Kooomo launches B2B catalogue site for global retailer Blauer H.T.

Retail Technology Review

the clothing brand created following technical, functional and high-performance standards, has chosen global e-commerce platform provider Kooomo to launch its showcase website specifically designed for its growing B2B customer base. Blauer H.T., Internet Retailing Retail Supply Chain

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7 Common B2B Ecommerce Challenges (+ How to Overcome Them)


In 2019, only 13% of all B2B sales were generated digitally. B2B online sales are projected… B2B EcommerceBy 2023, when U.S.

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9 B2B Ecommerce Trends to Drive Your Long-Term Sales Strategy


Ecommerce drove 13% of total B2B sales in the U.S. Forrester projected in December that share would reach… B2B Ecommercein 2019.

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The Evolution of the B2B Buying Process


Picture this: A brand new prospect lands on your… B2B EcommerceBefore we go any further, let’s daydream a bit, shall we?

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How B2B Order Management is Improving Efficiency and Driving Growth


The popularity of B2B ecommerce is on the rise. You’re… B2B EcommerceBut, with this increased market opportunity comes increased customer expectations.

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Clearing the Way for B2B Personalization Success


In a MarketingCharts article , B2B marketers noted that there are a variety of hurdles to setting up scalable B2B personalization in their organization. For example, B2B companies often cite a lack of data about clients and prospects. Top customers are even more valuable in B2B.

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11 B2B Companies Who Are Getting Ecommerce Right


It’s clear that B2B brands who expect to compete in the coming years will need an ecommerce solution that meets… B2B Ecommerce

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Flexible B2B Ecommerce Payments Are Easier than Ever. What Are You Waiting For?


Too many B2B firms are falling behind the payment technology curve, putting their… B2B EcommerceCan we be frank for a minute?

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B2B Ecommerce Site Design


Analysts have forecasted that global B2B ecommerce revenue will top $6.7 B2B ecommerce alone had already surpassed $5 trillion in revenue. And yet, so few B2B brands are online. You might not want to show your prices: Pricing gouging is most real in the supplier and B2B space. The following 13 sites will show you how you can get off to the right start in building a best of the best in B2B ecommerce site design. Sell B2B & Wholesale Products Online.

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A Vendor’s Guide to B2B Ecommerce


While we’ve been shopping for items like clothes or shoes online for years, another trend is now emerging—business-to-business (B2B) ecommerce. As of 2019, B2B ecommerce sales globally have surpassed $12 trillion in revenue. What is B2B Ecommerce? What Is B2B Ecommerce?

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WooCommerce B2B: Setup Your Wholesale Store With WooCommerce [The Complete Guide]


B2B businesses are also very much in favor of following the trend too. […]. The post WooCommerce B2B: Setup Your Wholesale Store With WooCommerce [The Complete Guide] appeared first on MakeWebBetter. The eCommerce sector is witnessing incredible growth with every passing year.

B2B Ecommerce Punchouts Are Here: How B2B Brands Reduce Manual Error and Bring Full Benefits of Online Selling to the Industry


Expert salespeople once handled all of B2B sales. They had personal relationships with the procurement professionals who worked for buyer… B2B Ecommerce Ecommerce News

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Why B2B Digital Strategy Differs From B2C Strategy | Salsify


Isn't ecommerce just ecommerce regardless of business-to-consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B)? This question comes up a lot when laying out the differences between B2C and B2B strategy. B2B Digital Commerce

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Adapting B2B Integration To Support Distributed Commerce

Retail TouchPoints

Evolution Of B2B Integration And Collaboration Distributed commerce requires a different B2B integration strategy, focused directly on customer satisfaction. Scale B2B Integration To Support Drop-Ship Retailers have implemented EDI with nearly all of their trading partners while leaving brands, transportation firms, banks and 3PLs free to choose their level of system integration.

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B2B Advertising With Google, Facebook & Instagram


Whether your goal is to increase sales or drive leads, an optimized B2B advertising strategy will help to drive engagement and website traffic. In this blog, we're sharing how you can leverage Google, Facebook and Instagram ads to promote your B2B eCommerce store.

