Announcing Forrester’s Latest Latin America Online Retail Forecast

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According to Forrester's recently published forecast, online retail sales in Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico (the region's three largest markets) will reach $30.9 online retail. Argentina Brazil Latin America Mexico eBusiness Strategy eCommerce eCommerce Forecast online retail

ChannelSale Attends IRCE 2018—Pledges To Redefine Online Retail Industry


In recent times, annually held IRCE (Internet Retailer Conference + Exhibition) has become a hallmark of excellence and inventiveness in the e-commerce industry that online sellers around the world participate in. Internet Retailer Conference IRCE 2018 Online Retail Industry

Managing increasing customer demand proving difficult for online retailers

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Online retailers need greater automation in the warehouse to help meet delivery schedules during peak periods and to improve customer service, shows independent market research from Conveyor Networks. Critical Issues Internet Retailing

Clicks to Bricks: Online Retailers Expand Into Physical Stores


Clicks to Bricks: Online Retailers Expand into Physical Stores. Over the past few years, a number of online retailers have expanded their digital-native presence into physical retail. Three Tips for Online Retailers Expanding into Brick and Mortar.

Blockchain group in UK launch to disrupt online retail

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Blamed for the death of the High Street, online shopping giants face their own disruption from artificial intelligence (AI) driven retailers, according to a new e-commerce platform scheduled to launch in the UK

Reality Check: Amazon’s 1-Click for all online retailers?

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On 11th September 2017, 20 years after its launch, the patent for the 1-Click service from Amazon expires

New online retail tool ‘proven to optimise sales in record time’

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Optiseller is a new online retail tool which reviews over 50m products each week

21+ eCommerce Conferences in 2018 for Online Retailers

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Unlike other lists online, this list focuses only on eCommerce. Sellers Conference for Online Entrepreneurs. Online Retailer Conference & Ecommerce Expo. Retail’s Digital Summit National Retail Federation. Internet Retailing Expo.

6 Customer Review Tools for Online Retailers


In today’s online world, we are competing in a very competitive environment. Online shoppers have thousands of choices and your competitors are ready to steal them from you. Yotpo’s beautifully designed in-mail form enable online shoppers to leave the reviews effectively.

5 Labor Day Marketing Tips For Online Retailers


The post 5 Labor Day Marketing Tips For Online Retailers appeared first on ecomdash. Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer. Plan ahead this year and use these Labor Day marketing tips for your ecommerce business. Read more.

Valentine’s Day Marketing Tips for Online Retailers


The post Valentine’s Day Marketing Tips for Online Retailers appeared first on ecomdash. Valentine’s Day isn’t just about paper cards and teddy bears – it is a major consumer holiday with the potential to give you a bump in sales after the post-Christmas ecommerce lull. From social and email campaigns to sales promotions, there are many ways to promote your products for the holiday. Read more.

Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Advertising for Online Retailers


The post Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Advertising for Online Retailers appeared first on ecomdash. With over 2.07 billion active users across the globe, Facebook is the most popular social media platform out there.

Is A Subscription Business Model Better for Online Retailers?


A 2016 study from Hitwise Retail 500 noted that visits to subscription box websites grew almost 3,000% from 2013 to 2016, representing tremendous opportunity for both brick-and-mortar retailers and traditional eCommerce. Traditional Retail with Subscription Options.

Why A Tax Law Change In Australia Could Impact Online Revenues For US Online Retailers

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In August 2015, the Australian government announced an impending change to their tax structure that will impact online retailers serving the market via international shipping. Today, Australian consumers can import up to A$1,000 duty-free when they buy from a foreign retailer. The A$1,000 duty-free exemption is known as the low value threshold (LVT) and it has driven a large cross-border shopping habit among online shoppers in Australia.

Twiggle unveils search technology ‘that allows any online retail company to take on e-commerce giants’

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Twiggle has announced the debut of its Semantic API, which instantly gives retailers the ability to add a semantic layer to their existing search engines and interact with their online customers in a more personal and natural way

Amazon Is A (Big And Scary) Red Herring

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Amazon is on the tip of the tongue when folks analyze the retail sector or try to craft strategies to save or reenergize retail brands. Sure, Amazon is reshaping the retail sector, causing turmoil for most and devastation to some. Amazon omnichannel customer experience online retail retailBut that point is misleading and dangerous to brands looking for a single villain or […].

