Plobal joins Shopify Plus Technology Partner Program to help ecommerce merchants grow mobile revenue

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As mobile becomes the default shopping device, Plobal gets on board the Shopify Plus Technology Partner Program to help high-volume merchants increase mobile revenues by engaging their most loyal customers. Internet Retailing Mobile Computers

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BigCommerce vs Shopify vs Shopify Plus: Which Ecommerce Platform is Right for You?


It takes a lot of… Ecommerce Research Ecommerce platforms ShopifySelecting the right ecommerce platform for your business isn’t a decision you can make quickly.


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6 Best Shopify Alternatives for Your Online Store


Shopify has almost become synonymous with ecommerce. It’s one of the most popular ecommerce platforms on the… Ecommerce Research Ecommerce platform ShopifyFor good reason.

Shopify Discount Codes 2022: How to Save Big on Shopify

Ecommerce Platforms

Shopify discount codes don't come around that often, but there are plenty of ways to save on the top ecommerce platform! To begin, we have a wonderful, time-sensitive Shopify discount code that's exclusive to our readers and only available until June 30, 2022.

Shopify vs Wix vs WordPress (June 2022)

Ecommerce Platforms

So, in this article, we're looking at three of the most popular website builders and ecommerce platforms on the market: Shopify , Wix , and WordPress. Shopify vs Wix vs WordPress: Features. That said, let's take a closer look at each solution in turn: Shopify Features.

What is Shopify Hydrogen?

Ecommerce Platforms

Shopify did over $120 billion in Gross Merchandise Volume last year. Shopify’s market capitalization is now bigger than that of SAP. Today Shopify is a gigantic ecommerce cloud platform based in Canada. On June 29, 2021, Shopify announced a slew of updates around its platform.

Shift4Shop Vs Shopify – Is Shift4Shop A Shopify Killer?

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Shift4Shop is the most compelling ecommerce platform I’ve come across in a while and has the best chance to dethrone Shopify. This post compares Shift4Shop vs Shopify so you can make an informed decision. Will Shift4Shop overtake Shopify as a result?

How to Build a Shopify Landing Page That Converts

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This content is sponsored by GemPages Shopify Landing Page builder. Shopify shopifyWhat percentage of your total website traffic converts to a paying customer? How much more. Read more.

Vanga Shopify App Review (Apr 2022)

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If you’re looking to scale your Shopify store, increasing revenue is likely one of your key priorities. So how can you, as a Shopify store owner, use upselling to your advantage? This Shopify App automates the upselling process using data and AI. Vanga Shopify App Review: FAQs.

Shopify Vs Shopify Plus – Is The Upgrade Worth The Money?

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Trying to decide between Shopify vs Shopify Plus for your ecommerce business? Shopify Plus is Shopify’s enterprise offering that is specifically tailored towards merchants making at least 7 figures in annual revenue.

How to Remove Powered by Shopify From Your Store Footer

Ecommerce Platforms

You’ve signed up for Shopify , taken advantage of its beautiful themes , but now you’re stuck with a “Powered by Shopify” tag at the bottom of your site, infringing upon your custom branding plan for the worse. Why it’s so essential to remove Powered By Shopify from your online store.

Shopify POS vs Clover POS (Apr 2022): Which is Best?

Ecommerce Platforms

The debate of Shopify POS vs Clover POS can be more complex than it seems. With both Clover and Shopify, you can sell products online and offline, manage payments from a multitude of different sources, track your inventory and so much more. Shopify POS vs Clover POS: An Introduction.

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Shopify POS vs Square POS: Which is Best?

Ecommerce Platforms

Making the right choice between Shopify POS vs Square POS isn’t always easy. Shopify and Square stand among some of the better-known all-in-one merchant solutions for business leaders today. Both Shopify and Square have a lot of amazing features to offer to help you sell.

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BUBS Naturals Saves 20 Hours/Month with Shopify Blog Sync


After becoming a Zaius customer in 2019, Ryan brought this idea to the Zaius team and, after a period of brainstorming and iterating, Zaius identified a method for syncing BUBS Naturals’ Shopify-hosted blog articles into their Zaius account.

