September, 2021

What Is The Cheapest Shipping Option – USPS, FedEx Or UPS?

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If you want to know the cheapest way to ship packages or if you run an ecommerce business and want to keep your shipping costs down, this article will teach you all of the cheap shipping methods I use for my 7 figure online store.

Choosing the Best WordPress Hosting for Your Blog

Ecommerce Platforms

Finding the best WordPress hosting for your blog is the most vital aspect of creating one. Your blog's speed, uptime, search engine ranking, and user experience are heavily dependent on the WordPress hosting service that you choose.

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A 3-Step Guide to Going Global


Rapid growth in ecommerce sales and digital adoption across the globe opens up a world of opportunity for businesses looking… International Ecommerce

Why Keyword Research Must Be an Ongoing Process

ROI Revolution

Published September 21, 2021. Some people think keyword research is a one-and-done activity – you find high-volume, lower-competition keywords, seed them into your website’s page, check the indexing, set it, and forget it. These days, that idea can’t be farther from the truth.

Bridging the Online and Offline: How to Apply Product Thinking to Expanding Your eCommerce Business

Speaker: John Cutler, Product Evangelist and Coach at Amplitude

In a post-COVID world, online retailers are forced to reevaluate their position and address the challenge of adopting new customer experiences. Even brick and mortar businesses are integrating more digital approaches to CX -- testing out loyalty programs and subscription-based models. Join John Cutler, Product Evangelist and Coach at Amplitude, for this enlightening discussion on the current state of the ecommerce landscape.

6 Ways to Create a Cohesive Customer Journey, from Acquisition to Retention


Reading Time: 5 minutes. When it comes to buzzwords in ecommerce, ‘personalization’ and ‘customer journey’ are top on the list.

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373: Dr. Robert Cialdini On Using Influence And Persuasion To Grow An Ecommerce Brand

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Today I have an extra special guest on the show, Dr. Robert Cialdini. Dr. Cialdini’s book “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” literally changed my life and is responsible for teaching me how to sell online, how to influence people and how to run a successful online business.

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A Comprehensive JotForm Review (Sep 2021): Everything You Need to Know

Ecommerce Platforms

Today’s online business owner understands the importance of communicating efficiently with customers. That said, if you spent all your time on that, you’d have no chance to actually run and grow your business, right? That’s where form builders come in.

How to Sell More with Facebook for BigCommerce: Your Guide to Success


More than 3.4 billion people use Facebook every month to connect with friends and the brands they love. And as… Omnichannel Strategies bigcommerce Facebook Facebook for BigCommerce omnichannel Sell More

Top Technology-Driven B2B ECommerce Trends


B2B eCommerce has rapidly been changing over the past few years, and 2021 is no exception. With the disruption of COVID-19, new trends have emerged and the eCommerce landscape is transforming.

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The Importance of PCI Compliance and Data Ownership When Issuing Payment Cards

This eBook provides a practical explanation of the different PCI compliance approaches that payment card issuers can adopt, as well as the importance of both protecting user PII and gaining ownership and portability of their sensitive data.

2021 Holiday Shopping Ecommerce Stats & Trends [September 2021]

ROI Revolution

Published June 29, 2021 | Updated September 7, 2021. In a post-pandemic world , everything is unprecedented. The 2021 holiday shopping season will be no exception, with consumers’ shopping habits and spending behaviors transformed by the events of the past several months.

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How to Build Strong Reseller Networks


How do you get your products into the hands of excited customers? Through a strong reseller network. A reseller network is your collection of partner retailers who will stock your products—they could be brick-and-mortar stores, eCommerce sites, or a mix of both.

How To Retire Early (And Enjoy Your Life Way Before Age 65)

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Growing up in a traditional Asian household, I was taught to follow this exact formula. Study hard Attend a top college Get a high paying job Work until age 65 Retire and enjoy life To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with this path.

Choosing the Best Web Hosting in Canada (Sep 2021)

Ecommerce Platforms

The web hosting provider that you pick for your Canadian audience can make or break your business. For one, if your target audience resides in a particular country you would want your web hosting service to be able to provide a fast and efficient experience for users in that location.