Three Takeaways On eCommerce From My Trip To China

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I recently spent two weeks in China to attend an event hosted by eCommerce company for analysts and retail thought leaders. age of the customer Asia Pacific B2C ecommerce customer experience digital business online retail retail

Top Repricing Questions Online Retailers Need to Ask Themselves


Repricing in online retail is more than a requirement because the market is constantly in flux. Before an online retailer can pick the best way to reprice their products , there are a number of questions they need to ask themselves to make the best decision.

Attention Online Retailers: GDPR is Happening & Here’s What it Means for You


This means there’s some major changes happening in the world of online retail. Consent within the scope of GDPR is important because it directly impacts how online retailers advertise to consumers within the EU.

Retailers Still Struggle To Differentiate Through Customer Experience

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The barrier has never been lower for retail shoppers to compare offerings and try new companies. However, we found that most retailers continue to struggle at delivering great experiences to their customers. age of the customer customer experience customer experience index (CX Index) online retail retailSuperior customer experience (CX) helps foster loyalty and, at the end of the day, CX leaders grow revenue faster than CX laggards.

Just Released: Top Retail Tech Investments For 2018 — Overview

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In today’s increasingly crowded digital commerce market and with increasingly tighter budgets, retailers have to make smart choices about which technologies to invest in and which they should forego for now. To help retailers sift through the options, we conduct an annual top trends study. This year, we interviewed more than 30 retail industry professionals to ask about retail […].

All Brands Need A Full-Fledged Digital Commerce Strategy

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The internet has enabled brands to sell more of their products to an ever-expanding universe of shoppers, but digital distribution has also added complexity to the relationship between brands and retailers and other channel partners. All brands need to set parameters around the digital sales of their goods, regardless of the type of brand or […].

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2018 Retail Best Practices Extended: Mobile Web

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Mobile is becoming a dominant digital touchpoint for retail, influencing online sales and purchase decisions in-store. Retailers will broaden their reach and increase the likelihood […]. age of the customer customer experience mobile commerce (mCommerce) mobile engagement mobile moments mobile shopping mobile web online retail retail digital retail mobile mobile commerce

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Retailers: You’re In a Tech Hiring Race, Follow Home Depot’s Lead.

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online retail retail Uncategorized Home DepotThis week, The Home Depot announced that it is pressing the gas further on its digital initiatives by augmenting its existing 2,800 person tech team with another 1,000 IT, product and CX tech workers. What’s behind this? Not one to rest on its laurels, The Home Depot knows that it needs to grow its digital […].

Will your company’s digital transformation end up as a bold decision or a bust?

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digital business digital customer experience digital disruption online retail retailIn digital transformation, there’s a fine line between fearlessness and foolishness. Bad decisions can have all the trappings of a bold new strategy: A costly acquisition, suddenly pivoting to an unexpected new product offering, an ambitious new vision for the future. Similarly, when consumer media hypes a new business model that will “disrupt” an industry, […].

Q&A: Branded Manufacturers Digital Commerce Strategies

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brand experience consumer packaged goods (CPG) customer experience strategy digital business digital customer experience digital disruption digital transformation direct to consumer Manufacturing online retail retailDirect-to-consumer (D2C) commerce is not a new concept for branded manufacturers, but there is certainly renewed interest and more options to choose from.

Key Christmas ecommerce Metrics for online retail


Every online retail business should track their key Christmas ecommerce metrics. The Christmas holiday season is a challenging, but profitable time for online retail. More shoppers are starting to buy online.

