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30 Strategies to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment & Drive Profits


Shopping cart abandonment is big, bad, and pervasive. Baymard’s latest stats peg the average documented online shopping cart abandonment rate at a scary 69%. That means for every ten e-commerce customers that put an item in their cart, nearly seven will leave the site without completing their purchase.

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Kroger Pilots AI-Powered Shopping Cart

Retail TouchPoints

Kroger is testing an AI-powered shopping cart at a Cincinnati store, enabling shoppers to scan items and pay directly on the cart itself for a more seamless in-store experience.


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What a Doll! Walmart Gives Shoppers a Peek into Barbie’s Shopping Cart

Retail TouchPoints

Walmart has debuted a digital-first shopping experience that provides customers with a view into three celebrities’ online carts: football star Patrick Mahomes , pop singer Becky G and the ultimate consumer (and consumer product), Barbie.

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10 Strategies To Reduce Your Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate | Salsify


You’ve captured consumer interest, guided them to your website, and prospective buyers have put your products into their digital shopping carts. You’ve done audience research and created campaigns that target your ideal market.

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5 Tips For Optimizing A Mobile Shopping Cart Design


Optimizing a mobile shopping cart design is a critical component in not only creating a positive user experience but also reducing shopping cart abandonment and capturing revenue. 5 Tips for a Mobile Shopping Cart Design. Who wants to do that? Include a detailed product summary. Optimize thumbnail images.

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Best Website and Shopping Cart Solutions in 2023


To effectively reach customers and drive sales, businesses need reliable and efficient website and shopping cart solutions. What are Shopping Cart Solutions? Shopping cart solutions facilitate the online purchase process by allowing customers to add products to their cart, review items, and proceed to checkout securely.

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10 best WordPress shopping cart plugins in 2023


You can easily achieve this with the right WordPress shopping cart plugins. In this guide, we’ll explore ten of the best WordPress shopping cart plugins for ecommerce businesses. Features: Beyond the basic cart functions, see what unique features each plugin offers. Let’s dive right in.