Minelli speeds up shift towards digital retailing with Cegid's unified commerce platform

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Internet Retailing Retail Supply ChainRetail software vendor, Cegid, has signed a new deal to completely overhaul the IT systems at French footwear retailer, Minelli, in a bid to streamline the business and improve the shopping experience for customers.

Ideal Shopping Direct blasts through bullish forecasts

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Internet Retailing Retail Supply ChainIdeal Shopping Direct (ISD), the UK multi-channel home shopping retailer and owner of the Create and Craft and Ideal World TV channel, reports that it has achieved a significant turnaround in the past 12 months; £6.5m profit, 30% ahead of the £5m it predicted earlier in the year.

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COVID was a surprise – Christmas should not be

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Critical Issues Retail Supply Chain Internet RetailingIan Hall, COO at Atheon Analytics, provider of the SKUtrak platform, shares 3 things to plan now, to maximise Christmas sales in grocery retail. None of us foresaw COVID, and the impact it would have on panic buying. It feels like a lifetime ago that the shelves had no toilet roll and pasta. But you don’t have to be a retail expert to foresee an uplift in turkeys, alcohol, and mince pies this December.

How COVID has changed our relationship with waste

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Critical Issues Retail Supply Chain Internet RetailingAside from being a traumatic time for all, COVID-19 has changed the trajectory of the world. For one, before the pandemic, it had finally seemed possible to imagine a future without plastic. But, with a global pandemic on our hands, there’s been a need for rigid sanitation and some rapid adaptations to our daily life. With this, our plastic usage has been creeping back up.

Clarins gets a personalisation make-over, thanks to real-time marketing solution from Wunderkind

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Internet Retailing Retail Supply ChainPrestige skincare and makeup brand, Clarins, has driven online performance and grown email revenue thanks to a solution from Wunderkind (formerly BounceX), the behavioural marketing technology provider.

Go Instore, HP and Currys PC World join forces to drive growth in online revenue for HP products

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Internet Retailing Retail Supply ChainGo Instore, provider of immersive omnichannel retail experiences for personalised ecommerce, has announced the success HP inc has had in providing human-led digital user experiences for their retail partners’ online customers.

Talend cloud enables PointsBet to ensure compliance and reliability amid rapid international expansion

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Internet Retailing Retail Supply ChainTalend, the cloud data integration solutions provider, has announced that PointsBet, an online bookmaker from Australia offering both traditional fixed odds markets as well as PointsBetting, is using Talend Cloud and Microsoft Azure to deliver a differentiated mobile betting experience to just under 100,000 customers worldwide and support its international expansion.

Astound Commerce delivers Salesforce Commerce Cloud Cartridge for eShopWorld

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Internet Retailing Retail Supply ChainAstound Commerce, the digital commerce agency and systems integrator, has been chosen to develop a pre-built integration or ‘cartridge’ for eShopWorld, the global commerce company that provides a technology platform to brands and retailers that wish to sell online into global markets.

Achieving retail?s Holy Grail: A 360-degree customer view

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Critical Issues Retail Supply Chain Internet RetailingThe UK retail sector is unforgiving. High street sales recently suffered their biggest drop in 20 years, while online sales growth was forecast to decline to single digits for the first time this year.

Welding Supplies Drives Revenue with MMS


Welding Supplies from IOC is a family-owned business and the oldest welding supplies company in the United States. The Challenge of Selling High Ticket Items Welding Supplies drives much of their customer engagement through promotional emails.

Apple Supply Chain - The Best Supply Chain in the World


As a matter of fact, Apple’s Supply Chain has led Gartner's Supply Chain Top 25 list since 2013. supply chain management trendsApple is famous for its innovation and design. But few people know that the way Apple handles inventory is also a factor that led to success.

Best Ecommerce Shipping Supplies


The post Best Ecommerce Shipping Supplies appeared first on Ecomdash. Proper packaging is vital to a successful ecommerce business. Learn to ship your products the right way with these tips. Shipping and Fulfillment Shipping & Fulfillment

Coronavirus impact on supply chain


supply chain management trendsGiven the recent outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus (nCoV), authorities have advised their citizens to avoid traveling to China, along with international airlines suspending or altering their flights.

