Five Tips For Maximizing Holiday Gift Card Sales

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Considering that the average number of physical gift cards purchased per consumer has increased over the last three years from 4.7 Invest in incentives: Besides making a perfect present, gift cards can also help encourage additional spending.

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‘Tis The Season For Gift Giving…But Will Experiences Win Out In The Long Run?

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Nearly seven in 10 Americans (69%) said they would skip exchanging gifts this holiday season if their friends and family agreed to it, according to a new survey conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of SunTrust Banks. For those born without the gifting “gene,” we need all the help we can get.

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Customers Demand Flexible Gift Card Options this Holiday Season


With roughly 80% of consumers expecting to buy gift cards this holiday season, […]. The post Customers Demand Flexible Gift Card Options this Holiday Season appeared first on The Omni Channel. eCommerce Uncategorized gift card promotion Holiday eCommerce

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Should Struggling Retailers Gift Execs With Massive Holiday Bonuses?

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Last week, Toys ‘R’ Us won U.S. bankruptcy court approval to pay its top 17 executives $14 million in incentive bonuses. Judge Keith Phillips of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Richmond, Va., signed off on the bonuses following lengthy arguments from attorney Lynn Kohen on behalf of the U.S.

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Big Freeze prompts flurry of festive gift buying online

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Widespread snow and sub-zero temperatures across the UK prompted an early flurry of online festive gift buying, with searches around 'Christmas gifts' up 12% week-on-week*, according to data from Summit, specialists in online retailing

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Crafts, Gifts & Non-Profit Ecommerce Site Design


At Man Crates, we believe men deserve better giftsgifts that are just as exciting to give as they are to receive. Gifts you can’t wait to arrive because you know the recipient will love opening them. The gifts of water cooler legend! Out of the Box Gift Themes.

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Kibo’s Second Annual Holiday Gift Guide


The post Kibo’s Second Annual Holiday Gift Guide appeared first on The Omni Channel Here at Kibo we are honored to work with amazing clients who offer […].

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For Personalization Success this Holiday Season, Unwrap the Gift of Data.


The post For Personalization Success this Holiday Season, Unwrap the Gift of Data. There’s no time like the holidays to prove the time- and money-saving potential […]. appeared first on The Omni Channel

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The 2016 eCommerceFuel Holiday Gift Guide


New post from eCommerceFuel : For a third year in a row, we’re back with the ultimate holiday gift guide so you can shop right here from the wonderful stores that make up our eCommerceFuel community. We’ve got some great gift ideas for everyone on your list!

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Weebly Website of the Month: Glow Gifts


If you want a gift that captures the essence of the hip city of Portland, Oregon, there's no better place to turn than Glow Gifts. The brainchild of entrepreneur Courtney Kennedy, Glow Gifts offers hand-picked gift packages featuring Portland's finest artisan products.

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How to Use Gift Cards as a Marketing Tool to Increase Conversion Rates

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Gift cards aren’t just a product, they’re a powerful marketing tool you can use to increase your conversion rates, you just need to know how to use them. The post How to Use Gift Cards as a Marketing Tool to Increase Conversion Rates appeared first on Bootstrapping Ecommerce. Conversion Optimization Strategy & Analytics

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Gift cards big for Christmas: Top 10 products sold on Amazon in December


Gift card and Echo Dot sales drove a 30 percent month-over-month increase in the volume of US consumers that purchased a top ten product on Amazon in December. In December, these two Amazon-brand products fell one slot in the list, while Amazon gift cards rose to first place.

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How To Double Your Gift Card Sales

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44% / Consumers who said they were more likely to visit a store they would not have gone to otherwise because of a gift card. 52% / Consumers who said they were likely to visit a store more often because of gift card. 75% / Consumers who spend more than the value of their gift card. $38 38 / Average overspend per gift card transaction. It's pretty clear that gift cards are a win-win for both retailers and their customers!

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Real-Time Personalization: The Gift That Helps Gift Giving

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Here's how real-time personalization can help shoppers find gifts for friends and family during the holiday shopping season. The post Real-Time Personalization: The Gift That Helps Gift Giving appeared first on Dynamic Yield.

