Taking Your Business Online: Find Your B2B Ecommerce Platform Match


The B2B landscape is quickly shifting away from the more traditional offline territory, with more and more companies hopping on… B2B Ecommerce

Zoey Review- High-End B2B Ecommerce Platform?

Ecommerce Platforms

I don’t mean to sound like a buzzkill to some, but let’s face it- the big money lies with B2B ecommerce. But so is the fact that B2B is outdoing B2C in online revenue. trillion from online sales in 2017, B2B outdid it by not 100% or 200%- but a solid 234.78%.

B2B industry expert, Brian Beck on why flexibility in an ecommerce platform is crucial to future-proofing business [video]


Industry expert and author, Brian Beck caught up with Get Elastic and shared his criteria for B2B organizations evaluating a commerce platform. Listen in as he explains more ecommerce platform selection and reveals his number one feature requirement when it comes to a commerce platform.

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The State of Ecommerce Platforms in 2018: Cloud Commerce, Open SaaS and The API Economy


Your unique combination of these aspects is unlike that of any other ecommerce business out there – and is why no FUD headline like “Why Your Business Will Fail” or “8 Innovative Ways to Skyrocket Growth” will ever fully apply to your brand. We’ll cover: What an ecommerce platform is.

Emerging or Enterprise: Choosing Between Ecommerce Platforms

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These are just a few of the questions retailers must answer before deciding not just what ecommerce platform to use now, but which one will be the best solution for them in the future. Few if any features for B2B. Simplistic Platforms and Limitations.

7 SEM strategies B2B organizations need to be deploying


For B2B companies to succeed they need capable and effective B2B marketers to help position them against the competition and set the foundations to ensure they’re capturing and converting leads to customers. A smart B2B marketer opts for a cost-effective marketing strategy.

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B2B ecommerce: the four challenges to face for long-term growth


When B2B buyers leave the office, they become those same B2C buyers; and they all still demand remarkable customer experiences. So, what does this mean for organizations and bringing B2B ecommerce strategies to the next level? B2B b2b commerce

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7 B2B Ecommerce Trends + 13 B2B Brands Changing How Businesses Buy


B2B ecommerce will reach $1.2 of all B2B sales in the U.S. Just by the end of 2017, Forrester expects B2B ecommerce to reach $889 billion and represent 11% of total B2B sales in the U.S. Upgrade Your B2B Ecommerce Software.

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17 B2B Ecommerce Companies Taking Advantage of a $6.7 Trillion Opportunity (+ How Your Brand Can, Too)


Gorilla Group is an award-winning ecommerce service provider – including 4 Webby Awards and 2 Interactive Media Awards – and BigCommerce Elite Partner. By all the most recent reports, analysts have forecasted that global B2B ecommerce revenue will top $6.7 Editor's Note.

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The Top 3 Mistakes Companies Make in Implementing B2B Ecommerce


B2B ecommerce has exploded to become a major force in the US Economy, and an exciting new selling channel in many traditional industries. Forrester Research reports that the B2B ecommerce market totaled $889 billion in 2017.

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The Benefits of B2B Ecommerce: “We Now Have a Thriving Business Thanks to the Internet”


Lagging behind on this, however, are often businesses in the B2B space. Estimates predict that online B2B selling will top $1.18 to talk about: Their online selling success as a B2B brand. When did you first launch your B2B ecommerce site ? B2B features are complex.

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Wholesale Ecommerce Explained: 1 Site, 3X Sales with Automation and Personalization for B2B Online Wholesalers


It’s hard not to start any article about B2B or wholesale ecommerce without dropping the market size bomb: Global B2B online sales surpassed $ 7.6 alone, B2B and wholesale ecommerce will top $1.1 B2C ecommerce accounted for $660 billion in 2017.

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World’s leading B2B ecommerce authority disrupts the market with new report


Andy Hoar is by far one of the world’s leading authorities on B2B ecommerce. From his years at Forrester Research leading the B2B ecommerce charge on business and strategy to his current role as CEO and Founder of ??Paradigm Source: Paradigm B2B. Commerce B2B

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Magento 2 eCommerce Platforms: Which One Is Right for You?

