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AMZScout Review: Everything You Need to Grow an Amazon Business in One Place

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If selling on Amazon overwhelms you and you think the platform is competitive, you’re right. But that can be a big advantage if you use a tool like AMZScout. Amazon has about 8.6 million registered sellers worldwide, but about 24.4 percent of them are active sellers.

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Lands' End issues 'going concern' warning as it looks to refinance debt


The apparel seller is in talks to refinance its debt, which will likely be key to staying out of bankruptcy court as the brand weathers COVID-19 disruptions

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Budweiser Budvar reveals new packaging


Budweiser Budvar is launching a new design across all its packaging as part of a brand refresh that puts the focus on its heritage.


Which retailers have taken the hardest financial hits from COVID-19?


Lost sales, burned cash, new debt — even healthy retailers have become more vulnerable after eating into their financial cushions


User Intent and SEO: What Retailers Need to Know for Higher Rankings


Reading Time: 7 minutes. When it comes to? ?eCommerce eCommerce SEO tips? that help retailers rank, user intent is a critical component that is often left neglected.

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Tractor Supply reports 'triple-digit' e-commerce sales growth


The company has used the pandemic to invest in curbside pickup, contactless payments and its first mobile app, among other efforts

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Lowe’s Sweetens Pro Loyalty Program With HomeAdvisor Subscription

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Seeking to help the home service professionals who are Lowe’s for Pros Loyalty Program members capture more business, the retailer will provide them with a free one-year subscription to HomeAdvisor Pro , along with a $400 credit that will pay for approximately 10 leads. “A

Target to close for Thanksgiving, double down on same-day services


The retail giant will also start its holiday deals in October to reduce crowds and said the changes were made in anticipation of a "very different" holiday season


Scotmid extends deal with PayPoint


Scotmid, which incorporates 188 convenience stores across Scotland, Northern Ireland and the North of England, has extended its partnership with PayPoint. The deal will see the continuation of PayPoint services across 211 Scotmid, Lakes & Dales and Semichem stores.

Bankrupt Ascena to close more than 1K stores


The court agreed to the closure of more than 600 of tween brand Justice's stores and all 264 Catherine's plus stores, with yet more possible


Top 4 Types of Amazon Advertising Deals & Discounts

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Published July 29, 2020.

Walgreens CEO to step down


During his five-year tenure after the drugstore's merger with U.K.'s 's Boots, Stefano Pessina oversaw a failed attempt to take over rival Rite Aid


10 steps to prepare your business for seasonal sales periods


Businesses need to start preparing early for seasonal sales periods, to reach or exceed their sales goals, and create a positive customer experience. Follow these 10 steps to prepare your business for seasonal sales periods

What is a Cohort Analysis and how to use it to boost your business?


Among methods like A/B test, which can be used by marketers to quantify the effectiveness of a selling strategy for. The post What is a Cohort Analysis and how to use it to boost your business? appeared first on ECOMMERCE GROWTH Blog.

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From Shuttered Shops to Online Sales: How 5 Retailers Used eCommerce During the Pandemic


As the shutters came down at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, brick and mortar stores were left with a difficult choice: shut up shop and prepare for the worst or deploy eCommerce and try to sell exclusively online.

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Top 3PL companies in Ontario


Third-party logistics companies, often shortened to 3PL, play an important role in the beating heart of every big area — and Ontario is no different. 3plcompanies


Lifetime Value, the rising star of marketing metrics


The field of marketing is loaded with abbreviations and acronyms to describe the concept of Customer Lifetime Value CLV. The post Lifetime Value, the rising star of marketing metrics appeared first on ECOMMERCE GROWTH Blog.

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Cofresh unveils new range to meet demand for on-the-go snacking


Cofresh has launched a new range of Indian snack ‘shots’ to help meet increased demand for on-the-go snacking.


RetailWire: Will The Retail Workforce Ever Return To Pre-Pandemic Levels?