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B2B Best Practices: How to Choose an Ecommerce Platform | Salsify


Choosing a business-to-business (B2B) ecommerce platform can be challenging — especially if you don't know where to start. B2B Digital CommerceWhile the process may seem daunting, there are several necessary steps that can help you get started.

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Demystifying Personalization in B2B


B2B companies are thinking about personalization all wrong. However, B2B customers require a completely different value proposition than retail shoppers on the hunt for a fancy new shirt. That’s because buyers expect their first interaction with a B2B brand to be much more personalized than their first interaction with a B2C website, where they may register as little more than an IP address. Successful B2B personalization boils down to understanding and meeting these needs.

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2021 Is the Time to Deliver a Hyper-Relevant Digital Experience in B2B


B2B ecommerce is in the middle of a digital transformation. But B2B firms can’t be satisfied with a simple pivoting to digital channels, they need to recreate the personal connections that have been lost with data-driven personalization across the B2B buyer journey.

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Inside B2B2C Ecommerce: The Hybrid Solution to Consider


You’ve heard of B2B, B2C, and maybe even D2C. To add to the alphabet of business models, there’s also B2B2C,… B2B Ecommerce b2b ecommerce

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50,000 SKUs Later, Here Are the Lessons We’ve Learned About B2B Ecommerce


But, to grow our business, it became more… B2B EcommerceOver the past 30 years, our company has served thousands of retailers.

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Tips To Improve Your B2B Ecommerce Business


In today’s fast-paced market, the majority of the customers are turning to B2B Ecommerce stores to purchase their products directly. B2B customer experience has improved, but the consumers are waiting for stores to buck up and fulfill their expectations. We are not only talking about B2B customers, but B2B buyers are also consumer buyers at some time. Customer satisfaction has been better, but there has been no improvement in the buying journey of B2B buyers.

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17 B2B Ecommerce Companies Taking Advantage of a $6.7 Trillion Opportunity (+ How Your Brand Can, Too)


Their team works with category-leading brands looking to launch B2B as well as Direct-to-Consumer including Cargill, Citizens of Humanity and Dollar Tree. By all the most recent reports, analysts have forecasted that global B2B ecommerce revenue will top $6.7 B2B ecommerce alone had already surpassed $5 trillion in revenue. And yet, as of 2014, only 22% of B2B businesses in the U.S. So, what’s holding B2B businesses up? B2B Ecommerce Misconceptions.

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Building B2B Marketing Chops


Lindsay Hagerman discusses how she was able to build a thriving B2B business at RainCaper.com through tradeshows, geographical reps who work on commission and more. You’ll learn: How to build a thriving B2B business.

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B2B Online

Retail Technology Review

B2B Online, Europe's only conference for leaders in eCommerce, digital and marketing from prominent manufacturers and distributors, is coming back to Amsterdam this November. Exhibitions and Events Internet Retailing

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Getting Serial With B2B: 3 Examples Of Bingeworthy Content


The post Getting Serial With B2B: 3 Examples Of Bingeworthy Content appeared first on Zaius. Demand Gen Report. Press Uncategorized

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Online B2B Marketplaces: Beat Them or Join Them?


The post Online B2B Marketplaces: Beat Them or Join Them? eCommerce Uncategorized B2B b2b marketplace b2b online b2b online marketplace b2b online marketplaces b2becommerce marketplace selling online marketplace third party marketplacesOnline transactions are on course to make up nearly half of all business […]. appeared first on The Omni Channel.

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The Benefits of B2B Ecommerce: “We Now Have a Thriving Business Thanks to the Internet”


Lagging behind on this, however, are often businesses in the B2B space. Estimates predict that online B2B selling will top $1.18 to talk about: Their online selling success as a B2B brand. When did you first launch your B2B ecommerce site ? Around 1996, we opened up our first website and soon thereafter discovered the B2B ecommerce benefits of selling online. Has online B2B customer behavior changed in the last 22 years? Compare Your B2B Solution Options.

