4 Post-Holiday Marketing Tactics for Customer Retention


When in doubt, start with how you can drive new sales and increase revenue from repeat customers. This post features 4 key post-holiday marketing tactics that will help you increase sales from your current leads and customers!

A Secret Customer Retention Strategy

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We talk a lot about omni-channel in this industry and often we focus on the front-end experiences our customers have since these are the most visual and tactile for us. What About Using Shipping For Customer Retention What about the back-end of every order?

The Empowered Marketer: Customer Retention is Everything in Ecommerce


. When it comes to ecommerce success metrics, customer retention is the only thing that matters to Dominic Coryell. Because the company is offering a new type of service to its customers, it can sometimes be challenging to convert new buyers. It’s Coryell’s job to make sure the company not only converts new customers, but keeps existing buyers coming back again and again. Nurtures new customers to encourage a purchase.

How to drive growth with ecommerce customer retention rate optimization


In order to continuously drive growth for your business, you must focus on building and maintaining authentic relationships with your customers. The post How to drive growth with ecommerce customer retention rate optimization appeared first on Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Blog.

Free webinar: The Step-by-Step Process to a High-Converting Customer Retention Program


You can’t build a strong relationship with customers […]. The post Free webinar: The Step-by-Step Process to a High-Converting Customer Retention Program appeared first on Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Blog. Having a short adventure may seem fun at the beginning.

5 Dangerous Myths About Customer Retention Programs That Could Be Harming Your Business


I’m going to start this article with a bold statement: running a customer retention program is a good idea for your business. Reward Program Strategy

Top 10 Examples of Social Responsibility as a Customer Retention Tool


Did you know that social responsibility is a huge priority for your customers? 91% of customers claim that brand behavior influences their purchase decisions , but what does that look like? What is social responsibility exactly, and how can it be used to keep customers coming back to your store? Reward Program Strategy

Can Big Data and Predictive Analytics Rescue the Retail Industry?

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Retailers, both offline and online, are adopting data-centric strategies that help them understand the buying behavior of their customers and then use that understanding to develop marketing campaigns that successfully map customers to products.

The Expert Loyalty Program Tips You Need for Your Industry

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Even though the fundamentals of customer loyalty apply across many businesses, you can use each of these tips to fully tailor your own loyalty program to your particular industry. VIP tiers are the most effective way to build this type of customer experience.

Why You Need to Be Thanking Your Customers After the Holidays

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This makes it more important than ever to have a solid retention strategy that will keep hard-won customers shopping with your store throughout the new year. These days, customer acquisition costs are way too high to be ignoring your customers.

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How to Increase the Loyalty of Holiday Customers!

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Why settle for a few busy months when you can aim to have a consistent flow of customers all year long? When your marketing channels are set up for success, you’re able to reach customers on multiple different platforms, making customer retention that much easier.

How Retailers can Increase Retention and Loyalty After the Holidays Have Ended

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Consumers are demanding exceptional experiences, throughout the customer journey at all times of the year. You’ll want to focus on increasing the value of current customers, and keeping all your new customers. revenue per customer up 25-100%!

How to Increase the Loyalty of Holiday Customers!

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Why settle for a few busy months when you can aim to have a consistent flow of customers all year long? When your marketing channels are set up for success, you’re able to reach customers on multiple different platforms, making customer retention that much easier.

5 Simple Email Tactics You Need to Drive Customer Loyalty

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Having a loyal following of customers is worth A LOT to your business! revenue per customer up 25-100%! Building loyalty with your customers will directly impact business growth. It costs 16x more to bring a new customer to the level of a current one.

Make or break: Inefficient returns processes cost retailers lost sales and customer life time value, warns a new report

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Retailers' returns policies present critical conversions and customer retention moments in European shoppers' buying journeys, a new report from KPS, an agile transformation consultancy, reveals

WEBINAR: Turn One-Time Holiday Buyers into Loyal Customers


But because they’re often buying a gift for someone else, holiday customers are less likely than your usual buyers to come back to your website after they make their first purchase. You know these customers are likely one-time buyers, but that doesn’t mean you should stop marketing to them.

Talking Retention - How Wish Builds Loyalty Through Personalization


Talking Retention is where we chat customer retention with the world's biggest brands. We ask them the in and outs of how they view customer retention and the value of repeat customers so that you can apply that knowledge to your business. Commerce Tips

Talking Retention - How Mattel Views Loyalty Across Generations


Talking Retention is where we chat customer retention with some of the world’s biggest brands. We ask how they think about loyalty and retention so that you can apply that knowledge to your business. Commerce Tips

What Might We Do For You Now?

