The Forrester Summer Book Club

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The dinner tradition is that clients recommend their favorite books — there are a bunch […]. Forrester’s Board of Clients was in Cambridge last week for an amazingly productive two days of co-creation.

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Want a free book that will make you laugh?

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My friend Geraldine DeRuiter ( @everywhereist ) is about to release her first book. The book will be released May 2nd. Comment below why you would love a copy of her book for a chance to win. The post Want a free book that will make you laugh? Books Uncategorized

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The Best Business Books of All Time: 15 Books Every Entrepreneur Needs to Read

Bootstrapping Ecommerce

These 15 books are the best business books of all time and they're a must-read for every entrepreneur or "wantrepreneur" out there! The post The Best Business Books of All Time: 15 Books Every Entrepreneur Needs to Read appeared first on Bootstrapping Ecommerce. Need advice, inspiration or motivation? Interviews & Inspiration Personal Development

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211: How To Self Publish A Book And Sell It On Amazon With Chandler Bolt

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Chandler runs Self Publishing School where he teaches others how to write and self publish your first book in 3 months working 30 minutes per day. He’s the author of multiple best selling books and he’s an expert when it comes to going out on your own in the book business.

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#RIC18 Store Tours: From Luggage, Books And Running Gear To Kitchenware And Candy

Retail TouchPoints

The 22,000-square-foot store is designed to inspire and empower customers by offering tutorials on how to use the products for sale, hosting book signings and special events as well as offering cooking classes on a big cook top in the back of the store.

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4 Reasons You Need Client Book

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Client Book. The Client Book app functions similarly to POS that improves and simplifies customer management and relations, keeping all client information in one place. Client Book – Beyond POS. While Client Book covers most of the basic client features that POS supports, it really goes above and beyond with additional features that are specific only to Client Book.

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Peoplevox e-book offers free guidance to hard-pressed e-commerce retailers

Retail Technology Review

Peoplevox, the e-commerce warehouse and fulfilment software specialist, has announced the availability of 'The Practical Guide to Scaling your Warehouse

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5 Takeaways & 2 Book Recommendations from Inbound 2017

Inflow Insights

Books. Book recommendations were also a popular thing for speakers to include in their presentations and I noticed a couple that were repeatedly held up as “THE book for…” or a “Must read!”

What should you be known for?

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My friend Mark Schaefer is releasing a new book on February 13th. I decided that because I love the book so much that I would giveaway a few copies on February 14th. Books Personal Branding Social Media

Evergreen Book Interview with Noah Fleming

Dynamic Yield

For the second interview of our marketing personalization book series, author Noah Fleming shares his thoughts about the upcoming book EVERGREEN. The post Evergreen Book Interview with Noah Fleming appeared first on Dynamic Yield.

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Would you like to Brand Like Amazon? Even a Lemonade Stand Can Do It

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Some of you might have seen through our social media channels that Jeffrey and I have been working on a new book with our friend and mentor Roy H Williams. The book has only 12 chapters. If you would like to be among the first to read the book head over to

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5 Marketing Personalization Books Every Marketer Must Read

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Published this year, each of these books offers a unique approach to the new paradigm shift in personalization. The post 5 Marketing Personalization Books Every Marketer Must Read appeared first on Dynamic Yield.

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Goodreads: Be Like Amazon Giveaway

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Goodreads Book Giveaway. BooksWe have teamed up with Goodreads to giveaway 10 copies of the hardcover edition of Be Like Amazon: Even a Lemonade Stand Can Do It. Good luck! Be Like Amazon. by Jeffrey Eisenberg. Giveaway ends June 08, 2017. See the giveaway details. at Goodreads.

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Buyer Legends Book Interview: Best-selling Authors Jeffrey & Bryan Eisenberg with Anthony Garcia

Dynamic Yield

The post Buyer Legends Book Interview: Best-selling Authors Jeffrey & Bryan Eisenberg with Anthony Garcia appeared first on Dynamic Yield. Optimization Web Analytics Anthony Garcia Bryan Eisenberg interviews Jeffrey Eisenberg Marketing Books marketing optimization

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Countdown to Catalyst: 5 Reasons to Book Your Ticket to San Diego ASAP


We’ve been to Vegas. We’ve been to Nashville. Now it’s time to hit the West Coast! As you may already know, Catalyst Americas 2018 will be held in sunny San Diego, California, and we’re SO excited.