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Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform. Commerce edition, in contrast, supports ability to use three separate databases for different functional areas of the Magento platform. The post Magento 2 eCommerce Platforms: Which One Is Right for You?

Magento B2B Features Released

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70% of Enterprise customers use Magento for either solely B2B or hybrid B2B/B2C commerce and Forrester predicts B2B ecommerce sales in the US to reach $1.13T by 2020 representing 12.1% which includes Magento B2B features and functionality. New B2B Magento Feature: Quoting.

Magento Increases B2B Capabilities with New Dedicated Module

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Still in its infancy, B2B ecommerce is ramping up not only for brands that see the need to invest in it, but the largest ecommerce platforms are starting to throw their solutions into the ring as well. B2B Specific Features. Ready to Move to B2B?

Segmenting and Personalizing the B2B Ecommerce Experience

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That’s what B2B ecommerce segmentation and personalization attempt to mimic. A B2B ecommerce site without either isn’t much better than a digital catalog and an EDI. Hopefully, they’ll use your ecommerce site to make some sales on the spot.

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Magento Increases B2B Capabilities with New Dedicated Module

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Still in its infancy, B2B ecommerce is ramping up not only for brands that see the need to invest in it, but the largest ecommerce platforms are starting to throw their solutions into the ring as well. B2B Specific Features. Ready to Move to B2B?

B2B Ecommerce Isn’t As Challenging As You Might Think


B2B manufacturers and service providers have embraced digital technology to streamline the supply chain and save costs. 80% of manufacturers and distributors process orders manually, in spite of the obvious advantages of applying digital technologies such as B2B ecommerce to sales processes.

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Video: B2B eCommerce 5- How moving online will affect your B2B customers


TradeGecko has produced a series of videos around B2B eCommerce, brought to you by our very own Geckos, to delve into the world of selling wholesale online. To find out how using a B2B eCommerce platform will empower your customers, keep watching! Getting started Wholesale

B2B Manufacturers: How to Create and Manage Content for Multiple Audiences in a Digital World


Manufacturers that sell exclusively to B2B customers face a unique set of marketing and digital content challenges. Formatting digital product content for an in-house B2C ecommerce platform is one thing, trying to manage that same content across dozens of individual retailers, distributors, or wholesalers is much more complicated. Marketing Increase Sales Volume and Revenue Trend Watch B2B

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The Role of Mindset, Language, and P&L Commitments in Digital Transformation


When you’re a B2B company in a traditional industry and you don’t sell the world’s most intriguing products, the very idea of selling online is often met with resistance. They want a B2C-like online shopping experience , and B2B businesses who ignore this fact are going to get left behind.

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Now Is the Time to Ride the Digital B2B Wave. Our Latest White Paper Provides Key Insight and Platform Considerations


B2B eCommerce is more than twice the size of online retail commerce, according to Forrester Research, and growing more rapidly, to boot. Additionally, Frost and Sullivan forecasts that by 2020, 27% of all B2B sales ($12 trillion worldwide) will be conducted exclusively online.

The First Mover Advantage for Food Service | At the Whiteboard


In 2018, for the first time ever, B2B saw more digital purchases than offline sales. For example, 55% of restaurant orders for US Foods came from a self-service ecommerce platform. Food & Beverage B2B Digital Commerce Video Drive Operational Excellence PXM

33 Important eCommerce Acronyms Every Retailer Should Know

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How many times have you been reading something related to eCommerce and you’ve been lost because of all the acronyms that are plastered all over the page? Related : B2B eCommerce: B2B Buying Behaviour Is Changing Rapidly. Related : 9 Magento Tips for Your eCommerce Site.

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5 Future Ecommerce Trends of 2019

Ecommerce Platforms

Is your business joining the ecommerce revolution? trillion in retail ecommerce sales projected worldwide for 2021. Companies embracing ecommerce marketing strategies are experiencing rapid growth. In 2019, robots will invade ecommerce stores. B2B Ecommerce Is Exploding.

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Microservices and payments: what you need to know


Microservices are small applications built around specific business functionality decoupled from other pieces of your commerce platform. You never want payments tied to your ecommerce platform’s upgrade cycle and risk falling behind on critical updates.

