The Future of Department Stores

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The Department Store’s Bright Future Department Stores Can Enjoy a Bright Future. Department stores must change to survive and thrive fierce competition from brands’ direct to consumer initiatives.

Will Department Stores Be History By 2030?

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The report that Barneys New York is examining strategic alternatives that could include a bankruptcy or sale is the latest indicator that department stores — even the luxury ones — just aren’t moving the needle for shoppers.

New Uberall research shows struggling UK department stores are missing out on high street customers due to online ‘invisibility’

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Uberall, the Berlin-headquartered location marketing technology specialist, has announced the findings of its research into the accuracy of online location search results of the UK’s largest department stores. Critical Issues Internet Retailing

Department Store Shares Are Up. Your Hopes Shouldn’t Be.

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Amidst reports that holiday spending was up nearly 4.9% , some optimism about the American moderate department store sector has started to creep back in. Tighter inventories, store closings and other expense reductions should lead to year-over-year profit improvements. As I pointed out several months ago , at least two major things must happen before any optimism about the prospects of any of the middle market department store brands is warranted.

Better is not the same as good for department stores stuck in the middle

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department stores reported earnings recently, a certain level of ebullience took hold. Given how beaten down the moderate department store sector has been, a strong quarter or two might seem like cause for celebration–or at least guarded optimism. As most U.S.

Department stores aren’t going away, but 3 big things still need to happen

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It’s been a long, slow slide for department stores. In addition, Sycamore looks to be picking at the carcass of Bon-Ton Stores and Lord & Taylor is selling its iconic Manhattan flagship to WeWork.

Is this the beginning of a department store renaissance? Eh, not so much.

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Then Kohl’s followed up with a similarly surprising upside report that led some to conclude that maybe, just maybe, the long-beleaguered department store sector might be seeing a resurgence or—dare we say it out loud?—the Without this shift, same-store sales would have increased only about 1.7% Penney and Sears ( and now Bon-Ton ) have been leaking volume through store closings and comparable store sales declines.

Department store quarterly performance: Better isn’t the same as good

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Last week we had five major department stores report their quarterly earnings: Macy’s , Kohl’s , Nordstrom , Dillard’s and JCPenney. The main reason is that department stores failed to innovate. There is no fundamental reason why any given department store cannot not have a viable operation with hundreds of physical locations, particularly when we realize that some 80% of all products in core department store categories are purchased offline.

Nike Shows No Brand Is ‘Too Good’ For Amazon

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Nike has forged a strong direct-to-consumer (DTC) push, aiming to cut product creation cycle times in half and uniting its web site, stores and digital products under a single team called Nike Direct. In another case that feels like déjà vu, department stores are falling on the sword. “If

Can Macy’s Revive Its Brand Through Discounting?

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Macy’s incoming CEO Jeff Gennette revealed at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Consumer & Retail Technology Conference last week that the department store plans on making significant changes to its struggling brick-and-mortar presence. Recently, this same store was slashed in half.

Crossing the Digital Divide: 6 Best Practices for Department Stores and Digital Marketplace Retailers


When it comes to department stores and marketplace retailers, digital truly is the divide. It’s easy for department stores to get caught up in Shiny Object Syndrome, ignoring the fundamentals in favor of the bells and whistles like smart fitting rooms and augmented reality displays.

Le Tote Buys Lord + Taylor — A Most Peculiar Way To Buy Growth

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The strangest retail news of the summer has been Le Tote’s “purchase” of the storied (but tired) department store Lord + Taylor.

FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

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Le Tote Buys Lord + Taylor — A Most Peculiar Way To Buy Growth Fashion subscription company Le Tote agreed to acquire the storied (if tired) department store Lord + Taylor.

Comfort eating? Online shoppers put their money where their mouth is

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2% compared to July, and department store sales continuing to tumble -1.3% Office of National Statistics (ONS) retail figures for August highlighted the pre-Brexit wobble in consumer confidence, says the home delivery expert ParcelHero, with sales volumes down -.2% on the previous month and -2.5% on August 2018. Critical Issues Internet Retailing Retail Supply Chain

DTC Pricing Teardown: How Brooklinen’s Pricing Strategy Boosts Sales


Through bypassing traditional distributors and department stores, vendors can take back control and sell directly to the consumer. The way big online marketplaces and department stores price their products is wildly different from how everyday e-commerce stores do. DTC e-commerce vendors are completely changing the game of online selling.

Online spending in July spikes, through retailers need eCommerce capabilities to capitalise on the rise, says Tryzens

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in July 2018, equalling the amount spent in UK department stores. Figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) have revealed that online spending continued to increase to reach a new record proportion of all retailing at 18.2% Internet Retailing Critical Issues

A Strong Relationship With Customers: How to Build it with D2C


In general, D2C products are much more expensive as they can’t rely on a distributor placing them in department stores or online multi-vendor marketplaces.

3 Ways to digitally transform your health & beauty eCommerce business


According to a 2017 Deloitte study , older sales channels, such as department stores, are being challenged by online sales and specialty stores.

Fashion marketplaces: Saving the apparel industry?


Once upon a time, private label clothing brands would first design clothes, market them, find buyers at department stores and chain retailers, fulfill orders, plan logistics to accommodate demand, and distribute to physical stores.

2017’s most popular blog posts

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Every single retail store in the US to close permanently by month’s end. Stop blaming Amazon for department store woes. Department stores aren’t going away, but 3 big things still need to happen. The store closing panacea. As is my tradition, here’s my annual recap of my 2017 posts that got the most traffic. Once again my April Fool’s Day one easily grabs the top position.