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Real-Time Personalization: The Gift That Helps Gift Giving

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Here's how real-time personalization can help shoppers find gifts for friends and family during the holiday shopping season. The post Real-Time Personalization: The Gift That Helps Gift Giving appeared first on Dynamic Yield.

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Stocking the top gifts of 2017: A retail Christmas story

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‘Twas months before Black Friday, most were at the beach Sourcing managers were scurrying – not enough coffee in reach What would be the top gifts? The post Stocking the top gifts of 2017: A retail Christmas story appeared first on Bamboo Rose.

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The Ultimate Weebly Holiday Gift Guide


Need some last minute gift ideas this holiday season? Check out the top curated holiday gifts we discovered after searching through thousands of online stores. Look no further than the hand crafted products designed and sold by members of the Weebly community.

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Seriously Silly Socks: Personalization + pick, pack, ship simplification.


Many of our socks are bought as gifts and our product range includes a lot of gift boxes designed for this purpose. We have 3 types of gift box: Branded boxes containing 3/4 pairs of socks that have been packed by one of the sock brands. Why they won.

Retailer Finds Savings in Carrier Costs

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Holiday Readiness Series: Take Your Social Strategy to the Next Level

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There’s no better time than now to get your social strategy ready for the gift-buying rush. Shoppers want brands to be just as social as they are — whether to help address issues or find the perfect gifts.

Top 7 Holiday Ecommerce Marketing Emails


Gift Card Offers. Gift cards are always a big holiday seller — some people are difficult to shop for, so an open-ended gift card leaves everyone happy. Rather than promoting your products all the time, take some time to promote your gift cards. Gift wrapping options.

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Christmas Comes Early: Five ecommerce tools retailers need to implement in July to be ready for the festive season

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Considering that 26% of UK consumers begin hunting for the perfect Christmas gifts come August, July would seem like the ideal time to prepare By Chris Boaz, Head of Marketing at PCA Predict (a GBG Company). Retailers around the UK know that summer is the ideal time to begin the build-up to the Christmas season. When should they start though?

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50+ Father’s Day Email Subject Lines for eCommerce

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Gifts he truly deserves this Father’s Day. Send a Gift to Dad in Time – Order Before 12 PM PST. Shop Our Father’s Day Gift Guide. All Bets on Him – Gifts Ideas for Father’s Day. Order Your Personalized Gifts For Dad By Sunday.

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7 Sales-Producing Holiday Promos to Run


3 – Offer a Bonus with Gift Card Purchases. may be difficult for people to buy gifts for others since it can be expensive. Offer gift cards so the recipient can buy the items they need or want. Offer gift buyers a holiday bonus promotion to entice them to buy gift cards.

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Three Ways to Get More from Your Q4


It’s the only time of year that virtually every person in the country is looking to purchase multiple gifts. You’ll be able to directly send them updates and product recommendations that can quickly turn into conversions, especially if they’re still shopping for gifts.

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Top 10 Christmas Products to Sell Online for Adults


For many of us, eating and receiving gifts are two of our most favorite activities around Christmas time. Recipes would ideally combine both delicious dinners and irresistible desserts to enjoy after the gifts have been unwrapped. Gift Cards.

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Seriously, Stop Trying to Beat Amazon at Ecommerce


For example, use high quality packaging, or include a free sample gift, or offer one-on-one customer consultation with experts on your team. This article originally appeared in Website Magazine. It’s just not worth it to try to beat Amazon in the world of ecommerce. .

Explore your Hidden Talent to Online World !

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Talent is what one has the ability to work on with natural gift by God. Talent in India: In the. The post Explore your Hidden Talent to Online World ! appeared first on Ecommerce Guru - Free Ecommerce Support, Help Desk, eCommerce Learning Free From Certified Partner. Ecommerce Guru ecomm-guru

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Weaponized Bots And The Risk To Merchants

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Gift cards are attractive targets. Advanced bots make it easier to find valid numbers and required verification data, and either exploit the gift card balances or sell them on the black market. Another reason hackers love gift cards: over $100 billion is spent on them annually.

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Five Steps To An ‘Appy’ Holiday

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By Casey Gannon, VP of Marketing, Shopgate The holiday season is finally upon us, and like every year, shoppers will be in a frenzy looking for gifts galore.

