How to Use Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs) to Drive Highly Relevant, Highly Targeted PPC Traffic


Whether single keyword ad groups (SKAGs) are old news or a new find to you, they’re quickly becoming a well-known best practice for PPC account setup. That’s how you maximize the ROI of your PPC campaigns. Ecommerce Marketing Google Shopping & PPC

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7 Biggest PPC Nightmares Sinking Your ROI


PPC advertising should be straightforward. The trouble is that tracking PPC conversions in Google AdWords isn’t quite the same. Meaning that the last PPC ad someone clicks before conversion gets all the credit for that conversion. PPC swooped in to steal all the credit.

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John Collins: Content marketing – the battleground of PPC vs SEO


In the course of that interview, he confesses his long-time goal to “shake up the world of content marketing… The post John Collins: Content marketing – the battleground of PPC vs SEO appeared first on eCommerce Growth Blog.

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eCommerce Growth Study: How We Segmented PPC by Seasonality for a 103% Profit Increase

Inflow Insights

When running eCommerce PPC campaigns for Google search and Google Shopping ads, most companies focus on creating a great return on ad spend (ROAS) to generate profit. As I mentioned, PPC is not a “set it and forget it industry.”

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Conversion 101: Creating an SEM Legend for Improved PPC Campaigns

Bryan Eisenberg

The post Conversion 101: Creating an SEM Legend for Improved PPC Campaigns appeared first on Bryan & Jeffrey Eisenberg. Complex Sales Conversion Rate Optimization 101 Personas PPC Search Marketing Strategy

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PPC Strategies & Optimizations for 542% ROAS on Google and Facebook


PPC advertising is equal parts art and science. To help you optimize your PPC advertising campaigns from day one, I sat down with two analysts from CPC Strategy — Lewis Brannon and Jason Bell — who work with Fortune 500 brands to optimize their campaigns on a daily basis.

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Frederick Vallaeys: How Amazon Gains Ground In Pay-Per-Click (PPC) And The Future Of E-commerce


Each episode is an intriguing challenge involving an… The post Frederick Vallaeys: How Amazon Gains Ground In Pay-Per-Click (PPC) And The Future Of E-commerce appeared first on eCommerce Growth Blog. Welcome to Growth Interviews!

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How to Set Up Amazon PPC: A 2018 Guide


One of the easiest ways to highlight your items is Amazon PPC. Amazon pay-per-click (PPC) advertising allows sellers to promote their items directly on the marketplace. In 2016, sellers using Amazon PPC doubled globally, and PPC clicks grew over 150%. A Quick Intro to PPC.

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Common Mistakes With Amazon Sponsored Product PPC Ads That Will Kill Your Profits

My Wife Quit Her Job

So the other day, I conducted a joint webinar with my friend Jeff Cohen and Edward Ruffin of Seller Labs to discuss the common pitfalls with Amazon PPC. As part of running my Create A Profitable Online Store course, I routinely get questions about Amazon Sponsored Product Ads.

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How to Set Up Amazon PPC: A 2017 Guide


Amazon Sponsored Products (‘PPC’) can play a huge role in the growth and success of your business. In 2016, sellers using Amazon PPC doubled globally, and PPC clicks grew over 150%. Part 1: Define PPC campaign goals. Part 2: How to structure your PPC Campaign.

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11 Ways PPC Ads can Help Small Businesses Grow

VTNS Solutions

Your small business has a lot to gain from PPC. A successful PPC campaign generates profit faster than any other online marketing strategy. You can even use PPC to reach out to your potential customers when they are ready to convert. What is PPC? PPC has a lot of benefits.

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The Most Profitable Way To Run Amazon PPC Sponsored Product Ads – A Step By Step Guide

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In this post, I’ve compared notes with other 6, 7 and 8 figure Amazon sellers to teach you… How to optimally setup and run your Amazon Sponsored Ad campaigns How to bid on your search terms to maximize exposure and profits How to find profitable keywords to boost your sales The pay per click(PPC) strategy that I’m teaching you today is meant for private label sellers only where your product margins are high enough to support an ad spend or (ACOS) of at least 20%.

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Amazon’s Growing, Changing PPC Business in 2019


Today I’d thought we’d talk about something that’s been in the news recently: Amazon’s growing PPC business. Their PPC division has nearly doubled over the last year, and I’ve got Marshall Hayes of Amplio Digital here to talk about what’s been going on. Marshall knows the Amazon PPC world really well, and he explains what’s changing, what this means for sellers, and what we can expect in the future. You’ll learn: What’s going on with Amazon’s PPC business.

