’s decision to click on your product listing page. Thankfully, writing meta descriptions isn’t complicated.

Empower Autonomous Teams To Accelerate Digital Delivery

Forrester eCommerce

The need for speed has never been greater. Empowered customers are fickle. Big tech is disintermediating you. Disruptors lurk in the darkest corners of your markets, ready to rise kraken-like to swallow your floundering ship whole. Your prospects are bleak. A depressing way to end the week? Perhaps not. Speed of execution is more vital […]. business transformation & organizational change management digital business organization organizational structure digital leadership

7 things that grabbed our attention on Prime Day


Delivered as promised? Well, maybe not so much. Unfortunately for Amazon, instead of great deals, the talk of the town was the untimely site crash that plagued the U.S. just as the event got underway.

Product Descriptions: How to Write Persuasive Copy That Sells

Bootstrapping Ecommerce

In this article, we discuss how to write persuasive ecommerce product descriptions that persuade your customers to make purchases so you can get more sales. The post Product Descriptions: How to Write Persuasive Copy That Sells appeared first on Bootstrapping Ecommerce. Branding & Design Conversion Optimization

Why DTC: The Case for Direct-to-Consumer eCommerce


Consumers are demanding a better customer experience, and companies — big and small, old and new — are scrambling to deliver experiences in a way that meet customer expectations.

How Will the Internet of Things (IoT) Impact Your Ecommerce Business?


Even though the Internet of Things (IoT) is still in its infancy in relation to ecommerce, it is set to have a huge impact on the industry. It is a future that involves ordinary devices working with other objects via an internet connection.

Loss Of Privacy’s A Humanity Tax

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People are pragmatic, and they predictably think they’re rational — which is great. It’s been reported pretty extensively that the Russian government interfered in the last US presidential election. It’s not a stretch to say that most Trump voters would acknowledge Russian interference as a fact. It’s also unlikely any of them would acknowledge that Russian […]. age of the customer

E-Commerce Provides a Competitive Advantage for B2B Manufacturers and Distributors


According to a report by Frost & Sullivan the B2B e-commerce market is expected to hit $6.7 trillion by 2020. Those are heady numbers, but as a whole B2B companies have been slower to embrace digital commerce than their B2C counterparts. That reluctance may melt rather quickly.

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