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Zaius Is a Certified App in the Shopify Plus Marketplace


Zaius is excited to be the only CDP certified in Shopify Plus app marketplace. Shopify announced their Shopify Plus Certified App Program earlier today and Zaius is honored to be the only CDP certified in the app marketplace. Zaius has been a Shopify partner for years.

The Best Shopify Analytics App: Our Round-Up for 2021

Ecommerce Platforms

With so many advantages ripe for plucking, we're providing a round-up of the best Shopify analytics apps on the market. With just a click, Heap integrates with Shopify. You'll enjoy easy integration with Shopify. There's no information on Shopify about

What is Google Shopping Feed and How to Set Up for Shopify?


Want to reach more customers and increase your brands’ awareness worldwide as a Shopify store. E-Commerce News E-Commerce Strategy google shopping Google Shopping feed shopify analytics shopify tips

Why Your Brand Needs a Stand-Out Shopify Store


And , McKinsey reported that the ecommerce industry has seen 10 years’ growth in 3 months while Shopify reported Q2 earnings with 97% growth year over year. Here are 3 major reasons your brand should invest in creating a top-notch Shopify store: Stronger Brand Perception.

What is Shopify & How Does Shopify Work?

Ecommerce Platforms

We did a background check from various data sources and Shopify seems to hover around all corners in the ecommerce industry. Let's find out what is Shopify and how does it work. Shopify's growth trend in the market is increasing rapidly. What is Shopify? Shopify Plus.

Shopify to Acquire Deliverr in $2.1B Deal to Fortify Fulfillment Offerings

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Shopify will acquire fulfillment solution provider Deliverr for $2.1 billion , the largest acquisition in Shopify’s history, as the retail industry continues to struggle with supply chain and last mile challenges.

Google Channel Optimization for Shopify


E-Commerce Strategy Google Optimization google shopping ShopifyNumerous customers are searching for products on Google. This is a great opportunity for business.

Shopify Blog – Should I Use WordPress For My Shopify Or BigCommerce Blog?

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This post will teach you how to start a Shopify blog and answer the age old debate on whether you should use Shopify’s native blogging platform versus a WordPress blog on a subdomain. The post Shopify Blog – Should I Use WordPress For My Shopify Or BigCommerce Blog?

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Shopify Marketing: 15 Ways To Promote Your Store & Boost Sales

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Shopify is a popular ecommerce platform, powering more than 1 million businesses across the globe. Looking to promote your Shopify store to reach new customers? ShopifyRead more.

HubSpot & Shopify Integration By Groove Commerce


The development team here at Groove Commerce created this HubSpot Shopify Integration to make it easier for eCommerce merchants to capture abandoned carts, follow-up with customers post-purchase and automate workflows beyond email. HubSpot Shopify Integration: What Is It?

A Quick Guide About Shopify Amazon Integration


Integrations such as Shopify Amazon integration are obtaining broad recognition these days. Requirements for Shopify Amazon Integration. Besides that, you need to make sure that both Shopify and Amazon support identical currency. Shopify Shopify Amazon Shopify eBay

Shopify SEO Standards & Best Practices for eCommerce


In order to understand the elements that impact the performance of your Shopify SEO), you need to understand the factors upon which that score is judged. Once we define what SEO is, we will discuss what you can do to modify and improve your Shopify SEO ranking. Shopify

KarDone Shopify Theme Review

Ecommerce Platforms

However, where customization freedom is concerned, Shopify’s free themes are wanted. KarDone Shopify Theme Review: About KarDone. Now that we've covered the basics, let's take a detailed look at what KarDone has to offer: KarDone Shopify Theme Review: Design. It takes roughly 0.05

Shopify Review

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That’s Shopify in a nutshell. With Shopify, having a virtual storefront up and running is possible in a matter of minutes. Shopify Compared to The Best Ecommerce Platforms. So what sets Shopify apart from other ecommerce platforms out there? Who is Shopify Best For?

Shopify vs Squarespace (June 2020) ? Ecommerce Platform Comparison

Ecommerce Platforms

While you have many choices for this today (as listed and evaluated in my article on top ecommerce platforms, Shopify is a leading player in this arena and Squarespace is a (rapidly) rising star and I'm going to compare these two platforms in this article below. Who is Shopify Best For?

