Who's the 'department store' now?


Big boxes, specialty stores and discounters have stolen share from department stores for years. Now some, most notably Target, are stealing their merchandising playbook too

Will Department Stores Be History By 2030?

Retail TouchPoints

The report that Barneys New York is examining strategic alternatives that could include a bankruptcy or sale is the latest indicator that department stores — even the luxury ones — just aren’t moving the needle for shoppers. The RTP editors share their opinions on the future of department stores and what they will look like over the next decade. With that said, it’s obvious changes need to be made if these retailers want their remaining stores to matter.


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Is Bloomie's the future of department stores?

Retail Dive

The concept store may prove the company's agility and ability to bring in new audiences

Does the Historic Makeover of an Iconic Paris Retailer Chart a Path for Department Stores’ Revival?

Retail Touch

For more than 150 years, Parisian department store La Samaritaine has overlooked the banks of the Seine, a sweeping expanse of glass and intricately painted iron that proudly proclaimed the store’s position at the center of French commerce, both geographically and ideologically.

WSJ Report: Department Store Will be Amazon’s Next Brick-and-Mortar Venture

Retail Touch

Amazon is continuing its advance into brick-and-mortar with plans for a series of large-footprint department store-style locations, according to the Wall Street Journal , which cited people familiar with the matter.

The demise of the department store? Not so fast

Retail Dive

Department stores still have a strong value proposition, if only they can reimagine their experience, write Alvarez and Marsal's Mohit Mohal and Jonathan Sharp

Department stores' decade of decline


The coronavirus pandemic has worsened an existential crisis that deepened over the last 10 years

Remember when Macy's was the one removing department store names?

Retail Dive

Now it's facing the unfortunate prospect of another retailer's logo splashed upon its hometown flagship, just in time for its famous Thanksgiving parade

Amazon is getting into the department store business: WSJ

Retail Dive

The e-commerce giant has yet to conquer brick and mortar, but there may be a lot of opportunity to grab share using a model that has let itself go

The strategy behind turning department stores into warehouses


Rumors are circulating about Amazon converting vacant department store space into fulfillment centers — a move experts say would round out its omnichannel approach

Anchors, away: How department stores are ditching malls


A once mutually beneficial relationship is falling apart

Sears to close the last department store in its home state

Retail Dive

The retailer's perpetual diminishment continues, with only a few dozen large-format stores left under its namesake and Kmart brands

Department stores miss out on Fourth of July consumer attention


Specialty retailers, while giving off-price retailers a run for their money, leaned on promotions to sway shoppers, according to Wedbush analysts

Amazon to open its own department stores

Retail Wire

Amazon.com plans to open several large retail stores in California and Ohio that will offer many of the popular apparel, consumer electronics, household and other brands sold in major retail chains.

SaksWorks combines department store and co-working space

Retail Wire

Saks Fifth Avenue is adding co-working spaces to its department stores. The SaksWorks concept opened for the first time last month with space at the retailer’s flagship store in Midtown Manhattan and another on the site of a former Saks in the Financial District. The company is counting on New Yorkers who want a break from working in their tiny apartments to be attracted to space designed for them. in-article

The Future of Department Stores

Forrester's Customer Insights

The Department Store’s Bright Future Department Stores Can Enjoy a Bright Future. Department stores must change to survive and thrive fierce competition from brands’ direct to consumer initiatives. But the Department Store’s Bright Future depends on enticing customers through the […]. Synchronizing supply and demand to sell inventory at full price is one issue.

California bill would require gender neutral displays in department stores

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The California State Senate has passed a bill that, if also passed by the Assembly, would mandate that department stores in the state with 500 or more employees create gender neutral merchandising sections displaying a “a reasonable selection” of items “regardless of whether they have been traditionally marketed for either girls or for boys.”

Amazon’s department stores to feature high-tech changing rooms

Retail Wire

The department store concept Amazon.com is reportedly opening will include high-tech dressing rooms where clothes are brought to customers after they have scanned QR codes on items they’d like to try on. Touchscreens located in dressing rooms may also recommend other choices based on items that customers have initially chosen. in-article

Americans prefer buying their shoes in department stores

Retail Wire

Americans continue to turn to department stores like Macy’s and Nordstrom when they need to buy non-athletic shoes.

Amazon reportedly in talks with Simon on vacated department store spaces


The e-commerce giant is eyeing mall properties for fulfillment centers, according to a Wall Street Journal report

Estée Lauder will close up to 15% of its stores, exit some department stores


The beauty giant announced a pandemic-related restructuring plan that shifts its priorities toward digital and away from unproductive locations

Department stores struggle to make it through the pandemic

Retail Wire

Nearly 200 department stores have been shuttered over the past year and another 800 are forecast for the same fate by the end of 2025, according to Green Street Advisors.

