Half Of Online Retail Spending Came From Marketplaces In 2016

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Marketplaces are taking an growing share of B2C online retail sales: Half of B2C online retail spend came from marketplaces in 2016.

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21+ eCommerce Conferences in 2018 for Online Retailers

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Unlike other lists online, this list focuses only on eCommerce. Sellers Conference for Online Entrepreneurs. Online Retailer Conference & Ecommerce Expo. Retail’s Digital Summit SHOP.org. National Retail Federation. Internet Retailing Expo.

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5 Digital Trends And Predictions Shaping Online Retail

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The past year's record-setting holiday shopping season gave online retailers a glimpse into the future as Cyber Monday sales broke the $2 billion mark. The post 5 Digital Trends And Predictions Shaping Online Retail appeared first on Dynamic Yield.

Twiggle unveils search technology ‘that allows any online retail company to take on e-commerce giants’

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Twiggle has announced the debut of its Semantic API, which instantly gives retailers the ability to add a semantic layer to their existing search engines and interact with their online customers in a more personal and natural way

6 Customer Review Tools for Online Retailers


In today’s online world, we are competing in a very competitive environment. Online shoppers have thousands of choices and your competitors are ready to steal them from you. Yotpo’s beautifully designed in-mail form enable online shoppers to leave the reviews effectively.

Announcing Forrester’s Latest Latin America Online Retail Forecast

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According to Forrester's recently published forecast, online retail sales in Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico (the region's three largest markets) will reach $30.9 online retail. Argentina Brazil Latin America Mexico eBusiness Strategy eCommerce eCommerce Forecast online retail

Attention Online Retailers! 7 Must-Do’s this Holiday Shopping Season

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Attention Online Retailers! The post Attention Online Retailers! Follow the following 7 must-do’s below to ensure you have a very merry Christmas. 7 Must-Do’s this Holiday Shopping Season appeared first on Dynamic Yield.

5 Labor Day Marketing Tips For Online Retailers


The post 5 Labor Day Marketing Tips For Online Retailers appeared first on ecomdash. Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer. Plan ahead this year and use these Labor Day marketing tips for your ecommerce business. Read more.

The Latin American Economy Is Slowing Down Online Retail Market Growth

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Online retail in Latin America faces a number of challenges: a troubling economy, rising unemployment, high inflation, and regulatory and infrastructure problems. The recently published Forrester Research Online Retail Forecast, 2015 To 2020 (Latin America) explores the impact of all of these factors. online retail. Data Insights Latin America eCommerce online retail

Office Depot Acquires CompuCom — Is The Third Time The Charm For Retail Diving Into IT Services?

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Office Depot announced the $1 billion acquisition of CompuCom yesterday, which is a strong pivot into IT services for the 31-year-old retailer. As Yogi Berra said, “It’s déjà vu all over again.”

The Pros and Cons of Loss Leader Pricing for Online Retailers


Have you ever come across a sale that seemed too good to be true? Maybe your local grocery store had an eye catching deal on milk, or your favorite apparel site offered a discount on jeans that made you do a double take. I’d be willing to bet we’ve all seen some offers in the past that have made us want to stop, drop, and shop. Commerce Tips

Online vs In-Store: 3 Surprising Facts You Need To Know


Online vs In-Store: 3 Surprising Facts You Need To Know. A new KPMG study, “ The Truth About Online Consumers ”, released in June 2017 that surveys 18,430 consumers world-wide, packed a few surprising results regarding online vs in-store regulars. Men Spend More Online.

Holiday Selling Secrets: Top Tips from Successful Online Retailers and Brands


Then the growth of online shopping drew droves of purchase-ready consumers to PCs and mobile devices instead of stores. If your online retail relationships have fallen by the wayside, now’s the time to give your partners some overdue attention. As consumers search high and low for gift planning and purchasing, retailer-brand relationships will play a critical role in landing sales. Ensuring brand-retailer relationships stay strong.

