Digital Commerce and the Threat of Card-not-present Fraud


A notable risk of these challenges: card-not-present fraud. Card-not-present (CNP) transactions are when the consumer does not or cannot present their physical card to the merchant at the point-of-sale. Digital commerce continues to be top of mind for online retailers.

21 Sessions, Presentations and Workshops You Can’t Miss at IRCE 2018


Our second speaker will detail the unique management challenges different sales and operational systems present in being united. IRCE is arguably the ecommerce industry’s biggest and most influential annual event.

Think Closely About the Choices You Present

Rishi Rawat

“I prefer watching a video”: “I prefer reading”: Ok, so here are the options they present: Pay attention to the first 3. One wrong word (or phrase) can injure conversions. Dyson is an amazing company. They KNOW how to market their engineering story.

To Grab Attention Present Things Differently

Rishi Rawat

I really like this tactic being used on It all comes down to being unexpected. So many sites put the grand total of happy customers – this is expected. People will gloss over this. Because shoppers’ brains are filtering out marketing speak.

TPMA Presents: Key Points About Omni-Channel Retailing


TPMA Presents: Key Points About Omni-Channel Retailing. The post TPMA Presents: Key Points About Omni-Channel Retailing appeared first on OrderDynamics. The Toronto Product Management Association held a panel that highlighted key points about omni-channel retailing.

The Economics of eCommerce Conversion Optimization

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PresentationsWhy eCommerce marketers have to look beyond ROI on Marketing spend. The post The Economics of eCommerce Conversion Optimization appeared first on Dynamic Yield.

The State of Personalization in Mobile Commerce

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PresentationsWhy do retailers struggle to drive conversions on mobile? The post The State of Personalization in Mobile Commerce appeared first on Dynamic Yield.

Understanding Product Recommendations

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PresentationsInsights from powering tens of millions of recommendations. The post Understanding Product Recommendations appeared first on Dynamic Yield.

Mobile Personalization: A $169 Billion Opportunity

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PresentationsMobile must become a top priority for any revenue-driven business. The post Mobile Personalization: A $169 Billion Opportunity appeared first on Dynamic Yield.

Predictions for the Future of Personalization

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PresentationsWhat won’t change in the months and years ahead? The post Predictions for the Future of Personalization appeared first on Dynamic Yield.

Improving Revenue through Dynamic Recommendations

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PresentationsHow and where to implement personalized recommendations in the purchase funnel. The post Improving Revenue through Dynamic Recommendations appeared first on Dynamic Yield.

Drinking Our Own Brew on

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PresentationsHow we use our own platform to increase conversions. The post Drinking Our Own Brew on appeared first on Dynamic Yield.

Proven Personalization Wins? to Increase eCommerce Revenue

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PresentationsConsumers expect shopping experiences that are tailored for them. The post Proven Personalization Wins
 to Increase eCommerce Revenue appeared first on Dynamic Yield.

Introducing Forrester’s Asset Intelligence Model (AIM) For Asset Management

Forrester eCommerce

During my presentation at RSA Conference 2018 this year, I discussed what I refer to as the “Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle of Asset Management,” which states that it’s impossible to maintain an asset inventory list in a constantly evolving environment.

Map Your Way To Digital Technology Mastery

Forrester eCommerce

And building a technology road map for digital transformation presents greater difficulty than it might seem […]. Forrester defines digital transformation as harnessing digital assets to continually improve customer outcomes while increasing operational agility.

Over a quarter of consumers find Christmas shopping online as stressful as purchasing in-store

Retail Technology Review

More than a quarter (27%) of Christmas shoppers find buying presents online just as stressful as going in-store

Improve Your Insights Storytelling With Speedthrough Stories

Forrester eCommerce

Have you ever met an executive by chance in a hallway and they asked you about some data-to-insights work you’ve presented? And you were caught off guard and didn’t explain it well? We’ve all been there. When we come up short like that, we’re leaving money – and time – on the table. We just […].

Make or break: Inefficient returns processes cost retailers lost sales and customer life time value, warns a new report

Retail Technology Review

Retailers' returns policies present critical conversions and customer retention moments in European shoppers' buying journeys, a new report from KPS, an agile transformation consultancy, reveals

How Do You Feel?

Rishi Rawat

When submitting a ticket to WordPress the user is presented with an extra question ( red box in the screenshot below): Why does this matter? Because shoppers who post questions to customer service are often experiencing some level of anxiety.

The four pillars of CRO strategy by Paul Rouke


In his presentation about CRO strategy, Paul shared how he and his team approach […].

Magento Imagine 2017 – Top 10 Tweets


Magento Imagine 2017 has officially come to a close after three jam-packed days of thought leadership presentations, networking sessions, and some fun as well. As always, it was one of the most anticipated and widely attended ecommerce events of the year, with over 2,500 industry experts from over 45 countries coming together. With speakers like Magento CEO. The post Magento Imagine 2017 – Top 10 Tweets appeared first on Zmags. Zmags News ecommerce news events tradeshows

209: How To Make Sure Your Product Will Sell Before You Launch With Kevin Williams

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He was actually one of the keynotes there and I really enjoyed his presentation. He was actually one of the keynotes there and I really enjoyed his presentation. Today I’m really excited to have Kevin Williams on the show.