Macy's, Neiman Marcus look to resume exec payments as department store woes continue


One has already reinstated equity bonuses while the other is under scrutiny in bankruptcy for its cash bonus plan

U.S. department stores struggle to stand out


Department stores in Japan and the UK are able to carve out a clear niche that drives shopper traffic while many of their counterparts are teetering on the edge of extinction. department stores are too stale and slow The U.S. players haven’t been able to replicate the same type of excitement and pizazz,” said Craig Johnson, president of Customer Growth Partners.

Department Store Shares Are Up. Your Hopes Shouldn’t Be.

Steve Dennis

Amidst reports that holiday spending was up nearly 4.9% , some optimism about the American moderate department store sector has started to creep back in. Tighter inventories, store closings and other expense reductions should lead to year-over-year profit improvements. As I pointed out several months ago , at least two major things must happen before any optimism about the prospects of any of the middle market department store brands is warranted.

Department store chain Belk thrives during the pandemic aided by ship-from-store capabilities supported by Logistyx Technologies

Retail Technology Review

US department store Belk thrived as e-commerce orders surged during the pandemic by having ship-from-store order fulfilment facilities already in place across its 291 store locations with the help of parcel shipping software from Logistyx Technologies.

Department stores focusing on what will sell for Christmas


The department store chain is counting on gifting, including the kind whereby customers buy things for themselves, to drive its business in what has been an extremely difficult year Fragrance and jewelry are among the categories that Marc Metrick, president and CEO of Saks, says are selling.

Kohl’s CEO says she’s not concerned about Amazon department stores

Retail Wire

Kohl’s CEO Michelle Gass isn’t concerned about the recent news that Amazon.com may be considering opening its own department store-like concept. Kohl’s has served as a destination for Amazon.com returns, a relationship that both parties claim to be beneficial. Amazon … they’re always experimenting. They’re innovating,” said Ms. And so we’ll see, but I don’t think it changes our partnership.

Department stores may take malls down with them


Mall operators have long counted on anchors, typically department stores, to attract shoppers who also visit other retailers and restaurants on their visits. With a growing number of department stores closing locations or going out of business altogether, malls are having to quickly adapt if they want to survive. A report by Coresight Research says up to 25 percent of the nation’s malls are currently or will be in financial jeopardy in the near future

Better is not the same as good for department stores stuck in the middle

Steve Dennis

department stores reported earnings recently, a certain level of ebullience took hold. And in the otherworldliness that is the stock market, Nordstrom — the only department store with a truly distinctive value proposition and objectively good results — traded down on its failure to live up to expectations. Second, and more importantly, we cannot escape the fact that mid-priced department stores in the U.S. As most U.S.

Crossing the Digital Divide: 6 Best Practices for Department Stores and Digital Marketplace Retailers


When it comes to department stores and marketplace retailers, digital truly is the divide. It’s easy for department stores to get caught up in Shiny Object Syndrome, ignoring the fundamentals in favor of the bells and whistles like smart fitting rooms and augmented reality displays. Traditional department stores are improving their ecommerce offerings.

Is this the beginning of a department store renaissance? Eh, not so much.

Steve Dennis

Then Kohl’s followed up with a similarly surprising upside report that led some to conclude that maybe, just maybe, the long-beleaguered department store sector might be seeing a resurgence or—dare we say it out loud?—the Without this shift, same-store sales would have increased only about 1.7% Penney and Sears ( and now Bon-Ton ) have been leaking volume through store closings and comparable store sales declines.

Department stores aren’t going away, but 3 big things still need to happen

Steve Dennis

It’s been a long, slow slide for department stores. In addition, Sycamore looks to be picking at the carcass of Bon-Ton Stores and Lord & Taylor is selling its iconic Manhattan flagship to WeWork. For many, this unrelenting parade of bad news leads them to believe that department stores are toast. But just as the retail apocalypse narrative is nonsense , so is the notion that department stores are going away.

Department stores’ fall followed the decline of America’s middle class


Moderate-income Americans shopped at department stores for decades, but that changed as income disparity hollowed out the nation’s middle class. The result has been record numbers of department store closures in recent years with the number of stores falling from 8,600 in 2011 to 6,000 today. The number of people employed by department stores has fallen to fewer than 700,000 today, down from more than 1.2

Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union makes inroads in right to work states


The Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, which has about 100,000 members, including workers at Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s, is attempting to organize an Amazon.com warehouse in Alabama. If successful, it would build on the success the union has had in recent years organizing workers from so-called right to work states primarily in the Southeast

New Uberall research shows struggling UK department stores are missing out on high street customers due to online ‘invisibility’

Retail Technology Review

Uberall, the Berlin-headquartered location marketing technology specialist, has announced the findings of its research into the accuracy of online location search results of the UK’s largest department stores. Critical Issues Internet Retailing

Department store quarterly performance: Better isn’t the same as good

Steve Dennis

Last week we had five major department stores report their quarterly earnings: Macy’s , Kohl’s , Nordstrom , Dillard’s and JCPenney. The main reason is that department stores failed to innovate. There is no fundamental reason why any given department store cannot not have a viable operation with hundreds of physical locations, particularly when we realize that some 80% of all products in core department store categories are purchased offline.