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My Exact Abandoned Cart Email Sequence And How To Recover Lost Sales From Your Shop

My Wife Quit Her Job

One time, I was shopping for my wife’s anniversary gift online when I was rudely interrupted by screams from my kids downstairs. Whenever I shop online, I like to comparison shop before I buy most things.

The Ecommerce Holiday Readiness Checklist: Mobile Optimization, Checkout CRO & The 11th Hour


Process orders, scan shipments, modify products, coupons, banners and gift cards. Create sneak peek or “coming soon” pages: These are perfect for when you are planning your gift guide and help to provide a nice boost to your SEO rankings. Offer a “gift with purchase” promotion.

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The 4 types of emails that convert best during the holidays


Gift card emails. The gift that no one ever returns, always fits, and can be delivered in mere moments? Sure some find them not personal, but for the masses who don’t know what to get their 14-year-old niece Stephanie or odd Uncle Bob, gift cards are a life saver.

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What Exactly Is A Split Payment in Retail?


This means a shopper can buy an item with a credit card, a gift card, and cash or any combination of payment methods; on a single transaction. A shopper can use a credit card, prepaid or gift card, debit card, PayPal or mobile wallet for purchases.

Why Google And Facebook Ads Fail Small Businesses

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the value of the gift card (across all verticals). Elery Pfeffer is a technology entrepreneur and current CEO and founder of Nift , a platform that empowers neighborhood businesses to help promote one another through free, local gifts.

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How the Customer Experience is Powering the Fastest Growing Brands


Customizing gifts based on the product someone buys is a thoughtful—yet realistic—way to make a customer feel warm and fuzzy about your brand. The gifts can match the purchases, too. A form of this article originally appeared on Stitch Labs.

Win With Weird – 22 Unique Products That Will Help You Break Through The Clutter

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It’s easy to brush these off as stupid joke gifts or gadgets. This glitter bomb gift makes sure the recipient ‘will be finding glitter everywhere for weeks”. That’s right, you’re buying just a box that you can use as a prank gift, or to pack your real gift in these empty boxes.

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Tech Is the New Jewelry; Connect With Your Mom This Mother's Day


Stressing about the perfect gift for mom this year as Mother’s Day quickly approaches? It seems we’re all trying to outdo last year’s gift or in my case, trying to one up our siblings with a better gift. An NRF survey conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics revealed shoppers will spend the most ever this Mother’s Day, averaging about $186 a purchase. Wireless Trends Retail Marketing

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Apples to Oranges

Rishi Rawat

You also help gift shoes, sight, water, safe birth, and prevent bullying: Article PriceThe best way to prevent your shoppers from comparison shopping is to make it impossible for them to comparison shop. To do this we use a tactic called, Price.

How Retailers Can Build Customer Loyalty With Handwritten Notes

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Many companies say thank you by sending small gifts or offering exclusive promotions, but it’s easy to go the extra mile. When sending a gift to a customer, including a handwritten note is a simple way to make him/her feel important, and less like one name on a long list of customers.

Want Fewer Returns? Try a Longer Return Window


Customers are trying to return gifts that are the wrong size, broken, unwanted, or otherwise flawed in some way. So what does the Endowment Effect have to do with returning gifts? The holidays are over (thankfully), and your ecommerce business is back to normal. Or, almost. It’s now returns season, and that can be almost as difficult for B2C businesses as the holidays themselves.

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How to Celebrate Your Customer’s Birthday


Birthday and other milestone campaigns can be as simple as sending your customers a special happy birthday message or going further and delivering a special discount or gift. And what better way to celebrate your customer’s birthday than by giving them a gift right away? Celebrating a milestone like your customer’s birthday is an easy way to foster a more personal relationship with your customers, building a foundation for loyalty.

Starboard Cruise ‘Fun Shops’ Less About Transactions Than Creating Experiences

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Press attendees were most enamored with the prize wheel, and if that’s any indication, I could certainly see that being a big hit among guests given the excitement of a free gift along with a purchase. By Glenn Taylor, Senior Editor For some people shopping, a.k.a.