How to Transfer Domain to Shopify: 4 Easy Steps

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If you’re ready to open your Shopify store, you don’t want to use the generic Shopify domain. You can buy a domain from Shopify to. Shopify shopifyRead more.

Expand Your Reach By Blogging On Shopify


In this blog, we will be discussing the basics of written content marketing, as well as how you can begin blogging on your own Shopify store. Sit down and strap in, we are going to get you up to speed with blogging on Shopify. Are You A Current Shopify Retailer? Shopify

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Shopify vs Joomla (Nov 2021): Which Ecommerce Platform is Better?

Ecommerce Platforms

There are tons of options out there, two of them being Shopify and Joomla. That said, let's dig into this Shopify vs Joomla review. Hopefully, by the end, we'll have helped you get to the bottom of which, if either, is the right fit for you… Joomla vs Shopify: About Shopify.

Why Shopify is the real Amazon contender


The post Why Shopify is the real Amazon contender appeared first on ECOMMERCE GROWTH Blog. Ecommerce Growth #eCommerce amazon marketplace online shopping online store selling online shopifyCall Amazon greedy, call it smart, call it data-driven… call it however you want.

Roxxe Shopify Theme Review – Key Features Explained

Ecommerce Platforms

If you’ve been successfully running a Shopify store for a while now, you might be thinking about the next steps in your eCommerce career, and overhauling your store with a brand-new design might be one of the options on your mind. Roxxe Shopify Theme Review: About Roxxe.

Choosing A Shopify Payment Gateway in 2022


Choosing the correct Shopify payment gateway is a decision that eCommerce retailers should not take lightly. PayPal’s ability to handle transactions from over 200 countries is one of the reasons that it’s the most used Shopify payment gateway. Shopify

How to Change Themes on Shopify (And Transfer Most Of Your Content)

Ecommerce Platforms

A significant advantage of Shopify over the competition is its library of beautiful, modern, responsive themes. But many users encounter the question of how to change themes in Shopify. Keep reading to learn all about how to change themes in Shopify!

Shopify Adds New Tools for Twitter, Google and iOS to Enhance Retailers’ Reach

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Shopify has launched a number of new integrations aimed at helping retailers meet shoppers wherever they are — across social media, stores and in-person events. The Twitter Shopping ecosystem was created to enable Shopify merchants to utilize Twitter to drive conversions.

Shopify email setup: Simple steps & tips


Confused about how to set up emails for a new Shopify store? Yes, Shopify email setup can be tricky, especially for folks without previous experience or technical background. Keep reading to learn how to set up Shopify email in less than an hour. Shopify Email requirements.

10 Must Read Shopify Tips & Resources. (Mainly) For Beginners.

Ecommerce Platforms

There are tons of resources and tips out there to help you make the most of one of the most popular ecommerce platforms on the market in Shopify. In this article, we are going to list the top 10 resources and tips specifically for Shopify users. If you still need convincing as to why Shopify is a great option for your ecommerce store, then check out our thorough review of the Shopify platform. Hosting – None of Shopify's plans includes a domain or email hosting.

Learn How to Make Money with Shopify Dropshipping

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Shopify is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms and dropshipping is a common business model. Shopify dropshipping shopifyIt’s easy for people who want to start an. Read more.

Shopify Exchange: Everything You Need to Know about Buying and Selling Shopify Stores


With Shopify Exchange, you can buy and sell Shopify stores through a secure portal with valid metrics and guaranteed payment. Let’s take a look at what it takes to buy and sell Shopify stores. What is Shopify Exchange? Considerations for buying and selling Shopify stores.

2022 Shopify Revenue, Statistics, and Usage Numbers

Ecommerce Platforms

You know Shopify is a big deal. But how big is Shopify Inc., In this article, we'll complete a thorough analysis of current Shopify revenue, statistics, and growth potential to show the successes and challenges Shopify has experienced over the years. Source: Shopify.

Shopify Launch Checklist: 15 Easy Steps for Your First Sale

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You’ve done your homework and chosen Shopify as the ecommerce platform you’ll use. Shopify shopifyYou’ve decided what kind of ecommerce business you’re going to run. Read more.