Post-Pandemic eCommerce Growth: Leverage Product Data, Market Research & Shopping Trends

Speaker: Phil Irvine, VP & Director of Audience Intelligence

This session will dive into how organizations can still leverage historical customer and product data but need to also think about how to augment development of strategies with marketing research and other shopper signals to efficient drive e-Commerce growth. Join Phil Irvine, VP & Director of Audience Intelligence, for this in-depth discussion of the current e-commerce landscape. Whether concerned about data privacy and data management, or curious about how businesses can rethink approaches to designing shopping experiences, the answers are here.

How to Sell More with Walmart Marketplace: Your Guide to Success


Walmart has grown into a globally recognized brand and dramatically changed the retail landscape since opening its first store in… Omnichannel Strategies omnichannel Sell More walmart Walmart Marketplace

Is Bloomie's the future of department stores?

Retail Dive

The concept store may prove the company's agility and ability to bring in new audiences

What Are the Benefits of PIM? | Salsify


Today’s consumers use different platforms to discover new brands and find information about products. They expect to understand how a product helps solve their problem and fits their lifestyle before purchasing. Digital Commerce

What Are eCommerce Subscriptions? And, Why Do They Matter?


It wasn’t too long ago that I was in my local Whole Foods, staring blankly at what felt like 400 different types of vitamins. You see, I had run out of my latest bottle and after three weeks of putting it off, I was on a mission to restock.

Make Payment Optimization a Part of Your Core Payment Strategy

Everything you need to know about payment optimization – an easy-to-integrate, PCI-compliant solution that enables companies to take control of their PSPs, minimize processing costs, maximize approval rates, and keep control over their payments data.

372: Why Instagram DM Automation Is Crushing Ecommerce With Mike Yang

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Today I’m thrilled to have Mike Yang back on the show, Mike is the founder and CEO of ManyChat, the leading chat marketing software in the world and the messaging software that I use for both my store and my blog.

How to Start a Print on Demand Store With Printful and WooCommerce

Ecommerce Platforms

It's the age-old question of selling online: from where should you source products? You have options like dropshipping, wholesale buying, and inventing a product to have it built by a manufacturer. And of course, there's the tried-and-true sourcing option of printing on demand.

Make it Big Podcast: 2021 Marketing Trends to Watch with Richard Lindner (DigitalMarketer)


Welcome to The Make it Big Podcast, a bi-weekly audio series about all things ecommerce by BigCommerce. In 2021, digital… Make It Big Podcast bigcommerce DigitalMarketer Make It Big MIB MIB Podcast Richard Linder

New store opening announcements are up 58% from 2020: Coresight

Retail Dive

Planned openings outpace closures so far in 2021. Compare that to last year, when there were over 150% more closures than openings


11 Email Deliverability Strategies to Reach the Inbox

With nearly 1 in 5 emails from U.S. senders failing to reach the inbox, deliverability challenges still plague senders and prevent email campaign success. Check out this deliverability guide for actionable strategies and real-world examples of companies applying smart inboxing tactics.

The Top Ecommerce Trends for Electronics Brands | Salsify


You might expect electronics brands to naturally align with ecommerce environments — after all, both are inherently digital. Traditionally, however, there’s been a disconnect between consumer electronic sales and agile online markets. Trend Watch

How to Use Internal Site Searches to Inform SEO Strategy

Inflow Insights

Successful eCommerce retailers and marketers must use all the metrics they can to improve customer experience. But one often overlooked data point is internal site search results, which are packed with SEO potential.

Alibaba Vs AliExpress – Who’s Best For Dropshipping And Private Label

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Alibaba vs AliExpress. Which company should you use to source products for your ecommerce business? On the surface, both Alibaba and AliExpress are very similar. They both provide a marketplace to connect buyers and sellers but they serve completely different markets.

Best AWeber Alternatives (Sep 2021): Which are The Best Solutions

Ecommerce Platforms

AWeber is one of the most popular and reliable email marketing tools on the web. Offering useful insights into email marketing reports, a host of professional email newsletter templates and more, AWeber has plenty of advantages to it.

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5 Key Elements for Building a Successful Data-Driven Product

When selecting data providers, companies must ensure they’re tapping into comprehensive, high-quality streams of fresh information which can be easily integrated into their products in a privacy-compliant manner.