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We’ve created a short list: Customer Experience Planning : We conduct workshops/ projects where we plan and optimize digital and real world experiences to increase sales, retention, and satisfaction. Customer Experience

Your Approach to eCommerce is Wrong


If you are the average ecommerce retailer, you are currently seeing only 8% of your total purchases coming from repeat customers. That means that you are not only allocating under 20% of your marketing budget to customer retention, but you are also hurting your business. Your approach to ecommerce is wrong! Commerce Tips

Achieve high growth by keeping customers coming back to your eCommerce website


It can be easy lose ourselves in the chronic battle of customer acquisition. However, according to the Adobe Digital Index Report , returning customers make up 40% of revenues whilst representing only 8% of visitors. Why would a customer come back? Increase customer enjoyment.

Rewards Case Study: Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards


As a result, customer retention is more critical to staying in the air than ever before. In an industry this competitive, how do airlines keep customers coming back, flight after flight? When it comes to choosing the perfect airline, there’s no shortage of options for U.S. travellers. With 18 U.S companies considered “major carriers” , competition in the travel industry is fierce.

How to Increase Revenue With Thank You Emails


They’re almost always opened, providing an opportunity to set the stage for customer retention and future purchases. In this post, I’m going to go over the benefits of sending a thank you email and ways to optimize them to help you increase customer retention.

New Smile App: ReCharge


Have you been looking to increase your customer retention with rewards? Are you selling subscription products on Shopify? Look no further than the Smile.io and ReCharge. This app allows shoppers to earn points on subscriptions as well as earn rewards to be used on recurring orders. Smile Updates

Important Elements of Every Successful Rewards Program  


We’ve curated the brands who are doing it right to give you the inspiration you need to repair your customer retention problem. Each of these features are being used by some of the biggest brands in the world to retain their best customers. If you’re looking for the features that create a cutting-edge reward program, you’ve come to the right place. Reward Program Strategy Program Case Studies

Should eCommerce Sites Offer a Loyalty Program?


Online buying activity continues to rise as customers want the convenience and efficiency of purchasing at home or through a mobile device. Thus, a loyalty program is a way for you to attract and reward top customers for doing things they have a natural inclination to do.

How Do You Know If Your Rewards Program Is Working?


Although rewards programs are the best answer to a wide variety of customer retention issues, that doesn’t mean they don’t spark a few questions of their own. A lot of these questions are pretty straightforward like “ How often should I be calculating my metrics ?” or “ How do I get my brand ready for the holidays ?”, but sometimes they require a little bit more effort and analysis to answer. Reward Program Strategy

IPMA’s Announce UpSellit as Nominee for ‘Best Performance Marketing Technology’


Not limited to a specific industry, UpSellit is able to provide a range of services to its clients that boost conversion and customer retention.

Why The Biggest Gaming Brands Choose Scalefast for their eCommerce


As the leading digital commerce platform of choice for brands like Sega, Square Enix and BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, Scalefast has a proven track record of facilitating international growth, increasing online revenue and helping brands increase customer retention and satisfaction. If you're in the gaming space, you most likely know that gaming fans are different from traditional shoppers.

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6 Awesome Omni Channel Strategies That You Can Use For Your Store

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The good news is that although omnichannel marketing may seem frightening for a smaller business, the dividends pay off once you get the ball rolling- with businesses that adopt omnichannel strategies seeing 91% higher customer retention rates.

Take your win-back emails to the next level with these resources


While many ecommerce stores are focused on new customer acquisition, taking the time to focus on customer retention is a straightforward way to increase your revenue and scale your business. They’re a targeted way to reach and re-activate dormant customers.

5 Practices to Employ Post-sale That Will Keep Customers Coming Back


But that’s just the start: It’s now time to convince that customer to return again and again … and again. Customer retention. Indeed, online retail startups are so focused on growth and customer acquisition that customer retention becomes a bit of an afterthought.

9 Post-Purchase Email Resources to Help Increase Retention


The reason — these emails help increase customer retention by turning your subscribers into loyal, repeat customers. Post-purchase emails are exactly what they sound like — emails that are sent after a customer makes a purchase. Attain feedback from customers.

8 Need-to-Know E-Commerce Image Optimization Hacks


Wonder if that big product image on your new landing page might cause slower loading speeds for your customers? And what about customer retention? Boosting customer retention by just 5% can increase profits by 95%.

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7 Post-Purchase Actions You Need to Take to Build Customer Loyalty


Savvy business owners know that customer retention is worth its weight in gold. That’s why you need to develop post-purchase strategies: in order to enhance customer loyalty and drive revenue. Have you enrolled customers who just made a purchase in your brand’s loyalty program?

29 Ecommerce Metrics & KPIs to Measure to Drive 10X Growth in 2018 [Downloadable Key Metrics Included]


This guide is structured to cover the most vital ecommerce metrics at each stage of the sales funnel of an ecommerce business and their customers’ lifecycle. Understanding the Customer Stages. Customers have different intents as they move through your buying cycle. Retention.

Keep Your Eye on the Customer Engagement


Are your customers truly engaged, or are they just coasting? Unless you’re keeping a close eye on customer interactions with your B2C brand, it’s impossible to know for sure. As a B2C marketer, it’s your job to keep loyal customers happy and engaged with your brand.