The Other AI: How Aesthetic Intelligence Can Transform Your Brand


I call aesthetic intelligence the other AI. It may include visual beauty, but also appeal to our other senses—like the plush texture of cashmere, the sonorous timbre of an alto’s voice, a scrumptious meal, or an aromatic fragrance.

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Amazon Prime, a loyalty program by any other name…

Forrester eCommerce

Now, Amazon Prime isn’t like other loyalty programs you see in the marketplace. A few weeks ago, Jeff Bezos revealed in the annual shareholder letter that Amazon Prime now has over 100M members. But even more noteworthy than its size is its revenue impact. In 2017, Amazon shipped more than $5B items through Prime. For […]. age of the customer

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A/B Testing. How others do it.


In my discussions* with some of you about Omniconvert, two things came up: *(yes, there’s a real human being writing emails from her real computer to you guys) #1 show me how others are doing it; #2 show me how I can do it myself; With this in mind, we are starting a […].

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What Marigolds Mean In Mexico (And Other International Growth Tips)

Retail TouchPoints

Diving deeper into a market and embracing the social knowledge of other members of the retail community gives brands fast, accurate information about their potential customers, so they can make smarter decisions about what products they offer.

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A Digital Experience Agency By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet

Forrester eCommerce

that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. With apologies to Juliet and to Will, let me ask, “What’s in a name? ” Romeo And Juliet (II, ii, ll. 46–47) Juliet meant that it didn’t matter that Romeo was from a family enemy, the Montagues; she […]. age of the customer

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Unilever Mulls Pulling Digital Ads Near ‘Divisive’ Content: Should Others Follow Suit?

Retail TouchPoints

Will this be enough for Unilever and other advertisers? As the fourth-largest advertiser in the world, Unilever has the power to influence how Facebook/Instagram, Google/YouTube and other social networks handle content.

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A/B Testing. How others do it.


In my discussions* with some of you about Omniconvert, two things came up: #1 show me how others are doing it; #2 show me how I can do it myself; *(yes, there’s a real human being writing emails from her real computer to you guys) With this in mind, we are starting a […].

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75% of UK shoppers trust other customers over retail staff

Retail Technology Review

Despite retailers' best efforts to improve customer experience and engagement, research by conversational commerce platform iAdvize has found that the majority of UK consumers look to peers when making a purchasing decision, rather than the retailer or brand

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Hype-y holidays: ‘Black Friday’ and other nonsense

Steve Dennis

Brace yourself. The media hype around Black Friday and Cyber Monday is now at a fevered pitch. Don’t fall prey to the nonsense.

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Prioritizing Happiness Over Growth + Other Marketing Talk


If you think through, and maybe excluding Kickstarter, but if you think about all your other channels kind of, because of course, you use Kickstarter but in between, you know, you generate a whole bunch of revenue through your website and other means.

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X-Cart Review: Ecommerce Power Like No Other (But Development Skills Required)

Ecommerce Platforms

This might sound like a dream to some online business owners, but for others, it's not exactly what they need. Other than that, some people might get frustrated that X-Cart requires some additional fees.

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How to Emulate the Success of Other Top Ecommerce Websites

Shopping Signals

Though some might use their “About Us” page to list some basic details about what the company does, this page and other content offer companies the opportunity to make a lasting impression on potential customers. What are you emulating from other top ecommerce websites? The post How to Emulate the Success of Other Top Ecommerce Websites appeared first on Shopping Signals. Maturing into one of the top ecommerce websites in your industry is no easy journey.

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Why ShopClues is Seller First Choice to Start Online Business Rather than Amazon / Flipkart / eBay or Other Panels

Ecommerce Guru

The post Why ShopClues is Seller First Choice to Start Online Business Rather than Amazon / Flipkart / eBay or Other Panels appeared first on Ecommerce Guru - Free Ecommerce Support, Help Desk, eCommerce Learning Free From Certified Partner.

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What do Net30 and other invoice payment terms mean?


A payment term is an indication on an invoice of how quickly a merchant expects to receive payment in full from a buyer. Productivity

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A Quick Guide To Listing Antiques And Other Expensive Items In eBay


For those that wish to approach eBay listing of antiques and other unique expensive items successfully, here is quick guide to easy victory…. Thirdly, add any certificates or other proof of authenticity to highlight the genuineness of the product.