Predictions 2018: Customer-Obsessed, Data-Driven Retailers Will Thrive In 2018

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In a world of hyper-adoption – and hyper-abandonment – successful retailing in 2018 comes down to obsessing about your customer’s experience. digital business ebusiness strategy online retail prediction retailIt’s a tall order: Digital and physical touchpoints now must work together flawlessly – yet also do what each touchpoint does best on its own. And organizations must remove silo shackles to unify disparate […].

Retailers’ CX Slips In 2017

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Facing stiff competition on- and off-line, retailers need to invest in superior CX to differentiate themselves and foster the loyalty of empowered customers. In 2017, we saw both traditional and digital-only retailers’ CX quality slip. […]. customer experience customer experience index (CX Index) emotion online retail retailAcross industries, improvement in CX leads to growth in total revenue.

Digital Store Technologies Take the Stage For Both Customer and Associate Experience.

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Digital retail theater is becoming reality for consumers as retailers rush to find ways of attracting and retaining store customers. What is digital retail theater?

Amazon Blends Digital and Physical Experiences At Their New Book Store

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While Amazon has much to learn about retail from the brick and mortar giants, physical stores can learn a lot from how Amazon is successfully bringing the digital experience into the […].

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Walmart and Google’s Voice-Assisted Commerce Partnership Highlight the Next Big Disrupter in Retail

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Amazon customer experience digital business ecommerce online retail retail amazon amazon alexa amazon echo brendan witcher digital digital retail google google express google home grocery same day delivery walmartWalmart and Google have announced an important new partnership that directly addresses the growing markets for voice-assisted shopping and free expedited delivery. Marc Lore, President and CEO, Walmart U.S.

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What You Need to Know About the Death of eCommerce (Pure Play)

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But the reality of it is that eCommerce is still only a small % of the total retail/commerce industry. While I think it is still the 1 singular thing that all retailers/merchants should be putting at the front of their business, I do believe that it isn’t the end-all be-all of commerce.

Luxury Brands Must Act Or Be Digitally Disenfranchised From Savvy Luxury Consumers

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B2C ecommerce B2C marketing brand experience buyer engagement customer engagement customer experience customer insights digital business ebusiness strategy ecommerce mobile shopping omnichannel customer experience retail digital digital strategy luxury online retail

What You Need To Know About The Game Changing Shopify Pay

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I think the real culprit for older, bricks-born retailers and brands going away is best described as death by a thousand cuts. It’s this army of new, digital born merchants that are doing the real damage to retailers of old.

The Data Digest: eCommerce May Be The Only Way To Challenge The Google/Facebook Duopoly

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advertising Amazon data insights digital marketing ecommerce media buying online retail

Top 8 Notables of Retail 2017


Top 8 Notables of Retail 2017. 2017 is almost over and it was both the ‘best of times, and worst of times’ from a retail perspective. So here is our recap of the year with the top 8 notables of retail 2017. Pop-up Retail Experience. Retail Co-Opetition.

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Finding a Balance Between Free Shipping and Discounts


Experienced retailers understand that shoppers have grown used to free shipping and discounts, but offering both at the same time depletes margins and brand value. These two retailers have had oscillating free shipping minimums to stay competitive with one another.

Clicks to Bricks: Online Retailers Expand Into Physical Stores


Clicks to Bricks: Online Retailers Expand into Physical Stores. Over the past few years, a number of online retailers have expanded their digital-native presence into physical retail. Three Tips for Online Retailers Expanding into Brick and Mortar.

Amazon And Flipkart Are Expected to Record $1.2-$1.5 Billion In Sales In India’s Coming Festive Sales

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Amazon B2C ecommerce amazon big billion day Festive Sales Flipkart India online retailOn October 6, 2014, Flipkart launched Big Billion Day, an event that occurs within India’s festive season — a holiday period that accounts for 40% of the total sales of key brands in India.

New online retail tool ‘proven to optimise sales in record time’

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Optiseller is a new online retail tool which reviews over 50m products each week

Amazon Product Content: A New Space Race?

