Conversion 101: Creating an SEM Legend for Improved PPC Campaigns

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Finding the retail 'promised land' – improving customer experience and efficiency'?

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By Allison Manetakis, Director of Commerce Product Management, Oracle NetSuite

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7 Tweaks We Made To Our Online Store That Drastically Improved Sales

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And in many cases, the answer to improving sales requires very little effort to implement. How to Build an Online Store Our Story Running Your Store Entrepreneurship improve salesSometimes a seemingly insignificant change to your website or online strategy can pay huge dividends.

6 Simple But Effective Habits That Improve Your Productivity

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Not too long ago, I was working 40 hrs/week as an electrical engineer, running an online store with my wife, writing posts for my blog, putting out a weekly podcast, teaching an ecommerce course and holding an annual conference all at the same time.

How to Improve Your Promotional Strategy Using Competitor Ads 


Quad has put together steps to help you improve your promotional strategy using your competitors’ ads. To continue to improve ads, test new ones over time and analyze how your promotional strategy is affected. The post How to Improve Your Promotional Strategy Using Competitor Ads appeared first on Quad Analytix. Promotions are a key element of the marketing mix.

Why CEOs Don’t Care About Conversion Rate Optimization #CRO

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Continuous Improvement Conversation conversion rate Conversion Rate Optimization 101I recently presented (slides below) at Conversion World. Sam Hurley ; Digital Marketing influencer and Founder of OPTIM-EYEZ , asked me the following eight questions. The interview is still getting regular retweets so I’m providing a link to the interview and the slideshare. Jeffrey, why do you think CRO has become relegated to junior managers as a side project? Has it always been this way?

Web Push Is A Channel For Improving the Customer Experience


The problem is that marketers still aren’t thinking about web push in terms of how it can improve the customer experience – which is a pity, because highlighting the unique value it can deliver is the most effective way to get shoppers to opt-in.

UK retail customer experience failing to improve with nearly 50% of queries left unanswered

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Despite 93% of consumers revealing they are more likely to buy if they receive a positive customer experience, UK retailers are struggling to deliver adequate, consistent service new research suggests

Building Custom Experiences: How We Improved 4 Iconic Brands’ Stores

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Celebrate Entrepreneurial Independence Day with a Free Read!

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This holiday week a couple of friends of mine got together to offer you the chance to soak up the holiday sun, sip some lemonade and enjoy the gift of free and very low costs books to improve your business. Advertising Books Brand Continuous Improvement Customer Experience Personal Branding

Does Blogging for Ecommerce Really Improve Business?

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If you have any questions about blogging to improve your ecommerce business, or if you have any other suggestions for ecommerce professionals, let us know in the comments section below. The post Does Blogging for Ecommerce Really Improve Business? We've all heard it. Content is king.

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A Simple Tweak To Improve Email Deliverability And Open Rates 50%

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Email marketing generates a substantial portion of my revenue for both my blog and my online store. As a result, I dedicate a significant amount of time building upon these 3 pillars of email success. I make sure that my emails convert into sales. I maximize the rate of email signups.

How To Get Lucky – 3 Ways To Improve Your Luck In Business And Life

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Every business requires a little bit of luck in order to succeed. And often times, success depends on timing and being at the right place at the right time. But do you ever wonder how some people keep getting lucky over and over again? Is it just a coincidence that some entrepreneurs always seem to find a way to steer luck in their direction? Personally, I don’t believe in coincidences but I know many of you are skeptical.

3 Ways to Improve Your Holiday Ecommerce Strategy


In case you missed this week’s webinar “ How to Optimize Your Product Pages for the Holiday Season ,” we’ve gathered the top three takeaways for you to improve your retail holiday strategy. Our most recent research, the Holiday Shopping Keyword Intelligence Report , revealed how critical content changes are bringing to the forefront of holiday ecommerce strategy

13 Free eCommerce Tools to Improve Your Site Today


Stack all those advantages together though and the result is a substantial improvement over the original, a revitalized site that will resonate with your final sales. The “How to Fix” feature is especially helpful, with step-by-step instructions on improve your site’s SEO.

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Blog Over Your Lunch Hour: Iterative Writing Strategies to Save You Time AND Improve Your Writing


Let’s face it: if writing were easy, there wouldn’t be 136,500 professional copywriters currently employed by businesses of all sizes and in all verticals. Marketing & Lead Gen

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The Rise of “The Quant” – How a Quantitative Analyst Can Improve Your Marketing Strategy


About the Author: Sherice Jacob helps business owners improve website design and increase conversion rates through compelling copywriting, user-friendly design and smart analytics analysis.

Can Digital Catalogs Improve Your Business?


What steps can be taken to improve merchandising and support sales enablement? Internet sales continue to surge. The National Retail Federation predicts sales will nearly triple by the end of 2017 in the year-over-year growth rate. How can businesses make the most of their digital shelf to boost their own sales? Digital Catalog

Improve relationships with retailers in your ecosystem | Salsify


The top-performing brands are reimagining the partnership structure with their key retail partners. And this new dynamic puts a heavier burden on the manufacturer to produce and distribute better content for merchandising - and act like a partner rather than strictly a supplier. Ecommerce

Capping Membership and Improving our Community


New post from eCommerceFuel : “Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded.” ” -Yogi Berra. In 2103 I launched the eCommerceFuel forums with the mission of building the web’s best private Community for store owners.

