Innovative Game Plan: How To Implement Your OMS


Innovative Game Plan: How To Implement Your OMS. Here’s 4 steps in the game plan to successfully implement your OMS: Step 1: Know Your Environment. The post Innovative Game Plan: How To Implement Your OMS appeared first on OrderDynamics.

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What You Need To Know About The Game Changing Shopify Pay

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And if you can get your imagination to this place, tell me that Shopify Pay isn’t a game changer. The post What You Need To Know About The Game Changing Shopify Pay appeared first on Demac Media.

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Why Guaranteed Delivery Will be a Game Changer for eBay Sellers


It just may be a marketplace game changer, according to predictions such as this one from Forbes : “While nearly all items sold on eBay are backed by a money-back guarantee, offering a guaranteed delivery date has the potential to attract former customers that had been lost to Amazon Prime’s and Jet’s speedy service.”. The post Why Guaranteed Delivery Will be a Game Changer for eBay Sellers appeared first on Channel Advisor.

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Keep Your Employees 'In The Game'


Performance metrics already exist and are being utilized to motivate employees, but what is the next step? Employee retention is a long-standing and a well-documented challenge in the retail industry. Turnover rates have been exceptionally high for years, and there are theories abound as to why. Training deficiencies, low employee comradery, and antiquated hiring practices are just a few potential causes that have been examined in years past. Retail Operations

In-Store WiFi: A Game-Changer For Your Store’s EBITA

Retail TouchPoints

A few years ago, we saw the retail game change forever when behemoths like McDonald’s and Starbucks decided to offer free wireless to their patrons.


Playtech Partners with Dynamic Yield to Deliver Personalization to Global eGamers

Dynamic Yield

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Don’t Forget an Amazon Retail Strategy on your Shopping List this Holiday Season


Amazon is a game-changer, and economic multiplier and a trendsetter rolled into one. You’ve heard the hyperbole before, but in this case, it’s an understatement.

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Mobile Commerce Accounts for More Than 31% of Total Sales [2017 Data]


Digital wallets change the mobile commerce game. Earlier in 2017, Brandon Chatham from NatoMounts told me he was seeing 80% of his site traffic coming in from mobile. Then, he said he was converting more than 5% of them.

Do You Know About These Emerging Retail Trends?


Since then, we’ve seen even more seemingly outrageous announcements, including Walmart getting into the game. Retailers need to get in the game and put in place their own click and collect services, or get knocked over by the oncoming train.

Omni-channel pricing with the connected customer

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My daughter was desperate, in the way only a fourteen year old can be, to purchase the Logo board game for her best friend’s birthday. Sixteen painful minutes standing there while those behind us whispered obscenities under their breath. It wasn’t our fault.

5 Reasons to walk over from the Wireless Repair Expo to MWCA


With Mobile World Congress Americas (MWCA) and the Wireless Repair Expo quickly approaching, it’s time to start putting together a game plan on how best to go about tackling the two shows and the massive show floor. Wireless Trends

The 8 Must-Follow Business Principles That Drove 832% Growth and $5M in Revenue


Each one of these notes is a potential game changer in your industry. Business is not a zero sum game. Business is not a zero sum game. A few years after high school, I read “The 4-Hour Workweek,” quit my job and moved to Buenos Aires.

Why Every Real Estate App Needs Rich Messaging and Personalization


You need a game plan, and above all else you can never look back. Searching for a new rental apartment or house is the 2017 version of The Art of War. You must know the players. But making a quick decision on where you’ll live for the next year is harrowing– and “quick” is generous.

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Woocommerce SEO Optimization – Everything you need to do now!


The ones who will win the eCommerce SEO game will do so by the quality of implementation and by creativity. Everything you will read in this article about WooCommerce SEO and beyond it's tested under sweat and tears. It will definitely help anyone who is looking to improve their Search Engine Optimization regardless of the platform. The post Woocommerce SEO Optimization – Everything you need to do now! appeared first on Canonicalized. eCommerce SEO

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The Case for Extreme Personalization


For example, when a sales associate helps a customer select a particular gaming platform, then a number of games are automatically available for use on that platform. The sales associate allows the customer to choose two of those games for a discounted price as part of a package deal. Extreme personalization, sometimes referred to as marketing to a customer segment of one, is the holy grail of the multi-channel world.

28 Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Steps Guaranteed to Increase Sales


Keep in mind that this is often a psychological game. The conversion optimization game doesn’t end when you make a first sale. Does this sound familiar? I built a website, promoted it on Facebook and am getting a lot of visitors, but no one is buying. Yea, that happened to me, too.

How a $1,000,000 Loss Turned into a $22,000,000 Gain


This is an area where BigCommerce is ahead of the game, in my opinion, by offering a one-page checkout.

Top 7 Takeaways from eTail East 2017


If your site is not responsive and doesn’t have a mobile checkout, you’re out of the game.”. eTail East 2017 was a huge success.

WEBINAR: Personalization Rules the 2017 Holiday Season


Get ahead of the game for the 2017 holiday season and incorporate personalization into your marketing plan. B2C marketers everywhere are in agreement: personalization continues to be vital for success, especially this holiday season.

eCommerce Solutions: 3 Weighty Reasons Why Top Brands are Abandoning the Monoliths in Droves


Now, passengers receive a bracelet with an embedded device which enables on demand food and beverage purchase, excursion booking, interactive gaming, personalized entertainment, sophisticated wayfinding and more.

