A Secret Customer Retention Strategy

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We talk a lot about omni-channel in this industry and often we focus on the front-end experiences our customers have since these are the most visual and tactile for us. What About Using Shipping For Customer Retention What about the back-end of every order?

How to drive growth with ecommerce customer retention rate optimization


In order to continuously drive growth for your business, you must focus on building and maintaining authentic relationships with your customers. The post How to drive growth with ecommerce customer retention rate optimization appeared first on Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Blog.

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How to Solve the Customer Retention Problem (And Make Your Customers Happy!)


Customer retention. Its goal is to retain as many customers as possible. After all, a loyal customer is worth much more than a new customer. But before you can understand how to effectively retain customers, you first must understand why they leave.

5 Dangerous Myths About Customer Retention Programs That Could Be Harming Your Business


I’m going to start this article with a bold statement: running a customer retention program is a good idea for your business. Reward Program Strategy

Make or break: Inefficient returns processes cost retailers lost sales and customer life time value, warns a new report

Retail Technology Review

Retailers' returns policies present critical conversions and customer retention moments in European shoppers' buying journeys, a new report from KPS, an agile transformation consultancy, reveals

How 5 Brands Grew Their Customer Lifetime Value 2X in Less Than 1 Year with Loyalty Programs


Retaining customers isn’t easy, but it’s important to do for businesses of every size. After all, the sure fire sign of a healthy brand is a growing number of repeat purchases from already existing customers. You can clearly see the number of new vs. returning customers.

9 Must-See Sessions at eTail East 2017


On the first day of eTail East, the sessions are split into three summits: Search Display & Online Media Summit, Email Marketing & Customer Retention Summit, and the Next Gen eCommerce Summit. Emailing your customers coupons and discounts isn’t enough anymore.

7 Post-Purchase Actions You Need to Take to Build Customer Loyalty


Savvy business owners know that customer retention is worth its weight in gold. That’s why you need to develop post-purchase strategies: in order to enhance customer loyalty and drive revenue. Have you enrolled customers who just made a purchase in your brand’s loyalty program?

New Smile App: ReCharge


Have you been looking to increase your customer retention with rewards? Are you selling subscription products on Shopify? Look no further than the Smile.io and ReCharge. This app allows shoppers to earn points on subscriptions as well as earn rewards to be used on recurring orders. Smile Updates

The 6 Most Effective Types of Social Media Advertising in 2017


For modern ecommerce sites, the ability to immediately and consistently bring in new customers is a HUGE deal. Even if you can’t achieve net positive revenue on the initial sale, referrals, email marketing and customer retention can payoff extensively with every marginal customer.

The Case for Using a Physical Catalog to Boost Ecommerce Sales


It’s been great for new customer acquisition as well as customer retention.”. Bridegan: “ ROI, Conversion Rates, Average Order Value, Revenue per Catalog, New Customers, Orders from existing customers, etc. Also great for customer retention and activation.

Meyer has arrived, and it’s our sweetest free eCommerce theme yet!


Having the best products, lowest prices or fastest delivery won’t equate to success if your customers are confused about where to start. The minute a customer enters your website they are being welcomed by your storefront and introduced to your brand.

The Case for Extreme Personalization


Extreme personalization, sometimes referred to as marketing to a customer segment of one, is the holy grail of the multi-channel world. Extreme personalization comes down to one simple reality: customers expect your company to know who they are — no matter what method or touchpoint they are using. Instore, online, through Facebook or on a phone, customers want to receive a consistent, high-quality experience from your brand. Nor are they connected to a customer profile.

Take your win-back emails to the next level with these resources


While many ecommerce stores are focused on new customer acquisition, taking the time to focus on customer retention is a straightforward way to increase your revenue and scale your business. They’re a targeted way to reach and re-activate dormant customers.

The Importance of Pairing Analytics with Engagement


I can see how many users clicked on this link or bought that product and ultimately converted into paying customers — isn’t that a form of engagement?”. There are three key parts to Kissmetrics that helps marketing and product teams engage and grow their customer base.

The Difference Between Collecting Data and Acting On It


If you have a massive collection of customer data but aren’t using it in any meaningful way, this represents an untapped opportunity for business growth. In a survey by Econsultancy, 74% of marketers stated that personalized email marketing increases customer engagement. Customer Retention. 32% of executives say that retaining existing customers is a priority. When executing a retention strategy, the more consumer data you have to act on, the better.

Are your KPIs driving profit for your retail organization?

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Marketing might be focused on Retention Rates, while Buying/Planning is striving to maintain healthy Margins, Inventory Value and In-Stock Rates. Product Conversion -> Demand Availability – Product Conversion can serve as an indicator as to how well the current product offering is being received by the customer. Narrow your focus and marketing dollars to those customers who are profitable for the business. by Courtney Manning.

