Away expands into outdoor travel

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The new line, F.A.R — For All Routes, features a duffle bag, backpacks, a messenger bag and more

Highsnobiety to Roll Out Curated Travel Retail Concept Internationally

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Digital media and streetwear brand Highsnobiety has partnered with travel retailer Gebrüder Heinemann to expand its airport retail concept — dubbed Highsnobiety GATEZERO — internationally. Heinemann, operates nearly 600 luxury travel boutiques, duty-free shops and concept shops.


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Post Office resumes travel money service


Post Office Travel Money is re-activating its branch pre-order operation which was suspended at the start of lockdown. This story continues at Post Office resumes travel money service. Industry News convenience stores The Post Office Travel money

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The Best Travel E-Commerce Websites

Fabric Blog

E-commerce changed the way travel providers and online travel agencies (OTAs) served consumers. The 1960s launch of SABRE, the world’s first computerized airline reservation system , led to the 1996 release of travel e-commerce website Travelocity.

Dior Taps into the Thirst for ‘Revenge Travel’

Retail Touch

Call it what you want — revenge travel, comeback trip, rebound vacay — but the surge in post-COVID travel is more than just a buzzword making the rounds of the internet. Travel resurgence has already begun, and it has tangible implications reaching far beyond the hospitality industry.

The Platinum Card Experience: Travel Clubs And Loyalty Programs In The Retail Landscape

Retail TouchPoints

By Mike Putman, Customer Travel Solutions If co-brand credit cards and frequent flyer programs have taught us anything, it’s that consumers love to travel and will go out of their way for exclusive travel benefits. Just think how many high-value travelers pay hundreds of dollars for an Amex Platinum Card to access the 24/7 concierge services and other elite benefits. travel clubs loyalty marketing customer travel solutions Mike Putman

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Pilot Travel Centers to Invest $1 Billion in New Horizons Renovation Initiative

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Pilot Travel Centers ’ $1 billion New Horizons remodeling project will enhance the retailer’s stores throughout North America. As part of the three -year project, more than 400 Pilot and Flying J travel locations will receive upgrades.

How to Increase Online Bookings Amidst Revenge Travel


That’s the mindset of many revenge travelers as they make plans for their long-awaited next adventures. Here’s how the travel industry can make the most of this new phenomenon. What is Revenge Travel? Many are calling this mindset “revenge travel” – and well, they’re not wrong.

Travel Blue rolls out hygiene range for convenience sector


Travel accessories company Travel Blue is launching a range of hygiene products suitable for the convenience sector. A multi-use silver ion antibacterial, Health & Beauty face masks hand sanitiser Health and beauty health and personal care travel blue


Dynamic Yield

Dynamic Yield empowers travel sites to act on data to increase loyalty and deliver exceptional value to each customer. The post Travel appeared first on Dynamic Yield

July retail sales up 11.5% despite consumers traveling, dining out

Retail Dive

Growth compared to 2019 outpaced the year-over-year rise, partly because shoppers are flush with savings thanks to governmental support

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States may try to restrict company-paid travel for abortions

Retail Wire

Some states looking to allow abortions may seek to prevent companies from offering employees the financial means to travel out-of-state to obtain the medical help they need. It’s been less than a week since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v.

Starbucks will pay for workers to travel for abortions

Retail Wire

Starbucks said it will cover travel expenses for workers seeking abortions far from home.

Optimizing Your Card Spend to Unlock Luxury Travel


More recently, he launched FlyGuy , a travel agency and membership that helps business owners unlock the secret of getting tons of travel paid for using credit card rewards. The best credit cards for travel in the market now. (8:10). The best way to book travel using rewards. (13:00).

Nomad Gear: 10 Minimalist Travel Essentials for Digital Nomads

A Better Lemonade Stand

At the top of the list for most people is the ability to travel the world while working from your laptop. The post Nomad Gear: 10 Minimalist Travel Essentials for Digital Nomads appeared first on A Better Lemonade Stand. Building online businesses and becoming a location independent entrepreneur has its perks. We recently wrote about the top 10 co-living & co-working communities around the world, and since we here at A Better Lemonade […].

