Stripe Moving into Point of Sale Transaction Processing

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Stripe, one of the leading payment providers for online and platform businesses announced today “Stripe Terminal” to tackle the merchant challenges around in-person payments. Stripe’s solution combines several of the technology components that go into in-person payments and works to abstract the complexity away for merchants and developers. In-person payments are operationally challenging for merchants. […].

Five things retailers want from their POS system

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A modern point-of-sale (POS) system is more than just a cashwrap with a register and a card reader. Options that provide connectivity, payment processing, and customer engagement are just the beginning.

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4 Reasons You Might Need New a Point of Sale System


As retailers grow, they often need more advanced functionality from their point of sale system (POS) to meet customer expectations, innovate, outrun competitors and keep pace with evolving industry trends. 2: Growing Online Sales.

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[Infographic] What You Need to Know about Online Payment Processing


It doesn’t matter if you’re an established digital business or an up-and-coming online store looking to sell software, digital downloads, or digital content, a key part of selling online is making sure you’re familiar with how online payment processing works. The Payment Gateway.

Square Payments Reviews What’s All the Fuss About?

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If you're considering Square as your mobile payment processor, then you're in the right place. Today, they arguably offer a payment processing solution with the most features on the market (that is, one that doesn't charge a monthly fee)! Who Are Square Payments?

Worldpay Review- Complete Digital Payment Ecosystem?

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This Worldpay review evaluates the entire Worldpay payment ecosystem- it discusses its features, functionalities, pricing and possible drawbacks. Not so long ago, cards were at the center of digital payments. Now, let’s shift to mobile payments. My point?

7 Benefits of Having a Modern Payment System in Your Corner


Directly integrating to your point of sale, a modern payment system delivers a robust payment experience for both merchant and customer. From merchant services, to hardware procurement, to remote terminal solutions and everything in between, a modern payment system connects merchants to a total payment ecosystem.

Retailers Can Learn Lessons From Consumers' Card Safety Concerns

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By Nicole Bryan, Sterling Payment Technologies Given the rise in reported data breaches and credit card fraud concerns, it should come as no surprise that the shift to EMV and mobile payments has some shoppers wary.

How Do Customers Want to Pay? A Guide to Online Payment Gateways


But what's the best option for accepting payments? From PayPal to checks and Square to, finding the right online payment gateway can be overwhelming. Here's a quick reference for all of the popular payment processing options. of each purchase, plus $0.30

What You Need to Know About Card Not Present Transactions


The impressive growth of digital businesses combined with consumers’ growing interest in cross-border ecommerce and online shopping will continue to propel the growth of the ecommerce ecosystem. A key catalyst behind the explosive growth of ecommerce stems from increased mobile phone usage. trillion in sales, ecommerce is growing by incredible leaps and bounds to give more traditional commerce sources some serious competition.

What the Elimination of the Signature Requirement Means for Merchants


Over the past few months, four of the major card brands announced that they are eliminating the signature requirement for EMV transactions. This change will come into effect for Visa , MasterCard , Discover , and American Express in April 2018, at which point merchants will be able to choose whether or not to collect signatures for point-of-sale purchases. Payments

Digital Commerce and the Threat of Card-not-present Fraud


Digital commerce continues to be top of mind for online retailers. Consumers shop more and more across a variety of devices and channels. Retailers continually optimize their sales channels to deliver more seamless consumer experiences. The State of CNP Fraud.

How Businesses Can Prepare For The Evolving Commerce Landscape

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By Brad Brodigan, PayPal Imagine: You are driving home from work and pass by one of your favorite clothing stores. This may sound futuristic, but this scenario is possible today largely because of the power and growing ubiquity of mobile.

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An Advanced Approach To Fraud Protection

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While wider adoption of the EMV chip and PIN standard has reduced fraud at the point of sale, it has triggered an increase in fraud in other channels — including online and mobile — as criminals look for alternative ways to cheat the system.

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The Ultimate Shopify Lite vs Snipcart Comparison

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Instead, Snipcart and Shopify Lite integrate with an already established website or even a social media page in the case of Shopify Lite. Regardless, one question remains, which of the two shopping cart tools is the better option for you? These include: Sales and order analytics.

Keeping Customers’ Digital Identities Safe This Holiday Season

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of login attempts made to online retailers’ web sites are hackers using stolen data — the highest percentage of any industry. Widespread coverage of major data breaches, including Amazon’s recent exposure. Of the 10 principles, his favorite is creating a learning environment.

A Guide For Retailers Seeking To Effectively Manage Third-Party Risk

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By Fred Kneip, CyberGRX Business expansion and growth are standard signs of a healthy economy, however such rapid advancement often goes hand in hand with company outsourcing — one of the major entry points that leave retailers vulnerable to data compromise.

Account Takeovers: The Next Big Retailer Threat

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conversion to credit cards with EMV chips, and the fast-paced growth of mobile and e-Commerce in recent years. Experts say that much of that increase was due to criminals exploiting digital weaknesses now that point-of-sale crime is more difficult.

