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Introducing the Forrester Reference IT Capability Map

Forrester eCommerce

Today, I am happy to announce the publication of the Forrester Reference IT Capability Map. This is a comprehensive, mutually exclusive and comprehensive statement of the major capabilities used to define and deliver IT and digital systems, individually and at a portfolio level.

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You Need A Martech Reference Model – Here’s Why

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A question I often get from Forrester clients is: “Do you have a martech reference architecture that I can use to build my martech stack?” ” The short answer is no; but it’s not that simple. First of all, marketers should think in terms of an interoperable martech ecosystem, not stacks or platforms.

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More Horizon convictions referred to Court of Appeal


The Criminal Cases Review Commission has referred another eight postmaster Horizon convictions to the Court of Appeal, bringing the total to 47 referrals. This story continues at More Horizon convictions referred to Court of Appeal. Or just read more coverage at Talking Retail.

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FTC Refers TikTok Complaint to the Department of Justice


TikTok claims that they are working with the FTC.

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Composable Commerce Reference Architecture 2024 Edition

Achieve more with your commerce with the help of Orium’s Composable Commerce Reference Architecture 2024 Edition.

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House refers Amazon to DOJ for 'potential criminal conduct'


Judiciary committee members allege that the e-commerce giant's executives lied during an investigation into its competitive practices.

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Demystifying Real-Time Data For Analytics And Operational Workloads

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At its core, real-time data refers to data made available immediately (or almost immediately) to support operational and analytical workloads. I often get client inquiries about latency requirements to support real-time analytics and operational workloads. This data may […]

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How to Think Through Your Composable Commerce Reference Architecture

Join experts from Orium , commercetools , and Google Cloud for this on-demand webinar and dive deep into the topics explored in the Composable Commerce Reference Architecture report, including advice for how to start prototyping and de-risking a composable transition.

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Bring Your Brand Into the New Era of Online Retail

Bring your brand into the new era of retail with Orium, commercetools, and Google Cloud's Composable Commerce Reference Architecture. Download our free whitepaper to learn more.