Klaviyo Workshop Alums — Win Free Tickets to Klaviyo:BOS!


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21 Sessions, Presentations and Workshops You Can’t Miss at IRCE 2018


From workshops and boot camps to hearing from industry leaders you often read about in the news, these are the IRCE 2018 moments that aren’t to be missed. Post-IRCE Workshops. Stay a day later than the crowds and join in on a workshop to help you boost specific areas of your business.

Announcing the Winners of the #KlaviyoWorkshop Video Contest


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NYC Klaviyo Advanced Workshop: Resources for you


This February, more than 50 of Klaviyo’s 5,500 customers attended a day-long Klaviyo Advanced Workshop in Midtown Manhattan. Couldn’t make it to the workshop? Turned out the workshop was so popular we had to add a second day (so that doubled the number of customers could attend).

What’s At The End Of The B2B Buyer’s Journey? Advocacy!

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Lori can help you get there – check out her workshop at […]. Personas and journey maps have become key tools for the modern marketer. As my colleague Lori Wizdo expertly explains: It is the job of marketing to guide the buyer through the buying journey. Becoming a journey marketer is essential in this digital age.

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How To Use Emotion To Deliver Your Brand Promise

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In a recent workshop with the marketing team of a large European brand, we discussed the importance for marketers to deliver their brand promise. About 45% of marketers now report to be in charge of the customer experience.

Consumer Marketing 2018: Build Emotion-Powered Brands With Dipanjan Chatterjee

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I sat as a silent observer at an internal marketing workshop of a multi-billion-dollar consumer brand. WHAT DO EMOTIONS HAVE TO DO WITH BRANDING STRATEGY? They spoke for three hours about being customer-obsessed. They never spoke about the customer. That’s the old way of marketing.

Email Deliverability: Inbox Providers Breakdown


Editor’s note: We provide advanced email marketing workshops for Klaviyo customers throughout the year to teach topics from advanced email segmentation to automated email series to the state of the industry.

What Might We Do For You Now?

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We’ve created a short list: Customer Experience Planning : We conduct workshops/ projects where we plan and optimize digital and real world experiences to increase sales, retention, and satisfaction.

214: The Right Way To Run Facebook Ads For Physical Products With Andrew Foxwell

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Both Andrew and Austin run Brand Growth Experts which is a company that runs live workshops to help grow your business. Today I’m happy to have Andrew Foxwell on the show. Andrew is someone I met through Austin Brawner who I had back in episode 165.

B2B commerce has arrived. It’s big, it’s urgent, and it’s got to get done


The session and workshop packed event left no room to question “should I” or “shouldn’t I” It was all about the “how” Needless to say, Andy Hoar put on quite a show.

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Upcoming webinar: “Omni-channel is dead. Long live omni-channel.”

Steve Dennis

For more on my speaking and workshops go here. Please join me next Wednesday February 14th at 1pm US Eastern for a free 30 minute webinar on the future of omni-channel retailing. I’ll be joined by Rob Poratti from IBM Watson Commerce. You can pre-register here.

ChannelSale Attends IRCE 2018—Pledges To Redefine Online Retail Industry


While the first day of the event was centric to Amazon with ‘Amazon & Me Workshop’ among others, the second day was more about the operation ends of running a successful business.

Why Digital-Native Brands Are Moving In-Store


The space also features workshops and events focusing on topics such as food, wellness, technology, art, music, entrepreneurship, and travel. In the retail industry, 2017 was a record year — but unfortunately not for a reason we should celebrate.

User Conference Agenda Sneak Peek: The Countdown is On!


In fact, this is the very first workshop topic at ChannelAdvisor’s October 8-9 User Conference : What Everyone Ought To Know About Marketing, Selling and Fulfilling. Over the course of seven information-packed workshops, you’ll get expert tips on: An Essential Look into Amazon and eBay advertising. In this workshop, attendees will discover the critical importance of ads on two of the world’s most popular marketplaces.

[Infographic] Why Attend Catalyst Americas 2018


Join your fellow e-commerce experts in sunny San Diego, April 17-19th, where you’ll gain valuable insights through intensive workshops, insightful keynote speakers and fun networking events — like the Catalyst party.

Confessions of a Catalyst Addict: “Why I Come to Catalyst Every Year”


How do you decide which breakouts and workshops to attend? Each member will take notes and present to all team members so we all can get insights from many more workshops and breakouts than we can physically attend individually. Quick tip: This year’s Amazon workshop will feature inside tips from the marketplace giant’s senior sales manager for Sponsored Products. Attend the workshops that pertain to your specific needs and ones that will address your future growth.