Considering Shopify POS? Get the Answers to All Your Questions

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Are you looking for a reliable point of sale system? As you probably already know, Shopify's one of the most popular online sales platforms around. However, since 2013, they branched into the world of brick-and-mortar retail with their Shopify POS app.

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2018 Shopify Lite Review (Use It With Or Without A Website)

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Sometimes when were starting to enter the world of eCommerce a product like Shopify Lite is just what we need. But: Were now ready to enter the world of selling online with avenues like. However, if you want an eCommerce store and all the features of Shopify Lite. Or, of course.

Retailers Can’t Shrink Their Way to Success Without Fixing the Fundamentals

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By Tom Erskine, One Door The growth of e-Commerce and shifting demographics are requiring every retailer to adapt. Retailers must invest in differentiating their stores and fixing the fundamentals of the in-store experience. Tom has also serves on the Board of Directors at CampusTVs.

A Vend POS Review: Everything You Need to Know

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Almost two decades ago, Vend first launched in 2010- back then it was nothing short of groundbreaking. They were one of the first companies offering business owners a robust POS system operating entirely via the cloud. Tons of integrations with third-party apps and software.

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E commerce Software: Find the Best One for Your Online Store (January 2019)

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There are different requirements to compare, different price points, features, abilities, designs, and so on. Some of the ecommerce software featured here is going to be free, some premium, but you'll surely find a tool that fits your individual needs perfectly! . Ease of use.

38 Ecommerce Terms Every Marketer Needs to Know


After all, this is the same industry that has seen upwards of $150 billion in growth over the past five years. But even with that exponential progress, consumers are still underutilizing ecommerce websites , with just 9 percent of U.S. retail sales in 2017 coming from online stores.

Investment in BigCommerce, Our Customers and Our Partners


The software-as-a-service (SaaS) ecommerce platform they built achieved near instant, widespread success among a global base of small and medium-sized businesses. Industry-leading site performance, security, and bug fixing were part of the package.

Everything You Need to Know About Achieving PCI Compliance [Checklist Included]


This is particularly because many of us maintain large numbers of (supposedly secure) personal online profiles that afford us a convenient way to deal with recurring monthly or annual payments. This is the purpose of PCI DSS –– and every retailer is required to comply.

Where Do Brands And Retailers Stand In The New Era Of Commerce?

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By Phil Chang, Hubba There’s a new era of commerce, one that no longer resembles the model that brands and retailers have been operating under for the past 20 years. A brand can now list their products for sale with anyone who is technologically capable. And the winner in all of this?

BigCommerce Enterprise Review and Everything You Need to Know

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In the summer of this year, they expanded their offices into Europe after successfully raising $64 million. The features and services on offer for Enterprise are of the highest level that BigCommerce provides their customers. BigCommerce Enterprise Review: Payments.

Ecommerce Terms You Need To Know To Manage Your Digital Business


But when it comes to digital businesses where all transactions and fulfillment take place online, there’s a whole new set of terms you need to know in order to keep up. If you’re thinking, “That’s a lot of words,” you’re exactly right. A type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards partners (also known as affiliates) for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s marketing efforts. Amazon charges fees on every sale through the Marketplace.

LemonStand Certified for Avalara’s Sales Tax Automation Solution


We’re excited to announce major upgrades to our Avalara integration, and that LemonStand has now joined Avalara’s community of certified solution partners. Take advantage of Avatax’s built in geospatial location technology to go beyond zip codes and map rates to exact locations.

From Retail to e-Tail: How to Launch an Ecommerce Website for Your Brick-and-Mortar


Are you ready to bring your brick-and-mortar store into the world of online shopping? You’ve probably noticed that there are dozens of SaaS products on the market claiming to ease your transition into ecommerce. Rohan Moore , founder and CEO of UK fashion company, Olive Clothing.

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Primaseller Review: Multi-channel Inventory and Sales Management, Without the High Price Tag

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A lot of things can go wrong. In this Primaseller review, we'll outline the pricing of the platform, how it can help you with your online sales, and which features make it a bang for your buck. Don't you want your sales network to be impressive as well?

W3bstore Review: Ecommerce Platform For Omnichannel Stores

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It does not access it’s POS (point of sale) or multi-store back office. Now, have you noticed anything out of the ordinary yet? I guess you’ve already seen numerous offline-based businesses establishing separate versions of their stores on the web. My point?

Word of Mouth Marketing: How to Create a Strategy for Social Media Buzz & Skyrocket Referral Sales


Finding new ways to generate ecommerce sales is getting tougher. Winning nowadays requires strategy and squeezing the most out of every opportunity. But there’s one powerful area that tends to get neglected by ecommerce businesses: Word of mouth marketing (or WOMM).

Ecommerce Trends: 147 Stats Revealing How Modern Customers Shop in 2017


BigCommerce has teamed up with retail and payment experts Square to dive deep into the shopping habits, behavior and preferences of thousands of American buyers across multiple generations. A 2017 point-of-sale solutions survey of 1,164 U.S.