Sun.Feb 05, 2023

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The State Of Data Commercialization In China’s Financial Services Industry

Forrester eCommerce

The growth of the data economy in China is accelerating. Financial services (FS) firms are actively participating in it, increasingly commercializing their data to create new revenue streams and expand business opportunities.

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How I built my own Stock Watchlist Dashboard in Tableau via Google Sheets


Are you into investing? Or maybe curious about how a part of the stock market is doing? An interactive stock dashboard might be the ideal project for you. Tableau is a data visualization software that allows you to make interactive charts, graphs, and dashboards using data from all kinds of sources.It

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Skincare brand Loops expands into Target nationwide


The decision to work with the mass retailer came easily based on customer input, according to Loops CEO Meg Bedford

Retail 88
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My Bold Retail Predictions for 2023

Steve Dennis

As I share my annual retail predictions I’m reminded of a joke a colleague of mine recently shared with me: Q. What’s the difference between God and a retail futurist? God doesn’t think he’s a retail futurist.

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Retail Reimagined: What It Means To Be An Innovative Retailer

Speaker: DeAnna McIntosh, Retail Growth Strategist

Join DeAnna McIntosh, Retail Growth Strategist, for this idea-sparking session on how to multiply and diversify your revenue (and impact) with zero ad spend, how to create disruption in your industry, and how to reimagine and innovate the retail business model.