Wehkamp plots double-digit growth trajectory with Manhattan Associates

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has announced that Dutch online retailer Wehkamp has selected Manhattan’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) to manage its new distribution centre (DC) in Zwolle, Netherlands. Manhattan Associates Inc. Internet Retailing Retail Supply Chain

Managing Costs In Azure

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Cost management is a topic that consistently comes up in inquiry, regardless of whether the original question was about cost management or about other aspects of cloud strategy. Up until recently, cost management was exclusively served by third-party software offerings.

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Partner Relationship Management (PRM) Comes Of Age

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Maturing Into A Horizontal Channel Management Platform Aligned With CRM and Marketing Automation. Partner relationship management (PRM) connects the dots between partner planning, recruitment, […].

Managing Your Company Through The Coronavirus Pandemic

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To navigate the next stage of the coronavirus pandemic, governments and companies must design and enforce Pandemic Management Protocols (PMPs) — a set of procedures and processes by which people will go to the office, go to school, congregate in public, eat in restaurants, travel, and move without causing unmanageable new outbreaks of the virus.

Are Your Managers Asking The Right Questions?

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When great individual contributors are first promoted to management roles, they […]. Growing up, my father framed all of our chores in the form of a question. “How would you like to mow the lawn?” ” Of course, it wasn’t really a question.

Accelerate With Enterprise Service Management

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Enterprise service management (ESM) emerged from the crowded IT service management (ITSM) market. ESM expands service thinking and the service catalog into domains outside of IT as well as speeding up workflow development.

Manage Through The Pandemic?s Next Stage With Technologies In Four Categories

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Age of the Customer customer experience management employee experience pandemic risk management security risk management technology-driven innovation customer experience Security & RiskMost experts agree that COVID-19 is going to be around for some time. Widespread availability of a vaccine is at least 18 months away. But business can’t and won’t be on hold during that time. Technology will play a pivotal role in running your business during the pandemic.

Modern Marketers Must Manage Measurement

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Measuring marketing performance is not just a tongue twister; it’s hard work. Channel-specific metrics cause headaches, and reporting is a hodgepodge of data sources and dashboards from multiple martech and measurement tools.

How Big Data is Improving Inventory Management


The challenge, however, is… Analysis + Analytics analytics data inventory managementWith online retail sales showing no signs of slowing, the opportunity for business growth is monumental.

Software Delivery Management: ERP for IT redux?

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One thing that stood out was CloudBees’ advocacy of a new market concept, Software Delivery Management (SDM). I attended Jenkins World in San Francisco couple weeks back.

Marketers: Manage Your Automation Portfolio

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Marketers will run a portfolio of automation technologies; take an organized and intentional approach to this complex but crucial effort.

Race To Innovate CX In Brokerage And Wealth Management

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customer experience customer experience index (CX Index) customer experience strategy customer insights digital disruption digital money management wealth management promotedRecently, Forrester published our CX predictions for 2019.

COVID-19 Tests Wealth Management Firms In Three Critical Areas

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COVID-19 uncertainty is causing massive swings in the stock market, showing the importance of three critical areas for wealth management firms: the performance of robo-advisor platforms; communication between advisors and their customers; and the importance of reliability and trust.

Privileged Identity Management Solutions Must Secure Growing Diversity Of Use Cases

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Last week, Forrester published its latest overview of the privileged identity management (PIM) market, which can be found here. identity & access management (IAM) security & risk cybersecurity IAM identity and access PIM privileged identity management Security & Risk

Single Source Provider for Data Management – Not Yet

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data management master data management metadata management cloud data catalog data governance data profiling hadoop lineageArchitects can choose, and do, a primary cloud service provider and/or Hadoop system to house their data. Moving, transforming, cataloging and governing data is a different story. So, architects come to me after throwing up their arms searching for solutions to tame the information fabric thinking they must be missing something.

Enable Marketing’s CX Ambitions With Real-Time Interaction Management

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Real-time interaction management (RTIM) provides critical capabilities that enable marketers to realize their CX ambitions.

Customer lifecycle management


Today’s article is all about customer lifecycle management – we’re looking into the definition, its importance and everything we need. The post Customer lifecycle management appeared first on ECOMMERCE GROWTH Blog.

Three Insights From The Forrester Wave™: Digital Wealth Management Platforms, Q1 2020

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The wealth management industry is undergoing a digital transformation, and firms are turning to digital wealth management platforms (DWMPs) to accelerate their initiatives.

Three Critical Metrics You Should Expect From A Vulnerability Risk Management Solution

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Many vulnerability risk management (VRM) solutions are limited and fail to provide meaningful metrics about the health of your VRM program. age of the customer cybersecurity security & risk vulnerability & threat management Reporting SLA Adherence vulnerability management

Integrated Risk Management: What is it?

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I am often asked, “Renee, what is Integrated Risk Management (IRM) and how is it different from GRC?” risk management security & risk GRCYou are neither misinformed nor are you horribly confused.

