[Infographic] Powering Up More E-Commerce Sales: Success Stories from Consumer Electronics Sellers


Consumer electronics is easily the most talked about product category in e-commerce. Here are four stories of consumer electronics sellers who are on the right track. Industry Trends case study consumer electronics customer success

E-Commerce Marketing Tips for Consumer Electronics Industry


Running a consumer electronics ecommerce store is difficult. In this blog post, we’re going to look at a range of different marketing tips for the e-commerce consumer electronics industry. Social marketing strategy for consumer electricals.

How to Sell Consumer Electronics Online


Your consumer electronics brand is under attack from all angles—especially within the digital landscape. Electronics Trend Watch

Engage With Apple to Engage With Patients

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Apple, it turns out, is not just a company that knows how to build high-end consumer electronic devices. In yet another sign that Apple has its sights fixed solidly on the healthcare industry, the company has secured a strategic partnership with another national health insurer, Aetna.

The Ultimate Guide To Amazon Electronics

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Amazon has been selling consumer electronics for 20 years. The post The Ultimate Guide To Amazon Electronics appeared first on Retail Performance Marketing Blog - CPC Strategy. The category launched in 1999, just 4 years after the company’s start as an. Read More. Amazon Marketplace

14% overall uplift in revenue per user

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The largest consumer electronics retailer in Europe sees 14% overall uplift in revenue per user from all personalized experiences. The post 14% overall uplift in revenue per user appeared first on Dynamic Yield. Case Studies

Chase Predicts: Insights from an Expert


As we swiftly plough through January with another Consumer Electronics Show under our belts, 2019 tech trends are starting to reveal themselves.

Husband and Wife Team Go From a Handful of SKUs to a Hands-Free Dropshipping Empire

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Just ask Chris Unangst and his wife, owners of Olivabel, an online retailer of consumer electronics and other products. Growth is good. Unless it keeps you up all night. Soon after Hurricane Katrina devastated Florida – and Chris’ real estate business – Chris experimented with dropshipping products he sold on Amazon.

MediaMarkt connects online and offline worlds to master personalization at scale

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Europe's largest consumer electronics retailer manages to drive an 8% lift in average revenue by merging all of its customer data to enable personalized experiences.

Data-Driven Tactics to Improve Your Electronics PDP on Amazon


Amazon has surpassed Best Buy in US consumer electronic sales, according to the 2018 Gartner L2 Digital IQ Index. Electronics Amazon Increase Sales Volume and Revenue

Wellness Is Not A Nice-To-Have, It’s A Must-Have

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It’s no accident that with all of the turmoil and resulting stress we face, the importance of resilience and self-empowered wellness has become a meaningful trend across all ages, as consumers focus on what they can control. Interestingly, consumers are driving this trend for self-care on their own by seeking proactive health and wellness offerings that satisfy their individual needs. And as a result, brands are stepping up their game to satisfy consumers’ wellness aspirations.

What it Takes to Win on Amazon: Automation


It currently dominates share of the digital shelf sales for several categories, including books, toys, consumer electronics, and office supplies. By the end of this year, Amazon is expected to account for more of than half of the total US ecommerce market.

Toys 26

How Consumers Shop for Electronics: Research, Compare, Repeat


Nowhere does the omnichannel shopping experience stretch between in-store and digital more than with consumer electronics. The journey is uncertain, often changing with each consumer, their need and location. One thing’s for sure: Consumers do their research. Customer Experience Consumer Marketing Electronics

What Not to Miss: The Must-Attends of CES 2019


We are just a couple weeks away from the highly anticipated 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Bringing together the brightest minds in the consumer technology business, CES is sure to inspire, engage and educate all those that attend.

Choosing Who To Buy From: Why User Reviews Are More Important Than Just A Low Price in E-Commerce

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By Professor Saravana Jaikumar, IIM Calcutta Consumers today have both more options of goods to buy and more information about those goods than ever before. Let’s look at what happens in a highly competitive category like consumer electronics.