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5 Ways To Reduce Product Returns In Shopify, Magento And Other Webstores

Ecommerce Guru

The post 5 Ways To Reduce Product Returns In Shopify, Magento And Other Webstores appeared first on Ecommerce Guru - Free Ecommerce Support, Help Desk, eCommerce Learning Free From Certified Partner. In this digital era, Consumers are more likely to shop online because they don’t want to invest their time to.

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Hosting user group meetups and other events at iQmetrix


Now that we've got a number of user group meetups and open office events under our belt, it's time to spread the word a bit more broadly that we're happy to host events at our office here in Vancouver. Mobile Industry Events

Small business tax deductions and other end-of-financial-year sales cost-saving tips


Aside from the seemingly endless list of end-of-financial-year sales and deals, there are plenty of smart ways that small businesses can save money when tax time rolls around. Business Growth How to

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September 2016 ChannelAdvisor Same Store Sales (SSS) for eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping, CSE, Search and Other third Party Marketplaces


Other 3PM -Non eBay and Amazon marketplaces for September came in at 28.7% , a decrease from August’s 37.7%. FBA non-Amazon – Here we look at the total bucket of FBA-driven GMV and look at the % that was not fulfilled for Amazon sales (website, other 3PMs, Search, CSE, etc.).

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Drive sales conversion with 360-degree product views and other rich media


360-degree product views are one of the best ways for brands to simulate an in-store shopping experience where shoppers can pick up an item to rotate it and examine it. Walmart provides a 360 spin option on its pages. The retail giant reports that brands see an improvement of search rank and conversion when 360-views of a product are included on the page. walmart rich media rich product content

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Amazon’s Prime Day Wins Big (Again) but Hope Remains for Other Retailers


In addition to record-breaking sales for the company, Amazon also reported signing up the most new Prime members in a single day – July 16 – than in any other day in their history. However, these big wins for Amazon don’t necessarily mean other retailers can’t get their pieces of the pie.

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iPhone Launch vs. iQmetrix Meetup: 4 Reasons You Shouldn't Miss One for the Other


Worried about the upcoming iPhone launch? Here's why the iQmetrix Meetup might just be the best place to be! Wireless Trends

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How I Almost Got Phished And Why Training Isn’t Enough

Forrester eCommerce

I received a text message the other day that looked a lot like what I might get from my bank if I triggered some anti fraud check. The timing was impeccable, I had just used the card to pay for takeout and had walked out to my motorcycle to head home. When I initially got […]. mobile security passwords payments personal identity & data management security & risk zero trust Phishing security and risk security training

Use Search Marketing To Propel Your Holiday Season Efforts

Forrester eCommerce

Bonuses are made or lost during the holiday season as some toys, electronics, and clothing items become the hit of the season and others fall flat. The holiday season is upon us once again. For many in the retail and consumer goods industries, this is the most crucial time of the year.

Makers and Marketers

Forrester eCommerce

This week was an interesting one, as I found myself pin-balling from one end of my coverage to the other. Fall means that software conference season is in full swing, and that I’m on the road more that I’m off it. On Monday I spent some time at IBM’s Agile Engineering Summit in D.C. Attendees […].

The AI Revolution in CX Measurement

Forrester eCommerce

Let’s face it, most CX measurement programs could use a revolution – AI or other. Because CX measurement programs are: Crumbling: CX measurement relies too much on surveys. But transactional surveys capture only between 2% and 7.5% of interactions.

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Alexa, How Do I Fix Healthcare?

Forrester eCommerce

Disruption is Bringing Much Needed Innovation to Healthcare Disruption is not new to healthcare, but the entrance of established brands from other industries signals a level of disruption that hasn’t been seen before.

Automation, AI, And Robotics Are Critical CIO Targets

Forrester eCommerce

We’ve just released a major new report, The CIO’s Guide To Automation, AI, And Robotics.

Telecom Operators Deliver Insights Services — With Network And Subscriber Data

Forrester eCommerce

I asked about their data strategy, and they were horrified at the thought of doing anything other than securing and protecting their data assets. A few years ago, I met with an incumbent telecom provider in Europe, and they came across as being from “the old country.”

The Future Of Telecoms: Strategies To Transform Telcos Into Digital Services Providers

Forrester eCommerce

The biggest challenge facing the other telcos is […]. Since our last major strategic reassessment of the telecoms landscape in 2011, digital transformation has further raised the need for change of the telco business model.