The End Of Flash

Forrester eCommerce

Over the past 20 years, digital firms have used Flash content for everything from clickable ads to games to interactive learning and rich internet applications. This morning, Adobe announced that it will end support for the Flash Player at the end of 2020. When I started at Forrester in 2006, Flash ran neck and neck […].

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The 6 Most Effective Types of Social Media Advertising in 2017


Our early Facebook ads were complete game changers for us. While there are hundreds of different marketing strategies, only one can bring in consistent sales from day one. Social media advertising. Most channels require significant lead time to yield an ROI (ex. content marketing).

The Official 2017 ROI Revolution Open House!

ROI Revolution

Friends and family will be welcomed into our offices with refreshments and games! After months of preparation, weeks of teasing pictures and videos, ROI Revolution’s brand new corporate headquarters is finally getting the unveiling it deserves!

9 Influencer Marketing Examples & 14 GSD Tactics to Boost Conversion


Crunchyroll , for example, promoted a free 30-day trial of their premium service through influencers like Game Grumps. As both the use of ad blockers and the amount of time people spend on social media continues to rise, the effectiveness of traditional advertising has taken a nosedive.

How You Can Generate More Profit Using Google’s Dynamic Search Ads

Bootstrapping Ecommerce

This is the reason we decided to share with you in this post some valuable information that will help you win the AdWords game! Here at StoreYa we manage an ads budget of ~$1M per month using the Traffic Booster. Advertising on Google AdWords and competing with the big players out-there can be hard. If […]. The post How You Can Generate More Profit Using Google’s Dynamic Search Ads appeared first on Bootstrapping Ecommerce.

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5 Predictions About the Ecommerce Landscape in the Next Decade

ROI Revolution

For most online retailers, Amazon , Facebook , and Google are the only names in the game. The ecommerce landscape is in near constant flux, and the ways we sell, share, and optimize are changing almost daily.

Instagram Shopping: The Future of Mobile Ecommerce + 19 Tips to Increase Conversions Now


Instagram shopping is a game changer. Today, Instagram announced it is expanding its Instagram Shopping initiative, and we’re excited to announce BigCommerce merchants will be among the first to have access to the feature.

Meyer has arrived, and it’s our sweetest free eCommerce theme yet!


While designing our newest free eCommerce theme, we focused on upping the design game (read: making it look B-E-A-UTIFUL) and using tactics that will turn your site into a conversion magnet. Seamless online shopping experiences are hard to come by.

What Facebook Watch Will Mean for Marketers


Just like Amazon, YouTube, and Netflix before it, Facebook has officially entered the video streaming game. Here are four ways Facebook Watch will change the game for marketers. Ultimately, Facebook Watch changes the game for video content marketers. It was only a matter of time.

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8 resources to level up your welcome series


A successful welcome series can be a game changer for any ecommerce store. Segmentation is a game changer for ecommerce. But how do you go from having a good enough welcome series to one that is a perfectly crafted, revenue generating engine for your store?

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7 Biggest PPC Nightmares Sinking Your ROI


At the end of the day, you have to know the game in order to improve your game. PPC advertising should be straightforward. You buy an ad. Your ad appears on Google. That ad gets clicked. You spend a little dough per click, and voila – you’re a marketing genius.

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Why Enterprise Ecommerce is Moving to SaaS: 16 Examples from Toyota to Camelbak


Headquartered in Buffalo, the company operates in the lodging, sporting , airport, gaming and entertainment industries, employing more than 55,000 people worldwide and generating over $2.6

33 Ecommerce Strategies for Growth from 12 $1M+ Brands [18 Must Have Tools Included]


Her distributors love her too –– and that changes the game when you’re talking about warehousing, bulk ordering and coming out with new lines. Soon, even more will be able to get in on the reselling game (turning Casey’s into a technology solution as well as a distributor).

How to Build a B2B SEO Strategy That Will Put You Ahead of the Competition


This is an important one, because if you’re new to the game both online and offline, then your strategy for building growth and trust is going to look different to if you’re established and proven. Your Quick Takeaway.

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Products vary from healthy snacks, household items, makeup, clothing, accessories, books, underwear, to flowers, coffee, pencils, and games. In fact, this summer Hasbro is piloting its Gaming Crate at $49.99 Who doesn’t like arriving home and seeing a package at the front door?

Future of Ecommerce: How Technology Will Change in 5 Years

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For instance, gaming and AR have been an interesting combination. From the Nintendo 3D using its own version that brings card games to life to iPhone and Android apps that produce similar results, augmented reality is only just scratching the surface of possibilities.

Amazon Instant Pickup Is Here – Now What?


Amazon is now in the game, and they are already shaking things up, as they have done online. Get In The Game – NOW. Amazon Instant Pickup Is Here – Now What? In case you missed it, Amazon Instant Pickup was publicly announced on August 15 th 2017.

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7 eCommerce Predictions for the Next Decade


As the biggest game in town, it will still be a channel you can’t overlook, but I predict a strong dampening of the euphoria we’ve seen around Amazon in recent years.

How To Keep Your CPCs Sane (Holiday Edition)

Store Growers

But that’s a risky and expensive game to play, especially is your store is new and unproven. The holiday season always shows up earlier than you’d like it to. All those to-dos that kept getting postponed, till we’re here, on the verge of the busiest time of the year for most stores. And while it’s too late to make drastic changes, there are still things you can do to get the most out of this years holiday sales.

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9 Paid eCommerce Tools for Serious Online Stores


If you’re a company that focuses heavily on statistics and like to stay ahead of the game with predictive analysis, Upstream can show you how to optimize their pricing. Sometimes that little extra “umph” in “triumph” comes with a price tag.