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The Whole Foods acquisition by Amazon weeks ago was only the latest milepost in the latter’s inexorable march to the top of retail. The company sold $136 billion worth of products in 2016 – more than any other online retailer (and just over a third of what Wal-Mart did). advertising B2C marketing digital marketing online retail search marketing

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How to Improve ROI with Product Experience – Product Information Management for eCommerce

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To convert prospects into buyers and expand market presence and online revenue, product information needs to be high quality, complete, and always available. We all know from personal experience that we want to be well informed when buying online.

The State Of Retail eCommerce In Brazil

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The economic decline in Brazil has hit the retail sector hard , but eCommerce is still growing. To understand the state of affairs in retail eCommerce in Brazil, in 2016 Forrester surveyed online retailers in Brazil together with industry partner e-Commerce Brasil. Brazilian retail. online retail. retail. Brazil Brazilian eCommerce Brazilian retail eBusiness Strategy eCommerce eCommerce Brasil online retail retail

Four Tips to Help Retailers Prepare for In-store Pickups


Four Tips to Help Retailers Prepare for In-Store Pickups. How do retailers avoid this and deliver a smooth in-store pickup experience? First and foremost, it starts with a robust retail order management system. That’s something EVERY retailer needs to know!

5 Black Friday Ecommerce Trends to Prepare For in 2017

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The tide has turned on traditional retail stores. Black Friday was originally known as the day retailers go into the black. According to the National Retail Federation , more people opted to skip the madness and did their Black Friday shopping online than in-store in 2016.

7 Hot Takes On The Death Of Traditional Physical Retail

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Malls are emptying, brands are going bankrupt, and retail workers are losing their jobs by the million. Does this spell the death of traditional physical retail? Retailers need to adapt to this change by making it easy for consumers to buy between stores to stay competitive!

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A Customer-Led Approach is Fundamental to The Integration of Worldpay and Vantiv

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B2C ecommerce business & IT alignment online retail retail PaymentsVantiv has the largest payments industry acquisition of 2017 ($10.4B) under its belt — now what? Integration is the trickiest part of any acquisition and comes after the dust settles and the deal is done. This crucial phase begins in earnest this week for Vantiv and Worldpay. To accelerate its business and achieve the full […].

Why You Shouldn’t Participate in the eCommerce Race to the Bottom!

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It’s hard out there for a retailer. Traditional retail stores are quickly closing physical stores, emptying out malls, and (failing) to try to adapt to the new demands of consumers online. The options and choices are endless online for savvy shoppers looking to save money.

Why A Tax Law Change In Australia Could Impact Online Revenues For US Online Retailers

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In August 2015, the Australian government announced an impending change to their tax structure that will impact online retailers serving the market via international shipping. Today, Australian consumers can import up to A$1,000 duty-free when they buy from a foreign retailer. The A$1,000 duty-free exemption is known as the low value threshold (LVT) and it has driven a large cross-border shopping habit among online shoppers in Australia.

Making Sense Of Round One In The eCommerce War During The Festive Sales Season In India

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The first week of October witnessed the start of the holiday sales season in India as the big three online retailers -- Flipkart, Amazon, and Snapdeal -- launched high-profile sales. Online retail in India has witnessed significant growth during the past five years, powered by highly funded online retail companies that bought growth through discounts. This has led to a slowdown in funding as well as cost cutting by online retailers in the past six months.

This Season Don’t Let Holiday Returns Make You See Red!

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Holiday sale days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Boxing Day etc, drive insane profits for retailers! Extremely high return rates during the mania of the Holiday Season are making retailers see red instead of black. retailers more than $260 Billion in lost sales.

[Infographic] 2017 eCommerce Holiday Strategies


For retailers, that means it’s time to kick it up a notch in order to get the most out of the 2017 holiday eCommerce season. Whether in-store or online, Wiser has you covered from pricing to assortment to promotions. Holiday Pricing Strategies Infographic ecommerce online retail

Criteo reveals 2017’s most searched terms: The omnichannel opportunity

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the performance marketing technology company, has announced the top online retail searches conducted in the UK in 2017 as revealed at Criteo's Ecommerce Media Forum Criteo S.A.,