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How Travel Restrictions Will Impact Retail and Consumer Spending This Summer

Retail Touch

Travel and dining out are at the top of people’s wish lists as they emerge from their forced hibernation. Dreaming of travel. If travel restrictions continue to be lifted, it sounds like people are in the mood to splurge. In terms of travel, many U.S.

Amazon will pay travel expenses for workers seeking abortions

Retail Wire has told staff that it would pay up to $4,000 in travel expenses for a variety of non-life threatening medical procedures including abortions.

Clothing, Home Décor and Travel Purchases Expected to Soar Over Memorial Day Weekend

Retail Touch

Additionally, 37 million people are expected to travel 50 miles or more from home, an increase of 60% over 2020, according to AAA.

With work, travel and occasions back on, customers have returned to Nordstrom

Retail Dive

Even off-price Rack beat Q1 expectations, although the company still faces plenty of unknowns this year. Meanwhile, Trunk Club is shutting down

Fashion & travel sectors boost online sales as lockdown end is planned

Retail Technology Review

The latest online retail data from Salesfire has shown the travel and fashion sectors capitalised on sales in February following the announcement of a roadmap out of lockdown. Internet Retailing Critical Issues Retail Supply Chain

The Weekly Closeout: Target debuts employee degree program and REI doubles down on travel

Retail Dive

The big-box retailer joins Walmart in tackling education assistance, while the outdoors retailer expands access to short-term rentals for members

Survey: COVID-19 Travel Restrictions Spur Huge Growth in Cross-Border Ecommerce

Retail Touch

With borders closed and travel restricted, in-person international interaction was at an all-time low. It may take years for the cruise and other travel industries to bring older generations back,” Kelly noted. On the surface, 2020 wasn’t a great year for globalization.

Marriott Media Network to give brands access to travelers

Retail Wire

Marriott is launching a media network that will enable advertisers to reach travelers through the chain’s websites, app and eventually on televisions in hotel guests’ rooms. “If you can get 1 percentage point of the digital retail media market, that’s almost half a billion dollars in revenue, and it’s high-margin revenue,” said Insider Intelligence principal analyst Andrew Lipsman.

Digital Transformation in the Luxury Travel Industry


Online Travel Agencies are clocking massive bookings, with online travel sales expected to generate over 800 billion US dollars by 2020. With new marketing technology redefining the website booking, marketing and sales experience, there is no better time than the present to update how your luxury travel website engages travelers. But if service is not up to the mark, then you will be quickly out of travelers’ consideration. .

Airport retailers bank on travel taking off again


Retailers operating stores in airports are looking for a rebound over 2020’s lows as widespread access to COVID-19 vaccines makes consumers less fearful about traveling for business and pleasure.

How the Travel Industry Approaches Email Marketing (And What We Can Learn)


Is there any consumer-facing industry that’s been more disrupted by the internet than travel? Even older grandparents these days check portals like Expedia and Kayak rather than phoning a trusty travel agent. Meanwhile, their younger kin peruse Instagram for travel inspiration , resorts, and hotels. Even Groupon has a dedicated newsletter that aggregates travel deals with splashy images from its Getaways page.

Retailers among companies that will pay workers to travel for abortions

Retail Wire

Dick’s Sporting Goods, DoorDash, Levi Strauss, Netflix, Patagonia and Starbucks are among a growing list of companies pledging to support employees who work in states where abortion is illegal.

Transactions to interactions: how Carnival is disrupting the travel industry [video]


” The post Transactions to interactions: how Carnival is disrupting the travel industry [video] appeared first on Get Elastic Ecommerce Blog. The Get Elastic team was recently down in Miami at The Carnival Experience Center and caught up with John Padgett, Chief Experience and Innovation Officer of Carnival Corporation and Sal Visca, Chief Technology Officer of Elastic Path.

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Post-Pandemic Travel: Consumers Seek Variety And Adventure Within Safe Circles

Forrester's Customer Insights

On the other, closed borders, stay-at-home mandates, and pervasive consumer fears brought the travel industry to a grinding halt. Our data over the course of 2020 revealed the internal consumer tension between desire and fear.

How Car Shoppers Travel from Your Website to Showroom


The post How Car Shoppers Travel from Your Website to Showroom appeared first on PERQ. Automotive Marketing PERQ consumer profile exit intent online research online shoppers shopping preferences

Sales Leaders: What Happens When We All Get To Travel Again?

