5 Best Shopify Apps To Help Boost Your Holidays Now

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Shopify, the leading eCommerce platform offers a variety of apps and audience-friendly features, to help set your business apart, increase online traffic, and transform basic marketing techniques into tangible spikes in revenue.

What You Need To Know About The Game Changing Shopify Pay

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I tweeted my initial reaction during Satish Kanwar’s keynote at Shopify Unite 2017 and I stand by it. I really can’t overstate how huge Shopify Pay is for the platform and its merchants. Shopify Pay is as Big as Other Digital Wallets. Shopify Moves Quickly.

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Shopify Plays a Critical Role in Future of Commerce: Unite 2017

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There were more than a few product announcements at Shopify Unite this year, all of which were exciting in their own way, and a few of which are game changers for the world of commerce. Commerce’s Future – Shopify Unite 2017. Shopify’s Biggest Product is Shopify.

Best Shopify Apps for Bringing in New Traffic

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Therefore, we wanted to explore the best Shopify apps for bringing in new traffic. Since Shopify already helps you out with SEO from the start, you typically only need to go in there to customize meta data and walk through the problems you may have created while setting up.

Fast-Growing Merchants Will Love Our Shopify Plus Partnership


With our new partnership with Shopify Plus, we’re delivering a seamless connection to high-growth and high-volume merchants. The post Fast-Growing Merchants Will Love Our Shopify Plus Partnership appeared first on Bronto Blog.

TradeGecko hosted the second Shopify Meetup in Singapore


TradeGecko hosted the second Shopify Meetup in Singapore on Tuesday, 26th September 2016. Gaining momentum from the previous event, the meetup saw over 120 attendees including many eCommerce retailers and wholesalers. TradeGecko eCommerce

The Drastic Shopify Makeover and What It Means For Your Online Shop

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From radical changes to the Shopify brand colors to a sleek new shake-up on the dashboard, Shopify has been hard at work. Over the years, Shopify has been known to release cool new features like the Shopify sections update and constant changes to the Shopify Partner program.

Shopify Flow: Hop On The Operational Efficiency Train

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Who is Shopify Flow? Shopify Flow isn’t a person. It’s a tool Shopify has created to extend the functionality of your Shopify store to work with the business, for the business. Clients love Shopify flow. What are some practical uses of Shopify flow?

Sweet Tooth and Shopify Double Down on Mobile


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Shopify Review (Updated June 2017)

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For most ecommerce entrepreneurs, Shopify will always be the best choice. Check out this Shopify review to learn about why they're so good at what they do. The post Shopify Review (Updated June 2017) appeared first on A Better Lemonade Stand. Branding & Design Operations & Customer Service Resources & Tools

How to Properly Embark on Your Commerce Quest

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The path to growing your business from 1 to 100 (scaling from $1 million to $20 million) is varied and challenging. Embarking on this commerce journey and building a meaningful eCommerce business that can withstand the rate of change, and achieve consistent growth, is no small feat.

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The Best 5 Free Shopify Themes for Every Online Store


As a budget-friendly alternative, many sellers utilize free Shopify themes to design their online store. Picking the right Shopify theme. You may be unsure about how you want your Shopify theme to serve your business — that’s okay!

Shopify Google Analytics: The First Steps To Enhanced Ecommerce

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Learn how to best measure your Shopify google analytics to understand your customers better, increase conversions and manage your business more effectively. The post Shopify Google Analytics: The First Steps To Enhanced Ecommerce appeared first on A Better Lemonade Stand. Conversion Optimization Strategy & Analytics

This is Why You Need to Stop Competing Against Amazon to Win Online

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Here’s a good video resource from our partners at Shopify on how Google ranks your website, and why you should care. They’re the retail giant that keeps on growing. Many retailers want to be them, but none will surpass them. So why bother? Amazon is a retail behemoth.

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The Reasons Why Highly Scalable eCommerce is Improbable

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Build A Business eCommerce eCommerce Strategy From Our CEO How To Grow Your Business commerce demac media ecommerce platform Magento magento 2 magento developers nasty gal scalability scalable ecommerce shopify partners shopify plus venture capital web design web development weblinc workarea

Emerging or Enterprise: Choosing Between Ecommerce Platforms

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Some freemium to entry-level ecommerce platforms are Wix, Shopify, Volusion, BigCommerce, WP ecommerce, X-Cart, Magento Open Source (formerly Community Edition). Magento Open Source offers more out of the box, but takes more technical know how to get it setup than Shopify Plus.

Placing Live Test Orders – For Shopify Plus Clients

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The post Placing Live Test Orders – For Shopify Plus Clients appeared first on Demac Media. When you need to place a test order, it’s as easy as turning on Test Payments! But, what if your site is live? You can’t turn on Test Payments if you have customers on your site!

33 Important eCommerce Acronyms Every Retailer Should Know

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The Shopify Checkout API makes it possible to purchase products from a Shopify store programmatically. How many times have you been reading something related to eCommerce and you’ve been lost because of all the acronyms that are plastered all over the page?

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5 Black Friday Ecommerce Trends to Prepare For in 2017

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You can enable one-click purchases using: Shopify Pay. Check out Shopify’s Ultimate Guide to Pop-Up Shops. Roughly a third of Shopify’s users also sell in the physical world , a pop-up shop, a permanent store or at a group venue (like a farmer’s market or bazaar).