Singapore eCommerce Hackathon


Engineers, designers and product enthusiasts were given the opportunity to code, attend learning workshops, eat pizza, drink beer, network and most importantly design and present their new creations to win some amazing prizes. From Friday 23rd February until Saturday 24th February, TradeGecko co-hosted the first eCommerce Hackathon at WeWork co-working space in Singapore, with EasyShip, and General Assembly. The event was sold out and proved to be a huge success.

Is Your Job Up For Grabs By Chatbots?

Retail TouchPoints

The futurists, analysts, brand and CPG executives who spoke at the ai.now workshop sponsored by Fractal Analytics , held July 18 in New York City, shared an over-arching warning: If your workload is data-driven and/or highly repetitive, a combination of AI and robotics could make your job obsolete.

Why The 2018 Retail Innovation Conference Should Be On Your Calendar Now

Retail TouchPoints

By Debbie Hauss, Editor-in-Chief The third annual Retail Innovation Conference (RIC18) is now confirmed for Tuesday-Wednesday, May 1-2, 2018 at Convene in New York City.

Why Change Is So Scary For Retailers — And How They Need To Overcome The Fear

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She has shared her expertise and insights at hundreds of workshops. By Andi Simon, Simon Associates You don’t have to look far to see the massive changes that brick-and-mortar retailers face today. The challenges are everywhere.

How the Customer Experience is Powering the Fastest Growing Brands


They often choose tangentially related concepts that their target customer is interested in—like a flower arrangement workshop, a skin care workshop, etc. A form of this article originally appeared on Stitch Labs.

Gee, I thought you were in the mattress business?

Steve Dennis

For more info on my speaking and workshops go here. . In my current keynote , I make the observation that many retailers have gotten themselves into trouble watching the last decade or so happen to them. Primarily for this reason, No.

Customer Showcase: Clear Solutions – Premier Glass Repair Products


Our primary channel for growth has been the facilitation of training, both online and in-person at our workshops. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Clear Solutions has been a provider of premier windshield repair supplies since 2003.

Will Amazon 4-Star live up to its reviews?

Steve Dennis

For more info on my speaking and workshops go here. . After learning that Amazon might open up to 3,000 Go stores by 2021, the industry was still catching its collective breath when the retail behemoth opened an entirely new format in Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood last week. Amazon 4-Star is the latest move into physical retail on the part of the once online-only retailer, joining Amazon Books and Whole Foods.

Gain a Competitive Edge at IRCE 2017 with ChannelAdvisor


Expert advice at a special Amazon workshop. Join ChannelAdvisor’s Co-Founder for an Amazon Workshop. Scot Wingo, ChannelAdvisor’s Executive Chairman and Co-Founder, will be hosting this popular workshop when it returns to IRCE on June 6 at 8:45 a.m.

RTP Editors Share Their Top RIC18 Sessions To Watch

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The event’s keynote speeches, breakout sessions and hands-on workshops will give attendees insights, best practices and ideas that they can apply to their own retail business.

Alexa: Retail’s Next Friend.Or Foe?

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During Aptos’ annual Engage user conference, the team held an in-depth workshop focused on competing against Amazon and had a presentation dedicated solely to Alexa. By Alicia Esposito, Content Strategist “Alexa, what’s the weather like today?” Alexa, add coffee to my shopping list.”

Retail 2018: Now Comes The Real Reckoning

Steve Dennis

For information on keynote speaking and workshops please go here. There is some dispute over whether more stores opened during 2017 than were closed. IHL says yes. Fung Retail Tech says no. Mostly I say “who cares”? Either way, it’s clear that the retail landscape is changing rapidly, causing some retailers to prune their store counts, shutter locations en masse or liquidate entirely.

Sears: The world’s slowest liquidation sale picks up the pace

Steve Dennis

For more on my speaking and workshops go here. The Lampert Delusion might be a good name for a Robert Ludlum novel. Unfortunately it is more apropos of the apparent strategy Sears Holdings’ principal shareholder and CEO is employing to try to save the flailing retail chain.

Nordstrom ups the ante with new loyalty program

Steve Dennis

For more info on my speaking and workshops go here. Last week Nordstrom, the U.S.-based based fashion retailer, announced the launch of a new loyalty program. Despite its rather uninspired name, The Nordy Club is intended to broaden customer engagement while increasing earn rates by 50% for members paying with a Nordstrom credit card. The new program also offers more access to services and personalized offerings.