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10 PPC Strategies That Drive Ecommerce Growth

ROI Revolution

With online shopping changing dramatically these past two years, we’ve seen PPC strategies diverging strongly between Google and the Yahoo/Bing Network. If you want to learn more, take a look at how the ROI Revolution team manages paid search and PPC strategies.

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What Startups Can Learn from ‘Tax Relief’ PPC Campaigns


They’re among the highest-priced PPC terms, for instance, reaching up to around $40-50 bucks a click. At the very end, you’ll be able to take these tips and instantly increase your own PPC campaigns. PPC is one of my favorite marketing tactics.

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Amazon PPC: 3 Tips for Improving Ad Performance


Amazon PPC is a very useful tool for sellers looking to increase their sales on Amazon. These tips will improve and optimize your Amazon PPC. The post Amazon PPC: 3 Tips for Improving Ad Performance appeared first on ecomdash.

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Google Ads vs Amazon Ads: Best PPC Platform for Amazon Sellers?


The post Google Ads vs Amazon Ads: Best PPC Platform for Amazon Sellers? There are a lot of similarities between Google and Amazon ads. It’s easy to get confused about which one (if any) should get the majority of your ad spend.

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Master Mobile Advertising: PPC Ecommerce Opportunities Unveiled

ROI Revolution

The post Master Mobile Advertising: PPC Ecommerce Opportunities Unveiled appeared first on ROI Revolution. Retailers can no longer afford to adopt a laissez faire fair mentality when it comes to mobile advertising. Post-desktop ecommerce is quickly becoming the new reality.

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The Critical Element Missing from Many eCommerce PPC and SEO Campaigns

Inflow Insights

Inflow runs on the same conviction: PPC, SEO, and CRO services compliment each other. In what follows, I want to share with you the Milk and Cookies approach to getting the most out of the investment you make in PPC or SEO services by combining it with CRO.

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6 Fool-Proof Ways to Boost Software Sales with PPC


For those of us who have worked in the PPC trenches, we know PPC is a lot more than adjusting bids and adding exclamation points to our CTAs. To turn views into quality conversions, here are some of our top PPC tips to increase software sales. Direct each PPC ad to educational content—blog post, eBook, white paper, downloadable guide, etc.—that And when organizing your PPC campaigns, group keywords that focus on different potential issues into separate ad groups.

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7 Tips to Optimize Amazon Sponsored Products PPC


Master Amazon's PPC service. The post 7 Tips to Optimize Amazon Sponsored Products PPC appeared first on ecomdash. We've come up with a list of Amazon Sponsored Product tips that are sure to get your products in front of potential buyers. Read more. Blog Ecommerce Tips Amazon ecommerce ecommerce tips seller tips tips trending

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Amazon Advertising & PPC: What You Need to Know, How to Get Started and a Tool to Help You Along the Way


If I asked you to name the biggest Amazon story of the last year, what would you say? Perhaps you’d… Selling on Amazon

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How To Leverage Site Search Data To Fuel Your Marketing Strategy

Retail TouchPoints

Open, they’ll know when to start pushing pay-per-click (PPC) and display campaigns for these items. Maximizing your PPC efforts Keep in mind that site visitors use your search box in a similar way to Google, serving as a strong indicator of what products are in high demand.

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PPC Holiday Advertising Tips & How to Profit in Q1


PPC advertisers are focusing more on the long-term promotion rather than just running specials on those specific two days (Cyber Monday and Black Friday). . PPC Holiday Tips for Q4 2017 & Q1 2018 . Retail News advertising holiday strategy PPC

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How To Create Highest-Performing Google Search Ads That Convert


eCommerce PPC facebook ads Google ads google ads campaigns google ads updates google adwords Internet Marketing pay per click marketing pay per click services PPC Best Practices remarketing Search Engine MarketingWho likes to get hold in fetters? I guess nobody.

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Highlighting The Key Elements of Inbound Marketing, PPC, and Natural SEO


Inbound marketing, PPC (Pay-Per-Click), and natural SEO are all great ways to market your SaaS or digital product. Each method is based online, and they're relatively inexpensive, which makes them a good fit for startup companies. You've probably heard the terminology tossed around in marketing circles, but what are the key elements of each of these methods? Read on to learn more. Marketing Tactics

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Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Dynamic Yield

“Pay per click” or “PPC” is a method of payment referring to when website visitors click on a featured ad. The post Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) appeared first on Dynamic Yield As opposed to other cost models, the ad owner must pay per click each time his or her ad is selected, which is owed to the website owner who agreed to host the ad. Also […].