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The pandemic has hastened the evolution from analog to digital across all types of businesses, and retail is no different. Approximately 1.1 million of the 1.9 million unemployed retail workers in June were classified as temporarily laid off or furloughed, according to the U.S.

Government’s obesity plan ‘must consider impact on small stores’


Convenience retailers have urged the government to take into account the impact on local shops of its new obesity strategy unveiled earlier today.

Trending The Rules: Top Retail Trends Are Trending At An Unprecedented Rate

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COVID-19 has changed retail. But much of what appears transformational really reflects the speed of impact rather than an unprecedented overhaul. Earlier this year, we released a report, titled “The Best Vision is Insight,” outlining our predictions for the top retail trends of 2020.

Government unveils new Obesity Strategy


The government has unveiled a raft of measures aimed at tackling obesity to protect the nation against Covid-19. The Obesity Strategy will see new legislation ban food high in fat, sugar or salt (HFSS) from being placed in prominent locations in stores, such as at checkouts and entrances, and online.


‘The Best Vision Is Insight’ — The Top Retail Trends Of 2020

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Publishing entrepreneur Malcolm Forbes is associated with many pithy sayings like the one in the headline. Some of his sayings were even baked into the “fortunate” cookies that he sent to heads of corporations — the name of Forbes magazine’s competitor Fortune was apparently taboo.

Consumer confidence improves marginally in second quarter


UK consumers emerged from the second quarter of the year in a cautious but slightly more positive mood, following a record decline in consumer confidence in the first quarter of the year, new research reveals.

What Does the Back to School 2020 Retail Season Look Like?


Anyone who’s been in the retail business knows how important capitalizing on the shopping wave during the back to school, or BTS season is. Depending upon which expert you ask, this potential boom in sales is the second or the third biggest during a calendar year.

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News UK increases cover price of The Sun


News UK is to increase the cover prices of The Sun and The Sun on Sunday from Saturday 1 August. The Sun’s weekday issues will see a 5p increase and weekends will see a 10p increase. It also affects the Scottish editions of The Sun and The Sun on Sunday. The move is forecast to.


CVS, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walgreens and Walmart won’t enforce mask rules


A number of large chains with rules that require shoppers to wear mask to enter stores — CVS, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walgreens and Walmart — will still allow people refusing to wear face coverings to shop. The goal is to reduce confrontations between staff and individuals who refuse to follow the rule


ZERO Budget Marketing For A Conversational Commerce App


Sinking in money to market a real-time messaging app on social media? Gloomy groans! Most of the marketers today don’t realize what their marketing campaign requires the most at the moment.

Amazon CEO to testify before House Antitrust Subcommittee

RetailWire has its fair share of detractors, including those who have accused the e-tailing giant of improperly using third-party marketplace sellers to launch competitive price label products.


Mi9 Retail Expands Customer Base in First Half of 2020


Retailers Continue to Invest in Mission Critical Technology to Address Challenges of COVID-19. MIAMI, FLORIDA July 27, 2020 – Mi9 Retail (Mi9), the leading provider of omnichannel retail solutions, announced today that, despite COVID-19’s impacts on the retail industry, it was still able to add a number of new global retail brands to its customer base, including marquee net new accounts in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia/Pacific regions.

Albertsons reports 26.5 percent gain in same-store sales


Albertsons Cos. saw its same-store sales grow 26.5 percent in the first quarter and its digital revenues jump 276 percent. Net income for the business was up $1 per share compared to eight cents for the same period in 2019


Multifamily Budgeting for 2021 During a Pandemic


During our latest lunch and learn, our EVP of Marketing, Muhammad Yasin, led a lively virtual chat on how to weather budget season in the middle of a pandemic.

Target follows Walmart in announcing it will close on Thanksgiving


Target echoed the announcement by Walmart last week, saying it will close its stores on Thanksgiving.


Safety is the New CX, But then What?

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Safety is the new customer experience. Customer Experience has become the focal point for how retailers deliver value to their customers. The classic four Ps of marketing (product, price, promotion, and place) have taken a back seat to this higher-level overlay of experience.