Why The Biggest Gaming Brands Choose Scalefast for their eCommerce


If you're in the gaming space, you most likely know that gaming fans are different from traditional shoppers. Features such as s erial key management, advanced fraud protection and support for complex product launches are just a few gaming industry needs, but many eCommerce solutions on the market cannot check all of the boxes. Full Service Ecommerce Gaming

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Stop Playing “Telephone” With Data And Analytics. Change The Game With The GQMD Framework

Forrester eCommerce

Too many firms today are playing a data-to-insights game of telephone. In the data analytics version, the insights you deliver fail to drive many actions that improve outcomes. The insights tumble into a gap between you and your budget-holding stakeholders who drive actions and have accountability for outcomes. The larger your gap, the more competitors […

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Marketplace Madness: What’s Your Amazon Game Plan?


Your Initial Game Plan. When selling online, the Amazon search results page is pretty much the Big Dance. It’s competitive, unpredictable, and it can make or break your year. But you’ve got your Amazon gameplan, right?

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Why mobile popups are still part of the game


The post Why mobile popups are still part of the game appeared first on Klaviyo. 2017 has been a tough year for mobile popups. In January, Google started penalizing websites using mobile popups that prevent users from accessing content.

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What You Need To Know About The Game Changing Shopify Pay

Demac Media

And if you can get your imagination to this place, tell me that Shopify Pay isn’t a game changer. The post What You Need To Know About The Game Changing Shopify Pay appeared first on Demac Media.

Why Guaranteed Delivery Will be a Game Changer for eBay Sellers


It just may be a marketplace game changer, according to predictions such as this one from Forbes : “While nearly all items sold on eBay are backed by a money-back guarantee, offering a guaranteed delivery date has the potential to attract former customers that had been lost to Amazon Prime’s and Jet’s speedy service.”. The post Why Guaranteed Delivery Will be a Game Changer for eBay Sellers appeared first on Channel Advisor.

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Post-Game Analysis: What Black Friday Means for the Future of Retail


As one of the biggest shopping events of the year, the stretch between Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday serves as a microcosm of the entire retail industry. The massive transaction volumes over this period amplify existing consumer trends and can tell us much about the future of retail. Let’s look at the 2017 Black Friday metrics and trends to see how retailers can use them to their advantage moving forward. Omnichannel Retail Payments

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In-Store WiFi: A Game-Changer For Your Store’s EBITA

Retail TouchPoints

A few years ago, we saw the retail game change forever when behemoths like McDonald’s and Starbucks decided to offer free wireless to their patrons.

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LEGO, Amazon and Nintendo Top the Most Wished For Lists Ahead of the Holidays


Early Holiday Demand Leaderboard: Toys & Games. Early Holiday Demand Leaderboard: Video Games. Profitero Holiday 2017 Toys & Games Video Games Electronics Amazon eCommerce

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The Reason Real-time Optimization and Personalization is a Retail Game Changer

Dynamic Yield

The post The Reason Real-time Optimization and Personalization is a Retail Game Changer appeared first on Dynamic Yield. 86% of customers say that personalization influences their purchases. The power of real-time personalization for the consumer and the marketer is a win-win situation.

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15 eCommerce SEO Tactics to Implement in Mid-2018 (Research-backed)

Inflow Insights

SEO is an always-changing game. At Inflow, our SEO team is constantly researching cutting-edge tactics to drive organic traffic and conversions to eCommerce websites.

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eCommerce Moneyball: How AI is Behind the Next Generation of Retail Success

Bryan Eisenberg

On Demand Webinar : Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game is about how Oakland A’s manager, Billy Beane, used data to level the playing field. It will focus on how AI can change the game for retailers to fight back against digital disruptors like Amazon.

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UK's preference for physical media overtakes love of digital downloads, as 18 - 24 year olds power the resurgence

Retail Technology Review

Physical media is the nation's entertainment format of choice once more, with 52% of Brits preferring physical books, music, film/TV and video games to digital downloads, according to eBay's Guide to Physical Media, released today

The Hottest Toys on Amazon This Holiday (The Results Might Surprise You)


But while everyone’s talking about Fingerlings and Cozmo robots, our analysis reveals that more than half (58%) of the Top 100 best-selling Toys & Games on Amazon.com are actually priced below $20. Traditional games out-performing the category.

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Mobile Commerce Accounts for More Than 31% of Total Sales [2017 Data]


Digital wallets change the mobile commerce game. Earlier in 2017, Brandon Chatham from NatoMounts told me he was seeing 80% of his site traffic coming in from mobile. Then, he said he was converting more than 5% of them.

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Leading with Excellence in Device Repair


The name of the game is value and first place trophies are engraved ‘best customer experience.’ Even without the trophy ceremony, you’ve already won the retail game. There is no finish line when it comes to learning, networking or growing your business. Many do not realize it yet. Your customers drop off and pick up their devices at your store. What other retailer has the chance to see the same customer twice within a day or even within an hour?

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Woocommerce SEO Optimization – Everything you need to do now!


The ones who will win the eCommerce SEO game will do so by the quality of implementation and by creativity. Everything you will read in this article about WooCommerce SEO and beyond it's tested under sweat and tears. It will definitely help anyone who is looking to improve their Search Engine Optimization regardless of the platform. The post Woocommerce SEO Optimization – Everything you need to do now! appeared first on Canonicalized. eCommerce SEO

WEBINAR: Battling Amazon with a Better Customer Experience


You can’t ignore Amazon, and yet you can’t really beat Amazon at their own game. Instead, you have to play an entirely different game. Amazon is a fact of life for every B2C brand. Your buyers probably have Prime, order often through the platform, and probably see Amazon’s search results before your ecommerce site even shows up. This is in part because Amazon offers a fantastic and easy buying experience for their customers.

