Luxury retail: Why a customer should love your packaging first, and then your product

Retail Technology Review

But much less often do they understand the true potential of their outer and additional elements in driving brand engagement, increasing loyalty and enhancing the overall customer experience – and it’s by doing the latter, you can really make consumers fall in love with not only your products, but your brand and business too. More and more, brands are beginning to see the value of their packaging in influencing consumers’ purchasing decisions.

Kooomo launches B2B catalogue site for global retailer Blauer H.T.

Retail Technology Review

the clothing brand created following technical, functional and high-performance standards, has chosen global e-commerce platform provider Kooomo to launch its showcase website specifically designed for its growing B2B customer base. Blauer H.T., Internet Retailing Retail Supply Chain

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Is Brand Packaging Important to Customers?

Retail Technology Review

By Ed Smith, freelance writer Branded packaging may seem like a minor detail when it comes to ecommerce, but you might be surprised at just how effective it can be and how it could help your business to thrive over the competition. Critical Issues Internet Retailing

Retail success post-COVID will rely on understanding new customer mindsets, says Conversity

Retail Technology Review

Six months after COVID-19 started making its mark across the world, lockdown restrictions and widespread working from home offices have caused many consumers to rethink their shopping habits. Retail technology company Conversity believes that understanding the intricacies of these new mindsets is vital if brands are to thrive in the post-pandemic world. Retail Supply Chain Critical Issues Internet Retailing

Retain Valuable Customers with Loyalty

Learn how to effectively retain your most valuable and profitable customers. Download Annex Cloud's 2020 Customer Retention white paper.

Four Types of Ecommerce Merchandising That Business Owners Should Know

Retail Technology Review

By Sam Cortez, managing editor and outreach specialist for Merchandising is the process and practice of displaying and arranging products for the best customer experience. The concept of merchandising is based on guiding prospective customers through the buyer’s journey and presenting them with the right products, at the right time and place, in the right quantity, and with the best prices.

Minelli speeds up shift towards digital retailing with Cegid's unified commerce platform

Retail Technology Review

Retail software vendor, Cegid, has signed a new deal to completely overhaul the IT systems at French footwear retailer, Minelli, in a bid to streamline the business and improve the shopping experience for customers. Internet Retailing Retail Supply Chain

Go Instore, HP and Currys PC World join forces to drive growth in online revenue for HP products

Retail Technology Review

Go Instore, provider of immersive omnichannel retail experiences for personalised ecommerce, has announced the success HP inc has had in providing human-led digital user experiences for their retail partners’ online customers. Internet Retailing Retail Supply Chain

Plobal joins Shopify Plus Technology Partner Program to help ecommerce merchants grow mobile revenue

Retail Technology Review

As mobile becomes the default shopping device, Plobal gets on board the Shopify Plus Technology Partner Program to help high-volume merchants increase mobile revenues by engaging their most loyal customers. Internet Retailing Mobile Computers

Talend cloud enables PointsBet to ensure compliance and reliability amid rapid international expansion

Retail Technology Review

Talend, the cloud data integration solutions provider, has announced that PointsBet, an online bookmaker from Australia offering both traditional fixed odds markets as well as PointsBetting, is using Talend Cloud and Microsoft Azure to deliver a differentiated mobile betting experience to just under 100,000 customers worldwide and support its international expansion.

Achieving retail?s Holy Grail: A 360-degree customer view

Retail Technology Review

The UK retail sector is unforgiving. High street sales recently suffered their biggest drop in 20 years, while online sales growth was forecast to decline to single digits for the first time this year. Critical Issues Retail Supply Chain Internet Retailing

Introducing the Customer Lifecycle Benchmark


Customer-Obsessed. Customer Experience. Customer-centric. We all talk about putting our customer first. But, when it comes to measuring performance, we act more like customer-later. Well, it is time to let the customer value secret out. Know Your Customer.

What Is Customer Engagement?


In an attention-starved world, customer engagement is crucial to commerce success. In turn, they realize benefits throughout the customer lifecycle. An effective engagement strategy helps customer acquisition efforts. Customer Engagement Metrics.

Point Line Trend on… Customer Relationship Health.


With so much focus on engagement metrics like clicks and opens, we often overlook the most important subject to measure — the customer. And, check out LoyaltyLion’s customer retention scoresheet to see just how well you’re engaging your customers.

What is customer analytics?


Customer analytics is considered to be the bread and butter of any successful business plan. The post What is customer analytics? Customer Experience Customer Value Optimization eCommerce Growth

Customer retention software


In today’s article, we’re talking about one of our favorite subjects – customer retention software and its applications. The post Customer retention software appeared first on Omniconvert Ecommerce Growth Blog. Customer Retention Customer Value Optimization Reveal

Customer Experience in eCommerce eBook


The post Customer Experience in eCommerce eBook appeared first on ECOMMERCE GROWTH Blog. Imagine this situation ?? You become the client of your own shop. If you receive a question like “On a.

What is customer engagement?


There are three main pillars of growth that you can rely on in your business strategy: customer retention, loyalty, and. The post What is customer engagement? Customer Experience Customer Value Optimization Reveal RFM

The Psychology Behind Customer Loyalty


But few brands are lucky to attain the ranks of true customer loyalty. Sure, many of us— 77 percent, in fact —participate in some kind of customer loyalty program. By looking deeper into the psychology behind customer loyalty programs, a clearer picture of how brands should be incentivizing customers comes into focus. . Once you’re armed with a foundational knowledge of what makes your customers tick, it’s easier to understand and empathize with them.

