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Top 5 Ways Experienced Magento Consultants Will Help You Sell More

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Marketing is great but you can’t be 100% sure your strategy will work unless you implement it. However, there is another surefire way to raise your sales, which is by consulting experienced Magento developers who know the tools and practices that work best.

7 Apps to Protect Retailers from Ecommerce Scams


It’s an unfortunate reality, but ecommerce fraud and scams are becoming more rampant. Combating online fraud is something that all ecommerce business owners have to deal with at some point. That’s why it’s so important that you know how to spot it and protect your business.

The opportunity cost associated with forgoing your personalization plans

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Failing to adapt to increasing consumer expectations comes at the expense of data, knowledge, technology, teams, customers, and most all of all, revenue. The post The opportunity cost associated with forgoing your personalization plans appeared first on Dynamic Yield. Personalization Customer Experiences Opportunity Cost

Connect Your In-Store Experience to Your Online Marketing Strategy


Your most loyal and valuable customers shop across multiple channels, both online and offline. Consumers who buy products both online and in-store have a 30% higher lifetime value than those who shop using only one channel. In fact, customers don’t see “channels” in the same way as marketers do.

Tips For E-Commerce Best Practices

An infographic listing the best practices companies can follow to bolster their e-commerce website.

Future of Retail: How Brands Should Handle Automation In 2019

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To help retailers and brands plan for 2019, Claudia Tajima and I are interviewing our Forrester peers to discover how their 2019 predictions will affect retail for our series: “Applying 2019 Predictions to Retail.” Recently, Claudia interviewed J.P.

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From URL To IRL: How Urbanization Will Shape The Future Of Retail

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By Katrin Zimmermann, TLGG The past years have been rough on the retail sector, to say the least. Still struggling to adjust to the rise of e-Commerce, retailers realize that a much bigger challenge is still ahead of them — urbanization.

FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

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Is There A Resurgence For The CIO Role? For years, the CIO role looked like it had been moving toward “chief infrastructure officer,” with many executives feeling like the transformative part of their job had been carved out and handed to chief digital officers.

Best Free Ecommerce Website Builders for 2019

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So you have your product ready to sell online. You think it's incredible, you know people are gonna love it, and you're visioning your goods flying off the e-shelves. But, before you do anything, you’ll need to decide how you’re going to sell it and where.

Q&A — Evan Jones, CMO Of Fender

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The feedback on Consumer Marketing 2019 is rolling in: Attendees loved our focus on the direct-to-consumer (DTC) challenger brand trend, why consumers are responding so positively, and how traditional brands can learn from these up-and-comers. In fact, the audience was so engaged with the content and speakers that questions kept coming in long after the […]. age of the customer B2B marketing B2C marketing chief marketing officer (CMO) customer experience

5 reasons CMOs should care about their commerce architecture


Previously published on LinkedIn. Delivering a compelling experience online is an exercise in story telling, messaging, branding and creative design, things that marketers have been doing well for a long time.

How to Improve Email Deliverability and Get More Engagement


By: Webbula and Zembula Email marketing remains an extremely useful communication tool and is widely used in a variety of industries. Year after year, email continues to prove itself as. The post How to Improve Email Deliverability and Get More Engagement appeared first on Webbula.

Manage Your Digital Marketing Better


The post Manage Your Digital Marketing Better appeared first on PERQ. Marketing Technology customer experience digital marketing digital marketing cloud marketing automation

Increasing Customer Lifetime Value with Post-Purchase Email Campaigns


Let’s take a break from the customer acquisition grind to talk about the most cost-effective way to increase customer lifetime value: A post-purchase email campaign. It costs about 7x more. The post Increasing Customer Lifetime Value with Post-Purchase Email Campaigns appeared first on Bronto Blog.

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The Omnichannel Glass is Definitely Half Full in Germany | Austria


The Omnichannel Glass is Definitely Half Full in Germany | Austria. Germany is known for a lot of things. I mean, just think of schnitzel or the greatly-loved beer. But when it comes to omnichannel, are retailers in Germany and Austria keeping up with the rest of the world?

New Smile App: Omnisend

Did you know that 90% of customers actually like to receive personalized communication from the brands that they shop with? The trick is actually delivering the personalized value they’re looking for. Smile Updates

What Takes Email Marketing From Everyday to Exceptional?


“What makes email marketing exceptional?” ” sounds like a rhetorical question, or one that can only be answered in a vague, subjective way. Still, we can answer it, thanks to Sailthru’s brilliant Strategy & Optimization team.

5 Things to Keep in Mind if You Want to Build an Effective Progressive Web App

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Here’s a thought. If you own an online store, you don’t need an app. You actually never needed one. So don’t feel bad if you never came around to develop an app while everyone else in your market built something for themselves. 99% of the time it would be a waste of time, money, and developer skills. Here’s why. Your Customers (Secretly) Hate Your App. Let’s face it. Users hate apps. They don’t want to use them. They want things to just work. Your app is a roadblock to them. A nuisance.