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X-Cart Review: Ecommerce Power Like No Other (But Development Skills Required)

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Since 2001, X-Cart has provided ecommerce and multivendor tools for over 35,000 online stores. The X-Cart brand is synonymous with creative control and complete oversight, considering it's a self-hosted, high-performance solution. X-Cart Review: What's Great About X-Cart.

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16 ways to improve Average Order Value during the holidays


Bundle the products that are often bought by your customers and present the bundle in a discounted price to increase the average order value of your cart. Customers are more likely to add those products to their cart. For example, orders above $60 get free shipping with this ‘X’ coupon code.

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What is an API Call? A Developer’s Introduction to API Calls for E-Commerce


Let’s take an example of an online shopping cart. Another call is made to get inventory details of items in the cart. The simple step of checking out a cart involves lots of moving pieces in the background. For example, an API call to get the cart details, should use “/carts” in the request URL.

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How To Use Klaviyo Abandoned Cart Flows


What Is An Abandoned Cart Email? An abandoned cart email is an email that eCommerce merchants send to contacts in their database or CRM to remind them that they’ve left a product behind in their online shopping cart. What Is A Klaviyo Abandoned Cart Flow? What To Include In Your Klaviyo Abandoned Cart Flow.

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Fluid Engine vs Editor X (Nov 2022): Choose the Best Site Builder

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Fluid Engine and Editor X are in the category of site builders where you receive true drag-and-drop editing, CSS customization, and a more advanced interface than the basic page builders from Wix and Weebly. So, in this article, we compare Fluid Engine vs Editor X to understand which one might work best for you. .

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10 Ways to Create Customer Centric Promotions in Elastic Path Commerce Cloud


Cart-Level Promotions. Cart-Level Fixed discounts allow your team to reduce the product price by a fixed amount, and is applied to the entire cart. This means you can offer a $10 reduction in price and have it applied to the cart total. X for Y Discount Promotions. X for amount Discount Promotions.

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The Enterprise Guide to Promotions Engines for Retailers


Promotions can be integrated with other parts of an e-commerce tech stack, such as a pricing engine , order management system , and cart and checkout. Powerful promotions engines grant promotions based on complex logic like matching on product categories, collections, attributes, cart value, and more.

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