Mobile Commerce Accounts for More Than 31% of Total Sales [2017 Data]


Earlier in 2017, Brandon Chatham from NatoMounts told me he was seeing 80% of his site traffic coming in from mobile. With industry average conversion rates on desktop sitting at 2% –– that’s not just a good mobile conversion rate. It’s a mobile conversion rate nearly unheard of.

How to Use Digital Wallets and Mobile Site Optimization Tactics to Stamp Out Cart Abandonment


If your site isn’t responsive and optimized for mobile, chances are around 75% of people will bounce without making a purchase. Say goodbye to 35% of mobile customers — and that’s not even the biggest reason they leave. Why are your mobile conversion rates so low?

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Mobile Content Strategy: 3 Key Steps


Why Your Mobile Content Strategy Matters Retailers have only recently begun to give mobile ecommerce its due. With a smart phone in almost every pocket, it is a huge opportunity to get products in front of your customer – in fact, by the end of 2017, mobile will account for 24.4

Predictions 2018: Mobile Evolves Into The Digital Experience Conductor

Forrester eCommerce

Last year Forrester predicted that mobile would become the face of digital, with consumer app fatigue forcing digital business professionals to pursue a portfolio of mobile experiences. mobile application development mobile apps mobile commerce (mCommerce) mobile moments mobile services mobile software & platforms mobile web

Mobile-First Is Not Enough

Forrester eCommerce

Over the past few years, “mobile first” has become the new marketing imperative. More importantly, focusing solely on mobile-first doesn’t truly put mobile at the heart of the customer experience and business transformation.

Instagram Shopping: The Future of Mobile Ecommerce + 19 Tips to Increase Conversions Now


Finding more information on those things you love can sometimes be a task, especially on mobile. And if you’re not creating a landing page, optimized for mobile, which is unique to your Instagram offer, start there.

Why 2021 Is Your Mobile Strategy Doomsday


While it’s important today to optimize for mobile, not being fully optimized in only a few short years will officially leave you behind the times. The post Why 2021 Is Your Mobile Strategy Doomsday appeared first on Bronto Blog. Marketing Strategy Mobile

Another Mobile Feature Banks Should Offer: Subscription Management

Forrester eCommerce

[this blog post was co-authored by Michael Chirokas] A year ago, Forrester published a report that listed Eleven Mobile Features That More Banks Should Offer. Unsurprisingly, our ongoing research continues to uncover new mobile services that belong on banks’ road maps.

Is Google Shopping Expanding the Mobile Carousel?


Hop on board because the mobile carousel just got a lot bigger. . Most recently, we tended to see 15-20 product listing ads (PLAs) when conducting a mobile search on Google. The post Is Google Shopping Expanding the Mobile Carousel?

The Commerce Marketer Podcast: The Power of Mobile


In this first episode of our new podcast series, Guidance’s Brian Beck shares his insights on the latest mobile trends and what retailers can do to adapt to the mobile evolution. The post The Commerce Marketer Podcast: The Power of Mobile appeared first on Bronto Blog.

The Top 3 Mistakes in Mobile Payment Systems


As more and more consumers use their mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) to shop, it has become increasingly important for savvy companies to invest in mobile payment systems. Mobile

U.S. Cyber Five Leaderboard: Cyber Monday Beats Black Friday; Mobile Orders Hit New High


Continuing a trend from the last few years, the consumer is mobile first now more than ever. Although mobile conversion still lags desktop, the sheer volume of mobile usage confirms what we’ve been saying for years — you have to design your experience for mobile first, and desktop second.

Creating a Mobile App For The Omnichannel Shopper


Retailers with mobile apps often take advantage of the unique capabilities of apps by designing them to be their own unique shopping experience, one that’s unlike browsing on any other channel.