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Can I Send You an Audible Code?

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Jeffrey and I have a handful of Audible codes left for free audio book copies of Be Like Amazon: Even a Lemonade Stand Can Do It. For your listening pleasure: The Marketing Book Podcast. I had the honor to join Doug Burdett on his Marketing Book Podcast for episode 137.

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Will The Printed Sears Holiday Catalog Be A Hit?

Retail TouchPoints

Sears is bringing back its iconic holiday catalog , the Wish Book, in an effort to draw shoppers back to its struggling brand for the season. Marie Griffin, Managing Editor: I first thought the Wish Book revival was a smart move. print catalogs Sears Wish Book holiday catalog

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Bright spots in down markets: Top 10 domestic and international travel destinations in February


Bookings to destinations within the US were down 14 percent from January and international flight purchases were down 13 percent month-over-month. Four of the five top domestic destinations with increased bookings MoM are located in northern states, with McAllen TX the only exclusion.

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Celebrate Entrepreneurial Independence Day with a Free Read!

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This holiday week a couple of friends of mine got together to offer you the chance to soak up the holiday sun, sip some lemonade and enjoy the gift of free and very low costs books to improve your business. See why many of the reviews are calling this one of the business book they ever read.

The 5 Must-Read Books for Every Brand in 2018


Here are five books we recommend for brand leaders that want to thrive in the digital age Over the last year, the pace of new technology and retail strategy has skyrocketed. Brand CMOs and CIOs struggle to keep pace with their competition, the demands from retailers and the demands from consumers -- not to mention leaving room to track new trends or technologies that could be worth early testing.

This Is What Happens When You Live Your Values: Anything, Anywhere – Out Now!

Demac Media

Matt Bertulli’s book is out now! THE Matthew Bertulli, co-founder and CEO of Demac Media wrote a book. notoriously said that marketers ruin everything, but don’t worry I won’t ruin this book for you. Yes, you read that correctly.

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How To Ride The Technology Wave (And Not Get Swept Away)

Forrester eCommerce

there’s enough emerging technology in financial services to fill a whole alphabet book. AI, blockchain, chatbot, digital identity, etc.

Peoplevox e-book offers free guidance to hard-pressed e-commerce retailers

Retail Technology Review

Peoplevox, the e-commerce warehouse and fulfilment software specialist, has announced the availability of 'The Practical Guide to Scaling your Warehouse

Forty-Six Percent Of Google’s SRE Principles Apply Directly To Your Enterprise — What About The Rest?

Forrester eCommerce

When Google published its Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) book — a detailed look at how it keeps production systems running — Forrester started getting a lot of questions. And perhaps most important: “What parts of the book are relevant?” Should I do this in my enterprise IT shop?” “I’m I’m no unicorn — can I even do these things?” To […]. data center infrastructure management (DCIM) development & operations (DevOps) infrastructure & operations IT services

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The Definitive Guide to Selling on Amazon


This book’s headline, Definitive Guide, is the only possible way to describe what you will find in the subsequent chapters. Here are some things you’ll find throughout the book. Take This Book With You. That first book launching in August 2016.

Performance Partnerships: Why You MUST Read

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Background Story: My forum mate at The Entrepreneurs Organization, Robert, launched his very first book yesterday called Performance Partnerships. In this well written book Robert shares the experiences and insights he has gained over the last ten years from influential marketers.

UK's preference for physical media overtakes love of digital downloads, as 18 - 24 year olds power the resurgence

Retail Technology Review

Physical media is the nation's entertainment format of choice once more, with 52% of Brits preferring physical books, music, film/TV and video games to digital downloads, according to eBay's Guide to Physical Media, released today

185: The 80/20 Rule Of Sales And Marketing With Perry Marshall

My Wife Quit Her Job

Perry Marshall is one of the world’s most sought after business consultants and is the author of many bestselling books in the PPC advertising industry including the Ultimate Guide To Google Adwords and the Ultimate Guide To Facebook ads. Today, I’ve got an extra special guest on the show.