Forrester Online Survey: Organize To Deliver And Manage Application Transformation

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age of the customer application development & delivery artificial intelligence (AI) business models cloud management machine learning mobile software & platforms online retail retail technology

The Impact Of Digital Transformation On The Vulnerability Management Space

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As I’m kicking off the next iteration of the Forrester Wave™ for vulnerability risk management in the coming weeks, I’ve been fielding a lot of questions about what I’m going to be focusing on and why.

The Forrester Wave™: Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs), Europe, Q4 2018

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I published my first Forrester Wave™ today, covering the managed security services provider (MSSP) market in Europe.

The Forrester Wave™: Data Management Platforms, Q2 2019

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I’m excited to share that our evaluation of data management platforms — “The Forrester Wave™: Data Management Platforms, Q2 2019” — is now live.

Digital Wealth Management Platforms Improve CX and Financial Advisor Productivity

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Wealth and investment management firms want to leverage digital technologies to improve customer experience (CX) across touch points, and raise the productivity of their advisors.

As Bad Bots Evolve, Bot Management Solutions Evolve To Fight Them

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One of my favorite things about covering the bot management market is that bots are not just a security issue. age of the customer application security security & risk bot management bots Security & Risk

Retail Management Tips: 15 Ways to Increase Profit Margins

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KPI retail management MarginLooking for how to grow profit margins in your store?

Tier It Up: A Winning Strategy For Customer Success Management Programs

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When my B2B clients on Forrester’s Customer Experience (CX) Council first start considering a customer success management (CSM) program to boost their retention and enrichment, I often hear that initial flash of concern: How do I scale the same CSM practices across my entire book of business?

Product Managers Are Focusing More And More On Design

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I’ve been researching the evolution of product management as companies make the shift from projects to products for an upcoming set of reports about this – and one thing that stands out: of the rising (and needed) influence of user experience (UX) among product managers.

Master Privacy Management To Deliver Business Outcomes Alongside Compliance

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But if you look at privacy management solely by this lens, you are missing the big picture. The days when privacy management was purely about mitigating negatives are over. Let’s state the obvious: No one wants a fine.

What’s Important Today In A Customer Feedback Management Vendor

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Voice-of-the-customer (VoC) technologies play a critical role in the evolution of enterprise customer experience (CX) programs, helping CX leaders focus on driving improvements that impact both the customer and the business.

The WAF-Bot Management Acquisition Waltz

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With F5 Networks buying themselves a $1 billion Christmas present in Shape Security, it’s a good time to review the state of the bot management market. The Shape Security sale caps off a year of bot management acquisitions by web application firewall (WAF) vendors.

Red Hat’s Marketplace Seeks To Simplify Kubernetes (K8s) Management

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The biggest announcement from Red Hat’s Summit was Red Hat Marketplace, operated by IBM. Building on its existing container orchestration software, OpenShift, Red Hat has created a central software purchasing location for automated deployment to any cloud.

Wealth Management Firms: You Need Videos On Your Websites And Apps

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application development & delivery chief marketing officer (CMO) customer experience digital business video & teleconferencing digital strategy Financial Services video video strategy wealth management

Managing Mental Health And Burnout Is A Priority, Not A Nice-To-Have

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The topic of CISO burnout has been something I’ve wanted to write about for a while. It is something I speak about to CISOs around the world regularly. Even before COVID-19, CISOs had a stressful job.

Leverage Bot Management To Enforce Ethical Data Use

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In the recently released report, “The Forrester New Wave™: Bot Management, Q1 2020,” we talked about the range of bot attacks that organizations are facing, from simple web scraping bots to sophisticated bots that mimic human behavior.

Reignite Your Workforce Strategy With Adaptive Talent Management

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Confronted with the need to realign, reskill, or retain talent, the COVID-19 pandemic has confirmed what many organizations feared (and knew): Yesterday’s approaches to talent management do not support today’s future-of-work strategies.

What is Supplier Relationship Management?


What is Supplier Relationship Management? Supplier relationship management (SRM) is the process of identifying the suppliers that are critical to a business and implementing a system of managing relationships with those key suppliers.

COVID-19 — Vendors Step Up To Help IT Manage Increased Digital Loads

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application development & delivery chief information officer (CIO) digital business digital product management infrastructure & operationsWhile employees work from home in response to the COVID-19 shutdown, IT leaders must deal with a surge in traffic across their digital infrastructure. Virtual meetings have become the norm. Customer traffic on digital channels is way up.

Meet Your New Threat Intelligence, Vulnerability Management, And ICS Research Analyst

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This month, I joined Forrester’s security and risk research team as a senior analyst covering cyber threat intelligence, digital risk protection, vulnerability management, and industrial control system (ICS) security. I am excited about joining the team and expanding Forrester’s existing research in threat and vulnerability management and securing the control systems that keep our manufacturing facilities, critical infrastructure, and communities safe and productive.