Safety is too important to rely on ‘off the shelf’ products. When sourcing safety solutions, consultation is key

Retail Technology Review

By David Thomas, General Manager, ZoneSafe - Proximity Warning & Alert Systems. The boom in online retail in recent years has undoubtedly boosted warehouse and logistics operation in the UK while the circumstances of 2020 continue to fuel further growth within the industry as consumers steer clear of the high street; opting instead for online shopping and delivery. Internet Retailing Critical Issues Retail Supply Chain

Four Types of Ecommerce Merchandising That Business Owners Should Know

Retail Technology Review

By Sam Cortez, managing editor and outreach specialist for Merchandising is the process and practice of displaying and arranging products for the best customer experience. The concept of merchandising is based on guiding prospective customers through the buyer’s journey and presenting them with the right products, at the right time and place, in the right quantity, and with the best prices. Critical Issues Internet Retailing Retail Supply Chain Loading


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Wehkamp plots double-digit growth trajectory with Manhattan Associates

Retail Technology Review

has announced that Dutch online retailer Wehkamp has selected Manhattan’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) to manage its new distribution centre (DC) in Zwolle, Netherlands. Manhattan Associates Inc. Internet Retailing Retail Supply Chain

How Big Data is Improving Inventory Management


The challenge, however, is… Analysis + Analytics analytics data inventory managementWith online retail sales showing no signs of slowing, the opportunity for business growth is monumental.

Managing disruption in intralogistics

Retail Technology Review

In this article, Stephen Hayes, managing director of Beckhoff UK, explains how to establish scalable, adaptable intralogistics activity from the warehouse floor up. The rise of e-commerce has brought about significant disruption to traditional logistics activities, demanding constant adjustment to best meet changing demand. Similar adaptability is vital in intralogistics to ensure orders are processed and fulfilled effectively.

An Honest WP Event Manager Review

Ecommerce Platforms

Here it is: You can’t use any of those event promotion tactics without an event management solution. That’s where WP Event Manager enters. This tool provides a dashboard that helps you design, manage, and edit events on your WordPress website without writing code.

Events 173

Your First Holiday Season as a Retail Manager

Retail Doc

Taking on retail manager responsibilities is a big job any time but especially during the holidays. Management Retail Holiday Sales retail manager responsibilities

Best Contact Management Software

Neil Patel

That’s where contact management software can be one of your most valuable sales sidekicks. But how do you find the right contact manager to integrate into your sales system? The Top 5 Options For The Best Contact Management Software.

*shopt names new managing director


*Shopt, the app that gives convenience retailers access to discounts and cash payouts, has appointed Martin Ryan as its new managing director to spearhead its development.

Best Task Management Software

Neil Patel

Most project managers confess to having problems with defining clear objectives. Task management software helps solve the challenges mentioned above and much more. Task management can be chaotic, especially when working in a team environment with complex tasks and interdependencies.

Best Workflow Management Software

Neil Patel

It’s called workflow management software, and it makes your work life at least ten times easier. Workflow management software takes chaos and organizes it into a clear roadmap that helps you achieve your work goals in less time and with better results.

Best Document Management Software

Neil Patel

Everyone I work with uses document management software, and you should too. Whether you are trying to go green, stay organized, build great looking newsletters, or meet the most stringent regulations, document management software can make a hard process much easier.

Best Free Project Management Software

Neil Patel

With the right project management software, it’s easier to operate at a high level. If you’ve never tried project management software, these free options are a great place to start. These are the best free project management software options available right now.

Best Learning Management Systems

Neil Patel

Having the right learning management system (LMS) software in place makes this task much more manageable for everyone involved. Pay particular attention to course management features and how they are going to help your instructors create an effective learning experience.

Customer lifecycle management


Today’s article is all about customer lifecycle management – we’re looking into the definition, its importance and everything we need. The post Customer lifecycle management appeared first on ECOMMERCE GROWTH Blog. Customer Retention customer behavior customer lifecycle management customer lifetime value customer loyalty customer research customer retention strategy

Best Content Management Systems

Neil Patel

A content management system—CMS for short—gives you the ability to publish content on the Internet. There are tons of different content management systems available on the market today. This guide will help you choose the best content management system for your website.

Best Online Reputation Management

Neil Patel

How do you successfully manage your online reputation, too? But if you’re already managing a lot, your best bet is outsourcing it to an ORM, or an online reputation manager. The Top 4 Options For Online Reputation Management. Long-Term Crisis Management.

The Best Shopify Inventory Management Apps for 2020

Ecommerce Platforms

As a tool for ecommerce websites , Shopify recognizes the need for good inventory management. That’s where Inventory Management apps come in. Managing Inventory with Shopify. Inventory management is a critical part of running a successful ecommerce store.

What Is an Order Management System?


Built for retailers, an order management system is a technology that helps track orders across commerce channels. Some order management systems track orders for brick-and-mortar retailers across their stores. Benefits of an Order Management System.