How Customer Affinities Power Personalized Campaigns


Customers can be a mystery at times. Why did one ecommerce customer buy ten pairs of sandals in a month? And why does another loyal customer only ever buy products from one specific line and nothing else? You don’t always have to understand why exactly your customers make the choices they do — you just have to know that they are doing it and use that data to your advantage to drive customer loyalty. How to discover customers’ affinities.

Customer retention tools


Customer retention is a subject near and dear to our hearts – that’s why you’ll find several articles on our. The post Customer retention tools appeared first on ECOMMERCE GROWTH Blog.

Who Exactly is Your Ideal Ecommerce Customer?


Is your ideal customer: A. A 20-year-old college student who loves football and wants a custom-printed t-shirt with their team’s fight song? You have to specifically target your ideal customers, and to do that, you must really understand your top buyers. What makes them happy customers? Don’t be afraid to get specific and really dig into your customer profile so you can better target your ideal customers and find who really wants to buy from your brand.

How to Do Customer Analysis


Customer analysis focuses on the exterior of your business, giving outside information and feedback. The post How to Do Customer Analysis appeared first on Omniconvert Ecommerce Growth Blog. Customer Value Optimization eCommerce Growth

How to make customers buy again


Customer retention is key for eCommerce growth. So how can you make customers buy again from your store? Here are a few retention strategies, The post How to make customers buy again appeared first on Omniconvert Ecommerce Growth Blog.

Customer acquisition vs. customer retention


Today we’re tackling an age-old debate in the marketing industry: what is more important – customer acquisition or customer retention? The post Customer acquisition vs. customer retention appeared first on ECOMMERCE GROWTH Blog. Customer experience buyer journey customer acquisition customer engagement customer experience strategy customer lifetime value customer retention

Customer analytics software


A good customer analytics software must be part of your business intelligence suite. Because customer analytics tools help you. The post Customer analytics software appeared first on Omniconvert Ecommerce Growth Blog. Customer Value Optimization eCommerce Growth Reveal

How Customer Service Data Can Improve Customer Loyalty


The more you have, the better you know your customers, and the more relevant you can make your campaigns. Even if you’re lucky enough to have detailed analytics into customer lifetime value and repeat purchase rate, you still don’t have the whole picture. One area that marketers have typically not had access to is customer support data. Even better, you can improve loyalty and transform the customer experience in unexpected ways. Know when NOT to contact customers.

Single customer view


The post Single customer view appeared first on ECOMMERCE GROWTH Blog. Customer Experience Customer Retention Customer Value Optimization RevealTake any business open today, analyze it and you’ll realize that there’s one thing that’s more important to it than.

Improve customer retention with lifecycle-based segmentation


Omnisend’s newly introduced customer lifecycle stages were purposefully built to take any guesswork out of retention marketing and make it easier. Customer lifecycle marketing. Your main goal should be to provide a positive post-purchase experience to all of these customers.

How Customer Feedback Can Improve Your Ecommerce Business


Do you know what the last customer who bought something from your ecommerce store thought about the product they received? … Ecommerce Marketing customer retention


Etail Solutions

Contact us about custom integrations for niche, industry or specialized sales channels. The post Custom appeared first on Etail Solutions. CustomEtail can connect to almost any business, any where.

How to Calculate Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)


Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is one of the most important metrics you can track for ecommerce. What is Customer Lifetime Value? Customer lifetime value is the amount of total value (in terms of revenue) that you can expect from a customer throughout their lifetime as your shopper.

What is customer attrition


What is the customer attrition? Holding on to your customers and managing their customer experiences are the smartest, safest, and. The post What is customer attrition appeared first on ECOMMERCE GROWTH Blog. Customer Retention customer attrition customer attrition rate customer churn customer loyalty customer relationship customer retention customer satisfaction customer service

Customer Journey

Rishi Rawat

Nice animated graphic by McKinsey to describe customer journey: Key takeaway: More than half of customers- 58 percent – change brands from one purchase cycle to the next. This means, as marketers, we have plenty of opportunities to acquire new customers. Article Thoughts

Why Ecommerce Brands Need Customer Lifecycle Automation


It’s an immediate concern for any of our clients, regardless of their product or provided service, location, competition or size: understanding their customers. With virtually no exceptions, we see successful clients prioritize customer understanding by identifying consumers, segmenting into lifecycle stages and offering appropriate brand touchpoints. Identifying change: Where 99% of customer lifecycle tracking falls short. Our clients’ customers will change.

Map Your Ecommerce Marketing to the Customer Lifecycle


First, an anonymous user browses your site, then makes a purchase, then another, and slowly but surely becomes a loyal customer. This is the customer lifecycle, and understanding the ins and outs of this ever-changing process is the key to effective B2C marketing. If your customer lifecycle today only has two steps — not-a-customer and customer— you’re thinking about your ecommerce marketing far too simply. Outline Your Customer Lifecycle.

How to Refine Customer Experience for 2021


With significant changes in customer behavior and customer journey after COVID-19, it's time to refine customer experience for 2021 and beyond. The post How to Refine Customer Experience for 2021 appeared first on Omniconvert Ecommerce Growth Blog.