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Five Ways To Plan For B2B Journey Mapping Success

Forrester's Customer Insights

As advisors to B2B CX and Marketing Leaders in the Forrester Leadership Boards (FLB), we come along on many journey mapping “journeys”. age of the customer B2B B2B marketing customer experience measurement customer journey mapping employee journeyJourney mapping can be an energizing and eye-opening exercise in customer empathy. The most common question we receive from executives is, “How do I ensure the journey mapping process is actionable and aligned […].

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B2B industry expert, Brian Beck on what role marketplaces will have in B2B ecommerce [video]


In the coming months, we’re going to see the role of marketplaces increase in B2B. Brian Beck discusses how manufacturers can take a cue from Amazon, and create consumer-like shopping experiences for their B2B buyers. The post B2B industry expert, Brian Beck on what role marketplaces will have in B2B ecommerce [video] appeared first on Get Elastic Ecommerce Blog. Commerce B2B video

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B2B Digital Transformation 2020: Post-Pandemic Lessons From Industry Experts


Kibo recently hosted a fireside chat that dove into the challenges B2B organizations are facing post-pandemic. The Great Shift in B2B Organizations to Digital Experiences. So, we asked our experts how this period manifested itself at their B2B company.

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30 B2B ecommerce experts to follow


After extensive research and interviews, the team at Get Elastic is presenting a list of 30 industry movers and shakers in B2B ecommerce. These hardworking and thought-provoking individuals are known among their peers and commerce community as experts in digital strategy and building digital-first B2B enterprises. Brian Beck , CEO, BECK Ecommerce With over 20 years in the B2B commerce space, Beck has lived through many digital transformations. He will be featured at B2B Next.

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Why You Can’t Ignore Marketing for Manufacturers


Some manufacturers have been marketing to downline businesses in the supply chain and the general public for… B2B Ecommerce b2b ecommerceLet’s be honest.

Wholesale Ecommerce Explained: 1 Site, 3X Sales with Automation and Personalization for B2B Online Wholesalers


It’s hard not to start any article about B2B or wholesale ecommerce without dropping the market size bomb: Global B2B online sales surpassed $ 7.6 alone, B2B and wholesale ecommerce will top $1.1 That’s a 262% difference between B2B and B2C revenue globally, and a 68% difference in the U.S. In fact, you might already sell B2B and through a wholesale channel if you sell to: Boutiques and brick-and-mortars that are not your own. B2B Ecommerce

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Make the Transition from B2B to B2C Marketing


Shifting your career from business to business (B2B) to business to consumer (B2C) marketing is a surprisingly difficult task. For example, personalization is crucial for both B2B and B2C customers, with 72% of B2B customers expecting personalized experiences, while 56% of B2C customers say a tailored experience based on past interactions is important to winning their business. You may even need to adopt some B2B marketing techniques if you’re selling a high-ticket item.

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Magento, NetSuite Conferences Illustrate What B2C Can Teach B2B

Retail TouchPoints

focuses on how retailers can bolster their customers’ experience, I noticed a number of sessions and in-person meetings at the two conferences that actually touched on the world of a somewhat different audience: B2B buyers. But the crossover felt very relevant, especially since it appears B2B wholesalers can learn a thing or two from their retail counterparts. Another example of retail’s impact on B2B comes from an unlikely source — luxury candy boutique Sugarfina.

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How to Accelerate B2B Digital Transformation | Salsify


B2B Digital Commerce Industrial Materials COVID-19Disruption is a “process, not a product or service, that occurs from the fringe to mainstream,” according to Wikipedia.

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5 B2B eCommerce Strategies you need now


Unlike the B2C buyer experience, B2B customers require relationship building on a personalized, almost bespoke level. Therein lies the challenge of B2B marketing. Every wholesaler worth his salt knows that successful wholesale businesses are built on the back of strong customer relationships. Online Wholesale

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