Walmart Canada Offers Personalized Training To 5,000 Supply Chain Workers

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There’s lots of potential danger in supply chain operations: work at distribution centers involves using heavy equipment to pick, pack and move products at an extremely fast pace. Lalonde may be the ideal person to improve safety in Walmart Canada’s supply chain. “I

How COVID-19 has impacted global supply chains

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Retail Supply Chain Internet Retailing Critical IssuesThe impact of COVID-19 has been swift and devastating to those directly affected. Not just from a health perspective but also for businesses who had to promptly close their doors as the country went into lockdown, particularly those in hospitality and retail.

Feeling the holiday supply chain squeeze already?


The brands that expand their data universe to nurture new and existing customer relationships will find themselves in a powerful position this holiday season, through the recession, and beyond

Five simple ‘health check’ questions which can help unlock supply chain efficiency and resilience

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Covid-19 has placed global supply chains under unprecedented levels of disruption and uncertainty. From consumers’ stock-piling commodities that left supermarket shelves empty, to supply issues of healthcare Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), the Supply Chain has never been under the spotlight so much as it gains new found respect. Critical Issues Retail Supply Chain Internet Retailing

Walmart's successful supply chain management


According to Supply Chain Digest , this global retail giant operates more than 11,700 stores under 59 company names, with 2.3 When you drop by your local Walmart, you are witnessing one of history’s greatest logistical and operational triumphs.

Will Walmart’s Executive Reshuffling Produce A Smoother Supply Chain?

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Walmart is making major changes to its organizational structure, adapting to evolving shopper needs by integrating various store and digital operations positions, most notably within the supply chain. The Retail TouchPoints editors share their take on whether Walmart is making the smart move to integrate its supply chain teams, and gives insight into what the fallout from these changes may be. Walmart Editor Q&A executive reshuffling supply chain Marc Lore

Connecting the supply chain blocks with WMS

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Retail Supply Chain Internet Retailing Critical IssuesWhat has struck me most about COVID-19 so far is the rapid business response to the crisis. Brands are switching up their game plan and capitalising on the e-commerce surge by going direct to consumer.

Why Organizations Need A Chief Supply Chain Officer, Despite Key Challenges

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Investment Survey 2018 , 62% of respondents said it is the supply chain; it ranks ahead of product design, marketing and sales. This is not surprising, considering the supply chain impacts the entire organization — from product design to final delivery to the end user. With this in mind, it makes sense that the retailer Adidas plans to implement large-scale supply chain digitization to take advantage of real-time supply chain data as it struggles with supply chain shortages.

Elite Garages renews Texaco supply deal


????Elite Garages, an independent forecourt operator in the south, has agreed a new long-term supply agreement with Valero. This story continues at Elite Garages renews Texaco supply deal. Industry News Elite Garages forecourt operators fuel supply TexacoThe agreement sees nine sites based in Hampshire, Surrey, Winchester, Sussex and Cornwall renewing with the Texaco brand.

What COVID-19 Supply Chain Disruptions Teach Us About Procurement

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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about some of the most dramatic supply chain disruptions in living memory. alone, reports showed individual states resorting to bidding wars over scarce PPE and other essential medical supplies. Using Technology To Build More Breathable Supply Chains.

4 Ways Retailers Can Cut Waste by Improving Supply Chains


Efficiency, especially in their supply chains, will be crucial for most operations. Supply chain inefficiencies such as out-of-stock, overstock, and returns cost retailers nearly $2 trillion yearly. Cutting down on supply chain waste should afford companies some breathing room through better margins in this new business normal. Here are four ways retailers can cut down waste on their supply chains. All Posts retail Supply Chain

Re-Open For business: Supply Chain In The New Retail

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Retail is no stranger to supply chain disruption. Nonetheless, COVID-19 has brought extreme uncertainty to the sector, putting new and different pressures on retail supply chains. Indeed, three in four have reported supply chain disruptions due to transportation restrictions, and six in 10 have experienced delays on orders coming from markets like China. And how should our supply chain network, capabilities and partnerships change in response?