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Personalization As The Digital Strategy For Beauty Commerce

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In physical brick-and-mortar stores, the personal nature of the beauty industry is clearly evident in the important role the in-store beauty consultant plays in helping consumers discover, evaluate, try on and ultimately purchase beauty products.

Will ‘Dangerous Discounting’ Minimize Margins For The Back-To-School Season?

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My concern lies with the department stores that have felt forced to discount heavily in their attempt to keep pace. These retailers haven’t been able to pivot their overall store businesses fast enough, and they aren’t able to take the financial hits that Walmart and Target can sustain.

Kohl’s, JC Penney and the relentless collapse of retail’s boring middle

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As I have written about before , the moderate department store sector was in decline long before Amazon was anywhere close to being the force it is today. In fact, to put a point on this, in the face of Kohl’s and Penney’s negative store comps, TJX posted strong increases.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Brings Spectacle to the Season


In 1924, Macy’s welcomed the world’s largest department store with their first parade in New York City. Macy’s employees dressed up and marched alongside animals borrowed from the Central Park Zoo, leading a giant Santa Claus for 6 miles from Harlem to the store at Herald Square.

The Genesis of Holiday Window Displays


The holiday season in major cities around the world is typically heralded by seasonal window retail displays put up by department stores and retailers large and small. One of the first major holiday window displays was put up by Macy’s New York store in 1874.

Year-End Review: Retail’s Top Success Stories Of 2018

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Glenn Taylor, Senior Editor: While they’re not entirely out of the woods yet, the turnaround of experienced by major department stores, including Macy’s , Kohl’s , Nordstrom and Dillard’s , has been impressive. Last week, the RTP.

The ABC’s of eTail East 2019 Takeaways: AI, Bankruptcy, Channels, and Data


Amid recent news that the luxury department store has filed for bankruptcy , it’s no surprise that some of the questions in the keynote fireside chat hit hard, notably Bloomberg reporter Kim Bhasin’s asking, “So, what’s going wrong?”.

Retired Women: Retail’s Savior?

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Wagner, Lustre There were more than 2,000 store closings in 2017. But retail stores are part of the character of the streets we walk every day. Is a “wellness” floor in a department store a magnet for people like this group of consumers? By Erica Baird and Karen E.

The Path To Purchase Is About Location As Much As Journey

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By Gil Larsen, Blis More than 5,000 stores closed their doors in 2017, and this year looks set to surpass it with 1,500 more closures already. But then there are the others, the stores that are always busy and buzzing with browsers.

WWD: What Net Neutrality Means for eCommerce, Consumers, Retail

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‘With a repeal of net neutrality, the social platforms may have the capability of becoming the new department stores,’ said Sarah Engel, chief marketing officer of DynamicAction. ‘Besides Amazon, they may become the only ‘department stores’ that can afford to offer the selection of amazing brands that rotate quickly enough to satisfy the consumers’ desires.’

Invasion of the Category Snatchers: Past Success on Amazon Doesn’t Guarantee Future Success

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The billionaire investor confirmed what we already knew when he sold off the last $900 million of his retail stock and said, “The department store is online now.” Warren Buffet said that in ten years, the retail industry will be unrecognizable. ” That’s old news. The real news is what’s happening inside the online marketplaces.

Five Off-The-Radar Retail Predictions For The Last Half Of 2019

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The path to purchase has become a complex fusion of multiple channels and devices, and many stores are struggling to keep up. Remaining store space will be used to reinforce the store as a “destination,” offering a point of differentiation from competitors.

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From URL To IRL: How Urbanization Will Shape The Future Of Retail

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Sears catered to this new target group by building department stores in urban working-class neighborhoods across the country. However, they are particularly disruptive to customer experiences, store formats and logistics. This brings us to store formats.

Nordstrom’s ‘Local’ expansion has national implications for retail

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Like their brethren, the two new locations—one at The Greenwich Lane in the West Village, the other on the Upper East Side—will carry no merchandise and are tiny compared with the typical mall-based Nordstrom department store.

Off-price retailing is in-demand

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When we look at the retail landscape today, we see what boils down to three broad tiers of store success: – Tier 3 – Struggling: This tier is reserved for traditional, slow-to-adapt department stores.

Blake Nordstrom: Gone too soon, but his impact on retail will long be remembered

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I was an executive at Neiman Marcus, and many of us on the senior leadership team were attending the grand opening of our new store at the Shops of La Cantera in San Antonio, Texas. Nordstrom has leveraged its core with new stores in Canada and New York City.

Retail Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow

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To service this higher level of commerce in burgeoning urban centers, the department store was born. The department store was the first iteration of what we now consider modern retail shopping. While the comforts of the modern age found their way into the urban department stores of London, Paris, and New York, residents of smaller cities and towns were at the mercy of the general store. Evolution of Retail.

Year-End Review: Retail’s Missteps And Missed Opportunities In 2018

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I purchased a dress for my daughter’s wedding from a major department store retailer, then was retargeted online with a 40% discount offer. I reached out via online customer service and was told they couldn’t help me because I had bought the item in-store.

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5 Ways to Take Online Personalization In Store


But tailored offers can also be used in stores to transform offline shopping experiences. To deliver this tailored experience in stores, retailers should: Include store promotions in BOPIS transactional messaging. Use store wifi to highlight relevant offers.

Internet of Things (IoT) and its positive impact on ecommerce?


Since the iBeacon and location technologies like geofencing came into play with their powerful ability to connect the in-store shoppers contextually, the retail space has been open to leveraging such technologies. This improves customer retention and business conversion for online stores.