Customer Experience Q&A: Etsy’s Abby Covert, Information Architect

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customer experience customer experience index (CX Index) customer experience measurement digital customer experience Information architecture retailIf you care about CX, you have to admire Etsy. It was the top digital retailer in Forrester’s Customer Experience Index™ in 2017. It excels at differentiating itself with a unique set of products and a distinctive online store, where buyers routinely upload pictures of their purchases alongside gushing reviews.

How 3 Global Brands Scaled Using a Product Information Management (PIM) Solution


No matter how attentive to scalability, when a business grows it’s inevitable that product information becomes scattered, duplicated and siloed. In this piece, we’ll review: The 3 most common ways brands attempt to solve product information management issues.

Apple Continues To Empower The Patient To Be An Informed Consumer

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Apple Takes Record Sharing To The Next Level Consumers demand access to their medical information, and Apple has answered the call. In January, Apple released an update to the Health app, enabling customers of 12 hospitals and clinics to see their medical records right on their iPhone. Months late, Apple now allows patients from over […]. age of the customer healthcare mobile apps

Data-driven vs. data-informed: What’s the difference?


As any forward-thinking business knows, we’re past the point in time where we can leave business decisions to guesswork and ignore the benefits of data available to us. Business Growth Productivity Popular Posts

Key reports to drive data-informed wholesale business success


You’ve recognized the need for a data-informed strategy for your wholesale business – but what do you do with all the data you’re collecting? How do you use data to measure the success of your sales, order fulfillment, shipping, profitability, and so on?

Lack of accurate product information: the no. 1 turn off for online consumers

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A survey commissioned by Pimberly indicates that UK retailers are losing online customers, and sales, due to poor product information

Using Customer Browse Data to Inform Cross-Channel Messages

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Browse abandonment messages are a great way to use the customer information you collect. The content above is excerpted from the Listrak research report and look book, Digital Marketing Trends and Tactics: Using Customer Browse Data to Inform Cross-Channel Message.

3 inspiring merchants with a data informed strategy for growth & operations


Data informed strategic planning: it’s something that many businesses strive for, yet few fully succeed at.

Amazon Providing Seller information to California: A Giant Sales Tax Warning


Amazon sent a shockwave through the FBA community on the afternoon of October 23, 2018 when they sent an email stating they had received a “valid and binding legal demand” from the state of CA to turn over third-party seller information. Only now all the information will be accurate.

How to Improve ROI with Product Experience – Product Information Management for eCommerce

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To convert prospects into buyers and expand market presence and online revenue, product information needs to be high quality, complete, and always available. Today, customers expect to access the right information needed to make an informed buying decision.

Predictions 2019: CIOs, Don’t Put The Cart Before The Horse

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business technology (BT) chief information officer (CIO) Information Technology predictions 2019

Turning Data into Information; Why is it So Important?


This is why wireless dealers need to break down their data into usable information — it lets you create solutions efficiently and lets you get back to focusing on business. Your business is likely always collecting data, and sorting through it all can be very overwhelming.

Stay Ahead Of Your Customers With Continuous Delivery

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agile chief information officer (CIO) chief marketing officer (CMO) continuous delivery culture product design Agile Chief Information Officer (CIO) Continuous Delivery promoted

Predictions 2019: Automation Will Become Central To Business Strategy And Operations

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age of the customer application development & delivery application infrastructure technologies artificial intelligence (AI) automation business models business process management (BPM) business technology (BT) chatbots chief information officer (CIO) employee engagement prediction predictions 2019 robotic process automation (RPA) robotics shared services AI artificial intelligence Automation business strategy Chief Information Officer (CIO) employee experience operations

Tech-Driven Innovation: The Inevitable And Revolutionary Future Of IT

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business technology (BT) business technology resiliency emerging technology Information Technology promotedTechnology has changed virtually everything: The way we work, the way we live, the way we play and at a basic level, how humans relate to each other.

Digital Snakes And Ladders

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chief information officer (CIO) digital business digital disruption ebusiness strategy strategy & strategic planningGames are a great teaching aid. The digital snakes and ladders game from Forrester helps teams identify and focus on best practices of digital transformation.

Is Your Data Strategy Ready To Keep Up?

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big data chief information officer (CIO) customer data data insights data management data and analyticsI remember a few years ago when, as enterprise architects, we sat around in the office of the VP of architecture and planned our data strategy on the whiteboard.

[The Information] Behind Some Low Amazon Prices: Stolen Goods


This was recently explored in a report by The Information. He told The Information that it’s always hard to identify stolen goods, and it’s a constant battle to stop these illegitimate products from being sold on Amazon.