Why CEOs Don’t Care About Conversion Rate Optimization #CRO

Bryan Eisenberg

I recently presented (slides below) at Conversion World. PRESENTATION DESCRIPTION: Why Has CRO Become a Dead-End? “We During this presentation you will learn: why conversion rate, an output metric, can’t be optimized like an input. If you want to be part of the solution, don’t miss this presentation. Sam Hurley ; Digital Marketing influencer and Founder of OPTIM-EYEZ , asked me the following eight questions.

186: How To Maximize Your Amazon Sales With Former Head Of Seller Central Brad Moss

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Brad recently spoke at my conference, The Sellers Summit, this past year, and his presentation was very well received by the attendees. Brad recently spoke at my conference, the Sellers Summit, this past year, and his presentation was very well received by the attendees.

Whisbi wins the GLOMO award at the Mobile World Congress 2018


February 27, Barcelona MWC 2018 - The GSMA announced Whisbi as the winner of Best Mobile Innovation for Commerce award at the GSMA Global Mobile Awards 2018 yesterday morning, presented at the Innovation city at Mobile World Congress. Telcommunication News & Updates

5 Tips for Designing a High Converting Website Pop Up (Plus 4 Bonus Conversion Tactics)

Traffic and Sales

If you’re presenting a pop up to a first time visitor, the goal is to get a conversion. In short, Google does not want you to present a pop up to visitors immediately after they click through from a Google search result. This presents visitors with a decision that they must make.

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Asymmetric Dominance Effect

Rishi Rawat

Experiment 1: Students are presented with 2 annual subscription plans: Option 1: $59 for online access. Is a tactic where an option that is inferior is added to the comparison set. The lesser alternative makes the option that is dominated look more appealing. Option 2: $125 for print and online access. In this experiment, 68% chose print option, while only 32% chose online only. Experiment 2: Option 1: $59 for online access. Option 2: $125 for print only.

How we built an automated RFM analysis


Yes you, drowned in an ocean of data, running reports and preparing presentations for the next marketing meeting, thinking of what the hell should be done in the next quarter to turn things around and engage your customers better. …and lived to tell the story Pssst, hey you!

Bridging the complexity gap

Retail Technology Review

The business-to-business (B2B) sales ecosystem is an inherently complex space which presents challenges to manufacturers. By Stephen Hardy, Managing Director, FPX Ltd. Regardless of what you sell, how you sell it, and who you're selling to, there are numerous obstacles to ensuring the right product gets to the right customer at the right price via the customer's preferred channel

B2B 107

[Video] Baltimore HUG: 5 Tips to Market Better on Facebook for B2B


Britt presented "5 Facebook Fails: How to Market Better on Facebook for B2B." On August 10, Kyle J. Watch the 1-minute recap below: HubSpot

158: How Noah Kagan Grew To An 8 Figure Company

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Noah also started a podcast called "Noah Kagan Presents" which you should all check out as well. Today, I’m really happy to have Noah Kagan back on the show.

PrestaShop vs. Woocommerce – What is the bottom line?


We present a thorough comparison of the two eCommerce platforms based on our knowledge. We love, hate and work with both Woocommerce and Prestashop. We break it down without any bias. Leaving all subjectivity at the door so that anyone who reads this article will be able to make an educated decision. If you had your share of bad eCommerce decisions, now is your chance to make a good move! The post PrestaShop vs. Woocommerce – What is the bottom line? appeared first on Canonicalized.

Notes From the Field: Australia Edition


See what our presenters in Australia had to say. Commerce Marketing Spotlight invites marketers to share about what works and what doesn’t. The post Notes From the Field: Australia Edition appeared first on Bronto Blog. Bronto Australia Commerce Marketing Spotlight Events Marketing Strategy

What Might We Do For You Now?

Bryan Eisenberg

Deliver Keynote Presentations : We speak at events about innovation, customer-centricity, digital transformation, continuous optimization, lead generation, and retail.

What Tinder Can Teach Us About Growth Marketing


In order to get heterosexual men on the platform, there needed to be heterosexual women already present, and vice versa. Campus Presentations. On a tour of numerous campuses in the United States, Wolfe gave group presentations about Tinder to sorority houses.

Email Deliverability: Inbox Providers Breakdown


The following video and transcripts are an excerpt from Jake’s presentation on list growth and management at our New York City workshop.

Can I Send You an Audible Code?

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Please take less than 4 minutes to register and vote to help us present. Jeffrey and I have a handful of Audible codes left for free audio book copies of Be Like Amazon: Even a Lemonade Stand Can Do It.

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Best Comparison Shopping Sites – Google Shopping Vs Nextag Vs Bing Vs

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For example when I do a product search on Google, I’m often presented with a bunch of vendors all at once in order to find the lowest price. Comparison shopping engines are a great way to market and generate sales for your online store. If you are unfamiliar with comparison shopping engines(CSE), CSE’s are sites that aggregate product listings, prices and product descriptions from a large number of merchants in order to help shoppers make informed buying decisions.

Campbell’s Soup Speaks to the ’50s Housewife


The advertisement shows a typical holiday scene, with mother and children carrying bundles of wrapped presents while father is almost unnoticeable in the background. Photo: Bamboo Trading.

The Headless Commerce Showdown: The Unseen Strategy Retailers Use to Win Ecommerce Market Share


This strategy decouples the presentation layer from the ecommerce platform using popular CMS solutions like WordPress for unparalleled content experiences that increase brand value perception and drive to checkout. Businesses are living in an era of wealth, liquidity and mobility.