Will The Best Buy Rebrand Be A Better Look?

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And its new commercials emphasize Best Buy’s (and omnichannel retail’s) biggest strength: the face-to-face relationships that allow the company’s Blue Shirts and Geek Squad to gently guide customers through a complicated consumer electronics purchase journey.

A CES Map for Wireless Retailers


From January 9 - 12 ­ , 2018, the CES consumer electronics conference will heat up the otherwise cool Las Vegas sands. As expected, CES brings with it a plethora of content packed sessions and great keynote speakers. To help you take full advantage of the full event agenda, I’ve put together my top attractions for a wireless retailer, leaving you some space to fill out your schedule as you see fit. Wireless Trends Interactive Retail

From Bookstore to Superstore: The Evolution of Amazon.com


The marketplace that originally started as an online bookstore now produces consumer electronics, cloud computing services and the world’s most competitive delivery services — and these elements don’t even reach beyond the tip of Amazon’s iceberg. 2004: Amazon’s consumer electronic sales surpass book sales for the first time. 2009: AmazonBasics , a private-label product line primarily consisting of consumer electronics accessories, launches.

Unilever Mulls Pulling Digital Ads Near ‘Divisive’ Content: Should Others Follow Suit?

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But the fact is, while I was reading the article about this on CNN.com, I was treated to ads for insurance and consumer electronics that I’m sure Unilever wasn’t aware of and didn’t approve.

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Singles Day 2017: What Happened in Europe?


Bol.com already had great offerings from the consumer electronics category such as this HP Desktop computer , with a special Singles Day 2017 price tag of only 413 Euros – originally priced at 549 Euros. Alibaba has smashed the records by generating a total $25.3

Companies using Magento – Biggest Magento sites

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Vizio is a consumer electronics company with a stunning website, 100% adjusted for the upcoming holidays. Being one of the largest and most popular consumer electronics companies in the USA, Vizio offers a great number of products and serves thousands of customers on a daily basis.

Right to Repair and eCommerce: What Brands Need to Know


For the last few years, manufacturers in a variety of industries have been confronted by consumer groups over the inability to repair their devices. The right to repair movement seeks to put consumers back in control of their property when it comes to repairs.

Deep Dive Into the Retail Personalization Index Top 10: Best Buy


And Sound of Music, a small chain of stereo equipment stores in Minnesota, rebranded as Best Buy and expanded its offerings to include all consumer electronics. Availability and promotions vary, and Best Buy’s website is localized to consumers’ nearest (or preferred) store. It also means that when you talk to tech support on the phone, they’ll know who you are and which electronics you’ve purchased, simplifying the call. 1983 was a landmark year for technology.

Demystifying Global Selling During the Holidays


For example, if you are selling tech products, countries such as Australia, the UK and Saudi Arabia are great markets whose consumers exhibit similar tastes and shopping behaviors to that of the US consumer. European consumers, for example, have embraced the click-and-collect method.

Evolution in Electronics: The Growth of Amazon-Owned Products


We look at the growth of Amazon devices in Amazon.com’s Top 100 Best Sellers for the Electronics category over a 6 month period (August 2016-January 2017), and how consumer reviews have also helped to fuel sales. December 2016: Amazon Dominated Electronics.

How to Optimize Your Google Shopping Campaigns

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They sell consumer electronics and have fierce competition from players like Amazon, Walmart & Target. But don’t spend too much time on these, as re-writing product descriptions can be very time consuming without any guaranteed result.

Multi-Channel Retailing and the Buyer’s Journey: Opportunities and Challenges


Consumers Are Shopping in More Locations Than Ever. Consumer electronics websites (45%). Target consumers at different stages of the buyer’s journey. In the age of free shipping, 2-day shipping, and ship-to-store options, consumers can afford to wait.