Why Enterprise Ecommerce is Moving to SaaS: 16 Examples from Toyota to Camelbak


No one wants to be held to a 12-month launch timeline costing half a million dollars or more for an ecommerce campaign, B2C site or employee site. Legacy B2B and wholesale brands are needing to launch additional B2C channels to harness consumer fanfare around their product.

The History of Ecommerce: What The Past Says About Tomorrow’s Retail Challenges


When it comes to ecommerce, a word that first comes to mind is growth. Ecommerce expert Gary Hoover’s research shows that just in the last 14 years, the growth of ecommerce companies has skyrocketed across the board. What is Ecommerce? eCommerce. Ecommerce.

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You Can’t Afford to Ignore The Benefits of SaaS: It’s Brand Bankruptcy or Digital Transformation


Time to decide whether you’re going to use an old self-hosted platform and business model that holds you back, or make a game-changing decision to use cloud and SaaS to take your business into the future. Adapt your business to changing ecommerce trends and an ever-more competitive industry.

The Headless Commerce Showdown: The Unseen Strategy Retailers Use to Win Ecommerce Market Share


The State of Ecommerce in 2018. To understand the state of retail – especially ecommerce – think of it this way: 1. But shifting to direct-to-consumer from a b2b wholesale model isn’t easy. Headless Commerce vs. Traditional Ecommerce. The Traditional Ecommerce Model.

Investment in BigCommerce, Our Customers and Our Partners


The software-as-a-service (SaaS) ecommerce platform they built achieved near instant, widespread success among a global base of small and medium-sized businesses. Today, BigCommerce ranks as the world’s #2 SaaS platform after Shopify, which launched 6 years before we did. .

11 eCommerce Marketing Automation Systems Compared

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Adding a marketing automation system to your eCommerce marketing arsenal is typically a worthwhile high ROI effort and is a mandatory part of Inbound Marketing for eCommerce. Comparing eCommerce Marketing Automation Systems. Pre-built eCommerce Integrations Include: 3dCart.

How a 112-year old distributor transformed their business with an ecommerce chatbot


This article recaps the session from Chicago and highlights how this family-owned business used an ecommerce chatbot to lower costs, increase sales and improve customer satisfaction. Digital Transformation ecommerce chatbot

Kooomo Review: Future Ecommerce Today

Ecommerce Platforms

That’s the basic definition of ecommerce today. Despite this static principal description, ecommerce has changed substantially over the years. And barely three years later, before we could even learn all the tricks on mobile ecommerce, the trend shifted yet again.

Headless Commerce: What Is It & How Can It Help?


Headless Commerce allows you to present a backend product catalog without the design constraints of a traditional eCommerce platform. As a result, front-end developers are free to style product category, detail and checkout pages without traditional eCommerce template limitations.

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Primaseller Review: Multi-channel Inventory and Sales Management, Without the High Price Tag

Ecommerce Platforms

If you're an ecommerce professional and have tried to expand to a retail store or an online marketplace like Etsy or Amazon, you would know how complicated the process can get. This way, you have a chance to test out the platform before committing to a pricing plan. Ecommerce Reviews

The Ultimate Blubolt Ecommerce Review

Ecommerce Platforms

Before we dive deep into the blubolt review, I must admit that we've sampled a wide range of ecommerce platforms. The journey started back in 2006, when Maxwell Lamb and Chris Mattingly founded an agency that designed, created and managed ecommerce websites for online merchants.

CDP vs. CRM: What’s Right for Your B2C Business?


The Customer Data Platform (CDP) and Business-to-Consumer Customer Relationship Management (B2C CRM) promise similar capabilities, but deliver very different functionality for marketers. CRMs are inherently open platforms. IT controls the data flow and is the end user for the platform.

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Successful Ecommerce Business Models: Which One Is Right for You


Let’s look at common ecommerce business models, so you can see which is best for your business. Business-to-business (B2B). Many experts lump B2B and B2G together, calling them B2B as a group. So really, your choice is between B2C and B2B: selling to individual people or selling to businesses. Business-to-Consumer Ecommerce Model. B2C is the most common model for small and startup ecommerce businesses. Business-to-Business Ecommerce Model.

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