Your Preview To The Retailer’s Guide to the Holiday Season

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Included in our largest guide yet is powerful advice from powerful platform partners: Magento , Shopify Plus and Workarea , along with key tips from our technology partners: Returnly , Nosto , Signifyed and Kount ! Doesn’t that make you feel a lot more at ease?

Why You Shouldn’t Participate in the eCommerce Race to the Bottom!

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It’s hard out there for a retailer. Traditional retail stores are quickly closing physical stores, emptying out malls, and (failing) to try to adapt to the new demands of consumers online. The options and choices are endless online for savvy shoppers looking to save money.

How to Enhance Your Platform By Choosing a Technology Partner!

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Related: Introducing the Shopify Plus Partner Program. In this day and age, an online store must have certain key features and functionality in order to meet consumer expectations.

What You Need to Know About the Death of eCommerce (Pure Play)

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eCommerce Strategy From Our CEO How To Grow Your Business anything anywhere business planning demac media eCommerce Magento matt bertulli multichannel omnichannel online retail physical retail pure play ecommerce shopify plus weblinc workarea

Mobile Commerce is The Craze, but Does it Convert?

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Mobile is no longer a commerce trend, but an accepted standard in the online shopping journey. The rapid proliferation of smartphones changed the face of retail forever.

Why a Holistic SEM Approach Makes for Guaranteed Growth!

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On the path of retail discovery your target shoppers are spread across multiple digital channels. It’s no wonder that some merchants can’t seem to achieve the growth they want with search engine marketing. There are channels everywhere, each with varied but similar platforms.

4 Causes Your Amazon Listing Must Serve


Multichannel listing Integrations involving top platforms like Shopify Jet.com etc is also propelled productively by right software solutions. Amazon listing Shopify jet.com Shopify Jet.com

eBay Integration Annual To-Do List No Seller Should Ignore


This applies even if you have the best of processes like Shopify eBay integration initiated in your favor. Shopify eBay Walmart Marketplace Walmart marketplace API Shopify eBay integration

4 Expectations Of Walmart From 3P Sellers


End to end integration involving shopping carts and other marketplaces of presence like Shopify jet.com Walmart integration etc. Sell on Walmart Shopify jet.com Shopify Jet.comWalmart.com has opened its floors for 3P sellers but with conditions.

How to Make Your Platform Evaluation a Triumph by Asking the Right Questions

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In our work so far with three main platform partners ( Magento, Workarea, and Shopify Plus ), we’ve determined what really matters for retailers when it comes to platform evaluation. Want to build a business that lasts? You need a plan!

7 Hot Takes On The Death Of Traditional Physical Retail

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’re probably aware of the rapid changes in the commerce landscape. So far in 2017 store closing announcements have increased 97% year-over-year. Malls are emptying, brands are going bankrupt, and retail workers are losing their jobs by the million.

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How User-Generated Content Exponentially Boosts Growth

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Let’s talk about the future of marketing and where eCommerce is going…. When eCommerce started, the main focus was building an online presence, and a good one. The next step was recognizing the importance of responding to users and building strong customer support methods.

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5 Simple Email Tactics You Need to Drive Customer Loyalty

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Having a loyal following of customers is worth A LOT to your business! The numbers don’t lie, 5% increase in loyalty can drive the avg. revenue per customer up 25-100%! Building loyalty with your customers will directly impact business growth.

Why Sears Can Be A Good Multichannel Bet


Using FBS with FBA for integrated multichannel operations like Shopify Walmart Sears Amazon etc is usually not an issue in terms of comprehensive and error free management of the respective fulfillment systems. Sell On Sears Shopify Walmart Sell on Sears

How to Protect Your Amazon Business by Building Your Own Shopify Store


We typically recommend merchants to take a look at Shopify because of its reliability and continual growth as a platform. But even if you don’t have a programmer on staff, Shopify gives you a number of easy-to-install themes from which to build your initial storefront.

No-Nonsense Pocket Guide To Manage Ecommerce Orders Successfully


Say for example, if you are a Shopify powered sellers present in eBay and Rakuten; you will be at complete ease if you initiate Shopify Rakuten eBay and seamlessly for error free order completion. Rakuten Shopping Shopify Order management Shopify Rakuten

5 Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Shopify Store


Shopify is a great platform that can take your ecommerce business to the next level. Increase Shopify traffic with the following tips and tricks. The post 5 Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Shopify Store appeared first on ecomdash.

Here’s Why Jet.com Should Be A Part Of Your Multichannel Ecommerce Efforts


Complex integration processes like jet.com Shopify Walmart etc can also be achieved with readymade and often custom designed ecommerce services. jet.com sellers Shopify Walmart

Walmart Marketplace Seller Guide For Better Productivity


Integrating Walmart with respective shopping carts and other marketplaces of presence like Walmart Shopify Amazon / eBay etc is the first step of harmonious and productive performance in this platform. Shopify Amazon Walmart marketplace integration

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12 Quick Wins to Increase Sales over The Holiday Period – Infographic

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Download our free ebook, The Retailer’s Guide to the Galaxy Holiday Season , featuring actionable tips and insights from Nosoto, Yotpo, Magento, Shopify Plus, Workarea, and more: The post 12 Quick Wins to Increase Sales over The Holiday Period – Infographic appeared first on Demac Media.

How to choose the best Shopify apps for your eCommerce Store


In line with our ‘Mastering eCommerce’ series commitment to enable merchants to scale and grow their eCommerce businesses, we have enlisted the help of global eCommerce giant Shopify, to show you how to become a Shopify App master. How to eCommerce