Cybersecurity And Professional Sports: Securing The Internet Of Sports

Forrester eCommerce

Over the past few years, companies in all markets have embraced digital transformation, whether it is financial services finding new mechanisms to engage with customers or manufacturers adding sensors and other data collection components into their operational processes.

Digital Transformation Unlocks Business Opportunity

Forrester eCommerce

My first job (other than being a barman at college) was designing and developing an ERP system for a ship repair yard on the River Tyne. This was Circa 1995, a time when the ship building and repair industry in the UK was twitching its last death spasms. It was an industry in the final […]. digital transformation Forum

The Data Digest: Prioritize CX Investment By Understanding Empowered Consumers

Forrester eCommerce

On paper, customer experience (CX) is about people creating memorable experiences for other people. But in reality, resonating with consumers is complex and messy. Customers approach your brand with unique emotional profiles, tendencies, and preferences that shape how they feel about your CX.

All Brands Need A Full-Fledged Digital Commerce Strategy

Forrester eCommerce

The internet has enabled brands to sell more of their products to an ever-expanding universe of shoppers, but digital distribution has also added complexity to the relationship between brands and retailers and other channel partners. All brands need to set parameters around the digital sales of their goods, regardless of the type of brand or […].

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Reviewing Amazon’s customer experience for their Treasure Truck offer of the day.

Bryan Eisenberg

BTW this is what the Treasure Truck looked like when you arrived: What other brands would you like to see execute a fun truck experience like this one? A look at the mobile experience, landing page, call to action, etc. for the #NES release offer.

AI’s Insatiable Appetite For Silicon Requires New Chips

Forrester eCommerce

One breakthrough of AI is deep learning: a branch of machine learning that can uncannily identify objects in images, recognize voices, and create other predictive models by analyzing data. Deep learning can use regular CPUs, but for serious projects, data science and AI engineering teams must use AI chips such as GPUs that can handle […]. age of the customer artificial intelligence (AI

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Avoid Bad HiPPO Directives With Insights and Prioritization

Forrester eCommerce

CX professionals often fall victim to the top-down HiPPO approach to prioritization; HiPPO being an acronym for the “Highest Paid Person’s Opinion” – where priorities are set by the CEO or other senior management based on gut and experience rather than actual underlying data.

Palo Alto Networks acquires cloud monitoring and workload management specialist

Forrester eCommerce

has a large mindshare with Forrester’s end user clients and is also mentioned by other cloud workload security management (CWS) vendors regularly as a viable competitor. Palo Alto Networks (PAN) today announced plans to acquire, a predominantly API-based cloud monitoring vendor for a cash purchase price of $300m.

Marketers, You Don’t Understand How Consumers Feel About Advertising

Forrester eCommerce

Did you know, for example, that some people are totally cool with personalization in exchange for something useful, relevant, or valuable to them, while others — even when they understand what’s happening with their data […]. Marketers, you don’t know how consumers feel about your advertising, and it may be hurting you in ways you don’t understand.

Marketing Unboxed: How Glossier Wins Over Fans with Marketing That Shines


A discount offer in our confirmation email from Glossier was a nice surprise, but other than that, we rarely received any follow-up emails from them. Next time, hit us with those product announcements, special offers, and other nurturing emails, Glossier!

5 Tips for Designing a High Converting Website Pop Up (Plus 4 Bonus Conversion Tactics)

Traffic and Sales

Design and branding is your opportunity to stand out from the other guys and engage a visitor with something that will actually grab their attention and get them to convert. One has a basic close button and the other has a close button with some cheeky text.

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Custom Reports & Vizzes missing from Google Analytics [28 ways to look at data like a boss]


People often ask why they should use any other tool than Google Analytics? Don’t we have all the data we need there? It’s true, Google Analytics stores a lot of data. But sometimes it doesn’t tell the whole story. We tend to accept the numbers displayed in GA as the absolute truth. It’s is a […]. The post Custom Reports & Vizzes missing from Google Analytics [28 ways to look at data like a boss] appeared first on Canonicalized. Analytics

Amazon's dominance spreads beyond just retail

Retail Technology Review

Amazon has been named by consumers as their standout favourite brand, with retail stalwarts Marks & Spencer, John Lewis, Sainsbury’s and Tesco the others most mentioned. Retail Supply Chain Internet Retailing