Reputation Management Consulting

Neil Patel

If you’re familiar with reputation management, you understand the impact it can have on your business. Reputation management solves that problem. Reputation management consulting gives you an actionable plan showing you how to build, protect, and amplify your reputation.

Why B2C Branding is Really a Management Tool


When you are on-brand, it means you manage your company based on the brand’s DNA. You use the brand as a management tool to make sure every aspect of your business — internally and externally — is derived from the brand personality which is aligned with your customer’s personality. Here’s how you should approach branding and use it as a tool to manage your entire B2C business. The post Why B2C Branding is Really a Management Tool appeared first on Zaius.

B2C 265

How to Overcome Resistance to Change Management | Salsify


Ecommerce Strategy Change ManagementDigital transformation is the adoption of digital technology to transform services or business — and within the world of commerce, implementation initiatives can often be met with resistance.

The Five Email List Management Best Practices


With email marketing still the top channel for ROI, delivering an astonishing $40 for each $1 spent , we all want to know how to successfully manage a healthy and lucrative email list. Why is it important to manage your email list? 5 Best practices for email list management.

What is Supplier Relationship Management?


What is Supplier Relationship Management? Supplier relationship management (SRM) is the process of identifying the suppliers that are critical to a business and implementing a system of managing relationships with those key suppliers. As supply chains become more complicated, the need to develop clear, measurable ways to evaluate how every supplier either contributes to or detracts from the success of a business is more important than ever before

Best Inventory Management Software

Neil Patel

Getting the best inventory management software for your business will make all of it a reality. Our team at has curated a list of the best inventory management solutions for different types of businesses below. How to Choose the Best Inventory Management Software for You.

Sales Territory Management Plan: Creating a 5 Step Strategy [Video]


Most consumer goods companies understand the importance of an effective sales territory management plan - it can prevent territory overlap between field reps, which causes confusion and wastes time. Effective territory management can also save you time and money.

Retail Management Tips: 15 Ways to Increase Profit Margins

Retail Doc

KPI retail management MarginLooking for how to grow profit margins in your store?

Enhanced Ecommerce via Tag Manager Implementation Guide


The post Enhanced Ecommerce via Tag Manager Implementation Guide appeared first on Canonicalized. Analytics Tag ManagerAs you might know, Enhanced eCommerce requires a special kind of implementation. It goes way beyond your basic transaction tracking, and it would take a lot longer to implement, but the depth of the data would be definitely worth it. Start off right First and foremost, you have to enable Enhanced Ecommerce reporting for your […].

Nisa retailer tests traffic light system to help manage queueing


Retailer Gurpal Jhutty, owner of Nisa stores in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, is trialling a new traffic light barrier system to help manage Covid-19 restrictions.

Best Agile Project Management Tools

Neil Patel

But agile project management tools can make your life much easier. It’s the best way to collaborate with your team, manage changing tasks, and keep track of various projects at scale. Recognizing you need to invest in agile project management software is only half of the battle.

Order Management Systems Help Retailers Deliver on Customer Experience


To discuss how retailers that make order management systems a strategic focus of their success will thrive during the pandemic, Digital Commerce 360 spoke with Ram Venkataraman , chief product and technology officer at Kibo Commerce.

Nisa retailers help consumers manage tight New Year budgets


Nisa retailers are offering consumers a raft of deals to help them manage tighter budgets after the expensive Christmas period.

Best Business Process Management Software

Neil Patel

It’s actually quite simple: business process management (BPM) software. The Top 5 Options for Business Process Management Software. How to Choose the Best Business Process Management Software for You. The Different Types of Business Process Management Software.

Mastering inventory management: The 3 pillars


As we’ve previously discussed, nailing inventory management is critical to keeping up with the explosive growth of the eCommerce market and providing an exceptional customer experience – yet it remains one of the biggest blind spots for businesses. Inventory Management eCommerce Productivity Case studies

Grow Your Ecommerce Store With 3rd Party Shopify Inventory Management Software


However, the right Shopify inventory management software can handle the more tedious aspects—no matter how large you grow. Whether you have an ecommerce store on Shopify, are looking to expand your ecommerce store to Shopify , or just want to find more channels for your product, you need to upgrade your Shopify inventory management software to successfully grow your business. Shopify’s Inventory Management is Good; Third-Party Software is Better.

Wordpress Inventory Management: Top 5 Plugins


WordPress eCommerce Plugins WooCommerce Rapid Stock Manager WordPress Inventory Plugins WordPress inventory WordPress eCommerce Inventory WP Inventory ManagerThere’s no better time to start or grow an eCommerce business, and WordPress makes it easy. Whether you’re an eCommerce pro or a newbie, you can turn any WordPress site into an online storefront thanks to the power of plugins.

11 Mistakes eCommerce Managers should Avoid


You are just starting out as an eCommerce manager or, perhaps, you are already an experienced one. In either case, The post 11 Mistakes eCommerce Managers should Avoid appeared first on ECOMMERCE GROWTH Blog. Ecommerce Growth ecommerce manager ecommerce sales ecommerce strategy employee retention growth strategy marketing managers