It’s just about time for full-on panic at J.C. Penney

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For more on my speaking and workshops go here. It’s been a long sad slog for J.C. Penney. In 2011, after more than a decade of (at best) mediocre performance, the company brought in Ron Johnson from Apple as its new CEO.

Plot twist: Amazon’s future may soon be tied to physical stores

Steve Dennis

For more info on my speaking and workshops go here. . It’s hard to underestimate the success and increasing power of Amazon. Their market cap hovers just under $1 trillion. Their growth rates have been astounding. By most estimates Amazon now accounts for nearly 50% of all US e-commerce revenues , roughly 5% of all retail and is significantly bigger than their next 10 competitors combined. One study has some 55% of all online product searches starting at Amazon.

Despite Amazon tire deal, talk of a Sears turnaround is just hot air

Steve Dennis

For more on my speaking and workshops go here. Having spent 12 years of my career at Sears, I find it particularly sad to see the once-storied retailer sink slowly into oblivion in what I frequently refer to as the world’s slowest liquidation sale.

Physical stores: Assets or liabilities?

Steve Dennis

” For more info on my speaking and workshops go here. Of course the obvious answer is “well, that depends.” ” As the intersection of economic feasibility and consumers’ willingness to adopt new technology hit a tipping point, for retailers that had invested big bucks in the brick-and-mortar distribution of music, books and games, the answer changed rather dramatically. Today’s retail apocalypse narrative is nonsense.

Don’t Miss These Top Ecommerce Conferences in 2018


Then, come up with a list of sessions and workshops you want to attend, followed by a list of outcomes you expect to achieve by going to the conference. One of the best ways to keep current with trends in the market is by attending ecommerce conferences.

Retail reality: It’s death in the middle

Steve Dennis

For information on keynote speaking and workshops please go here. I first pointed to what I called “retail’s great bifurcation” literally two years ago today. Though it wasn’t the first time that I had observed what I saw as the impending collapse of the middle.

These brands apparently did not get the ‘retail apocalypse’ memo

Steve Dennis

For more on my speaking and workshops go here. For a couple of years now pundits, analysts, journalists and various other retail observers have been advancing the “retail apocalypse” narrative. A typical story or opinion piece warns of the “death of the mall,” points out how “e-commerce is eating the world,” and generally suggests that “traditional” retailers are toast.

Physical retail is not dead. Boring retail is.

Steve Dennis

Check out the speaking tab on this site for more on my keynote speaking and workshops. It may make for intriguing headlines, but physical retail is clearly not dead. Far from it, in fact. But, to be sure, boring, undifferentiated, irrelevant and unremarkable stores are most definitely dead, dying or moving perilously close to the edge of the precipice.

Holiday 2017: The fault in our stores

Steve Dennis

For information on keynote speaking and workshops please go here. By all accounts this holiday shopping season looks to be pretty solid overall–perhaps the best since 2010. Aggregate sales will likely be up between 3.5% and 4.0%. E-commerce year-over-year growth will come in around 17%. Retailers’ inventories seem to be generally in good shape, which should allow most to deliver strong gross margin performance.

Painting the Town Sailthru Blue: A Look at our Recent Volunteer Day


Our culture calendar has a lot going on: group fitness classes, art projects, workshops on everything from mixology to taking iPhone photos. Sailthru’s mantra is that human connections matter and as a result, we frequently tout our service.

ShopTalk 2018: Lessons in hope, reality and denial

Steve Dennis

Check out the speaking tab on this site for more on my keynote speaking and workshops. With my time at the ShopTalk 2018 gathering in Las Vegas now behind me, I decided to forego my original plan to write a more detailed summary of “key” take-aways. For one thing, there are a number of excellent summaries out there already. Like this one. Or this. Or CoreSight’s thorough recap of each day. Also, it’s a fair amount of work. So there’s that.

Department Store Shares Are Up. Your Hopes Shouldn’t Be.

Steve Dennis

For information on keynote speaking and workshops please go here. Amidst reports that holiday spending was up nearly 4.9% , some optimism about the American moderate department store sector has started to creep back in. In fact, right after these reports shares of Macys, Dillards, Kohls and JC Penney spiked. It’s all a bit baffling. On the one hand, if I were a betting person, I expect that these brands will report decent, maybe even objectively good, numbers this quarter.