How to Create Winning Black Friday Promotions


Overall, winners around Black Friday were consumer electronics, apparel, and appliances. “They just revamped their loyalty program, they need to brickwall consumers, it would have been good to see promotions that encourage the sign-up and usage of their new program.” .

9 Years After Launching Pinzon, Amazon’s Private-Label Brands Going Strong


AmazonBasics alone, which started with less than three dozen consumer electronic products, has expanded to offer thousands of items across numerous categories. It all comes down to this: After decades of e-commerce dominance and consumer data collection, Amazon knows exactly when, why and how people are buying. Once upon a time, Amazon quietly launched a private label.

Should You Sell on the Walmart Marketplace? Here are the Pros and Cons


Consumer Electronics – 8% . Electronics Accessories – 15% . If you’ve followed ecommerce news lately, you’ve probably heard a lot about the Walmart Marketplace, an online outlet for the retail behemoth.

Finding Dropshipping Companies & Suppliers (Free Directory Updated for 2018)


Electronics. The platform offers millions of products from suppliers in 40 niche categories like electronics and apparel. Their products include beauty products, electronics, jewelry and more. Electronic Wholesale Suppliers. Why should you dropship electronics?

How Sellers Can Succeed on eBay in 2017


For marketplaces to maintain their busy site traffic, they have to monitor and update their policies and features to keep consumers satisfied and loyal. What’s important: By prohibiting restocking fees with free returns, eBay is trying to maintain their consumers’ trust.

6 Beauty Brands That Use Questionnaires to Create a Personalized Experience

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We’re way past simply putting products in front of consumers and crossing our fingers that they will choose our product over a competitor. In fact, 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences, according to a recent study.

Amazon and eBay Reduce Fees in Europe and UK


Consumer Electronics. Electronic Accessories. Good news for Amazon and eBay sellers — your fees are being reduced! Amazon referral fee changes. As of June 5, 2019, Amazon began reducing referral fees for specific categories of merchandise. Here’s how it works: Referral fees are paid by sellers on each item sold. This fee is computed on the total sales price, which includes taxes calculated through Amazon’s VAT calculation services.

The Cross Border Ecommerce Checklist


Consumer Electronics. Product: What consumer and socioeconomic factors may impact merchandising? In foreign markets, consumer demand is also driven by factors such as climate, religious beliefs, cultural norms and more. Consumers behave differently across the board.

Future of Ecommerce: How Technology Will Change in 5 Years

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For an industry to adopt new technology, does the consumer or the organizations make the biggest push? For example, using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), a consumer driving up or walking into a CVS that also happens to have the CVS app will gain an enhanced experience.

5 Emerging Marketplaces to Consider for the Holidays


Pricefalls’ top performing categories are Home Improvement & Tools, Consumer Electronics, Health & Beauty, and Home & Living. Fruugo sells in excess of 5 million products with 20,000 brands — and offers a wide variety of items from sports and recreational products to electronics, home and apparel. With the holiday shopping season fast approaching, we want to make sure you are well prepared and are visible on as many marketplaces as possible.

Are Amazon FBA Fees Worth The Cost?


Consumer Electronics. Electronics Accessories. If you’re an Amazon seller, it’s likely you’ve considered using Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA). But does it deliver better ROI, will it drive up your costs, and is it a fit for your business? This guide should clear the question up.

Digital Assistants and the Rise of Voice Search: An Introduction


But digital assistants have exploded over the past year and have become one of the fastest-growing segments of consumer electronic devices, according to the Consumer Technology Association (CTA). Instead, consumers have been buying and sharing via word of mouth. . At the same time, consumer behavior has the potential to change rapidly based on the skills that are developed.

How to Sell Online – The Ultimate Guide to Go From 0 to $$$

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the highest cart abandonment rate is in consumer electronics, around 74%. consumers are 82% more likely to use a store if they don't have to pay for shipping. You shouldn't; 68% of consumers trust a site more when they see both positive and negative reviews, and this is normal.