Digital Myth No. 4: Your Company Needs A Digital Strategy

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chief information officer (CIO) chief marketing officer (CMO) customer experience digital business digital disruption digital transformation

Examine The Cybersecurity Risk Ratings Market With The Forrester New Wave™ Evaluation

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The Forrester New Wave™: Cybersecurity Risk Ratings, Q4 2018 Earlier today, we published “The Forrester New Wave™: Cybersecurity Risk Ratings, Q4 2018” evaluation.

Making Omnichannel Work: Unifying product, pricing and inventory information


Omnichannel retail is no longer a prediction; it's a foregone conclusion. Shoppers are demanding cross-channel conveniences and retailers are gearing up and reorganizing to meet the challenge. Retail Operations Customer Experience

New Tech Spotlight: Security Technology Takes Center Stage

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blockchain cybersecurity data security emerging technology endpoint security GDPR information security privacy Blockchain New TechVenture capital and private equity spending on security technology reached an all-time high in 2018.

IBM’s Quantum Announcement Is A Big Step In A 1,000-Mile Journey

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chief information officer (CIO) emerging technology Innovation Quantum ComputingIBM unveiled a complete “quantum computing system,” IBM Q System One, last week. What’s more, it chose to do it at CES in Las Vegas.

China’s Tech Market Will Grow by 4% in 2019 and 7% in 2020

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chief information officer (CIO Growth in China’s technology market will slow in 2019 due to geopolitical tensions and economic pressures but will rebound in 2020. Our just-published China Tech Market Outlook, 2019 To 2020 report forecasts that business and government purchases of technology goods and services will grow by 4% in 2019 and 7% in 2020 in US dollar […].

LIFT Your Emerging Tech Efforts To The Next Level — Part 2

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chief information officer (CIO) emerging technology Innovation customer obsession

Accelerate Revenue Growth With Digital Innovation

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B2B ecommerce B2C ecommerce chief information officer (CIO) chief marketing officer (CMO) digital business digital disruption digital transformation ebusiness strategy ecommerce global ecommerce The Counterintuitive CEO

The Forrester Wave™: Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs), Europe, Q4 2018

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managed security services providers (MSSPs) security & risk security analytics security architecture security automation & orchestration security information & event management (SIEM) security operations & program governance

Your People Problem With Emerging Technology And Innovation

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chief information officer (CIO) emerging technology Innovation innovation management business strategy digital strategy employee experience innovationNearly half of the firms we survey are prioritizing innovation as key to their business strategy.

Climate Change Is Transforming Business

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age of the customer chief information officer (CIO) climate change digital business risk management security & risk sustainability customer experience emerging technology Security & Risk

CMOs: To Get A Seat At The Digital Transformation Table, Command Your Customer’s Experience

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age of the customer B2B marketing B2C marketing chief information officer (CIO) chief marketing officer (CMO) customer experience CMOs customer and employee experience digital transformation voice of the customerOnly 16% of CMOs are responsible for leading the execution of their firm’s digital transformation. Now is the time to rethink your role. Too few CMOs actively lead or are deeply involved in digital transformation.

Why HPE Walked Away From Quantum Computing…And Where It Went Instead

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chief information officer (CIO) emerging technology Quantum ComputingI’ve dedicated a fair number of research cycles to understanding quantum computers over the last 18 months because I believe they eventually will be revolutionary.

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Video Blog: Accelerate Innovative Digital Transformation

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chief information officer (CIO) chief marketing officer (CMO) corporate strategy design thinking ebusiness strategy Innovation marketing & strategy strategy & strategic planningQuick video perspective on applying design thinking to business strategy.

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The Five Myths Of Digital Transformation: Myth Two CIOs Can’t Drive Transformation

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age of the customer chief information officer (CIO) chief marketing officer (CMO) digital business digital customer experience digital transformation IT communications & marketing of IT IT governance CDO Chief Information Officer (CIO) CIO digital strategyMany people believe “digital transformation” is not an “IT” thing. While this may have been true when applied to last century’s typical IT group, its should not be true in 2018.

Robotics Quotient — Maximize Value From AI And Automation Investments

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artificial intelligence (AI) automation chief information officer (CIO AI and automation have risen to the top of CIOs’ agendas, but most companies aren’t prepared to recognize the full value from their investments. While they’ve spent money on technology, they haven’t invested enough in fundamentals — the people, leadership, and organizational structures that will drive success. Learn how our RQ (Robotics Quotient) model helps clients […].

The Shifting Map Of US Tech Talent Offers New Opportunities For Talent-Hungry CIOs

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chief information officer (CIO) technologyThe US tech economy is starting to spread from major cities on the East and West Coasts to inland metro areas. This is great news for American cities, employers, and tech workers. Inland urban centers that were once considered flyover cities are now bustling with tech startups and incubators, as well as the tech workforces […].