Forrester's Customer Insights

Pretty soon, we’re going to start booking business travel again, but after the initial endorphin release, how much will we have learned from selling in a WFH world?

CDC’s recommendations against traveling could undercut Labor Day commerce

Retail Wire

The CDC has stated that unvaccinated people should avoid travel but, if they do take trips, get tested before and after and self-quarantine upon returning. Business was good again at many vacation destinations around the country this summer, and towns are hoping to draw big crowds for Labor Day weekend, the penultimate seasonal money-maker, with music events and festivals.

Americans spending more on dining out and travel

Retail Wire

Americans are spending an average of $765 a month more this year than in 2020 as they visit restaurants more frequently and take vacations that were previously put off due to pandemic-related restrictions concerning travel. Increased spending is being particularly seen by younger consumers, according to a survey of 1,000 U.S. adults by MassMutual.

Retail businesses along Mexican border hurt by COVID travel bans

Retail Wire

businesses has fallen as COVID-19-related restrictions are preventing nonessential travel between the two countries. The number of Americans entering the U.S. to purchase goods from U.S. The reduced traffic has negatively affected retailers, restaurants and other businesses from California to Texas. “We We depend on shoppers who come across weekly, and Mexican nationals are not coming over,” said Lilly Arias, owner of La Campana Fabric Store in McAllen, TX. “I

Consumers Weigh Travel Industry Uncertainty With Growing Desire For Adventure

Forrester's Customer Insights

Stay-at-home orders and pervasive consumer fears have devastated the travel industry, which, after setting profit records a few months ago, has been reporting losses around $18 billion a week since March.

Travel website founder pools team resources to support local businesses with innovative digital voucher scheme

Retail Technology Review

Founder of much-lauded, Andrew Dent, today announces the launch of a not-for-profit website aimed at helping smaller local businesses to survive the enforced Covid-19 lockdown. Amidst widespread economic downturn, Dent has pooled resources with industry contacts to provide a vital route-to-cashflow for local enterprises. Internet Retailing Retail Supply Chain

For B2B Marketers, This Is The Next Best Thing To Time Travel

Forrester's Customer Insights

It's impossible to know what the future holds for marketing campaigns in development. But you can audit your progress and course-correct when needed. Age of the Customer B2B Marketing B2B Research Campaign Planning And Implementation Chief Marketing Officer marketing annual planning promoted

Podcast 35: Top Nerd Travel Tools

Nerd Marketing

Highlights 19 Online tools that made it possible to work and travel for […]. The post Podcast 35: Top Nerd Travel Tools appeared first on Nerd Marketing. In this episode, Drew talks in-depth about the tools that made productive work possible during a 7-month long trip across the globe with his family. Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher EXCLUSIVE RESOURCE: Prefer to read rather than listen? the text transcribe from this episode.

Fanny pack sales grow as shoppers travel light


Some women are switching out their handbags for fanny packs as they look for less cumbersome ways to travel about. Fanny pack sales have been trending upward for years, with U.S. sales quadrupling between 2017 and ’18, according to NPD Group

WHSmith Opens First U.S. Location at NYC Airport Leveraging Amazon’s Cashierless Tech

Retail Touch

Global travel retailer WHSmith has opened its first North American retail location inside the redesigned Terminal B concourse at New York City’s LaGuardia airport. The store is equipped with Amazon ’s Just Walk Out (JWO) technology, offering travelers a checkout-free shopping experience. “As

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Dynamic Yield for Travel

Dynamic Yield

Dynamic Yield empowers travel sites to act on data to increase loyalty and deliver exceptional value to each customer. The post Dynamic Yield for Travel appeared first on Dynamic Yield

Self-Checkout Solution Provider Raises $62.5 Million

Retail Touch

Fully cashierless stores have been on the rise recently, including travel retailer WHSmith , which uses the Amazon Just Walk Out technology, and the Worcester Red Sox stadium store , which is powered by the Standard AI solutions.

Featuring popular destinations to guide users’ travel plans

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The post Featuring popular destinations to guide users’ travel plans appeared first on Dynamic Yield