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191: How Our Ecommerce Store Performed In 2017 With Steve Chou

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My wife just closed the books for 2017 so today I’m going to breakdown the numbers this past year for my ecommerce store Bumblebee Linens. My wife just closed the books for 2017 so today I’m going to breakdown the numbers this past year for my ecommerce store Bumblebee Linens.

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194: Copywriting Strategies To Increase Ecommerce Sales With Karon Thackston

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She’s the author of 10 books and she runs the popular site which I recommend that you check out. . Other Resources And Books Karon’s Ecommerce Copywriting Bootcamp – Click here and use coupon code: BOOT20.

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Christmas math

Ecommerce Platforms

You know, I wrote a book on quantitative methods in project management. Read in the library at Square Peg Consulting about these books I've written Buy them at any online book retailer! But somehow I missed covering these equations! Read my contribution to the Flashblog Project Management

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172: Ramit Sethi On The Psychology Behind Starting A Successful Business

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Make sure you check out his latest book here What You’ll Learn Why Ramit waited 10 years to write his second bestselling book. Other Resources And Books I Will Teach You To Be Rich Your Move: The Underdog’s Guide. Today I have my buddy Ramit Sethi on the show.

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217: The Future Of Ecommerce With Scott Voelker, Greg Mercer, Mike Jackness And Steve Chou

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In this episode, Scott Voelker of The Amazing Seller, Greg Mercer of Jungle Scout, Mike Jackness of EcomCrew and I get together to discuss the future of ecommerce. I’m also happy to announce that the 4 of us have decided to launch a brand new show together called The 5 Minute Pitch.

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200: My Wife Is Back – Frequently Asked Questions On Making Money, Productivity And Life

My Wife Quit Her Job

Every hundred episodes or so, I manage to convince my wife to put her introverted self aside and join me on the show. In this episode, she grills me about business, philosophies, productivity and life. Enjoy!

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213: A Tour Of My New Business Venture GoBrandWin With Toni Anderson

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As all of you know, I quit my full time job as an engineering director 2 years ago. And with 40 extra hours per week of free time on my hands, I’ve been searching for a long time for another project to pursue that would keep me happy.

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210: How To Market Your Business Using Pinterest With Alisa Meredith

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Today I’m thrilled to have Alisa Meredith on the show. Alisa is the content marketing manager over at Tailwind and she’s a Pinterest expert. Now Pinterest is one of my top social media traffic sources but over the past year or so, Pinterest has made a bunch of changes to their ranking algorithms.

216: Google Display Network – How To Run Profitable Ads With Ilana Wechsler

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The most common mistakes people make with the Google Display Network Important guidelines for running successful ads Other Resources And Books Green Arrow Digital Sponsors – Klaviyo is the email marketing platform that I personally use for my ecommerce store. Today I’m thrilled to have Ilana Wechsler on the show. Ilana is someone who I met randomly at the Traffic and Conversions Summit in San Diego.

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180: An Interview With My Stanford Professor Tina Seelig On How To Find And Implement Your Business Ideas

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Recently, she released a brand new book called Creativity Rules: Get Ideas Out Of Your Head And Into The World that you should definitely check out. What You’ll Learn How to learn creativity and entrepreneurship How to come up with innovative business ideas A framework for taking your ideas all the way through implementation How to change your way of thinking while brainstorming Other Resources And Books Tina’s.

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197: A Better Way To Launch Products On Amazon With Scott Voelker

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Today I’m happy to have Scott Voelker of The Amazing Seller back on the show. Last time I had him on was back in episode 89. And since then, we’ve become good friends, hung out at multiple conferences together including Fincon where we were both on a panel together.

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215: The Future Of Facebook Messenger Marketing With ManyChat Founder Mikael Yang

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Mikael Yang is someone who I was introduced to by Nathan Barry and we met at Andrew Warner’s whiskey party at Social Media Marketing World.