Metapack and Manhattan Associates team up to provide retailers with frictionless access to a complete suite of supply chain and delivery solutions

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Metapack, the eCommerce delivery technology provider, has launched its direct External Parcel Integration (EPI) with Manhattan Associates, the supply chain and omnichannel commerce technology provider. Internet Retailing Retail Supply Chain

Combatting Ecommerce Supply Chain Disruptions and Steps You Can Take to Minimize Impact


When everything goes right, it’s like a magic trick. A customer goes to the store and finds exactly what they… COVID-19

‘Plentiful’ supplies lead to meat sales promotions


The supply is plentiful right now,” said Lori Raya, chief merchandising and marketing officer at SpartanNash. Meat prices are falling in grocery stores and restaurants across the country as the shortage created by the outbreak of COVID-19 cases in processing plants has waned. SpartanNash recently ran a sales promotion on ground beef, ribs and sirloin steak. Barring any outbreaks, we’re feeling pretty good

Tractor Supply plans first mobile app


Over 70% of the retailer's online traffic is coming from mobile devices, and the company's tech efforts are aimed at improving that shopping experience

The Internet of Robotic Things: How IoT and robotics are evolving to benefit the supply chain

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Retail Supply Chain Internet Retailing Critical IssuesThe Internet of Robotic Things (IoRT) is a rapidly evolving technology. In just a few decades, industrial robots have become commonplace in factory settings across the world, and they only continue to gain popularity for their productivity and profitability.

Explaining Elastic Supply and Demand


But, just like the taxi commission, if there is a sudden unexpected source of increased demand, they do not have a means to dynamically adjust their supply to meet that demand and therefore, they miss out on new revenue opportunities. The concept of expanding the supply to match demand and maximize revenue potential is why we made recent changes to our LiveTag technology. We’re bringing the supply to meet the demand, while not ruining the experience.

Tractor Supply to help fund rural internet access


The retailer, which recently reported triple-digit e-commerce sales growth, is pledging $1 every time its app is downloaded

How Agile Sourcing Kept Ahold Supply Chains Moving When COVID Struck

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everyone saw its immediate impact on supermarket supply chains: shelves emptied by consumers frantically stockpiling toilet paper, cleaning products and shelf-stable staples like rice and canned beans. supply chain face due to COVID-19? When the coronavirus pandemic first hit the U.S.,

H&M Supply Chain Strategy - Successful Retail Inventory Control


Fashion isn't just all about dressing up and H&M's supply chain procedures are a testament to that. Globally recognised for being a successful and expansive retail giant in terms of market and financial prosperity, H&M's. Inventory Management Best Practices

The importance of upgrading inventory management practices to deal with supply chain challenges in 2020 and beyond

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Internet Retailing Retail Supply Chain Critical IssuesEcommerce businesses have had a tough time of late; firstly, there was the threat of a hard Brexit, and more recently the overwhelming impact of the coronavirus has been felt by all.

Tractor Supply Launches New Mobile App And Redesigned Web Site

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Accelerating previously planned technology investments, Tractor Supply has launched its first mobile app and a redesigned e-Commerce site in order to meet the needs of customers relying more on digital devices since the beginning of the pandemic. As an essential retailer during the COVID-19 shutdowns, Tractor Supply also has seen a sales surge in its stores. Tractor Supply Presents Sunny Q2 Outlook. In its first quarter, Tractor Supply reported a 7.5%

Trade associations raise newspaper supply chain concerns


The ACS and NFRN have raised concerns about the future of the newspaper supply chain in a joint letter to the minister of state for media and data John Whittingdale. The move comes after newspaper publishers and wholesaler representatives recently called for a competition wavier to bring the industry together to discuss the future of.