Is Building Consumer Electronics Crazy?


If you have an idea to try to create an electronic consumer good, is it worth it? You’ll learn: Whether creating an electronic consumer good is worth it. Whether you need an electrical engineering degree to create an electronic consumer good.

Forrester’s Digital Go-To-Market Review: Consumer Electronics Edition

Forrester's Customer Insights

Our latest update to our Digital Go-To-Market Review series for brands looks at the consumer electronics sector. Electronics store sales peaked in 2007, and since then, an ever-growing proportion of consumer electronics sales has moved online.*


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How to Sell Consumer Electronics Online


Your consumer electronics brand is under attack from all angles—especially within the digital landscape. As one of the fastest growing segments with YOY online growth around 16%, and whose yearly spend per buyer hovered around $590, consumer electronics brands have a rare, and huge, opportunity to nab market share. Electronics Trend Watch

Amazon Prime Day(s) 2020: Consumer Electronics is the Big Winner


Although Amazon Prime Day is an Amazon event, many other retailers and marketplaces also promote sales and consumers are primed to shop. Based on our data, consumer electronics and related categories were the big winners.

Q&A with the Category Experts: Holiday Tips for Consumer Electronics Sellers


— First up: the fast-growing consumer electronics market. According to eMarketer, 39% of consumer electronics purchases will be made online in 2019, far surpassing the rate of e-commerce itself. We asked Brittney Procopio, one of our executive account managers, which strategies and tips should be top of mind for consumer electronics sellers. . If your products are not what the consumer expects, you may have a higher return rate.

E-Commerce Marketing Tips for Consumer Electronics Industry


Running a consumer electronics ecommerce store is difficult. In this blog post, we’re going to look at a range of different marketing tips for the e-commerce consumer electronics industry. To get a greater understanding of how you can apply these tips to your own electronics e-commerce brand, we’re going to take a deep dive look into success stories from consumer electronics sellers. Social marketing strategy for consumer electricals.

[Infographic] Powering Up More E-Commerce Sales: Success Stories from Consumer Electronics Sellers


Consumer electronics is easily the most talked about product category in e-commerce. But with increased competition across all online channels, it’s more important than ever for consumer electronics sellers to find new ways of increasing visibility for their products and managing their inventory efficiently. Here are four stories of consumer electronics sellers who are on the right track. Industry Trends case study consumer electronics customer success

ChannelAdvisor’s Brand Analytics Helps Electronics Seller Power Double-Digit Growth Without Increasing Ad Spend


The following is a case study featuring a leading consumer electronics brand that leveraged ChannelAdvisor Brand Analytics to dramatically decrease Buy Box losses on Amazon. What’s more, the electronics seller says its team made an important observation.

Fry’s Electronics is going out of business


Fry’s Electronics is closing all 31 of its stores as “a result of changes in the retail industry and challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.” The consumer electronics retailers said it has shut down operations and begun winding down the business

Best Buy cutting jobs as consumer shopping behavior changes


Keegan Shoutz, a spokesperson for the consumer electronics chain, didn’t offer specifics on the retailer’s plan but said, “Our workforce will need to evolve to meet the evolving needs of customers while providing more flexible opportunities for our people

Best Buy to close all its Mexican stores


The consumer electronics retailer operates 49 stores in Mexico Best Buy is permanently closing all its stores in Mexico, having determined that a spike in COVID-19 cases in that country would negatively impact its overall performance.

The Ultimate Guide To Amazon Electronics

CPC Strategy

Amazon has been selling consumer electronics for 20 years. The post The Ultimate Guide To Amazon Electronics appeared first on Retail Performance Marketing Blog - CPC Strategy. The category launched in 1999, just 4 years after the company’s start as an. Read More. Amazon Marketplace

What to Expect From CES 2021?

Forrester's Customer Insights

For the first-time ever, the Consumer Electronics Show will be a digital-only event. Like Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Viva Tech in Paris or IFA in Berlin, this is one of the few key global technology and innovation events.