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Google’s Doubling Down on Ads. Here’s How to Optimize Your Google Shopping Ads Now.


Ad Groups with various biddings (via PPC Hero). Ecommerce Marketing Google Shopping & PPC Google AdWords Google ShoppingHave you been watching? Google and Amazon are in a showdown.

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Our Strategy for Building One of the Best eCommerce Agencies

Inflow Insights

We use the principles of our Inflow Harmonic Triangle to provide SEO, PPC, and CRO growth services to eCommerce companies with over $10 million in revenue. Case Studies eCommerce Marketing Inflow News PPC SEO

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Top 5 Google AdWords Mistakes that you can’t ignore!


If you’ve ever been in Digital Marketing, or PPC is part of your daily routine, you can clearly understand the role of Google Adwords in your marketing because it is the most important method […] The post Top 5 Google AdWords Mistakes that you can’t ignore!

Kimberly Afonso: Digital Marketing Tactics and Recommendations for E-commerce Businesses


Customer Retention Ecommerce Growth Growth Interviews digital marketing google ads internet marketing agency PPC social mediaWelcome to Growth Interviews! Welcome to Growth Interviews, the fun, stimulating and engaging series of conversations driven by digital business growth.

16 AdWords (Google Ads) eCommerce Strategies to Maximize ROAS

Inflow Insights

12 – Product SKU’s, Part-Numbers, and Model Numbers Are a PPC Specialist’s Dream. Conversion Optimization eCommerce Marketing PPC SEO

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How We Lowered Cost Per Acquisition from $47 to $9 in a Google Shopping Campaign (Using Audience Lists and Retargeting)

Inflow Insights

Note: Want help getting better results from your PPC campaigns? There is no set-it-and-forget-it strategy when it comes to PPC. Note: If you’re interested in developing a full PPC strategy for your eCommerce business, we can help. Conversion Optimization PPC

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Facebook Ads Case Study for a Furniture eCommerce Site: ROAS From 0 to 29.5 in 3 Months

Inflow Insights

Case Studies eCommerce Marketing PPCMany companies that try to manage paid social media campaigns on their own do not see a sufficient return on their ad spend (ROAS). If you’re wasting time and money each month on Facebook advertising and not seeing results, there’s a good chance you aren’t setting up your campaigns in a way that takes into consideration where the audience is along the buyer’s journey.

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10 Ways To Market Your Ecommerce Site


2) Utilize PPC advertising. PPC stands for pay-per-click, a type of marketing where companies pay for every click that their ad receives. The most common type of PPC is search engine advertising, with Google AdWords being the most popular PPC software.

Case Study: How One eCommerce Brand Spends Its 7-Figure Adwords Budget

Inflow Insights

Note: Looking to uncover other new ways to tighten up spending on your PPC campaigns while improving your ROAS? Ever curious how big-name brands spend their budget? We’re talking about companies that spend millions a month and thousands each day in AdWords.

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Google Shopping Product Feed Optimization: How to Optimize Your Data Feed for Better Ad Performance

Inflow Insights

Conversion Optimization PPC SEOWhen most people think about optimizing their Google Shopping ads, they focus on optimizing their campaigns, bid strategy, and execution. While this is important, we’d argue that the more significant wins come from optimizing your data feed.

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171: How To Run Profitable Amazon Marketing Services(AMS) Ads With Brian Johnson

My Wife Quit Her Job

Brian is the founder of PPC Scope, a PPC measurement and optimization tool for Amazon Sellers. In addition, he runs a course called Sponsored Products Academy which teaches Amazon sellers the ins and outs of Amazon PPC ads. Today I’m thrilled to have Brian Johnson on the show.

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Inbound Call Conversion Tracking for eCommerce: A Guide to Getting Started

Inflow Insights

What is Keyword Level Call Tracking (PPC Call Tracking)? Why Integrate PPC Call Tracking? Pair Your PPC Ads with Keyword Tracking Numbers. Hire an Effective Agency for PPC Call Tracking.

How We Helped Skreened Achieve a 360% ROAS in One Month on Their Google Shopping Campaign

Inflow Insights

When Skreened, an ecommerce site that sells trendy design-driven apparel and other products, approached us, they hadn’t run a Google Shopping campaign in two years. The company recognized they were missing out on an opportunity for increased revenue.

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