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The Retail Moments That Matter Most — ‘Optimize Me’

Retail TouchPoints

By Jeremy Witikko, Cisco Retail is not what it used to be. With so many new, enriching and interesting things to do in this world, traditional shopping just doesn’t have the shine it used to.

FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

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Even Big Digital Companies Need Little Humans. Lots Of Them Amazon offered $10,000 of startup capital and up to three months of pay to qualifying employees who quit. and go start a local last-mile delivery business.

Yodel wins Retail and eCommerce Innovator of the Year at the techies 2019

Retail Technology Review

UK independent parcel carrier Yodel is celebrating the latest addition to its trophy cabinet after claiming the title of Retail and eCommerce Innovator of the Year at the techies 2019. The techies celebrate innovation across all industry sectors in the UK, rewarding the best and brightest technology professionals. Internet Retailing Exhibitions and Events

CX NYC 2019: Q&A With Rick Parrish On Values-Based Selling

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Consumers are paying close attention to brands’ moral, social, and political values. They’re making buying decisions based on the values a brand stands for. However, our research shows that companies lack a systematic approach to values. At CX NYC 2019, I’ll share findings from our values-based experience framework that will help customer experience professionals evolve their approach in this emerging area.

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Returns Culture: How do you build it into your online business model?

Retail Technology Review

By Jon White, MD at InXpress. In the last few months, online retail giants ASOS and Amazon have made headlines for announcing that they may start blacklisting ‘serial returners’ from their websites. Critical Issues Internet Retailing

Don’t Forget Father’s Day… Email Marketing Campaigns


As email marketers, you’ve got another reason to feel guilty for forgetting Father’s Day: In 2018, Father’s Day spending was estimated to reach $15.3 billion. It’s easy to let it. The post Don’t Forget Father’s Day… Email Marketing Campaigns appeared first on Bronto Blog.

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Facebook Ads For Beginners


Facebook has 1.39 billion active users. Whoever you sell to, they will be on Facebook. And Facebook offers advertisers a range of tools to target their ads with incredible precision. As a result, typical ROI from Facebook ads is 152%!

Tayse Rugs Maps 3400 SKUs to 9 Channels in 2 Weeks


Product Experience Management

The Zeigarnik Effect and What Neuroscience Means to Email Marketers


Nearly 100 years ago, Prussian psychologist Kurt Lewin had a revelation at a restaurant: Waiters seemed to have much better memories for orders that weren’t yet paid.

Use Enhanced Content to Sell Better through Your Retailers and Distributors


Brands and manufacturers have three huge, scalable opportunities in using enhanced content’s video, rich media, and comparison charts on digital catalogs and product pages. When enhanced content is present, shoppers are 25% more likely to purchase.