Retail sales growth slowed in July


Consumer electronics stores saw the biggest monthly gain in July (+22.9) Retail sales grew 1.2 percent in July, down significantly from the 8.4 percent jump in June, according to the Commerce Department. while big box (-0.2 percent), home improvement (-2.9

Reflections on IFA 2020

Forrester's Customer Insights

However, neither the excitement nor the experience could hide the fact that the consumer electronics industry struggles in times of […]. Last week, IFA 2020 took place both in Berlin and virtually. I attended the virtual fair, which was an excellent experience.

Delayed school openings and online learning a mixed bag for retailers


Delays in school openings and a shift to remote learning will hurt apparel retailers but could benefit those selling consumer electronics.

How Consumers Shop for Electronics: Research, Compare, Repeat


Nowhere does the omnichannel shopping experience stretch between in-store and digital more than with consumer electronics. The journey is uncertain, often changing with each consumer, their need and location. One thing’s for sure: Consumers do their research. Customer Experience Consumer Marketing Electronics

Data-Driven Tactics to Improve Your Electronics PDP on Amazon


Amazon has surpassed Best Buy in US consumer electronic sales, according to the 2018 Gartner L2 Digital IQ Index. Electronics Amazon Increase Sales Volume and RevenueIt's no surprise that shoppers are turning online to the giant's product detail pages to compare models, prices, and brand quality. Convincing shoppers that your product is worth the investment, means giving them necessary information and content on Amazon's site.

People are shopping differently in this recession


“Traditionally, during an economic recession, you would expect to see discretionary categories, such as home furnishings, consumer electronics or big-ticket items like appliances, take a hit,” said Andrew Lipsman, an analyst at eMarketer. What’s interesting is that the pandemic has caused a couple of these categories to really buck that trend

14% overall uplift in revenue per user

Dynamic Yield

The largest consumer electronics retailer in Europe sees 14% overall uplift in revenue per user from all personalized experiences. The post 14% overall uplift in revenue per user appeared first on Dynamic Yield. Case Studies

Best Buy brings back furloughed workers as sales rebound


The consumer electronics retailer said sales during the second quarter were up about 2.5 Best Buy announced that it has brought back about half the workers the company furloughed in response to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Engage With Apple to Engage With Patients

Forrester's Customer Insights

Apple, it turns out, is not just a company that knows how to build high-end consumer electronic devices. In yet another sign that Apple has its sights fixed solidly on the healthcare industry, the company has secured a strategic partnership with another national health insurer, Aetna. It also knows how to convince other companies to […

What it Takes to Win on Amazon: Automation


It currently dominates share of the digital shelf sales for several categories, including books, toys, consumer electronics, and office supplies. By the end of this year, Amazon is expected to account for more of than half of the total US ecommerce market. Your success in ecommerce is increasingly dependent on your products’ success on the site.

Toys 60

Best Buy goes live with Black Friday deals


For those who cannot wait that long, the consumer electronics giant has already gone live with Black Friday deals on its site. Best Buy plans to get an early start on Black Friday. The retailer announced that it would open stores at 5:00 a.m. on the day after Thanksgiving for customers looking to get an early jump on shopping. Black Friday isn’t just one day this year — it’s months long,” according to a company news release.

Walmart wants a stake in Tata’s super app


Walmart is talking with Tata Group about making an investment up to $25 billion in the Indian corporate giant’s super app that will tie its consumer electronics, fashion, grocery, healthcare and insurance businesses together. Tata already has a good reputation for its products and Walmart’s advanced technology and experience in the space will help with better distribution,” said Rajiv Frank, marketing and brand consultant at Brandtrotter.

Analyst expects Walmart to report higher margin sales


Walmart is expected to report higher profit margins when it releases its second quarter earnings tomorrow with sales of apparel and consumer electronics showing a substantial increase as Americans used CARES Act stimulus funds to make purchases.

