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How To Write Great Product Descriptions That Convert


Great product descriptions are the unsung heroes of ecommerce content. At their best, product descriptions persuade without sounding persuasive; they sell without sounding like they’re selling. The most successful copy conveys information in a way that’s enticing and also easily absorbed, with minimal effort from the reader. It’s both harder and easier than it sounds.

7 tips in the fight against Amazon


Companies like Amazon and other big-name department stores ultimately reign supreme when it comes to ecommerce. In 2018, over two-thirds of American households had an Amazon Prime membership.

Tips to Sell More This Easter


Easter is quickly becoming one of the most important retail days of the year, and for a good reason; In 2016, U.S consumers spent over $17.3 billion during the Easter holiday weekend, with millennials spending the most out of all age groups. Because of the revenue generation potential, more and more businesses use the holiday weekend for promotions and specials, and your online store should be no exception.

Cyber Catalyst Brings Minimal Value To Businesses

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In late March, Marsh announced the launch of a program with a number of leading cyberinsurance firms including Allianz, AXA, Beazley, XL, and Zurich to evaluate cybersecurity products and services.

Tips For E-Commerce Best Practices

An infographic listing the best practices companies can follow to bolster their e-commerce website.

12 Proven Product-Page Ideas to Increase Your Ecommerce Conversion Rate


Nailing your product page is a crucial part of increasing your ecommerce conversion rate.

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How to sell on Amazon – The Ultimate guide – Part 2

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In part two of this three-part series on how to sell on Amazon you will learn how to do product research, how to source a product and optimize your product listing and how to ship your product to an Amazon fulfillment center. Starting an Amazon FBA private label.

Alexa Just Became HIPAA-Compliant — Prepare For Impactful And Personalized Voice-Driven Healthcare Experiences

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Amazon has announced that Alexa is now HIPAA-compliant. This is a long-awaited announcement and a big move for Amazon as it expands its footprint in the $3.65 trillion US healthcare industry. Voice presents an opportunity for healthcare organizations (HCOs) to gain access to new consumer data and for consumers to have a convenient way to […]. healthcare

Twitter Automation: The Ultimate Guide for Ecommerce Marketers

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Finally, you’ve got a new product and it’s amazing, has all the required features, and is ready for the market. But then again, when it comes to marketing the product, you face a few obstacles.

Australian Financial Services Firms Must Step Up And Fix Home Lending

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With broker reforms at a standstill, Australian financial services firms must step up and take responsibility by putting customer interests first. Create the right culture, be more transparent, and build tools to protect vulnerable customers. age of the customer

[Guest Blog] ChannelAdvisor Connect 2019: The Power of Leveraging eBay’s Managed Marketplace


eBay is a powerful partner to brands and retailers because of an ever-evolving investment in tools that businesses can leverage to attract customers and increase sales. — The technology required to run a successful e-commerce business continues to advance at a rapid pace. The way we shop online changes with each software and hardware update. Brands and retailers need to find ways to keep up without over-stretching their resources.

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Biometrics, Digital Decisioning, And APIs: These Are The Droids Investment Firms Are Looking For!

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In “Star Wars,” Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi uses a mind trick to convince the dreaded stormtroopers that the droids in his company are not the ones they are looking for, enabling him and his friends to safely move along.

6 Email Capture Ideas to Grow Your Ecommerce Subscriber List


Ecommerce is the go-to shopping experience more customers turn to. In fact, estimates show that 2.14 billion people across the globe will buy products online by 2021—compared to 1.66 billion in 2016.

From Eblast to Omnichannel Messaging For Ecommerce Growth


Email marketing has changed a lot since Gary Thuerk sent the first eblast in 1978. So have the results. His 400 recipients generated $82 million in sales!

6 Must-See Sessions at the Email Evolution Conference


There seems to be one constant in digital marketing: It’s always going to change, and at an increasingly rapidly pace.