Thanksgiving Day: The Mobile Tipping Point


Thanksgiving Day mobile numbers are in and shoppers are spending with their thumbs! of traffic took place on a mobile device on Thanksgiving Day. While that’s a record for ChannelAdvisor and an interesting trend, the mobile order numbers are even more impressive. 53% of orders on Thanksgiving Day were driven through a mobile device. Mobile has historically had a low conversion rate, and Thanksgiving Day was no exception with a 2.1%

9 Key Mobile Marketing Stats to Know Before Finalizing Your 2018 Mobile Strategy


The sea change for mobile is here. Throughout the last several years everyone was talking about the importance of mobile, but the conversion rates — or perhaps lack of attribution — tricked some marketers into undervaluing the channel. Mobile Marketer ).

Join Our 2017 Global Mobile Executive Survey

Forrester eCommerce

For the past few years, Forrester has fielded a Global Mobile Executive Survey to understand and benchmark mobile initiatives. This year, we are updating the survey again to help marketers and business executives benchmark and mature their mobile strategy and services. Planning and organizing for the use of mobile technologies is a complex task. Integrating mobile […].

Mobile Big Winner for Holiday to Date; Mobile Order Share Peaked on Thanksgiving


As we kick off Cyber Monday in earnest, we’re taking a look back over the holiday weekend and mobile is the clear winner. Thanksgiving Day specifically saw the greatest amount of mobile traffic and mobile orders.

Closing the Mobile Conversion Gap

Dynamic Yield

Despite this growth in mobile e-commerce, the bulk of the opportunity is still ahead. The post Closing the Mobile Conversion Gap appeared first on Dynamic Yield. Infographics Mobile Commerce Omnichannel Recommendations

Using Mobile Push to Better Engage Customers on Your App


Especially during early stages of purchasing intent and consideration, customers are more often found using mobile devices than desktop – so much so that Marketingland reported that mobile now represents 65% of digital media time, with desktop becoming a “secondary touchpoint. ”

Mobile Selling: How to Make a Big Impact on a Small Screen


For the majority of us, it’s the “basics” — keys, wallet/purse, the kids (if you have them), and your mobile phone. In today’s world, the mobile phone is like the American Express card… you “don’t leave home without it.”. What you may not realize is how the mobile phone has taken over as the primary source of traffic for e-commerce. Mobile accounted for over 50% of traffic and over 40% of all sales revenue during the “Cyber 5” weekend this year.

From scrolling to sales: the future of mobile retailing

Retail Technology Review

Mobile retailing has become a pivotal milestone in consumer buying habits, with over half of online sales being made through mobile devices, reports IMRG By Craig Smith, VP of solutions & customer success, Amplience.

Master Mobile Advertising: PPC Ecommerce Opportunities Unveiled

ROI Revolution

Retailers can no longer afford to adopt a laissez faire fair mentality when it comes to mobile advertising. Instead, mobile advertising traffic has risen past the level of desktop , but so far appears to be additive. The Rise of Mobile Advertising has Been Relentless.


3 Things to Help You Get Ready for Mobile World Congress Americas


With an estimated 30,000 people attending the debut of Mobile World Congress Americas (MWCA), it’s sure to become one of the premier events of the wireless industry. Not only will the event have a large exhibit hall but it’s agenda will “highlight core mobile technologies, consumer and industrial applications in the Internet of Things, the intersection of mobile with entertainment, content and media, and the leading role of the Americas region in driving global innovation.”.

TradeGecko’s new iOS inventory mobile app helps wholesalers transform their business


TradeGecko, the leading inventory and order management system has launched TradeGecko Mobile to help businesses manage their inventory and run their business operations on iOS. TradeGecko Partners Mobile TradeGecko

The State of Personalization in Mobile Commerce

Dynamic Yield

Why do retailers struggle to drive conversions on mobile? The post The State of Personalization in Mobile Commerce appeared first on Dynamic Yield. Presentations

Increase Customer Engagement With Mobile Apps


Mobile apps provide marketers with a unique opportunity to creatively supplement the omnichannel shopping experience. This includes things like watching promotional videos, linking a product to social media, and even simply visiting the retailer’s store on mobile.)