33 Important eCommerce Acronyms Every Retailer Should Know

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Average Order Value tracks the average dollar amount spent each time a customer places an order on a website or mobile a pp. Customer Lifetime Value is a prediction of the net profit attributed to the entire future relationship with a customer.

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Identifying and Mitigating Churn With Customer Engagement Automation


It costs 5-25x more to acquire a new customer than keep a current customer. Increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%. And increasing churn will eventually plateau any new customer growth. Academy Keeping My Best Customers

Here Are 6 Arguments That Will Get Your Boss to Double Your CRO Budget


Customer retention is typically a focus of any organization, so turning the conversation in that direction can be a smart move. This is especially true if leadership is opposed to a budget shift because funds are being put into customer acquisition or retention programs.

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Unified Commerce: Glitter, Gold, Or Empty Promise


Based on that definition, there are only two constants in retail – the customer and the product. Therefore, the retailer’s task must be to at least appear as the most attractive destination for a customer seeking to make a product purchase (=revenue). Build a map of customer data.

The Math Behind Abandoned Cart Email Success – and How to Set It Up to Earn 25% More Sales


And, when you have their email, you can trigger an abandoned cart series to bring that customer back and earn their sale. By and large however, the #1 reason for shopping cart abandonment beyond a customer just not being ready to buy is price. Customization question #1: Who’s shopping?

The Rise of “The Quant” – How a Quantitative Analyst Can Improve Your Marketing Strategy


Even customers who have the same general interests and purchasing behaviors can vary wildly in their choice of channels through which to consume the media. Imagine being able to pinpoint not just a customer’s location, but what other places they tend to visit as well?

How to Map Behavioral Metrics Into Your Key Business Drivers


Online marketers can analyze and dissect innumerable elements to gain a deeper understanding of the habits and preferences of their customers. As a result, they can effectively put themselves in their customers’ shoes and optimize the entire experience. Customer Loyalty (Ecommerce).

The 5 Step Approach to Cross-Channel Customer Engagement


Your customers are everywhere. That’s why it’s important to map out how your business engages with customers across several channels. You want every interaction to embody brand consistency and offer customer satisfaction. Analyze Your Customer Data.

How to Reduce Risk – Email Marketing Security Tips from THE Expert

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You might be putting your company and your customers at risk through your marketing practices. By not being CASL compliant you’re putting your customers and your business at risk. Related: How to Get Customers to Stop Unsubscribing. Have a data retention policy in place.

What Might We Do For You Now?

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We’ve created a short list: Customer Experience Planning : We conduct workshops/ projects where we plan and optimize digital and real world experiences to increase sales, retention, and satisfaction. Customer Experience

What a Baby Clothes Blog Can Teach You About 991% YoY Growth Using Paid Acquisition


You guessed it– when they started to give customers more ways to buy. “We We’ve given our customers nearly every conceivable way to buy from us. Do you have the manpower for customer service? More channels means more sales means more questions from more customers.

How Ecommerce Sellers Can Build Buyer Personas to Connect with Customers


When marketing is directed towards specific customer types, it resonates with buyers in a way that makes them feel more connected to your products and your brand. A tried and true method of sorting out your customer base is creating buyer personas.

Experts Reveal 9 Most Effective Tips to Succeed as Online Seller


How your strategies are working, where you need to improve, how your potential customers acting—these are crucial questions whose answer you will get only from analytic tools. Don’t treat your customers as ‘customers’. Aim to improve your customer retention rate.

Jump your sales on Sears Marketplace with these 5 Tips


Every big thing once started small; so take marginal profit with cheap price until you have managed to acquire a decent number of customers. Then tweak your pricing strategy and focus on customer retention.

The Goldilocks Method of Discounting


Drew also answers some of my questions about the nuance of discounts, and how to time them best to keep your customers engaged. Not giving away the farm, not keeping…the customer is given no reason to buy but the perfect amount. They’re not good customers.

Gaining Holistic View of Customer Base Through CRM-Oriented Software


However, often retailers find it increasingly challenging to capture data related to customer’s preferences and buying habits across many sales points. In such scenario, retailers need customized and integrated CRM software solutions to manage all customer touch points effectively.


Generate Traffic and Interest with an Online Poll


Use a poll to gather information that can help you better serve your customers. Enticing visitors back to your website time and time again is a winning customer retention strategy. Gather Custom Information Polls can serve a distinct business purpose as well.

5 Key Things to Know About Email Marketing for Ecommerce


Even though it’s meant with the best intention, customers get uncomfortable when they know the salesperson is just trying to push a sale. That’s how you build trust and long-term relationships that turn new customers into repeat customers.