7 Benefits of Having a Modern Payment System in Your Corner


Directly integrating to your point of sale, a modern payment system delivers a robust payment experience for both merchant and customer. From merchant services, to hardware procurement, to remote terminal solutions and everything in between, a modern payment system connects merchants to a total payment ecosystem.

Whose Most Secure: PayPal Vs. Square


That’s where platforms like Square and PayPal support merchants to have streamlined payments delivered to them from their customers. . Square was famous for its in-person sales processing, where the use of mobile card readers was the primary source of transactions.

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Three Requirements For Successful Retailers Post-Pandemic

Retail Touch

The global pandemic has accelerated the pace of change for the retail industry at a rate we have never before seen. Burlington Stores is grappling with its January decision to cut online sales altogether and the coronavirus may be the final blow that shutters JCPenney for good. Puma doubled down on its earlier strategy to prioritize online sales and consequently experienced a 77% growth in e-Commerce business in April alone. Brad Paterson is CEO of Splitit.

The Ultimate Adyen Payemnt Service Provider Reviews for 2019

Ecommerce Platforms

Based in Amsterdam, Adyen is a merchant bank (aka “global payment company”) that lets companies accept point-of-sale (POS) payments, mobile payments, and eCommerce payments. Adyen is listed in the Euronext Stock Exchange and has a stellar lineup of well-known clients who use its services, including Uber, Netflix, eBay, and Airbnb, just to name a few. So far, they’ve do an admirable job of accomplishing their mission. Ease of Use.

Clover POS System Review: Transactions Made Easy (July 2019)

Ecommerce Platforms

Since the arrival of the first digital point of sale, it seems as though the transaction management market has never stopped growing. Small business owners have continued to increase, driving demand for solutions that allow them to make sales in virtually any environment. The Clover POS system is just one of the complete out-of-the-box solutions for electronic point of sale management on the market today.

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Square vs PayPal (Dec 2019): Clash of the Payment Processing Titans

Ecommerce Platforms

Both Square and PayPal are incredibly popular tools for merchants and business owners. There’s a good chance that many of your favorite stores even offer customers the option to pay for their products using a PayPal account. Square has a very extensive set of features, including some credit card processing systems and readers that are a lot more impressive than PayPal’s. plus 30 cents for online sales. Clearly Square comes out ahead of PayPal in this area.

Square Capital Review (September 2019): Simple Business Loans

Ecommerce Platforms

Even if you have the initial cash that you need to establish your company, you might need to tap into some extra capital as your venture grows, so that you can afford to take advantage of new opportunities. Fortunately, if you already have a history using Square, one of the most popular POS systems on the market, then you could consider turning to this company for support instead. Square recently made its way into the world of business loans with “Square Capital.”

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TouchBistro POS Reviews for 2019

Ecommerce Platforms

If you’ve been following our blog keenly, then you’ve probably noticed that we’re not the type of guys who’d miss out on the trending POS systems. TouchBistro is certainly one of them, at least going by the numerous TouchBistro reviews posted all over the web. Come to think of think, that’s no easy feat, especially for a specialized POS solution that exclusively caters to the food service industry. TouchBistro Reviews – Overview of the Restaurant POS System.

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Ecommerce Terms You Need To Know To Manage Your Digital Business


But when it comes to digital businesses where all transactions and fulfillment take place online, there’s a whole new set of terms you need to know in order to keep up. If you’re thinking, “That’s a lot of words,” you’re exactly right. Affiliate links can be used to record traffic that is sent to a merchant’s site. Amazon charges fees on every sale through the Marketplace. A set of subroutine definitions, protocols, and tools for building application software.