How the Washington Post applies the 4 Pillars of Success to the Newsroom

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Continuous Improvement Customer Experience Optimization PublishingThis week we look at a recent NPR analysis of how the Washington Post became profitable after Jeff Bezos acquired them.

Case Study: How To Improve Your Chatbot’s Chance Of Success

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Marketing teams are increasingly interested in leveraging branded chatbots, but most struggle to deliver business value.

Webinar: Improve Your Mobile Checkout Conversions

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The post Webinar: Improve Your Mobile Checkout Conversions appeared first on Blue Acorn. Earlier this year, Google drew a line in the sand, officially marking 2017 as the year of mobile first.

The Anti-Spam Movement: How to Immediately Improve eCommerce Marketing Results

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Drill Down Into Key Segments to Understand and Improve Your Funnel


A better trial experience, attracting the right customers, achieving product/market fit, and addressing the biggest issues trial customers face can improve this conversion step. But, there’s always room for improvement. For now, we’ll focus on improving our signups.

6 ways to improve your sales team’s productivity


Sales productivity is a hot topic. Everyone wants to be as productive and efficient as possible, but for many it remains an elusive goal. Business Growth Small Business Sales Team Performance

Improve your ROI with a better product content process


No matter what you sell, your profit margins are impacted by the number of products shoppers return. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), in 2015 Americans returned $260 billion in merchandise - 10% of that year's total retail sales. The average return rate for products bought online is 30 percent - in part due to the quality of the digital product content representing these brands. Ecommerce Product Content ROI

How to improve Sears and Kmart Sales? (Webinar, Third-Party Solution, More)


The seamless success of top online sellers isn’t out of some heroic move and extraordinary strategy but out of long-term plans and steady improvements. Here’s how to improve your sales quickly and easily: Signup to an e-commerce solution.

6 Ways to keep inventory fresh & improve sell through!

Springboard Retail

You would be hard pressed to find a retailer who wouldn't LOVE a high sell-through rate. A high turnover rate means you're doing something right and leads to fresh merchandise and happy customers! Here's a brief primer on sell-through and a couple of techniques that savvy retailers use to move their merchandise! Inventory Management

Merchandising matters: How brands can inspire buyers and improve sales conversion


Branding is the sweet spot of selling online and for many global brands their execution is flawless. But it’s time that retailers and brands realize merchandising is integral to their success. Whether it be curating the assortment, guiding the shoppers through selling tactics or smartly integrating merchandising assets throughout the shopper journey, all play a pivotal role

7 Tips Toward Improving Order Management


Improving order management is important when wanting to expand your ecommerce business. Read on to find out how these tips can improve your business. The post 7 Tips Toward Improving Order Management appeared first on ecomdash.

7 Ways PIM Software Can Improve Your SEO Strategy


Consumers are turning to search engines to get the information they need about products and services. This means that, in order to compete, your business needs to have a high ranking especially within the results for search engine giants like Google. The best way to accomplish this is to make sure your site employs a solid SEO strategy

Amazon PPC: 3 Tips for Improving Ad Performance


These tips will improve and optimize your Amazon PPC. The post Amazon PPC: 3 Tips for Improving Ad Performance appeared first on ecomdash. Amazon PPC is a very useful tool for sellers looking to increase their sales on Amazon. Read more.


How to Drive New Feature Adoption with Kissmetrics


Academy Improving My ProductWhen you launch a new feature, you can put adoption (or lack thereof) in four categories: Users that haven’t heard of the new feature. Users that have heard of the new feature but haven’t used it.

3 Ways Retailers Use Digital Technology to Improve the In-Store Experience


While many brands have made some great progress in using digital data to improve the customer experience, we also found a few areas where we might see major improvement over the next few years.

How to Champion Your Digital Strategy: 5 Tips to eCommerce Success


From there, the focus shifts to setting targets and continuous improvement. Profitero digital strategy planning improvement measurement kpis eCommerceOne of the biggest challenges facing digital brand managers is making strategic eCommerce decisions.

5 Less Popular Ways to Improve Your Online Sales


To make things even better and take your online stores to the next level, here are LESS POPULAR tips to improve your online sales: Get on Comparison Shopping Engines. Optimize your stores, get reviews, send emails…. How many times have you heard such clichéd advices to boost your online sales?

Improving Revenue through Dynamic Recommendations

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The post Improving Revenue through Dynamic Recommendations appeared first on Dynamic Yield. How and where to implement personalized recommendations in the purchase funnel. Presentations

3 Psychology Tips to Boost Foot Traffic To Your Store


As a wireless retailer, you have probably already tried a few tactics to improve your store's foot traffic. The success of these campaigns relies on gathering customer data and strategically drawing on shopper psychology to improve your omnichannel tactics.

Coupa scores customer win with JD Sports

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By selecting Coupa, JD aims to offer an improved, simpler and more accessible P2P service to its store and office colleagues alike Coupa Software has announced that UK sports fashion retailer, JD Sports Fashion plc (JD), has selected Coupa's cloud-based Procure-to-Pay (P2P) solution to integrate with its existing ERP system.