From AI to Z: What to Expect from CES 2019


The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) begins next week and it will be the world’s gathering place to showcase all of what’s new and what’s next in technology. With innovations and showcases from global players, a few key themes are likely to arise. Here’s what you can expect from CES 2019. Wireless Trends

Chase Predicts: Insights from an Expert


As we swiftly plough through January with another Consumer Electronics Show under our belts, 2019 tech trends are starting to reveal themselves. AI and robotics are continuing to push boundaries, smart products are taking over everyday household items and at the helm, mobile technology is a consumer’s primary control panel.

MediaMarkt connects online and offline worlds to master personalization at scale

Dynamic Yield

Europe's largest consumer electronics retailer manages to drive an 8% lift in average revenue by merging all of its customer data to enable personalized experiences. The post MediaMarkt connects online and offline worlds to master personalization at scale appeared first on Dynamic Yield

Curbside Enthusiasm: Retailers Adapt In A Time Of Crisis

Steve Dennis

While interest in many of the consumer electronics giant’s products is sagging, the chain is seeing surging demand for items that help people work from home. Consumers’ enthusiasm for ever more convenient digitally enabled, store-executed options has been obvious for some time, helping explain the rapid adoption of harmonized retail features such as buy-online-pickup-in-store (BOPIS).

22 Digital Marketing Trends Shaping the Ecommerce Landscape in 2020

Ecommerce Platforms

Consumer Electronics. Ecommerce Consumer Demand Trends. Consumers are turning their homes into workspaces. Ecommerce Consumer Demand Trends. Other consumer items that grew this way include: Freezers at 512 percent, Bread machines at 396 percent.

What COVID-19 Has Taught Us About eCommerce Spending


However, these consumer shopping behaviors vary from shopper to shopper and even between retail segments. For example, millennials and baby boomers have exhibited far different shopping activities, and the channel preferences for shoppers buying groceries versus consumer electronics also varies. To truly gauge how consumer behaviors have pivoted among retail categories and demographics, PFS recently surveyed 2,000 US consumers. Consumer Electronics.

A CES Map for Wireless Retailers


From January 9 - 12 ­ , 2018, the CES consumer electronics conference will heat up the otherwise cool Las Vegas sands. As expected, CES brings with it a plethora of content packed sessions and great keynote speakers. To help you take full advantage of the full event agenda, I’ve put together my top attractions for a wireless retailer, leaving you some space to fill out your schedule as you see fit. Wireless Trends Interactive Retail

Amazon Prime Day 2020 Prep (Part 1): The New Normal in a New Ecommerce World

ROI Revolution

At the same time, Prime Day is a time when consumers are eager to buy , creating increased opportunity for brands to leverage their websites and other marketplaces to drive sales. Between the cost of promotions, increased competition and CPCs on Sponsored Ads, and the amount of consumers clicking through Amazon detail pages, margins can become very slim. Take caution, however, that for consumer electronics, you’ll encounter a lot of competition for clicks from Amazon themselves.

Husband and Wife Team Go From a Handful of SKUs to a Hands-Free Dropshipping Empire

Etail Solutions

Just ask Chris Unangst and his wife, owners of Olivabel, an online retailer of consumer electronics and other products. Growth is good. Unless it keeps you up all night. Soon after Hurricane Katrina devastated Florida – and Chris’ real estate business – Chris experimented with dropshipping products he sold on Amazon.

From Bookstore to Superstore: The Evolution of


The marketplace that originally started as an online bookstore now produces consumer electronics, cloud computing services and the world’s most competitive delivery services — and these elements don’t even reach beyond the tip of Amazon’s iceberg. 2004: Amazon’s consumer electronic sales surpass book sales for the first time. 2009: AmazonBasics , a private-label product line primarily consisting of consumer electronics accessories, launches.

Wellness Is Not A Nice-To-Have, It’s A Must-Have

Retail TouchPoints

It’s no accident that with all of the turmoil and resulting stress we face, the importance of resilience and self-empowered wellness has become a meaningful trend across all ages, as consumers focus on what they can control. Interestingly, consumers are driving this trend for self-care on their own by seeking proactive health and wellness offerings that satisfy their individual needs. And as a result, brands are stepping up their game to satisfy consumers’ wellness aspirations.