Sweet Tooth and Shopify Double Down on Mobile

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8 Overlooked Mobile Design Best Practices You Need to Implement


93% of Internet users browse the Internet on a mobile device every day. It follows, then, that you should be working as hard as you can to optimize your online presence for mobile. To give you some guidance, I’ve put together 8 mobile design best practices you need to be following.

Franco Manca adds mobile and web ordering with help from Intelligent Business Systems

Retail Technology Review

Leading Neapolitan sourdough pizza brand Franco Manca, owned by restaurant group Fulham Shore, has added mobile and web ordering options to its customer offering following bespoke integration work with Intelligent Business Systems (IBS

Why and how to include mobile location data in your customer journey analysis


Mobile location data is like web analytics for the real world. Unlike web analytics, mobile location data doesn’t produce mission critical insights independently, rather it needs to be analyzed in the right context.

Mobile Personalization: A $169 Billion Opportunity

Dynamic Yield

Mobile must become a top priority for any revenue-driven business. The post Mobile Personalization: A $169 Billion Opportunity appeared first on Dynamic Yield. Presentations

3 key strategies to optimize your eCommerce store for mobile


In line with our ‘Mastering eCommerce’ series commitment to enable merchants to scale and grow their eCommerce businesses, we share 3 key strategies to optimize your eCommerce store for mobile. Mobile eCommerce

Holiday Online Sales May Outpace Predictions; Mobile Apps and Mobile Web Are Neck-And-Neck In Sales


We’ll look into both these stories as well as news that branded shopping apps and the mobile internet showed equal conversion rates during 2017. Mobile Apps and Mobile Internet Are Running Neck-And-Neck In Sales.

Why mobile popups are still part of the game


2017 has been a tough year for mobile popups. In January, Google started penalizing websites using mobile popups that prevent users from accessing content. Many interpreted these moves as the end of mobile popups. Mobile popups are now smarter and more efficient than ever.

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Digital Store Technologies Take the Stage For Both Customer and Associate Experience.

Forrester eCommerce

Digital retail theater is becoming reality for consumers as retailers rush to find ways of attracting and retaining store customers. What is digital retail theater?

What You Can Learn From 5 of the Best Mobile Experiences

While previous generations may have responded with their television or cars, the majority of Millennials and Gen Xers actually respond with their mobile phones. If someone asked you what’s the one thing you can’t live without, what would you say? Commerce Tips

Channel Advice Episode 5: Optimizing Mobile Strategy With Google


Today’s episode was filmed live in Nashville at Catalyst 2017 , where we sat down with Sara Waters, agency development manager at Google in between her sessions throughout the week to talk mobile strategy. into your mobile strategy.

Mobile (POS) Payments: the Future of Retail


Millennials have never experienced a world devoid of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. So it comes as no surprise that mobile is one of the most vital trends for bricks and mortar stores to get on board with. Mobile Devices In-store.

Cyber Five Shopping Kickoff: ‘Mobile First’ (And Often ‘Mobile Only’)


This year, we’re going to go out on a (very sturdy) limb and predict record mobile usage (again) this entire holiday season. At ChannelAdvisor, we saw record levels of mobile traffic and conversions last year with over 50% of conversions on Thanksgiving Day coming from a mobile device (tablet + phone). Additionally, we saw retailers from Amazon to Walmart to Target reporting record amounts of mobile volume over the Cyber Five weekend.

Why Mobile-Friendly Emails May Not Cut It: It’s Time to Get Responsive


In a recent Hubspot article on e-mail optimization, it was found that…: 48% of emails are opened on mobile devices. 69% of mobile users delete emails that aren’t optimized for mobile. In Layman’s terms, optimization relates to making an e-mail mobile friendly.