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Embedded Finance: Making Payments Possible in New Frontiers

Retail TouchPoints

If we thought the pandemic-driven shift to digital payments was an evolution, we’re about to be catapulted into a new world, where payments will become possible in places thought impossible just a few years ago. In fact, embedded finance will be a $777 billion opportunity by 2029. So how can businesses get a piece of it?

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8 Top Payment Processors


If you’re launching any sort of business you’ve thought about payment processing. With so many choices in the marketplace, the selection process can be a daunting one depending on what works best for your business. How many types of payment are accepted? What is you geographic coverage? Website:


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Shopify Payments vs Stripe (2023): Choosing a Payment Processor

Ecommerce Platforms

Shopify Payments vs Stripe: Which solution should you really be using for your ecommerce store? Both Shopify Payments and Stripe offer very similar services to business owners. Both allow you to accept and process payments online, ensuring your ecommerce company can make a profit.

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How to Orchestrate to Eliminate Regional Payment Barriers for Ecommerce Success

Retail TouchPoints

Regional payments can be complex. For retailers and regional payments, consumer payment preferences play one piece, while checkout optimization and diversification play another. The question is, how can retailers conduct everything together to make ‘music’ and orchestrate regional payments for ecommerce success?

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Rokt Adds New Revenue Opportunities With Payment-Related Offers at Checkout

Retail TouchPoints

Machine learning-powered ecommerce payments provider Rokt has launched Rokt Payments Marketplace. The tool is designed to enable ecommerce businesses to unlock a new revenue stream on their payment page by presenting shoppers with relevant credit card and payment-related offers in a customizable and native placement.

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Simplicity Underpins Future Payment Fabric And The Future Of Payments

Forrester eCommerce

The future of payments will see firms shift focus from consumers toward businesses, embedding payment technology (not payments), and programmable payments in a quest to mitigate complexity.

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Merchants Weigh In on Payment Processing

Practical eCommerce

Power surveyed SMB merchants as to their satisfaction with payment processors. The post Merchants Weigh In on Payment Processing appeared first on Practical Ecommerce. Here are the results and our analysis.