How to Boost Ecommerce Revenue With Customer Loyalty Programs

Ecommerce Platforms

The key to the whole loyalty game is recurring income. The travel and gaming industries are known to implement this model, but it has also been seen in other markets. A good example we have is the EB Games EDGE program. A Gaming Loyalty Program.

After Toys ‘R’ Us Announces Closings, a Digital Postmortem


Then I reviewed a larger set of data from the Toys & Video Game category across all eCommerce sites to understand if they’re running about even with other channels. And among all the domains we measure, Amazon won roughly 95% of all toys & video games conversions.

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Keep Holiday Shoppers Coming Back in the New Year


Here's a post-holiday game plan to keep them engaged and coming back in 2018. During the holidays, many companies see a spike in revenue and gain new customers in the process. The post Keep Holiday Shoppers Coming Back in the New Year appeared first on Bronto Blog.

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5 Reasons to walk over from the Wireless Repair Expo to MWCA


With Mobile World Congress Americas (MWCA) and the Wireless Repair Expo quickly approaching, it’s time to start putting together a game plan on how best to go about tackling the two shows and the massive show floor. Wireless Trends

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Browse Recovery Is a Home Run for Retailers


Here’s our four-step program for a successful game plan. If you’re not nudging shoppers back to your site, you’re leaving potential revenue on the table. The post Browse Recovery Is a Home Run for Retailers appeared first on Bronto Blog. Browse Recovery Email Marketing

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3 Ways to Double Your Sales in 2018


Sales is a numbers game. Do you have your best players on the field? Statflo, an iQmetrix integrated partner, has been working away on this problem for you and they have found the answer in 3 simple steps. Retail Operations

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Lifetime Loyalty or Just a Year of Great Dating?


It's time to start rethinking your loyalty game plan for the shorter term. As much as you want them to, most customers won't be with you for life. The post Lifetime Loyalty or Just a Year of Great Dating? appeared first on Bronto Blog. Email Marketing Marketing Strategy Post-Purchase

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Which Super Bowl LII Ads Scored Touchdowns?

Retail TouchPoints

With NBC charging more than $5 million for a 30-second spot, businesses can’t afford to bungle an opportunity to reach a massive audience — a good portion of which watch the game at least as much for the commercials as the on-field action.

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Seriously, Stop Trying to Beat Amazon at Ecommerce


On the contrary, you just have to stop trying to beat Amazon at their own game. This article originally appeared in Website Magazine. It’s just not worth it to try to beat Amazon in the world of ecommerce. . Amazon has all the money — the company generated $136.0

Playtech Partners with Dynamic Yield to Deliver Personalization to Global eGamers

Dynamic Yield

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Super Bowl Sunday Is Here, Whether You Like It Or Not!


They are a cultural phenomenon of their own and are sometimes viewed as an “integral part” of the game. Let’s be honest, many of you are probably (air quotes) watching the game (end of air quotes) just to see the commercials. Ah, Super Bowl season is upon us.

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3 Gamification Marketing Strategies You Need to Use for Your eCommerce Store


In video games, players earn rewards for beating bosses or leveling up which motivates them to keep playing. In ecommerce, you can motivate your customers to behave a certain way in exchange for additional benefits. This technique, known as gamification, is an increasingly popular marketing tactic used to increase conversions and customer engagement. Commerce Tips

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Can You Hear Me Now? Voice Search Powers A New Generation Of Retail Sales

Retail TouchPoints

This ups the game on search engine marketing because these voice search users do not scroll through a few results to find the best one. By Hailee Sosnowski, BKV According to Google, mobile Internet queries have surpassed desktop search.

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Why Your Chatbot Must Speak With Your Brand’s ‘Voice’

Retail TouchPoints

She’ll play jokes and games with people, take them on art tours of the property and talk about things to discover at the Cosmopolitan. This version ‘talks’ to our loyalty program and our gaming system, so it has access to a lot more information about our customers,” said Peers.

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4 Email Coaching Tips to Win March Madness Marketing


The subject line of your email is the first part of your email strategy your readers will see — think of this as the start of the game or the tip-off. Add a March Madness twist by using a creative subject line like “Second chance to hit the game-winning shot.” Optimize your game.

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What Is The Point Of Rewarding Customer Loyalty?

Retail TouchPoints

A loyalty scheme can be simple — such as a customer loyalty game — and doesn’t have to offer a monetary reward. By Jennifer Dawson, Contributing Writer Retail is changing. Gone are the days when consumers had limited choice of shopping outlets.

Win With Weird – 22 Unique Products That Will Help You Break Through The Clutter

Store Growers

Then there is the zombie niche, more a specific genre of games & tv shows, where this bundle also got a lot of traction. Cards Against Humanity is a card game for horrible people. Its strength is the non political correctness of its games.

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Do You Know About These Emerging Retail Trends?


Since then, we’ve seen even more seemingly outrageous announcements, including Walmart getting into the game. Retailers need to get in the game and put in place their own click and collect services, or get knocked over by the oncoming train.

8 resources to level up your welcome series


A successful welcome series can be a game changer for any ecommerce store. Segmentation is a game changer for ecommerce. But how do you go from having a good enough welcome series to one that is a perfectly crafted, revenue generating engine for your store?

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