The State Of Retail eCommerce In Brazil

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The economic decline in Brazil has hit the retail sector hard , but eCommerce is still growing. To understand the state of affairs in retail eCommerce in Brazil, in 2016 Forrester surveyed online retailers in Brazil together with industry partner e-Commerce Brasil. Brazilian retail. online retail. retail. Brazil Brazilian eCommerce Brazilian retail eBusiness Strategy eCommerce eCommerce Brasil online retail retail

Making Sense Of Round One In The eCommerce War During The Festive Sales Season In India

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The first week of October witnessed the start of the holiday sales season in India as the big three online retailers -- Flipkart, Amazon, and Snapdeal -- launched high-profile sales. Online retail in India has witnessed significant growth during the past five years, powered by highly funded online retail companies that bought growth through discounts. This has led to a slowdown in funding as well as cost cutting by online retailers in the past six months.

Holiday Selling Secrets: Top Tips from Successful Online Retailers and Brands


Then the growth of online shopping drew droves of purchase-ready consumers to PCs and mobile devices instead of stores. If your online retail relationships have fallen by the wayside, now’s the time to give your partners some overdue attention. As consumers search high and low for gift planning and purchasing, retailer-brand relationships will play a critical role in landing sales. Ensuring brand-retailer relationships stay strong.

Why Pricing Optimization Is Required in Online Retail


No matter what channels a retailer sells on, their pricing is one facet of the selling experience that can’t be stagnant. At its core, price optimization helps retailers attain the goals that are most important to them. to learn how to turn retail data into action. ?.

Digital Store Technologies Take the Stage For Both Customer and Associate Experience

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Digital retail theater is becoming reality for consumers as retailers rush to find ways of attracting and retaining store customers. What is digital retail theater?

The Most Popular (Easy-to-Implement) Opt-in Offer Used by Online Retailers to Get More Email Subscribers

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If you’re like most online retailers, you spend a lot of time and effort building your email campaigns. When was the last time you bought something online without making sure you were getting the best deal?

The Pros and Cons of Loss Leader Pricing for Online Retailers

Have you ever come across a sale that seemed too good to be true? Maybe your local grocery store had an eye catching deal on milk, or your favorite apparel site offered a discount on jeans that made you do a double take. I’d be willing to bet we’ve all seen some offers in the past that have made us want to stop, drop, and shop. Commerce Tips

5 Digital Trends And Predictions Shaping Online Retail

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The past year's record-setting holiday shopping season gave online retailers a glimpse into the future as Cyber Monday sales broke the $2 billion mark. The post 5 Digital Trends And Predictions Shaping Online Retail appeared first on Dynamic Yield.

Wiser’s New eBook Connects Data and Pricing to Succeed in Online Retail


We know that data enables retail success and in our new eBook, Wiser’s Guide to Data Driven Pricing in Online Retail , we break down how it fits in with pricing. . Whether in-store or online, Wiser has you covered from pricing to assortment to promotions.?

Online vs In-Store: 3 Surprising Facts You Need To Know


Online vs In-Store: 3 Surprising Facts You Need To Know. A new KPMG study, “ The Truth About Online Consumers ”, released in June 2017 that surveys 18,430 consumers world-wide, packed a few surprising results regarding online vs in-store regulars. Men Spend More Online.

What Makes An Online Store Sing (And How Do You Get Customers to Hear)?


Now that sites like Shopify and WooCommerce make it easy to launch digital stores, small business is becoming a big deal online: Mary Meeker’s 2018 Internet Trends report pointed out that the world’s 600,000+ digital merchants are earning over $25B annually. But there’s a lot to learn between launching an online store and earning real sales. When brands fail to find a loyal online audience, their digital storefronts shutter fast.

Top 8 Notables of Retail 2017


Top 8 Notables of Retail 2017. 2017 is almost over and it was both the ‘best of times, and worst of times’ from a retail perspective. So here is our recap of the year with the top 8 notables of retail 2017. Pop-up Retail Experience. Retail Co-Opetition.

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Attention Online Retailers! 7 Must-Do’s this Holiday Shopping Season

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Attention Online Retailers! The post Attention Online Retailers! Follow the following 7 must-do’s below to ensure you have a very merry Christmas. 7 Must-Do’s this Holiday Shopping Season appeared first on Dynamic Yield.